Sally Norton

Full name:



daughter (f: Stuart)

Played by: Yvonne Nicholson
24 - 26 January 1977; 3 - 19 March 1979

A girl in the next bed to Deirdre Langton when she was expecting Tracy. It transpired that (shock, horror !), she was an unmarried mother, and social worker Dorothy Millington was trying to persuade her to give the child up for adoption.

Sally's daughter was adopted, her boyfriend Stuart left her, and she went a bit "off-balance" as Emily Bishop put it. Emily saw Sally over the next couple of years as Sally went to Weatherfield general for psychiatric treatment.

In March 1979 she turned up on Deirdre's doorstep and started to take Tracy out for walks - much to Deirdre's consternation. Deirdre left Tracy outside the Rovers in her pushchair, and whilst she was inside talking to Annie Walker, Sally, unbeknowns to Deirdre, took Tracy for a walk. Which was fortunate really, as seconds later, a lorry driver had a heart attack and crashed into the Rovers, shedding its' load of wood. After a police search, Tracy, Sally and the pushchair turned up safe and well - but Sally was still charged with child abduction.

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