Billy Williams



Full name: William Williams


  2. Betty Turpin (20 October 1995, St Mary's parish church)

Died: 3 November 1997

Played by: Frank Mills
Appeared: 8 May 1995 - February 1997

Billy was an old flame of Betty's. They had exchanged letters during the war, and Billy had even proposed, but the letters were never received, and Billy married someone else.

Billy and an old pal decided to celebrate the 50th anniversary of VE Day by repeating the pub crawl they did round Weatherfield on 8 May 1945. When Billy walked in The Rovers, who should he see, but old flame Betty Turpin.

They talked and went out to some tea dances, but Betty turned down Billy's advances and proposals. It was only when Betty was burgled and felt insecure that she finally accepted Billy's persistance, and they married on 20 October 1995.

Billy still liked to be one of the lads, and became one of the Betty's Hot Shot syndicate. He also liked a drink and grew prize-winning vegetables in his allotment.

He died of a heart attack in November 1997








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