Chalkie Whitely


Full name: Thomas Whitely
Married: Mary
Children: Robert

Played by: Teddy Turner
Appeared: 15 February 1982 - 3 August 1983 First appearances simply credited as "Chalky" and "Chalkie" Also credited as "Chalky Whitely"


Chalkie worked in Eddie Yeats' dustbin crew. His house in Viaduct Street (which cost just £450) was being demolished, and after protracted negotiations he bought No9 from Len and Rita Fairclough for £10,000 in August 1982, and moved in there with his grandson Craig, and was soon plagued by Craig's maternal grandmother Phyllis Pearce.

When his son Bob moved to Australia and took Craig with him, Chalkie was heartbroken, but in July 1983 he put £10 on a five-horse accumulator and won £3,543.75, which gave him the fare to Australia, where he settled with his family.




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