As its name suggests Coronation Street was built in 1902 and named in celebration of the coronation of King Edward VII. It's a short street of terraced houses, no more than 150 yards long, bounded at one end by Rosamund Street and the other by Viaduct Street and a disused railway viaduct.

The seven houses on the north side of the street remain sustantially as they were built and are flanked by the Rovers Return pub at the Rosamund Street end and a Corner Shop at the Viaduct Street end. The only major development has been the collapse of No7 in 1965 (all the land is riddled with old mineworkings) and its rebuilding in 1982.

The south side of the street has seen many changes. It was originally the site of the rear of Hardcastle's Mill and the Mission of Glad Tidings Hall. The mill closed down in the 1930s, but was later re-opened as Elliston's Raincoat Factory, and in the early 1960's a sporting club opened up in the mill basement. In 1967 the whole site was cleared and maisonettes built. However they were very shoddily built and had to be pulled down only four years later. Against local resistance a new factory was built, but the residents were also provided with a community centre. The factory became the Mark Britain Warehouse and later Baldwin's Casuals. In 1989, the council sold the community centre site, and Mike Baldwin cashed in on the deal and so the factory was also demolished. This was replaced by two shop units with three flats above, three modern houses and three factory units, which all still remain.

Coronation Street - looking towards Viaduct Street
In the foreground you can see the Rovers Return pub where landlord Steve McDonald lives with his mother Liz, and partner Michelle Connor, and then No1 (Ken and Deirdre Barlow, Tracy Barlow and Amy Barlow), No3 (Emily Bishop and Norris Cole), No5 (owned by Weatherfield Council and rented to Chesney Battersby-Brown who has joint custody of baby Joseph), No7 is owned by Dev Alahan with his twin children Aadi and Asha. Their mother, Sunita died in 2013. No9 owned by Tyrone Dobbs with baby Ruby, Fiz Stape and young Hope Stape. No11 owned by Eileen Grimshaw, son Jason and lodger Sean Tulley, No13 owned by Kevin Webster (and son Jack), currently rented by Stella Price, Eva Price and Gloria Price. and No15, the Corner Shop, owned by Dev Alahan. The flat above the shop is currently occupied by Tim Metcalf. In the foreground you can just make out the corner of No2, the hairdressers owned by Audrey Roberts. The flat over the salon is currently occupied by Maria Connor, her son Liam and her partner Marcus Dent (and Ozzie the dog). Going back you can see No4 (owned by Sally Webster with Sophie), No6 owned by Owen Armstrong who lives there with Anna Windass and adopted daughter Faye Windass. Also currently staying there is Katy Armstrong and baby Joseph. No8 (Gail, and owned by son David Platt, wife Kylie, children Max and Lily). In the distance you can see No10 - The Kabin papershop, owned and run by Norris Cole with Rita Tanner. Rita and husband Dennis Tanner live in the flat over the shop. The flat next door is currently owned by Brian Packham and Julie Carp. Webster's garage and the factory, Underworld, is out of sight on the far right.


Coronation Street - viewed from above the Corner Shop
On the south side of the street you can see from left to right: The Kabin papershop (No10) with Nos 10 and 12 flats above. Just out of sight behind The Kabin is Webster's Garage run by Kevin Webster and Tyrone Dobbs. The large building in the top left is Underworld, the underwear manuafacturers run by Carla Connor and Peter Barlow. Next are a block of three houses (Nos 8, 6 and 4) and then No2 the hair salon with a flat over it, and finally the telephone box. You can just see a bit of the end of Rosamund Street in the top right hand corner. Tucked behind the corner of the salon on Rosamund Street and out of sight is the bus shelter. Opposite the shelter is the former betting shop, currently a buy and sell shop run by Tracy Barlow and Rob Donovan with the flat over which is currently home to Peter Barlow and Carla Connor. The building next door used to house the Grafitti Club and now houses the medical centre and there's a chippie at the far right of the medical centre. Out of sight next to the betting shop is the junction of Rosamund Street and Victoria Street, where you will find Roy's Rolls - the cafe run by Roy and Hayley Cropper who live in the flat above the cafe. On the left side of the cafe is the kebab shop, owned by Dev Alahan with a flat over the cafe occupied until recently by Steve MacDonald and Michelle Connor. On the right side of the cafe is an empty shop, formerly Ashley's butcher shop. Beth Tinker, son Craig and Kirk Sutherland live in a flat over the shop. Streetcars taxi firm is behind the salon on Victoria street. It's owned by Steve McDonald and Lloyd Mullaney who lives in the flat over the office with his daughter Jenna. Down Victoria street a bit further is a new block of posh flats called Victoria Court. Nick Tilsley and wife Leanne with her stepson Simon Barlow live in one of the flats which is owned by Dev Alahan.
On the north side of the street you can see the back of the houses - No15, the Corner Shop with its flat over, nos 13, 11, 9, 7, 5, 3 and 1. The Rovers Return is just out of sight at the far right.

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You can also see a map of Weatherfield from 1996 - though the actual set has changed since this map.
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