Sophie Webster



Full name:
Kevin & Sally Webster
Born: 4 November 1994
Siblings: Rosie (b: 24 December 1990)

Played by:


  1. Ashleigh Middleton (November 1994 - March 1997)
  2. Emma Woodward (29 June 1997 - 21 April 2004)
  3. Brooke Vincent (12 May 2004 - )

First appeared: November 1994

Sophie has been overshadowed by her older sister Rosie most of the time. Even more so lately since Sally has shifted her focus to Rosie, first pushing her to be a singer and dancer and then to her upscale private school. Sophie is already refusing to go to the same school when it comes her turn. She is also mates with young Chesney Brown. Once they found Ivy Tilsley's diary in the loft of Number 5 and Sophie tricked a few of the neighbours pretending she was psychic, knowing things that happened long before they were born. She and Chesney also uncovered the secret that Gail had considered abortion when she was pregnant with David and they gave him the proof.

Sophie always marched to her own drummer and had very little time for sister Rosie's obsessions with fashion and image. But because Rosie's escapades always seemed to take all of her parents' attention, Sophie has often felt left out and second best in the family. She refused to go to private school like Rosie did even if her parents could afford it, which they couldn't. She became interested in religion and started to go to church regularly which delighted Emily Bishop but confused her family who weren't religious at all. She and her best friend, Sian, also joined the choir. Sophie met her first proper boyfriend, Ben, who was also a member of the same church while Sian dated Ryan Connor. Soon, however, Sophie realized that her feelings for Sian were growing to something beyond friendship and she realized she was a lesbian. When she revealed her feelings to Sian, Sian rejected her at first but after a few weeks, returned her affection and they became a couple.

It wasn't without it's ups and downs, though, when Sian still kept Sophie at arms' length and the church also rejected them as a couple. Sophie got drunk one night and took her rage out on the church, climbing to the roof but she stumbled and fell, bringing Sian to her side. Sophie and Sian started college but Sophie didn't like it much. After the tram crash and after her parents' marraige blew up with the revelation that her dad Kevin had fathered Molly Dobbs' baby, she decided not to pursue her education and started working full time in the corner shop which caused a bit of a rift with Sian who took her mother's offer of a holiday.

While Sian was on holiday, Amber, Dev's daughter, took Sophie out to a club and for a laugh, while trying to distract a lad who was chatting her up, kissed Sophie. This caused Sophie to develop a crush on Amber. She became jealous of Sian who made a pretty friend while away and that added to the angst but she asked Sian to marry her and together they fought the disapproval of their parents, both thinking they were just too young. She'd confided in Sunita about Amber continuing to chat her up, Amber having the idea that Sophie wasn't ready to marry Sian if she could have a crush on someone else. Sunita told Kevin the day before the wedding that she thought Sophie was having doubts and he spoke up at the wedding. Sophie couldn't lie and Sian's heart was broken. She left Sophie and Weatherfield.

When Ryan Connor returned to Weatherfield, he and his old mate Sophie had a few drinks while she was cleaning up Kevin's house (he'd bought number 13 from Steve) and a not-quite-out cigarette of Ryan's caused a fire. Ryan had been doing drugs and later in the year, Sophie went out with him and pushed him out of the way of a car, getting hit herself and becoming temporarily paralyzed. Her physio therapist, Jenna Kamara, worked her hard and she was able to walk again but she fell in love with Jenna. Jenna, 10 years older, tried to avoid the situation but admitted she felt the same way but by dating a former patient, Jenna ended up losing her job. She came out to her mother, Mandy, who was incensed that Jenna threw her career away and who had trouble coming to terms with her daughter's sexuality. She and Sophie are now a couple, Sophie working again in the corner shop and Jenna working in the cafe at the present time. Eventually, however, Jenna realized the age difference and Sophie's immaturity was enough to break them up.







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