Emma Taylor


Full name:
Married: Norman (Curly) Watts (24 December 2000, All Saints Church)
Children:Benjamin (b: 26 December 2001, No7 Coronation Street; 6lb 2oz; f: Norman Watts)

Played by: Angela Lonsdale
First appeared: 10 April 2000 First credited as Sgt Emma Taylor


A police sergeant who helped solve the case when DC Simon Cavanagh was stalking Colette Graham and Curly Watts.

Curly took her out for a thank you drink and then asked her out to dinner and they started a relationship.

On 12th October 2000, the police, including her, surrounded the Freshco's supermarket as a siege developed inside. When eventually they burst in, Emma shot the main gunman, Dean Sykes - who died in an ambulance on the way to hospital. Due to her licence to kill, a trial wasn't undergone.

Curly proposed to Emma on a bateaux mouche in Paris and they married on Christmas Eve, 2000 though their honeymoon to New York was delayed because Curly's daughter, Alice, couldn't return to Raquel when planned. Emma became pregnant shortly after their marraige and gave birth to baby Ben on Boxing Day, 2001!

Emma started working with Partner Mick who was dating Janice Battersby. Les was very jealous and the two spent a lot of time winding each other up. Mick and Emma stopped Les in his taxi on a minor offence and after Les insulted Mick, Mick beat Les very badly but Emma promised to back him up even though Les did not really deserve the attack. When Curly found out, this caused a lot of tension and the two split up temporarily. Emma was feeling very guilty and planned to confess the truth to her superiors but at the last minute, testified and backed up Mick at Les's trial, causing Les to be imprisoned for 3 months.

Near the end of Les's incarceration, Emma did confess to her superior but was put forward for a promotion to Inspector. In Newcastle. That would mean moving away and Curly was afraid he'd never see Ben. He swallowed his principles and in order to reconcile and still be able to live in peace, away from Les, they put Number 7 on the market and moved to Newcastle.

The pair drove off into the night, Curly just managing to wave a final goodbye out the back window.




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