Sean Tully



Full name:Sean Tully
  1. Dylan Wilson 22 Feb. 2008 m: Violet Wilson

    Played by: Antony Cotton
    First appeared: Early 2004, Aug. 30, 2004 -


    Sean first appeared at Karl Foster's birthday party. Then he came to the street while looking for a flat. He encountered Todd and Eileen and Eileen offered him a place to crash. He soon moved in to number 11 under Jason's objections. Soon he was working in Underworld and tried a part time job as a Bingo caller, getting into trouble when Eileen won a jackpot, causing Vera to complain and cause a ruckus.

    When Sean decided he'd have a joke with the Underworld girls with a stuffed cat, he found new love after Fiz Brown thought the moggy was on its last legs. He met hunky vet, Tim White, a tall strapping Irishman, an upstanding member of the community, and not short of cash (who see where all this is headed?).

    Sean eventually got his chance to go out with Tim (after taking Schmeichel, Betty's cat and many other animals to the vet) after he asked to go for a walk with his dog - but Sean didn't have a dog. Kirk Sutherland gave Sean a dog, but insisted never should the dog (who Sean named Bella Sinead) be taken off its lead. Of course, Sean did, and 'Bella' ran off. When Sean saw Tim in the Rovers, he told Tim that Bella had been knocked down by a lorry, and had died in the process - but that was all a lie. Tim knew this, and walked way, leaving Sean heartbroken. Tim did return and he and Sean did go on a date but it turned out that Tim still had a boyfriend with whom he had temporarily fallen out










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