Charlie Stubbs

Full name:Charlie Stubbs




Child with Shelley Unwin, born 2007 (off screen), baby Chloe with Emma, born Sept. 2006

Played by: Bill Ward
First appeared:
2003 - 2007

Ever since he first appeared on the Street, Charlie Stubbs has sure made an impression.

In his first appearance, he arrived as a builder, with another builder. When they tried to get a parking space, Mike Baldwin refused to move his car to let them in, but with the aid of a bulldozer. Charlie lifted the Jaguar car eight feet into the air. Mike only just managed to save his car from being smashed up.

Charlie was a handsome, sexy sort of character, and this inevitably meant he'd catch the eye of a female soon. Sure enough, he found love (or did he?) in the form of barmaid Shelly Unwin, and they started seeing each other. However, he wasn't faithful always. On 22nd November 2004, he took an attractive woman to the back of the club and shared a passionate snog at the back.

Only hours after this, Charlie's first big venture came along when arsonist Maya Sharma had the corner shop on Coronation Street go up in flames. Ciaran McCarthy and Charlie broke in, and they found Dev Alahan and his wife, Sunita, trapped. Dev was carried out by Ciaran no problem. It seemed the end for Charlie, though, when the shop exploded dramatically. As fiery particles rained down on the Street, Shelly and Dev cried on the cobbles, sure that the loves of their lives were gone. But their misery was short lived, when Charlie suddenly emerged with Sunita, both with hardly a scratch on their body.

But the excitement was hardly over then. Charlie had to leap aside off the road and onto the pavement as Maya Sharma suddenly appeared and tried to run him, Ciaran, Dev and Sunita down in her car. Luckily though, the car crashed into the viaduct, and when Maya tried to rev up her engine a second time, a lorry smashed into the back of her car, and crushed it against a wall. Charlie embraced his girlfriend in a hug as the police arrived on the scene.

After this, Charlie seemed to become worst, harrassing Shelley at every opportunity. He then became cruel - at first, he gave her the ultimatum between her mother and him, and then one night he ripped out her earrings. In May 2005, however, Charlie got what he asking for. When he asked for a sealent gun from Jason Grimshaw after a major argument with Dev, Betty overhead the conversation on the phone - and thought Charlie wanted a genuine firearm. When she phoned the police, they arrested him.

When he was released, he seemed to have become less violent. He recently opened a door in Shelly's face, but has cared for her, and seems to genuinely be in love with her, despite the fact he's kept her hidden away in her room in the Rovers due to the fact that people may think Charlie has hit Shelley.

Finally, the abuse, rather than physical, became psychological. However, when Charlie tried to regain control over her by proposing marriage after doctor 'Zack', helped Shelley to get back onto her feet, he was left stunned when he jilted her. He said she would come crawling back - but it was him who went back to her, disguising his desperation as forgiveness. But Shelley didn't take him back in.

In 2005, he took up with Tracy Barlow, and found a new interest. Match made in heaven back then perchance, but he wasn't happy when he asked Tracy to move in with him, because she took baby Amy in with her. In the end though, he was prepared to overlook the whole situation because his sex life was great.

In February 2006, however, Charlie finally opened up to Tracy and, incredibly, managed to manipulate her into abandoning Amy and leaving her with her parents, and it seems that Tracy is going down the same path as Shelley was but Tracy could give as good as she got and she and Charlie manipulated each other all the time. Tracy pretended she was pregnant and used the money Charlie gave her for an abortion to buy designer shoes and used her "grief" to get him to let Amy move in with them.

Shelley had left Weatherfield the year after they split up. When Shelley returned briefly to see her mother, Bev, who was marrying Fred Elliott, she and Charlie had a one night stand. She told Tracy but Tracy accused her of lying. When she returned before the wedding, she admitted she was pregnant. She tried lying to Tracy but Tracy found out it was true. However, Shelley wanted Charlie to have nothing to do with her or the baby which suited him. Tracy was hurt and left Charlie briefly but returned. Charlie soon strayed again, and had an affair with Maria Sutherland who was renting his flat. He enjoyed doing the dirty right under Tracy's nose and when Tracy found out, she broke up with him again but wormed her way back into the house. He was less than impressed but decided she could stay. However, he didn't realize that she had a plan. She made it seem like he was abusing her even going so far as to burn her own arm with an iron. He realized what she was doing too late. He then decided she was too much trouble and was planning to break up with her for good but she had other plans. She performed a lap dance for him and then whacked him around the head with a statue and killed him. Her self defence story didn't hold up in court and she was sent down.

The Christmas before he died, a young woman showed up on Eileen Grimshaw's doorstep. She claimed she had given birth to Jason's baby. In due time, after Tracy's conviction, the mother realized that the father of her baby was Charlie who had given Jason's name when they had a one night stand after meeting in a club. She got her baby back and we haven't seen anything of her since. No word on what sex Shelley's baby was, either.

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