ITV Lillian Spencer

Lillian Spencer

Full name:





  1. Timothy
  2. Danielle

Played by: Maureen Lipman
Appeared: 1 - 10 July 2002

Pretentious Manager of the Rovers brought in by Fred Elliott after Eve walked out on him. fred had previously met up with Lillian (definitely NOT Lilly) at Weatherfield Golf Club.

The high point of Lillian's career had been running the the Xanadu Cocktail Bar of the Majestic Hotel in Cleethorpes - "since then, the tide has gone out rather a long way".

It only took a couple of weeks for Lillian to wreak havoc with the Rovers, the staff and the customers before she abruptly took up a better offer in Marple at Roger Fairbanks' "coaching inn".

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