Meet the neighbours...

Dev Alahan


Fiz Stape & Tyrone Dobbs


Ken Barlow & Deidre Barlow
Possibly the street's most unlikely resident. Born at No3, Ken has spent virtually all his life living at a total of 8 addresses in the one street. The first resident to go to University, he's been a teacher, personnel officer, sales executive, Community Development Officer, taxi driver, journalist, and teacher again. He's had three wives, three children and over 25 lovers. He's currently retired, living at No1 with his third (and fourth) wife, Deirdre Rachid.

Lonely, middle-aged, bespectacled Deirdre has led a varied but not an easy life. First appearing as a teenaged secretary and currently working for ex-lover Mike Baldwin at Underworld, she has been a shop assistant, travel agent, caretaker and local councillor. Mother of Tracy, who lives in London and daughter of Blanche. She has had 3 husbands - Ray Langton, Tracy's father, Ken Barlow, who she's remarried and lastly the brutally murdered Samir Rachid, 19 years her junior. Deirdre seems to attract undesirables, many lovers have included dodgy businessmen and con artists

Steve MacDonald
Six times wed (twice to Karen and twice to Becky (though one of those weddings never took place in the end), Steve has lurched from relationship to relationship, from scrape to scrape to become a somewhat respected businessman in Weatherfield. He co-owns Streetcars and has recently bought the Rovers Return again after a previous stint as owner.

Maria Connor, Liam Connor
Nick Tilsley and Leanne Battersby Tilsley
Leanne was a teenage bride when she married Nick Tilsley. Over the years she's been through a lot of ups and downs including a time when she was a call girl, an exotic dancer, a coke addict. She's had a lot of bad relationships including being engaged to Jamie Baldwin while having an affair with his father Danny. She was married to alcoholic Peter Barlow but his affair with Carla Connor ruined that. Currently, Leanne has remarried Nick who has just come out of a coma after a car accident caused by his brother David. Nick and David's wife had a one night stand and her newborn Lily could be the child of either one. She helps run Nick's restaurant, the Bistro and has custody of her stepson Simon.

Nick is the oldest son of Gail McIntyre, the son of her first husband Brian Tilsley, brother of Sarah Louise and half brother to David Platt. He married Leanne when they were teenagers but after he insisted she abort their baby, he left her and moved to Canada to work for his Uncle Steven. He returned several times and later moved to Nottingham to work. He returned the Christmas before Gail was to marry loser Joe McIntyre and stayed to support her after Joe's death, where she'd been accused of killing him. He helped Carla run Underworld for a time and most recently has opened a Bistro under the viaduct. The Bistro was initially destroyed by a tram that crashed through the viaduct after a gas explosion but it's been rebuilt. He also finally wooed his first love Leanne back and they are currently married. Nick had a one night stand with his brother David's wife, Kylie and is just out of a coma after a car crash that David caused. We don't know yet who is the father of Kylie's baby, Lily.

Emily Bishop
Emily Nugent was originally the assistant of Leonard Swindley, by whom she was once jilted. Dowdy and timid, she married lay preacher Earnest in 1972, who was shot and killed in 1978 at the factory robbery. Emily took up with Arnold Swain, a genteel pet shop owner, who turned out to be a schizophrenic bigamist, and took Emily hostage in 1980, insiting that God wanted them to carry out a suicide pact. Emily had numerous lodgers sharing No 3 with her over the years, the most famous being Percy Sugden. After Percy's departure, Emily's life was changed by the arrival of her nephew, eco-warrior Geoffrey (Spider). She currently shares her house with Norris Cole.
Memorable moment: during the 'Save the Red Rec' campaign, Emily spent a night up a tree.
Eileen Grimshaw

Roy & Hayley Cropper
The charming owners of Roy's Rolls, the cafe on Victoria Street. Roy is, for use of a better word, the archetypal "anorak"; a socially naive, but highly intelligent man who takes most things far too literally, but is no-one's fool. Hayley is a transexual who used to be Harold. She and Roy were unable to legally marry so had their union blessed. They are now legally married as the laws have changed but Hayley is currently dealing with a fatal illness, pancreatic cancer. Roy manages the cafe while Hayley is a machinist in Mike Baldwin's Underworld.

Sean Tulley

Julie Carp and Brian Packham
Tina McIntyre
Michelle Connor

Peter Barlow and Carla Connor

Lloyd Mullaney, Jenna Kamara

Stella, Gloria and Eva Price

Liz McDonald

Steve McDonald
Steve has always been black to his less goodlooking twin Andy's white: smartass rather than smart. He loves the highlife and to impress the ladies. After stealing car radios as a schoolboy, he progressed to dealing in stolen booze (and subsequently pending two years in prison), and now if there's a dodgy deal going, Steve is likely to be at the heart of it.

He married Alec Gilroy's rich granddaughter Vicky for her money, but at their divorce she wrested most of it back off him. He nearly killed Rita Sullivan with an inept gas fire installation. Steve carried a big torch for hairdresser Fiona Middleton, as did his Dad, and they came to blows over her. Father and son now keep uneasy company, the more moderate members of their family (Andy, Liz) having found happiness far away from Weatherfield. He has conquests rather than friends.

Beth Tinker, Craig Tinker, Sinead Tinker, Kirk Sutherland

Chesney Battersby Brown

Gail Platt McIntyre

David Platt and Kylie Platt with Max and Lily

The Armstrong family: Owen, daughters Katy (her son Joseph) and Izzy (her son Jake, with Gary), Anna Windass, son Gary and adopted daughter Faye.

Audrey Roberts
Good-time girl Audrey Potter made a poor fist of bringing up the two illegitimate children she had by different fathers - and had one adopted out. They are now Street café worker Gail Platt and Canadian businessman Stephen Reid. A late marriage to grocer and Weatherfield Mayor Alf Roberts provided the stability - and the income - she always hankered after. A former hairdresser, she nagged Alf to buy her the Street salon in late 1998 only to find, when he died shortly afterwards, that all his capital had gone into it and she now had to work for a living. Audrey is well-groomed, good-natured, a spendthrift, outspoken, and has a mouth big enough to take the foot which is so frequently in it. She's an indulgent grandmother to the Platt children, great grandmother to Beth and Lily, and a mother figure to many young salon trainees, most recently Maria Connor.

Rita Sullivan Tanner and Dennis Tanner
One-time nightclub singer and long-time street resident, Rita currently lives in a flat above her newsagent business-the Kabin. Single until her 40's, she has outlived 2 husbands - Len Fairclough and Ted Sullivan. She has been subject to a fair amount of misery being the victim of fraud, attempted murder, a nervous breakdown and carbon monoxide poisoning. Unable to have children of her own, she and Len fostered teenagers and more recently she took the Websters and their girls under her wing showering them with love and money. Rita is proud of her independence, always ready to listen and dish out advice, but watch out anyone who tries to take her for granted. She's recently reconnected with old friend Dennis Tanner and they are now married.

Dennis was one of the original characters on Coronation Street and was a scallywag, always getting into schemes and scrapes. He left the street after marrying Jenny Sutton in 1968. He was discovered to be on the down and out, homeless and using a local shelter. Rita took him in and slowly their old friendship turned to love and they married. /FONT>

Jason Grimshaw

Kevin Webster, Jack Webster
Sally Webster

Sophie Webster

Marcus Dent

Tracy and Amy Barlow

Rob Donovan

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