Bert Tilsley



Full name: Herbert Harrison Tilsley (also called Albert in some scripts)
Born: 8 June 1935
Siblings: Trevor
Married: Ivy Nelson
Died: 16 January 1984, nursing home, Southport, Lancashire
Children: Brian b: 15 October 1958; d: February 1989 (m: Ivy Tilsley)

Played by: Peter Dudley
Appeared: 29 January 1979 - 27 July 1983

A Manchester United and Mantovani fan.



January 1982: After being unemployed for nearly two years, Bert gets a job as fitter at Longshaws Foundary in Bessemer Street.


July 1983: Bert is injured in a cmpressor accident at Brian's garage. He spends two days unconsciousness, and when he comes home he realised he is an invalid. At the end of July he disappears and is found a week later dazed and confused in Bristol, where it is found he has had a nervous breakdown and he is admitted to hospital. He never leaves and is never seen on the Street again, and dies in hospital in January 1984.








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