Tanya Pooley

Played by: Eva Pope
1993 - October 1994

Wicked Tanya was first introduced as one of the barmaids in the trendy pub, The Queens, where Liz McDonald was manageress for a time. She had rather a spiteful nature and could say hurtful things. She later reappeared as a barmaid in the Rovers and quickly became Raquel's nemesis, setting her up with a fake modelling date which left Raquel standing alone in a deserted fruit and vegetable market for ages before realising it was a cruel joke.

Tanya was having an affair with Des's boss, Alex Christie, a married man, but she was dissatisfied. Taking the flat above Alma's cafe, she also conducted a three-month affair with Des Barnes while he was going out with Raquel. Once she had ruined their relationship, she set her sights on trucker Charlie Whelan, Bet Gilroy's man, and finally ran off with him, leaving Bet devastated.

Although Tanya was not a long-term resident of the Street she certainly made her mark and is still remembered favourably by fans who could not work out if she was entirely evil, or just a very unhappy woman.


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