Alf Roberts OBE

Full name: Alfred Sidney Roberts OBE
8 October 1926

  1. Phyllis Plant (1946; d: 1970)
  2. Renee Bradshaw (20 March 1978; d: 30 July 1980)
  3. Audrey Potter (1985)

Died: 1 January 1999

Played by: Bryan Mosley
1961 - 1 January 1999

July 1979: After the lorry crash, Alf decides to leave the GPO. As he was an Assistant Inspector he was entitled to a fair amount of money. If he took early retirement he would get 1,800pa and 5,000 at 60 - but he was hoping to be retired on medical grounds when he would get 2,000pa and a 6,000 lump sum immediately.

Alf used to run the corner shop in Coronation Street with his first wife, Renee. It was the place he was happiest. He'd be there all hours, but the shop wasn't good enough for Audrey and she persuaded him to sell it. This didnt last long though; he bought it back again when Brendan Scott (former Bettabuy employee), got overstressed and had a heart attack. Audrey finally made him sell it again, this time to Reg Holdsworth, another Bettabuy employee who was made redundant.

Alf is also a councillor, and was mayor of Weatherfield last year. As a shopkeeper, Alf was a member of WARTS, Weatherfield Association of Retail Traders. He is also a square dealer. So there are always lots of functions for him to go to, and he does enjoy them, as he likes a good feed. Audrey keeps putting him on diets, but they dont last very long.

Audrey wasnt so keen on the mayoral functions, finding them boring. She did however, love being Lady Mayoress (well, she got to buy lots of hats) and was mortified when Alf sacked her for not performing her duties properly and got Betty Turpin in instead.

The highlight of Alfs career was when he was awarded the OBE and went to the palace to receive it. Now hes got a street named after him, Alfred Roberts Wind.

Alf is good friends with Rita Sullivan.

January 1999: Alf dies of a massive stroke shortly after midnight at step-grandson Nicky Tilsley's 18th birthday party.

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