ITV John Spencer

John Spencer

Full name:
Mr and Mrs Spencer




Played by: Jonathan Barber
3 August - 18 November 1981

A 13 year-old boy who was fostered by Rita and Len Fairclough whilst his mother was in hospital undergoing a major operation. His father had left his mother.

Despite a few hiccups, mainly due to John's rebelious friend Matt Stapleton, the Faircloughs got on well John and his pet rabbit George. Len even went fishing with John a few times before he returned to his mother in September.

In the November John turned up at No9 again, sneeking in one night after his mother had a row with John's "Uncle Bill". When John was found, Bill Sutton accused the Faircloughs of enticemment and forbade John to ever come to No9 again.

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