Jez Quigley

Full name: Gerald Francis Quigley

15 September 2000, Weatherfield General Hospital

Played by: Lee Boardman
6 June 1997; 8 December 1999 - 15 September 2000

A nightclub owner whom Steve McDonald unsuccessfully turned to for a job.

In 1999 he re-appeared having diversified into drug dealing, suppling Leanne Battersby with copious amounts of cocaine, and after she was 500 in debt to him, sleeping with her and organising a raid on the Rovers Return in the early hours of 2000 in an attempt to repay her debts.

Suddenly, there was something worst about Weatherfield's gangster bad boy, when Tony Horrocks's beaten, decomposed remains were found dumped in a cellar. The post mortem showed Horrocks had been murdered. When Steve McDonald testified against him, he almost became Jez's second victim when Jez beat him up.

Enter Jim McDonald - Big Daddy of the McDonald clan with a volatile attitude and temper, which flared towards all except his family. In a frenzied fury, Jim administered his own beating to Jez. Jim was sure he hadn't done too much damage. But in the end, Jez died in hospital after trying to kill Steve McDonald, who (surprise, surprise) was in the very same ward in the very same hospital as him. Jez had punctured his own spleen and lung with a busted rib.

Jim had killed Jez, and was sent to prison for manslaughter, charged with eight years.

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