Pauline Stringer

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definitely not !

Played by: Patricia Downing
24 March - 28 May 1980

The Senior Inspector at Aspinall's, who had worked her way up from the shop floor. Mike Baldwin 'poached' her to become the new Supervisor at Baldwin's Casuals. It soon became clear that with a father who was a communist, and herself a Socialist Worker reader, she had very different values to Mike. One of her first actions was to find out Ivy Tilsley wasn't officially registered as a shop-steward with the Garment Makers union, and Pauline oversaw Ivy's re-election as official shop-steward.

However, Pauline did ensure the factory and the girls ran smoothly, which pleased Mike, and she also wasn't oblivious to Mike's charms, spending the night with him at his hotel room.

When the factory girls ventured that they should have a 'shopping hour' like Aspinalls, Pauline readily agreed without consulting Mike. When he heard about this he stopped it immediately - and Pauline complained that Mike undermined her authority. Mike was unrepentant, so Pauline quit - "you can take your job, and your fast car, and your charm and stick the lot. Because I've had enough of it - and you !"

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