The Coronation Street set, September 2000

The closure of Granada Studio Tours (GST) at the end of 1999 has enabled Granada to undertake a major expansion of the current set at the western (Rovers) end of the site. Work isn't complete yet, but this page gives you an idea of developments.

As you walk up the street towards Rosamund Street with Audrey's hair salon on your left and the Rovers on your right, you'll see the new Health Centre in front of you on Rosamund Street:

This was the old Grafitti club, which has been derelict for over 10 years. Tucked in the corner, painted red is the fabled Jackson's Chippy - home to a thousand dinners for Ivy Tilsley, simply home for Stan Ogden.
In reality, the Health Centre building houses the GST gift shop and an excellent multimedia display which used to introduce visitors on GST to Coronation Street.

Turning more to the right you can see the 'new' Rosamund Street viaduct:

This isn't a real viaduct, just a facade with a clever optical illusion making it appear like a complete viaduct. It's been placed there to enable camera shots up Rosamund Street whilst hiding the main Granada office block behind the Street set (you can just see the top of it). There's a new ginnel on the right to allow you to get to the back of the Rovers and the back alley.

Don't ask why it doesn't tower over the backs of the houses in Coronation Street, and don't ask why Maudsley Street and Crimea Street have disappered !

Turning round to look down Rosamund Street, you can see the new buildings on Victoria Street:

We've seen Roy's Rolls and D&S Hardware open, the new Elliott's butcher's shop will open very soon. Above the shops are flats and we will see some familiar faces in them before too long.

Looking up Victoria Street, on the right you can see a new set - a builder's yard. The sign above reads "WILL'S BUILDERS MERCHANTS". This backs onto the bookies on Rosamund Street (you can just see the edge of it on the right hand side).

On the left of Victoria Street with it's corner with a new street - Central Street - there's another new shop and flat unit. We don't yet know what it will be used for yet - any information would be gratefully received.

If you turn round the other way and look down Victoria Street, you will see it ends in a large pair of red doors - the entrance to Nuttall's Brewery. To the left, just out of shot and at the back of Audrey's salon is Streetcar's office with Steve and Vik's flat above.

Finally back on the Street itself, a current shot of Rita's little empire:

Thanks to Barry Smith, Steve Marshall and Mike Plowman for the photos

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