Sunday 2 November

I'm sitting here sweating buckets!! No it's not because I'm nervous about my report. I have had the flu bug these past few days & it has really knocked my energy. Anyway I have dragged myself here to provide you with the report.


Fred was going on at his son over the fortune teller. Saying that Maxine had contacted him about falling in love again. Claire was in the room listening & feeling uncomfortable. However, Ashley told his father to butt out & leave it alone.

Lucy dropped Simon off at the Barlows. Peter was really pleased to see his son, & rubbed it in to Tracy. He lead her to believe that he had told Steve the truth. He also told her to tell Roy Cropper who the real father was.

Fizz decided to get rid of her mother once & for all. She told Kirk that she was moving in with him & Les. Kirk told Les this news with an angry Cilla present. She caught on to Fizz's plan, & sparks began to fly when the pair met. Fizz asked her where her son was, which shocked Les. Then she continued to tell Cilla how bad a mother she was to the pair of them, causing Cilla to leave. Les was really upset to have lost his future love & told Fizz to get out.

On the Street Peter was showing off his son to Ciaran & Jack Duckworth. Jack talked about the days when Terry was a lad & believed that when he was 5yrs old he knew all the streets in Weatherfield, which lead him to rob them later on in life. Shelly appeared & Peter asked her to go for a walk with him. So they did & talked about the possibility of getting back together again. Lucy had just arrived to see the pair together. She was furious & the face had a plan on it.

Meanwhile the shouts where heard at Street cars, between Steve & Karen. The wedding is off, due to Steve being against spending all this money. He wants a registrar or nothing. Tracy was present at hearing all & thought that Peter had told him the truth. So she said she was sorry for being pregnant & Steve told her that Karen wasn't bothered about Tracy it was the wedding. So Tracy had a lucky escape, but for how long?

Deirdre & Jack where propping up the bar at the Rovers. Something they haven't done for years!! They talked about kids & being parents. To be honest it's hard to tell which of the two families had the worst kids. The Duckworths or the Barlows. Well Tracy is selling her child, just like Terry.

The programme ended with Lucy promising to split up Peter & Shelly for good & had a plan to do it. Oh dear I fear more trouble for the Rovers.


Michael Bell

Monday 3 November

We open with Jack going into the bookies, he's found a horse called Aloe Vera and has decided it's an omen, he just has to put 10.00 pounds on it to win, he tells Sally. Peter comes up beside Sally at that moment, Sally, rather frostily, suggests Jack ask Peter if he's still taking bets or not, after all someone came to view the bookies, thinking of buying it. She's annoyed because she's not kept in the picture, she wants to know about her future, after all she has to buy clothes and shoes for her two girls, and do they know the price of taps these days for her Rosie? Jack, puzzled, asks if Rosie's getting her own bathroom now. He's ignored. Peter isn't sure what he's doing, and at that moment his phone rings, it's Lucy, asking if he's like to go round this afternoon.

In the taxi office, Steve is telling Eileen about the row he had with Karen over the expensive wedding, when Karen comes in behind him, (sporting a new hair style strongly reminiscent of Cleopatra). She's sorry, they kiss and make up.

Down at Elliott's butcher's, there's a large cutout of Dracula standing in front of the counter, and Fred's Dracula pies have been selling like hot cakes. Norris is standing in the butcher's for some reason, and is quite disgusted. He says it's in appalling taste, and it's bordering on cannibalism! Ashley tells him it's just a joke, but Norris is not amused. He says they'll be gorging on dismembered human flesh next. Fred asks Norris what he wants and Norris tells him just basic human standards.

Peter knocks on the door of the Rover's, which is answered by Shelley. He tells her he's had an offer on the bookies, but he's not going to take it, he's not going anywhere without her, as long as it takes. She points out that she's said nothing to give him the idea that she's a safe bet, but he insists he's going to keep waiting for her.

In the corner shop, Dev is just finishing a phone call. He's jubilant, he's got tickets for the opera tonight, Puccini, Tosca. Sunita, rather sourly, remarks that she thinks it's sad. Dev insists he's definitely not sad, he's smiling.

Over at the Barlow's, Deirdre is doing the ironing. Tracy is just off for her first day as a taxi driver. When she's gone, after a sarcastic comment from her mother, Ken reminds Deirdre that no matter what they think, Tracy is the baby's mother. Deirdre protests that that hardly gives her the right to give it away. Ken thinks that Roy and Hayley will be good parents.

Outside, Tracy sees Peter coming across the street. He asks if she's told Steve he's the baby's father yet. Tracy admits that she hasn't. Peter urges her to tell, he tells her that lying will get her nowhere. Tracy points out that he's the biggest liar in Weatherfield. He agrees, that's how he knows.

Norris is in the corner shop, wittering on about a large cucumber, and being ignored. Dev is on the phone and Sunita is pricing tins, but keeping an eye on Dev at the same time. Dev and Sunita then start having a conversation across poor Norris, who then splutters with indignation and asks if he's the invisible man. Dev, obviously upset because his intended date is busy (and he's bought expensive opera tickets too!) suggests he gives it a try and gives them all a rest. Norris is outraged, and tells Dev he doesn't have to stand there and be insulted. Dev tells him to pull up a chair!

Ken and Peter are talking in the kitchen, chez Barlow. Peter tells his dad that although Shelley is not exactly putting out the red carpet, he thinks there's a chance with her. There he was thinking the world was going to end and then Shelley gave him a little smile and it was like the sun came out. Ken advises caution, he must not hurt Shelley again. And how does Simon fit into it all? Peter tells him that Lucy rang and he is going round there this afternoon, he's sure it's all going to work out. Ken tells him to hold back a little.

Tracy has arrived at the taxi office, to be confronted by Dev who asks what she's doing there. When she tells him she's starting work he tells he she can't have a job because she's pregnant, and must get out. At that moment Steve arrives and asks what's going on. He does the hiring and firing. Dev argues because she's pregnant, but Steve sticks up for her, she passed the test, she's got the job. There's one problem though, whose car is she going to use? Eventually they decide she can use Les's car and do the night shift as he as to go home at 7pm.

In the bookies, Jack is just watching Aloe Vera lose the race, and his money with it. He moans on to Les and Kirk, telling them to never, ever bet on a horse with the same name as their beloved.

Deirdre arrives home to find Tracy sitting sulking. She wonders if they've sacked her already. Tracy tells her they haven't but they've treated her like dirt, why won't they let up on her, can't they see she's just trying to do what's best for the kid? She tells Deirdre she's been given the night shift, and she cries. Deirdre softens and agrees that it's cruel that they've been so hard on her, and she gives her a hug.

In the pub, Fred is telling Betty that her hot pot is a thing of the past, what folk want now is a more textured (?) spicier mouthful. Betty takes umbrage and Norris tells her to take no notice, her hotpot is one of the great British traditions. In fact he'll order one right now. Kirk asks Fred if they are going to get any free samples of his Dracula pies, but Fred tells him certainly not. Betty goes over to Shelley and Bev and tells them that if they don't want her hotpots any more she will stop chopping onions. Bev tells her to take no notice of Fred.

Steve comes into the pub and Karen comes over. She tells him that she has scaled down the whole thing, and now it's just going to be the one swan!

Fizz comes in and Les tells her that her mother won't answer his calls, he's been ringing her all morning. Fizz tells him that her mother's never awake in the mornings, but Les is convinced he's lost her and it's all Fizz's fault. She insists she's saved him, her mum would have sucked him dry like she did all the other blokes.

Peter arrives at Lucy's. He's shocked to find that she's packing up, leaving.

Back in the back room of the pub, Shelley is sitting, lost in thought. Bev comes in and asks what she's thinking about, and guesses it's Peter. Shelley denies it and tells her mum to get off her case.

Lucy tells Peter he never asked what she was going to do with the rest of her life, and she feels she's laughed at when she pushes Simon down the street. Peter tells her he understands, but it's a shock, that's all. He asks where she's going and is even more shocked when she tells him Andalusia, Spain. What about their father and son relationship? Lucy tells him she knew he's be upset, he's been a good father, but he can't expect her to stick around just so he can see Simon two afternoons a week. Peter reflects that flights to Spain are plentiful, so he will still have lots of opportunities to see his son. Then Lucy drops her bombshell......lose them completely or join the family! She tells him, 'Come with us or you'll never see him again. What do you say? The choice is yours!'....................

Episode 2, Monday, Nov 3

A little gem of an episode, this. If Carmel Morgan can manage dialogue this witty all the time, she'll be my new heroine.

Lucy and Peter are still talking. He's not sure he can just up sticks and go, but Lucy says it's not like he'll be missed. Peter asks: "How do I know I can trust you?" (and a nation yells "Ha!") Lucy says it's an opportunity and when opportunities come up, you have to grasp them. But Peter wants to know what he would do in Andalusia. "I don't even speak any Spanish". So Lucy tells him how to say "A beer, please," "I have a confession to make" and "Will you marry me?" "I'm offering you the chance to be a full-time Dad," she tells him (in English), leaving him to babysit Simon for an hour while she visits the estate agent.

Back in the Kabin, Norris is busy bad-mouthing Dev to Emily, forgetting the golden rule of Soap: Never badmouth someone with your back to the door. Just as he's describing Dev as having a laid-back veneer, and accusing him of being "a Jekyll and Hyde that turns on a sixpence and bites your head off", who should walk in but the veneered one himself.

Dev is all smarm and apologies, offering Norris and Emily his tickets to Tosca as a peace offering.

To the butcher's, now, where Fred is giving young Joshua a lesson in butchery, using a pointer and a poster to indicate "scrag, shoulder, leg", or in Fred-speak: "SCRAG, SHOULDER, LEG". This greatly amuses Claire and Ashley, who start to sing "Scrag, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes". They are interrupted by Kirk, who wants something cheap to cheer up Les, who is dead miserable. Fred offers him the last two Dracula pies, but Kirk questions whether they are really the last two and suggests Fred's just saying that to convince Kirk to buy them. "Do you want to put your hand in my empty pantry?" asks Fred. They agree that Kirk can have the last two pies on condition he extol their virtues to Betty.

At the Barlows' Deirdre is fussing around Tracy, cooking her tea and worrying over her being on night shift.

Next door at the pub, Shelly asks Norris and Emily "what's the gig?" "Puccini's Tosca." "Oh, is that the one from the paint advert? I love that," says Shelley. A bemused Emily wanders away, giving us a chance to see Ciaran and Les. The barrel needs changing and Les is bemoaning his tag, Cilla leaving him, and the fact that the last two glasses poured will have to be poured away, while Les is quite willing to drink the beer, no matter how bad it looks. Kirk comes in with news that he's got a surprise tea for Les, and Ciaran puts the "off" beer down in front of them with a wink.

We get a quick look behind the bar, where Bev is surprised to catch Shelley humming.

Over at a table, Norris is getting a supply of tissues from Emily. She thinks this is very wise. "I wept buckets when I saw it with Ernest." Norris explains that it's not for the opera, but because they are borrowing Rita's car and the industrial strength air freshener plays havoc with his sinuses. Emily would have been quite happy to go into town on the tram, but Norris is determined they will arrive in style, as befits people sitting in the best seats in the house.

Back at Lucy's, Peter is reading a storybook to Simon. Lucy returns with the news the estate agent thinks the shop will sell quickly just as it is. She demands an answer, but Peter says he needs a few days to make up his mind. This isn't good enough for Lucy. "You've got a future with your son, or a life in so-called Happening Weatherfield." Maybe Weatherfield has hidden attractions, she suggests. "It's now or never. If not now, then he'll probably turn up on your doorstep when he's 15, demanding money and guilt-tripping you like crazy." "That's what I did to my Dad," says Peter. "So, break the cycle," urges Lucy.

In the Streetcars office, Deirdre has brought a survival kit for Tracy: cushion, flask of tea, cheese sarnies, a couple of digestives, some apples, oh, and a couple of boiled sweets in case she feels nauseous. An airport pick-up job comes in, but Steve takes it off Patrick and gives it to Tracy, despite Patrick's protests.

In the pub. Bev tells Peter that Ciaran doesn't have time to talk. Dev's lawyer girlfriend, Maya, arrives, having been stood up by her client, and asks who is looking after the shop if Dev and Sunita are both in the Rovers. "Todd," says Sunita. "Lovely lad, quietly intelligent, doesn't flaunt it." Dev and the girlfriend arrange to meet for lunch, with her choosing a surprise venue." She leaves. Sunita begins to nag Ciaran about not spending enough time with her. "You should be happy I have the work ethic," he says. He promises to try to swap shifts and Sunita goes through to the back to talk to Shelley.

Les and Kirk are at home, hoeing into the pies. Les pronounces them the best he's ever had. They both ignore Patrick, who is grumpily sat in an armchair moaning on. "Didn't you hear what I said? She's on my job in your cab." "Bang out of order," says Les. "But there's no point on me going on hunger strike, is there?" Kirk: "Les reckons Tracy's got 666 hidden on her bonce. That's why she keeps her hair long... Fit as a butcher's dog, though!"

In the back room of the Rovers, Shelley and Sunita are discussing whether Shelley should get back with Peter. "What, even now after everything he's done to you?" asks Sunita. Shelley explains it's not the way she feels without Peter, but the way she feels when she's with him. "He still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end." "That can mean the opposite, as well, you know," advises Sunita. "Take cockroaches." Shelley says that she might not have totally forgiven Peter, but she's getting there. She doesn't want revenge in the same way that Lucy does. "It's taken over her life." She says she was more hurt than angry. Sunita thinks Shelley's mad and reminds her she'll have to come clean with Bev. "But don't be surprised if she sticks leeches on your head or sends you for a brain scan."

Back at Streetcars, Eileen is fielding what seems like the latest in many calls from Deirdre, checking on Tracy. Over the radio, Tracy says the airport job has turned out to be a goldmine, with four passengers wanting to go town-and-around to various parts of Greater Manchester, including Chorlton, and ending at Runcorn.

In the Rovers again, and a rather disheveled Norris appears to be using the borrowed tissues to wipe himself down. His high forehead is dotted with mysterious dark splodges. Beside him is a shivering Emily. "It's only a flat tyre, Emily, it's not rocket science," she mimics. "Oh, gloat, gloat away, Emily, though it doesn't become you!" snaps Norris. "What doesn't become me, Norris, is standing windswept on the hard shoulder while you are too proud to admit defeat." This little exchange left me wondering two things: How did Deirdre get to their table so quickly when she was just talking to Eileen on the phone? And when did Norris stop calling Emily "Mrs Bishop"? They start discussing Tracy's new job and her working a night shift, with all the problems that might bring. "You hear so much about road rage, don't you," says Norris. "I know," says Deirdre. "And Tracy's got such a foul temper."

At the bar, Bev, Shelley and Sunita are watching Peter and Ciaran huddled together. Peter reveals to Ciaran that his ideal solution would be if he and Shelley got back together, seeing Simon at weekends. But there's no middle ground with Lucy. He's caught between a rock and a hard place.

Streetcars, and Tracy's last passenger, apparently asleep until they got to Runcorn, has turned out to be a blow-up doll. His name is Tigsy. "Tigsy'll sort you out. Tigsy's got the kitty," the other student passengers had told her. Steve tells Tracy he'll take her to the pub, upsetting Patrick once more. Patrick persuades Eileen to snog Tigsy, just as Steve returns for Tigsy. We see him wipe the doll's mouth as he leaves.

Over in the Rovers, Fred is boasting about shifting 200 Dracula pies. "Quality comfort food that won't break the bank." "Good marketing patter 'n'all," says Bev. Steve, Tracy and Tigsy arrive and Tracy tells the story of her first nightshift, to the amusement of all. In a corner, Peter tells Ciaran he's close to a decision.

It's now after closing and Shelley tells her Mum she's got something to tell her. Bev tries to put her off, but Shelley says it straight out: "I'm thinking of getting back with Peter. "I'm not asking your approval or permission, I just think you deserve the truth." Bev says she'll never get truth out of Peter. "He's changed, Mam." (Where is Vera, anyway?) "I really think me and Peter can have a life together."

Back at Lucy's, she tells Peter he reeks of smoke and asks if he's been to the Rovers. "Dutch courage?" "Spanish, actually," he says. He has decided to go with her, although he knows she thought he'd bail out. "I really didn't doubt you, Peter," she says. "I know you better than you think."

Anne Logan (Episode 1) and Margaret Carr (Episode 2)

Wednesday 5 November

Evening all

Tonight's episode begins with Peter crossing the road to visit Ken, Tracy is just leaving and she gets a cool reception from Peter. Deirdre is just going out as well so that leaves just Ken to be told by Peter that instead of going back with Shelley he has decided to go to Spain with Lucy and Simon and will be leaving tonight!

Meanwhile at the Rovers Peter is also the topic of conversation between Bev and Shelley - Bev is not happy at all that Shelley is thinking of giving Peter a second chance, Ciaran decides to get some peace and beats a swift exit leaving Shelley and Bev to continue arguing the toss.

Peter meanwhile is still trying to convince Ken (or himself!) that he is doing the right thing. Ken asks if Shelley knows yet and Peter says he will give Shelley a ring.

Shelley is telling Sunita at the corner shop about her decision when Dev smarms over to let them know that he has a lunch date with Maya - is Sunita getting jealous or just annoyed? As Dev leaves Kirk arrives after something to help with his dodgy stomach - was it pies or cloudy beer that caused that? Shelley tells Sunita that she will ring Peter to suggest they meet up somewhere to discuss the possible reconciliation. Shelley really thinks they can get back together again.

At the factory Mike is going into the office, Harry is there and Mike shows him the cheque from Preston, which unfortunately is not signed, Mike asks Harry to go and see Preston and get him to sign the cheque as he saved Preston's life. Harry says no to this and suggests that Nick goes and if that fails it then that leaves Mike to go and see him, Mike agrees with this and sends Nick off to get the cheque signed.

Meanwhile at Lucy's flat, she is doing the packing, Peter is also there and Lucy leaves Simon with Peter while she sorts out final preparations. Peter tells Lucy that he has told Ken of his move to Spain, Lucy asks here if he has told anyone else (meaning Shelley).

Tracy is just turning up for work and seems to be getting on well with Steve - not surprising seeing he is the father (albeit unknowingly at present) of her baby. Tracy thanks him for taking her on while pregnant, Les turns up here, late, as he has had a stomach upset as well as Kirk. Tracy continues with her conversation with Steve after Les goes and finishes it off with a kiss on the cheek for Steve who looks decidedly unsettled here.

Back at the factory, Nick returns with the news that the cheque was not signed as regardless of who went Preston is dead after another heart attack.

Back at Lucy's - she has returned and Peter is saying that he will ring Shelley and tell her what he is doing. Lucy is having none of this and tells Peter that he will have to tell her face to face and that she is going to be there as well - Peter looks less than happy with this...

Back at the Rovers - Bev is still not happy and is trying to get Ciaran to her way of thinking - Ciaran stays on the fence here.

Mik, Harry and Nick come in Harry buys the round and offers a toast to the late Preston, Mike seems more concerned with the unsigned cheque than the demise of Preston.

Dev and Steve enter here and Dev again can't resist the mention of his lunch date with Maya, in case she turns up while he and Steve are having a drink. Steve in the meantime is telling Dev that he does not think the satellite navigation is a good idea as trips are local, drivers know the area etc.

Fred enters here and is told by Mike that Preston has passed on, Mike is beginning to think that Preston died deliberately after not signing the cheque to Mike...

Lucy has returned after selling the van, Lucy is quite adamant that Peter will tell Shelley face to face, Peter is still not happy with this and Lucy tells him that if she is not there when Peter tells Shelley then the deal is off. Peter has to agree here.

Mike is still going on about the cheque and wonders if Preston's wife is able to sign the cheque.

Les and Kirk make an entrance and confront Fred about their stomach upsets. Les maintains it was food poisoning cause by Fred's pies - any more of this and Les will be hearing from Fred's solicitor! As Fred departs it is quite obvious that Les was just trying it on for compensation - will that be more pies?

Sunita has turned up at the Rovers and with a certain amount of enjoyment tells Dev that Maya will not be able to meet him for lunch - poor Dev looks heartbroken and doesn't get much sympathy from Steve.

At Lucy's the taxi is being arranged when Peter's mobile goes off - it is Shelley asking for a meeting to arrange the possible reconciliation.

Maya has turned up at Dev's shop and gets the cold shoulder first of all even after making an invitation for dinner. Dev finally gives in and his little face is lit up with the expectation of his date.

Shelley has told Bev that Peter will be calling round. Bev tells Shelley that if she and Peter do get back together again she will not be able to stay at the Rovers.

The taxi has arrived - Peter looks very nervous here.

At Ken and Deirdre's the conversation is about Peter and both feel sorry for Shelley and decide to go to the Rovers to see her.

The taxi meanwhile has just pulled up outside the Rovers and Peter makes one last attempt to get Lucy to stay in the cab. Lucy is adamant that she is going in with him and as they go in Ciaran is behind the bar, Peter asks him to get Shelley who is in the back. Ken and Deirdre come in here, Shelley then comes in from the back and Peter then rather nervously tells Shelley that he and Lucy along with Simon will be going to Spain. Shelley is not surprisingly less than pleased with this and gives Peter a knuckle sandwich right on the nose and draws blood as well.

The final crushing blow comes for Peter when just as he thinks he is leaving for his new life in Spain -Lucy tells him that he is not going with her as there is no ticket for him and all she wanted was revenge which she seems to have got in spades now, her face is something to behold here! Any chance of Peter and Shelley getting back together went out of the window when he said he was leaving with Lucy and Simon.

What will happen to Peter now?

That's all folks!

Pete Webb

Friday 7 November

Late this week so straight over to Weatherfield

Shelley, Bev and Peter are stunned by Lucy's planned destruction of the world. Ken takes Peter home from the Rovers whilst Shelley is ushered into the back room by Bev. Bev offers Shelley a brandy - but she asks for some ice - not for the drink but for her hand.

Next door Peter wants a solicitor and an injunction to prevent Lucy and Simon leaving. Oddly no-one works at this hour of the night.

Kirk is recovering from his illness but remarks to Fred that Les still cannot face the 30 seconds walk to the Rovers. This gets Fred worried and he is worrying how the bad news will spread. Claire has already observed that if they are going to complain they will need evidence so Fred, having put his thinking cap on (I said he put his thinking cap on) goes round to the Battersby's with some beer hoping to buy some peace. Les says no. Fred asks if that is his last word on the subject but Les says no - his final word of two is "off". Fred does establish that none of the pie exists.

Dev meanwhile removes some champagne from the shelf and himself from the shop and off to meet Maya at her flat for dinner. This seems to go well until he tries to snog her after dinner. She claims she is drunk and pushes him away. I rather think it has more to do with the hour.

Peter has driven to the airport with Ken in a final attempt to stop Lucy leaving the country. Now if Lucy had any brains she would by now be through immigration and therefore safe but sadly she is a dumb blonde and has not managed this.

In the Rovers Fred tells Ashley and Claire off for taking Joshua to a burger bar but they ignore his comments about real meat - after all it had a good write up in the local paper. After some more thinking (Fred's brain is in overdrive tonight) Fred decides his new Dracula pies need a decent write up in the paper as their salvation.

Shelley pulls herself together after a long discussion with Sunita and launches herself back into the bar work. "Showtime" she announces.

Plank Nick winds up Steve saying that Mike has moved his cab business to the competitors with sat nav. Then he admits he is joking having heard Steve and Dev discussing the subject earlier. Then he does wind Steve up - he has been listening to Karen describing the wedding - pity they retired Concorde isn't it. Steve looks very weary!

Lots of rushing around the airport until Peter trips over Lucy and Simon (the chances of that are probably over 1000-1 - who would be a bookie eh?). Peter has already observed that the last service tonight to Malaga has already gone - so why are they still here? Peter grabs Simon from his basket. But Lucy delivers the coup de grace. She is not going to Spain. Australia is their destination. Now can she please have the baby back or is she going to cause a scene in front of security. Ken talks Peter out of causing a disturbance (why - I would say that Peter had right on his side - Ken is out of his tree). Theoretically Peter is under a police caution but it would take ages for that to become known and in the meantime Lucy's departure would be delayed.

So there we are . Lucy has gone and Peter has nothing left in Weatherfield. Dev is really being given the run around by Maya and Steve may yet have to concede the need for sat nav.

See you all next week.

K Richard W

Sunday 9 November

Firstly I would like to thank all of the people who sent me suggestions to beat the flu. A plate of Chicken soup sent me on the road to recovery & now I'm thankfully better. However the Borders has been badly hit by this bug at the moment, so we have a lot of ill people at home.

Now the report you have all been waiting for. ****SPOILER***** Fred was holding a press group to advertise his vampire pies. Many of the residents turned up, including Les & Kirk. They started to shout about them not feeling well after eating his pies. This caused an uproar with the crowd who refused to buy or taste these pies. Claire even stopped Fred from using his grandson to try the pies, so poor Fred was completely humiliated. lol!!!!

Shelly burst into tears as soon as Bev walked into the back room at the Rovers. Bev told Shelly to go away for a break until things died down. After a little more persuasion, Shelly agreed & packed to meet a friend from her school days.

Meanwhile, Peter was licking his wounds while Deirdre & Tracy tried to make more. Their comments annoyed Peter & Ken who told Tracy that she had no room to comment about babies. Ciaran told Peter that he no longer wanted to have anything to do with him & was surprised how he could choose Lucy over Shelly. So Peter also decided to pack his bags & head for the seaside town of Plymouth.

Steve put the satellite system to the test with an ordinary map. Dev & Les where nominated for the job. Dev made sure that he wasn't being set up. However despite all that Les still won, so it was decided that Streetcars will stick to the old system. Dev was a little disappointed at being beat, & left the office in a rather grumpy mood.

Dev's mood lead him to his favourite lawyer, armed with a bunch of flowers & his sleazy glasses, Dev pulled up at the house. However he soon turned away again, after seeing her kiss another bloke. By the way I can't remember her name, so that's why I said lawyer lol.

The episode came to a close when Peter packed his car, while Shelly came out of the pub to head on her trip. After a cold stare, Shelly got into the car & Bev drove her away from the person who hurt her so much. Only Ken was hurt to see Peter leave and with an affectionate good bye Peter left Coronation Street for good, or at least for now. Sally is now jobless, so perhaps Rosie had better hurry with her singing career to help put bread on the Webster's table!!

See you all next week. Sorry about spelling.

Michael Bell

Monday 10 November

Todd is in the corner shop talking about Peter and wondering what will happen next. He is worried that the flat will be sold from under him and Sarah. Sunita tells him she is sure they can't just be chucked out these days, and advises him to go and talk to Ken. If anyone knows what's happening it will be Ken.

Deirdre is chatted up by a couple of builders and goes all girlie. She meets Emily and says she has just been out to get Ken a paper in the hope of cheering him up (must be a different paper to those I see!). He has taken Peter's leaving very hard and blames himself. He thinks that if he had been a better parent, Peter might have turned out a nicer person. Back at the house, Todd arrives and tells Deirdre his fears. Ken is out (he's gone for a walk and might not be back for an hour -- where's he gone? Liverpool?) and she says Peter has put the shop and the flat in the hands of his solicitors.

Dev arrives at the shop obviously still grumpy from what he saw at Maya's last night. He grumps at Sunita and goes into the back room. Maya arrives and he is suddenly very charming. But when they are alone he tells Maya he saw her kissing another man. Maya admits she was and says it's awkward, because Gavin is married. She doesn't seem to see any problem in seeing both of them. Dev comes over all righteous, which is very strange given his history. He says he is after a serious relationship. He tells her to "Drop Gareth..." "It's Gavin." "Drop Gavin or say goodbye."

Outside, a builder's truck and a digger are parked outside Mike Baldwin's factory. It appears they have broken down. Mike is furious because he can't get to his parking space. Kevin tells Mike he has agreed to fix the truck, but is going to finish his breakfast first. Mike finds out where the builders are and storms around to the caf to get them to move the vehicles. These are the same builders who chatted up Deirdre, so I already didn't like them. The boss, Charlie, thinks he's a bit of a smoothie, but he reminds me a bit of Leapy Lee, the 70s singer. His little mate is just strange. He looks sort of shifty and doesn't stay still. Mike shouts at them but they just look very amused and give him a bit of backchat. He goes back to the factory, still furious. Harry points out that his rage isn't doing his blood pressure any good, so Mike delegates the entire problem to Nick. Nick thinks he is smart and parks Mike's Jag behind the truck so it can't be moved. Quite how this will get rid of the truck, I'm not sure. But Mike seems very pleased by Nick's initiative. Not long after, Nick rushes into the factory and tells Mike he'd better come outside: "Now!" In the background we can hear heavy machinery, and sure enough Charlie the Builder is threatening to remove the car with the earthmover. There is some to-ing and fro-ing until Mike gives in and agrees to move his car. But he tells the builders they'll regret ever crossing him.

At Martin's flat, Katy irons his uniform. He must be one of very few nurses with sharp creases down their trousers. She tells him she'll get dinner. He insists she doesn't have to look after him, but she says she likes it.

At the Rovers, Les is winding up Fred. The story about the meat pies and Claire refusing to let Joshua eat one is in the Gazette and Les reads it out with great glee. Fred is annoyed and loud with it. He tells a customer he has to change a barrel before he can pour a pint. Kirk says he and Les will drink the bottom of the barrel, but Fred says they can't do that or they'll be ill. "We've drunk it before," says the witless one. "Not in my pub, you haven't," says Fred. And like a pantomime chorus we all chant with Kirk: "Oh yes we have!" Kirk tells Fred about Ciaran letting them have a couple of free pints a few days back. He manages to tell Fred about it while being hit about the head by the very newspaper Les has just been reading. Fred tells them it was the beer that made them sick, not the Dracula pies, and shoos them from the pub. He also says he'll be having words with Ciaran. As they are leaving, Fiz arrives. Les tells her they are being thrown out because of her big-mouthed fella. Kirk tells her that her mother has been ringing for her and needs to see her. She might be sick or something.

Fiz has already been into the shop, where Sunita moans (again) about not having any time with Ciaran. Fiz invites her out for the night with the girls from the factory. Sunita seems quite keen, but asks for time to think about it. Sunita calls in at the pub and asks if Ciaran has managed to get some time off. We've already seen Ciaran ask Bev about this, but she's pointed out that with Shelley away: "I need a man about the place." Uh oh. Sunita tells him she's off clubbing with the factory girls, then.

Later, Bev takes Ciaran into the back room, supposedly to warn him that Fred is after him for giving away the bottom of the barrel and causing all the trouble over the pies. But instead she tells him he seems down. He denies it and they tease each other. She kisses him, and then despite his protestations, kisses him again. This time it is mutual, so what better time for Betty to open the door!

Episode 2

The episode opens in the pub, where Betty's mouth is still open. "I just came in to say we wanted some ice, but maybe we need it in here," she says. Ciaran leaves as Bev explains to Betty that with Shelley going away she's been a bit down and Ciaran was just comforting her. She needs a bit of support. "Well, if that's what you call it, don't ask me for any!" huffs Betty.

Fizz approaches a house we know must be Cilla's and speaks to what must be Chesney through the door. He says Cilla told him Fizz would be coming to look after him! Fizz goes inside and a container of water balanced above the door tips over her head. "Result!" says Chesney, who appears to be set to take over the "young rascal" role of David Platt.

Back at the Rovers, Fred tells Ciaran he wants a word and is not best pleased with him because there are standards that must be kept up. Ciaran is about to blurt out something incriminating when he realises Fred is just talking about Ciaran's giving bad beer to Les and Kirk. "You can take this as a written warning!" says Fred. "Written?" wonders Ciaran. "Don't split hairs!" Mike and Dev are at the bar discussing their respective problems (stroppy builders and stroppy women). Sunita comes in and Ciaran rushes in front of Betty to serve her. Sunita tells her fiancee that 20 pounds is missing from the housekeeping, so Ciaran gets an advance on his pay from Bev. Sunita says she's going to use it to buy a top for her night out. Dev starts to give Ciaran a hard time about letting Sunita go out on the town without him. Ciaran points out it's only a pack of girls. "A pack of neglected girls," Dev points out. They are still exchanging this kind of banter when Sunita points out to Ciaran that even though she's present, he still seems to prefer to talk to Dev. "Grow up!" she tells him.

In her mother's house, Fizz has made boiled eggs and toast for Chesney, who complains that his mother usually cuts the toast into soldiers for her. "The only soldiers me Mam's had owt to do with were them brothers from Catterick -- oh, but you wouldn't remember them," Fizz says. "Wasn't one of them me Dad?" her brother asks. "No, she just told him that when he won some money.'' They talk and Chesney says he's not at school because he gets picked on, and his mother has made it worse. "Oh, by telling the teacher?" "No," he says. "By thumping his mam, and now everybody hates me." We have been seeing a large spider slowly being pulled up on to the table, and Fizz screams as it is pulled into view. "I wish you'd grow up!" she tells Chesney. "Me too." She says she is taking him back to her place because there's too much ammunition there and if she's stuck with him she'd rather it was on her territory.

In the Rovers Bev and Ciaran discuss their kiss. Ciaran says it was no big deal, and Bev says maybe it was a big deal. They are interrupted by Les hissing that he wants his change quickly, but it is too late and Fred has spotted him. "THEM TWO WERE INSTRUCTED TO LEAVE THE PREMISES!" he points out. Les and Kirk point out that they thought he meant just for a while, because he never actually said they were barred. Fred soon puts that right. "Oooh, is it Bolton you're from?" flutters Cilla, who has appeared in the pub. She loves a man with a burr in his voice: "Barrrrred" she says. "BURR?" asks Fred, managing to talk while his chins are down on his chest. "Oooh," says Cilla. "Even your burr's got a burr!" [They really are doing some work on the dialogue at the moment and it's very refreshing] Cilla asks if she's barrrred, but Fred says no. That's a pity, she point out, because she's come to see Les and Kirk and if they're barred she won't be able to stay. Fred's mind is in a spin and he tells Les and Kirk they can stay, "but any more lip and you're out!" Les is glowing and offers to buy Cilla a pint of bitterrrrrrr. "THAT COUNTS AS LIP!" says Fred, moving away from them to serve someone else. Cilla points out to Les and Kirk that Fred is a landlord and can't afford to turn away prime punters like them. Les tries to say "prime punterrrs" with a burr. "You can drop that now," Cilla tells him sourly. She tells the Dynamic Duo that she's not unwell, but Fizz is looking after Chesney for her so she can see Les.

Over at Martin's flat, Katy arrives home and plays back an answering machine message from Martin saying he's going to the pub with Kevin for a quick drink.

In that very pub, Dev and Maya enter, with Dev smarming all over her. Dev is masterful at the bar, putting Ciaran right about the wine that he wants to try to impress Maya. She says she has finished with her married lover and is ready for a "big" relationship. In another part of the bar, Kevin and Martin are chatting with the new builder and getting to know him. Dev leaves the room and Ciaran just happens to let it slip that Dev and Sunita used to be engaged and that Dev had a hard time getting over it. Maya storms out just as Dev returns. Ciaran takes pleasure in letting him know she's gone and Dev races after her. Outside, they argue. She is still seeing her lover. She says if Dev wants commitment then it works two ways and Dev has to break off seeing Sunita. He protests that she works for him. "If you want to be with me, sack her," says Maya, just in time for the ad break.

Back in the Rovers and Les and Cilla pant over each other in a scene that should be avoided by more sensitive viewers. She says it's good that he lives so close. He agrees that it takes him very little time to get home from the pub as his curfew approaches. "I've got it down to 18 seconds." "It's been like circuit training, him being tagged," agrees Kirk. Cilla says it means they can get back there earlier. There's no need to wait for the strike of the bell, suggests Les, as they pout at each other in a way that should be banned before 11pm, it really should!

Behind the bar, Bev says a close shave like they've just had can be really exciting, but they'll have to be more careful next time. Ciaran doubts whether there will be a next time. He's in enough trouble at home as it is. They argue, ending with Ciaran telling Fred he is unwell and going home early.

Charlie Stubbs, the new builder, is still with Martin and Kevin, telling them only two types of women can make a man give up a pint: Dragons and mothers. They discuss women and Martin admits that his girlfriend is only 17. "I think my flaming car's older than that," says Charlie. "Mind you, the suspension's gone."

Back at the flat, Katy is getting annoyed because Martin still isn't home.

Round at Les's place (look away now, I warn you!) Cilla notices that not a lot of cleaning has been done since she was last there. Les has a good excuse. "The colour'd gone out of my life." "Well, vacuum that rice up -- I'm not laying on that!" She seems to be pointing at the sofa. "Laying!" cries Les. "Phwooarrr!!!" and he rushes for the vacuum cleaner. He suggests Cilla ring to make sure Chesney is all right, but she says he's in good hands, and so will Les be. And Les finds himself flung on to the sofa, rice or no rice.

Martin returns home to the flat and he and Katy argue about his staying out without telling her. She prepared a surprise meal, but it is ruined.

In the Rovers, Mike rebuffs Charlie's offer of a drink. Sunita comes in and we know she must be drunk because Bev says "Your bindi's crooked." Bev tells her bitterly that Ciaran couldn't resist the lure of an empty flat and left early. Sunita walks outside, punching the numbers into her mobile phone. Why doesn't anyone on the Street have their numbers on speed dial? "I'm going to the club," Sunita tells Ciaran's voice mail. "I didn't go, but I'm going now, and if I don't come back it's because I have decided I'm not coming back."

We see Martin knocking on a closed door asking if Katy wants some pudding. "It's sorry mousse." She thinks he's calling her a moose, and opens the door, but he has piped the word "sorry" in chocolate mousse on a plate. It makes her laugh and they make up, leading to Martin insisting that she spend more time with her mates, so she won't feel she's missing out on being young.

At the bus stop, Sunita meets Ciaran. They argue and she accuses him of fobbing her off by getting engaged. She demands to know when they will get married and when he pauses she claims he doesn't want to marry until the year three million and six. Ciaran runs around pretending to look for a priest, saying he'll marry her straight away. He makes her laugh and says: "Let's book it tomorrow." (Christmas storyline, anyone?)

Margaret Carr

Wednesday 12 November

Evening all.

Tonight's episode begins with breakfast at the girls flat - Chesney (Cilla's Son) is burning the toast and off goes the smoke alarm. Maria gets to the kitchen first followed by Candice and Fiz, who has to explain his presence in the flat. Fiz to keep the peace says he will be out by the end of the day!

Meanwhile in the shop Ciaran is talking to Sunita who is over the moon at the forthcoming early marriage, Dev arrives as they are discussing this and doesn't look very happy!

Out in the street Mike rushes over to see off the newcomers to the street only to find that they may be more permanent and have a yard close by complete with sign for Stubbs Builders.

Martin is having breakfast, Katy getting ready for school, they start with discussing the parent evening she says she is thinking of inviting a few friends round, Martin is ok with this.

Maya has turned up in her red sports car to tell Dev that she has broken the relationship with Gavin, Maya wants to know if Sunita has been sacked yet. Dev says he is not sure about sacking Sunita, Maya makes it obvious that she will get back together with Gavin unless Sunita is sacked.

In the cafe Katy has asked Sarah if she wants to go to Martins for her get together Sarah is horrified at the prospect at being invited to her dad's flat by his girlfriend and says basically no way is she going.

At Tommy's and Angela's they have received a letter about parents evening for Katy, Tommy is not interested and carries on reading the paper.

At the shop Candice asks Nick if he wants to go to Katy's get together he says maybe. Dev meanwhile has had a phone call from Maya asking if he has sacked Sunita yet. As the shop is empty Dev decides this will be a good time to get it over with. Sunita, however beats him to it and tells Dev about the shortly arriving marriage, Dev is taken aback by this and realizes now would not be a good time to tell her that services are no longer required. Ciaran arrives then so they can go to their appointment at presumably the registry office.

Fiz has taken Chesney (where did they get that name from - Chesney and Allen?) back to Les's where the ghastly Cilla welcomes him back to her open arms. Fiz (and Chesney if expressions are anything to go by!) is under whelmed by this display of motherly devotion and tells her so before leaving, Les out to make a friendly impression gets a shocking handshake from Chesney!

Back at the shop Maya (getting more like fatal attraction all the time) has turned up again and is not taking no for an answer and cannot believe that there is nothing between Dev and Sunita. Maya uses the promise of a more meaningful relationship to bring Dev round to sacking Sunita.

Cilla is back at the girls flat Cilla is trying to leave Chesney with Maria, Fiz gets everyone to go so that she and mum can have a meaningful conversation.

Jason has gone over to the Stubbs yard to try and get a job but although he talks a good job his services are not required.

Fiz and mum are discussing Cilla's ability as a mother Fiz is giving as good as she gets, Cilla is keen to get Chesney off of her back so that she can continue her relationship with Les. Cilla eventually manages to talk Fiz into looking after Chesney until the weekend.

Katy has got some snacks in for her friends and there is some music playing in the background, her schoolfriends then start arriving and ask where Martin is, Katy is keen to tell them she can do what she wants and when (oh oh).

In the Rovers (bit of a record here - first time tonight) Ciaran and Sunita turn up and tell Bev they are getting married 29th December. Bev looks quite surprised and tells Ciaran as much.

Stubbs the builder gets in next and sees Mike at the bar and offers to buy him a drink, Mike refuses this and does his best to warn Stubbs that he had better behave himself!

A lot more sixth formers have turned up now and things start getting out of hand, what with the fridge being raided for drink, Katy takes the easy option and says Martin will not mind them drinking his beer and plonk.

Back at the Rovers Sunita and Ciaran are discussing the marriage, i'm not totally convinced with Ciaran's sincerity here.

Maria comes in to buy some drink and is surprised to find Nick there as he meant to be at Katy's, Nick doesn't want to be associated with a load of seventeen year olds though. Candice is in for a disappointment!

At Katy's a drunk Candice is bragging about Nick and that he will be meeting her there. More of Katy's friends turn up and a couple of them get into the bedroom after token resistance from Katy, things are getting out of control here, one of the girls has found a bottle of spirits, Martin has just turned up at his flat after presumably a long hard day and is under whelmed to find the flat in a mess and some of them in the bedroom, Martin throws them all out Katy is more worried about the embarrassment caused to her rather than what has been happening in the flat.

Dev has managed to track Sunita down in the Rovers and in a fairly unconfident manner tries to get round to telling Sunita she is sacked, Sunita gets his drift before he actually comes out with it and in a fury rushes out of the Rovers.

Back at Martins flat the atmosphere is icy and the petulant Katy seems to be treating Martin like one of her parents. Martin is not happy with her behaviour and thinks she ought to behave in a more adult manner, little bit difficult I would have thought as she appears to be a fairly immature sixteen year old. Katy's parting shot is "if you don't like it you know what you can do". Katy does rather seem to be treating Martins flat as if it were her own, if she going to throw him out?

That's all folks,

Pete Webb

Friday 14 November

Good morning. It has been a strange couple of weeks here - a car accident (no-one hurt) has led to the car being written off. My wife has been listening to Dev and has insisted on having satellite navigation in the new car! Then one of the daughters was well below par and on top of that I have had to delay a major project implementation by 4 months at work. Things never come along one at a time do they?

Anyway in the documentary series set in Weatherfield where all events are copyright ITV Television and tonight was written by Jayne Hollinson and directed by Oliver Horsbrugh.

Katie reminds Martin of her careers evening and she gives him a right earful over the fuss he caused on the previous evening throwing her (obviously obnoxious friends) out of the flat on his return from a long shift. I suspect she is embarrassed and reluctant to admit that he is right as she storms off without breakfast, so she simply accuses him of behaving like her father and pointing out that was the reason she left home (not in fact true - she left home to be with Martin).

Sunita and Ciaran arrive from the opposite direction. The former is still fuming over her sacking by Dev. Ciaran does not offer his support and feels that the change may be for the good. Sunita explains how much the job means to her. Maya arrives at the corner shop and hears that Sunita is sacked. Maya smiles but Dev is unhappy - he is having to work as it is Todd's day off. Maya did not want to be the only one making sacrifices. Now they can start afresh.

Candice has a bad hangover but gets no sympathy from either Fiz or Maria (who is willow thin and stuffing her face with food, life is not fair). Fiz is shouting for Chesney who appears from behind the sofa with panda black eyes and "blood" dripping from his mouth and false teeth. He has obviously been at Maria's makeup and she starts chasing him round the flat. Chesney does not feel fit for school and he graphically tells Candice how he was sick once - she heads for the bathroom and Maria tells Fiz that Chesney has better be gone by tonight.

At Roy's Rolls Angela sees Katie and asks after the careers evening. Angela and Katie agree that the former should be at the careers evening - and not a word to Tommy. Roy and Hayley are discussing the wedding - not so much a wedding more the day they become a father and a mother - this puts a nicer "face" on the travesty as Roy describes it. Tracy arrives and asks for a coffee. Roy suggests an orange juice. They then discuss the list for Monday - "Are we having presents?" asks Tracy {wonderful line}. Roy patiently explains that there are details to be settled - one taxi or two? Two says Tracy reminding Roy of what happened the last time they shared a taxi. Witnesses - Tracy will drag someone of the street - she does not want anyone she knows being aware of the event. And no honeymoon? Tracy was expecting somewhere hot and sunny. Wonderful

Ugh ugh ugh, do I have to describe Les and Cilla kissing. Right this is not a road accident - nothing to see - please move on. Fiz arrives and delivers Chesney - he is not wanted. Les is an old softie and says that he can stay with them. Cilla is not happy. After Cilla has been to the hairdresser (and I cannot see the difference, another 40 wasted) Kirk realizes that there is a flaw in Les's plan for Chesney staying - where will he sleep? Cilla observes that Kirk will have to move out - Chesney is flesh and blood. Les refuses to let Kirk leave and promises to sort it.

Back at the cafe Sunita and Ciaran discuss the sacking and finally the latter admits to the details he gave Maya about Sunita and that Dev got him so wound up he just had to say something. So Maya wanted Sunita out of the way - she was a bit upset - so she put Dev up to it. Sunita is mad at Ciaran but not as mad as she is with Dev and Maya. She storms over to Corner Shop and asks why she was sacked. Dev initially denies it was Maya and she has a shout at him - Dev admits he was trying to protect his relationship and he spins a story about Maya trying to calm Sunita down. Sunita slightly calmer departs assuring Dev that neither he nor Maya is going to get away with it.

After the break we are in the Rovers and Kev and Martin are discussing the row when they are joined by the new builder. Martin is off to the careers evening. Ciaran observes to Sunita that it is unfair dismissal and that she needs to see a solicitor. Sunita breaks into one of her wonderful sunny smiles and agrees (this woman deserves an award for her ability to light up my viewing evening). She has a plan!

Angela is telling Tommy she is off Christmas shopping and he swallows the story hook, line and sinker after she convinces him not to come - his dinner is in the oven.

Les has a solution to the sleeping problem. Bunk beds - and Chesney takes the top bunk. Cilla approves and Chesney says thanks Uncle Len. Les corrects him. Chesney claims a lot of uncles. Cilla says he gets confused.

Maya storms into the solicitors and sits down in front of Maya - she has been sacked by her boss and she wants advice on unfair dismissal. Maya suggests she might be better getting advice elsewhere but Sunita insists that Maya comes highly recommended. Sunita explains the events - she was given no real reason - indeed he certainly did not say that his girl friend did not want her in the shop (Maya writhes uncomfortably in her seat). Sunita continues with the story but the reasons were not right. No written notice and in fact he did it in the pub in front of witnesses - which Sunita realizes is a benefit. Maya is pressed for an instant advice. Maya is forced to admit Sunita has a case for unfair dismissal.

At the careers evening Katie and one of her friends discuss the prior evening. Katie stands up for Martin over the events as he rounds the corner. He apologises and she follows suit - she was showing off. So he has come to support her. And Angela arrives. Angela says she will go - no Martin will go. Katie asks them both to stay.

In the Rovers Fiz is not happy at the new sleeping arrangements - he will have to stay in the girls flat. Maria says she prefers Chesney! The new builder gets a free drink from Bev - indeed he has not bought a drink all evening and he aims to keep it like that. Ciaran advises Bev to go for the good looking bloke.

Dev and Ciaran exchange words before Maya arrives to tell Dev that she thought he knew how to handle staff given all of his experience - there are procedures to follow - he must be an amateur. Sunita walks in behind Maya and observes that she has been given some excellent advice on how to sue. Maya admits it is true. Sunita lists all the claims she might make and the payments she might receive - doubled if he does not give her the job back. Dev looks upset, Maya is suitably embarrassed and Sunita simply smiles (go girl go, do it again) and says that she will start work as normal again in the morning and walks off before either Dev or Maya can say no.

The careers advisor and Martin all try to talk her into going to University to study medicine - and she can do it in Manchester. The advisor thinks Martin is her father, but Katie puts her right just as Tommy (tipped off by Kev) arrives to find that Angela is not Christmas shopping after all. Yet again Tommy sounds off in public - the advisor suggests the conversation should be in private. Martin and Tommy square up - Tommy announces to the entire room that Martin assaulted Katie under his own roof and is now lecturing him on how to bring her up. Katie tells Tommy that he is ruining her life. He departs dragging Angela with him and Katie cries.

And that is about it from me. I will not be here this time next week as I shall be away. See you in two weeks time - the new car should just have been delivered!

K Richard W

Sunday 16 November

Goodness me!! We are flying through this month. Christmas is almost upon us, & Im quite looking forward to it. How about yourselves? Well I'd best get on with the episode you all want to read lol. *****SPOILER****** The episode started at the Corner Shop. Sunita was going on at Dev about a pay rise to compensate for the treatment she recieved the other day. However Dev became rather nasty & told Sunita to either put up with her job as it is, or find another job elsewhere. He also blamed her & Ceiran for going out with eachother rather than Dev. Sarah & Todd where up, talking about their plans for the day ahead. Sarah said that Bethany was going out with her Nana for the afternoon, so they could do something together. The Nelsons where at each others throats over Tommys outburst at Katys school. Angela made it clear that she wouldn't stay away from her daughter & that Tommy had best get used to it. Craig told his parents that he was sick of hearing them argue all the time. Meanwhile Kirk was finding life hard at the Battersby household. Cilla & her son where taking over & really pushing Kirk out. Les is blind with love to see what is happening, but Fizz knows exactly what her mother is up to & will do anything to stop her from making a fool of Les. Roy & Hayley where fretting over the wedding. Hayley asked Roy if he would mind about her not going. Roy soon talked her round to supporting him all the way. The Croppers payed a visit to Tracy to confirm everything is still on. Coldly, she told them a deal is a deal, & she is in it just for the money. After leaving the house, Roy took Hayley out for a meal. Brenda had Beth at her sons grave, talking about who gose to Heaven & Hell. This conversation made me think that Brenda is up to something, like suicide & is planning on taking Beth with her. She needs help to get over her sons death & the fact that her husband cheated on her with a younger woman. In the Rovers Tracy was chatting up Steve, trying to get him to have a pint. However, Steve refused because he was preparing for a visit to the jail to see his father. Tracy asked Ceiran where everyone was, because she needed someone to talk to. He replied "Perhaps they have better things to do" LOL. The look on her face was classic!! The Street ended with the Nelsons. Angela was trying to find Hayley, but ended up bumping into Katy & Martin. They managed to get Angela to come up to the flat, instead of wandering the streets. Tommy showed up with his usual angry manner & gave his wife a choice. His daughter or him!! She chose Katy & they all walked away towards the flat, leaving Tommy gobsmacked. See you all next week. Michael Bell

Monday 17 November

Before we start I would just like to question the obsession the Coronation St. writers have at the moment with weddings. First we had Peter's wedding to Lucy, then we had Peter's wedding to Shelley, then Steve and Karen got divorced so they can plan another wedding, and now we have Roy and Tracy's wedding. Talk about overdoing it.........

Anyway, we start this episode with Roy cleaning his shoes in his flat, listening to opera playing, and looking very pensive.

At the Barlow's, Tracy, wearing a black robe, switches her radio to pop music and puts the kettle on. Deirdre comes in, gasping for a cup of tea and asks Tracy if she's doing anything interesting today. Tracy tells her she's not.

At the Harris's, Craig is picking up the empty beer cans from around Tommy who is asleep, fully clothed, on the sofa.

Over at Martin and Katy's flat, Angela is sitting at the table and looks rather awkward as Katy and Martin come into the kitchen, still in their dressing gowns. Martin starts to make toast and Katy asks Angie if she's going to work, telling her she can stay at the flat if she wants. Angela tells her of course she's going to work, the world doesn't stop turning just because her husband's acting daft. Katy doesn't want her mum to go back to that pig headed bully, but Ange thinks Tommy will come round eventually.

At Todd and Sarah's, they are talking about getting bunk beds when they have a brother or sister for Bethany, and then Todd opens a letter from the Letting Agency, acting on instructions from Peter's solicitor, informing him they're putting up the rent. Todd is upset, they can't afford it, every time they think things are going ok another ton of bricks come down on them.

Back at Roy's, Hayley comes in with a floral arrangement she has bought for the wedding. She wonder's why Roy is wearing a black tie, that's more for a funeral. Roy comments that it feels like it. He's had a horrible thought, they are going through with this sham marriage so he has rights over the baby, what about Tracy's rights? When they get divorced she will be entitled to half his worldly goods - the business, his savings etc. He's thinking about transferring everything into Hayley's name. Hayley thinks they should see a solicitor.

Over in the corner shop, Dev is talking to Sunita. He could get her a job at one of his other shops, he tells her, but Sunita tells him she likes it there. Maya comes in to see Dev, ignoring Sunita, who tells her that she's happily engaged and is no threat. Dev suggests Maya goes with him into the back room........

At the Harris's, Tommy is waking up and is shocked to see that it's quarter past eleven. He asks why Craig is not at school, Craig tells him he was worried about him. The doorbell rings, it's Kevin wondering why Tommy has not turned up for work. Tommy tells him he'll be over in five minutes. He tells Craig to get ready for school and he'll write him a note explaining his lateness. Craig wants to know if his mum is coming back, Tommy assures him that she is.

Over in the cafe, Roy and Hayley are on their way out past Vera who wants to know when they're coming back. They try and explain that they'll be back later, but then they're going out again. Vera wants to know if they're going anywhere nice. Hayley tells her not really.

Out in the street, Steve is talking to Tracy, trying to get her to work the afternoon shift as he has to go and see his dad in prison. Tracy tells him she's already working the evening shift, and she has something to do this afternoon. Steve tells her he's desperate and he'll pay her an extra thirty quid. She agrees to do it, but tells him she'll have to take half an hour off at about 5.15. He says that's fine, and drives off. Roy and Hayley come scurrying across the road. Hayley has seen Steve and wants to make sure Tracy is not working today. Tracy tells them Steve was desperate and they know she always likes to help anyone in trouble. They tell her to wear something suitable. Tracy wants to know what, and if she was supposed to come up with a wedding outfit, maybe they should be giving her a clothing allowance. She assures them that she will be there, and they tell her that if she isn't the cheque for 5,000 will bounce. Tracy retorts that she didn't want to do any of this, and five thousand pounds for the 'happiest day of her life' is starting to sound far too cheap!

Janice and Angela are in the pub. Janice asks Ange if she was sneaking out of Martin's flat this morning. Angela assures her that she was not sneaking, and tells Janice about the row with Tommy, just as Tommy comes into the pub and walks past them. Janice invites Ange to the pub for a drink that evening, but Ange reckons she should sort things out with Tommy.

Ciaran and Sunita are also in the pub, Sunita tells Ciaran about Maya's visit to the shop and asks him if he's taken the cheque to the register office yet. Ciaran assures her it's on his list of things to do.

Angela approaches Tommy and asks if he's all right. He tells her he slept like a log. She makes some suggestions for that night's tea but he tells her no, they fancy pizza. Angela goes off. (I have to say I didn't really understand that....)

Steve and Karen are in the pub too, Steve is wondering why his dad wants to see him. He's going that afternoon and he hates going there. He asks Karen if she'll go with him, but she declines, saying she's got to get back to work.

Kevin goes up to Tommy and tells him that it sounded like Angela wanted to come home and Tommy should make it easier for her. Tommy says that she will come home, but Ange is in the wrong and as soon as she realizes that the better.

Angie goes back to sit with Janice, she will go out for that drink with her after all.

Katy asks Martin if it's all right for her mum to stay again. Martin says yes of course, but doesn't sound very convincing. Katy thinks the best thing would be for her dad to up sticks and go back to Sheffield and leave her, Craig and her mum alone. He's a bully, he always has to get his own way. Martin wonders if her mum's right, maybe he's calmed down today.

Deirdre, sitting at her table, spots Tracy trying to slip quietly out of the front door, and asks where she's going. Tracy tells her she's going to work, but Deirdre thinks she's a bit dressed up for driving a taxi. Tracy tells her mum not to start. Deirdre establishes that Tracy won't be in for tea, but worries that Tracy is overdoing it, working all these shifts. Tracy tells her she's doing it for the money, and will see her mum later.

Maya returns to the corner shop to see Dev again. She's not in the mood for work, so she persuades him to take her out. In the solicitor's office, Roy and Hayley are waiting to see Miss Sharma, they have an appointment. However, she's out (with Dev) and they don't know where she is. The other solicitor is very apologetic and when Roy explains that he wants his assets put in the name of his business partner (Hayley) he's told the document can be drawn up in an hour.

Tracy has arrived at the taxi office and is talking to Eileen. Tracy asks if Eileen ever gets sick of it all, and if she had the chance of making some serious money and getting out, would she take it? Eileen supposes she would, but she never gets the chance of some serious money. Just then the phone rings with a job for Tracy.

In the cafe, Vera is just serving Ken and Deirdre with shepherds pie and a cheese omelet. Roy and Hayley come through, on their way out again. Deirdre comments that they look nice and wonders where they're going. They both answer at once, (differently) and then Hayley explains that they've got an appointment at the bank and then they're going out for a meal. Deirdre is puzzled, aren't the banks closed now? Roy tells her the business manager accommodates them out of hours.

Todd comes in and asks Ken about the letter he got telling him the rent will be going up. Ken tells him that Peter has put all his affairs in the hands of a solicitor. Todd is worried that they're going to lose their home. Ken doesn't think there's much he can do, but Deirdre points out that Ken could ring Peter. Ken says he will.

Out in the street, Janice walks up to Angela and asks if she's coming for that drink. Just then Kevin calls to Ange across the street, telling her that Tommy is expecting his tea on the table when he gets in. Angela is annoyed and tells Janice she will go for the drink with her.

At the register office, Roy and Hayley are waiting. An official comes in, asking if this is Mr. Cropper and his bride, Miss Barlow. Hayley says no, she's just a friend.

Tracy has just dropped her passenger off, when Eileen calls her, telling her there's a fare at the airport, it's a plum job. Tracy tells her she doesn't want it, Steve told her she could have half an hour off. Eileen says that no one told her.

At the Harris's, Tommy is tidying up in the kitchen when he hears the front door. He rushes to the sofa and pretends to be reading the paper. Craig comes in, wondering where his mum is. Tommy says he thought she would have been home by now, but if she wants to act daft she can stay away for good. Craig tells him if he talks like that Angie will never come home. Tommy gives Craig the money to go to the fish and chip shop to buy something for their tea.

Back at the register office, Roy and Hayley are still waiting. Roy takes his wedding ring off and gives it to Hayley. Tracy comes in and asks how she looks. Hayley approves and gives her the bouquet she has brought. Roy, looking decidedly uncomfortable, rushes off to the gents. Tracy tries to make conversation with Hayley, telling her she hasn't got long, and thanking her for the flowers. Roy meanwhile, has been sick in the toilet he washes his face and comes out to tell a stunned Hayley and Tracy that he can't do it, he's made up his mind, the wedding is off!

Anne Logan

Second episode, Monday 17/11. Not one of the great episodes, this one. In fact, there's so much repetition it's really only half an episode. In the register office, Roy is once again saying he can't marry Tracy. In fact, he wasn't sick with nerves, but with the thought of what he was about to do. "Being jilted at the altar by Roy Cropper. I am NEVER going to live this one down," says Tracy. As Roy is repeating that he can't do it, and Hayley is repeating that he has to, Tracy tells them she's had enough and they are never going to have anything to do with the baby. A gushy woman from the register office pops out to tell them there is a delay. "The CD player jammed in the middle of 'My Cherie Amour'. The break gives Hayley the opportunity to take over. She sends Tracey out to find a witness.

In Martin's flat, Katy is telling Craig their mother stayed there the night before. He is quite upset about it and says even though their parents have argued before, Angela has never stayed out. He says he bet Katy enjoyed it. And he shouts at Martin: "It's all your fault. You're a cradle snatcher and now you've split my Mum and Dad up!"

Back at the register office, Tracy is busy trying to find a witness, but not having much luck.

Roy is still telling Hayley how it was only when he saw Tracy there that he realized what he was doing. He can't say those things in the vows and betray Hayley like that. Hayley tries to convince him it's a necessary evil. This discussion went on for quite a long time, but really it was just the same old thing again and again. I want to go home you know you can't do that it's the baby that's important I can't betray you grit your teeth and carry on... sighhh

In the Rovers, Janice settles down with Angela to diss Tommy, but Angela won't join in. "All men are idle, useless, lying, conniving, toerags," Janice says. Angela decides she is going over to talk to Tommy.

Out in the corridors of the register office, Tracy still can't find a witness. She steps outside just as a taxi pulls up and out steps Ciaran, who says he has come to pay the cheque for his marriage to Sunita. Now this is very odd, because in the previous episode, Hayley and Roy made sure Tracy knew the wedding would be at 5.15pm. Why would anyone turn up after business hours to pay for a marriage? And don't they all realize the Manchester Register Office closes at 4.30pm? Or that 'My Cherie Amour' isn't on the list of music available? ). Anyway, Tracy manages to convince Ciaran that she really is going to marry Roy. "I am having his baby, you know!" "And you being an old-fashioned sort of girl..."

At the Harris house, Angela and Tommy send Craig upstairs, though he wants to stay and mediate. "He's dead sorry and he really missed you. He's going to pieces. See them chips -- that's all we eat." They eventually get rid of the lad and sit down to talk.

What's this? It's a prison and it's visiting hour. And here's our favourite Panto Paddy. Yes, it's Jim, so it is. Steve has come to see him in the open prison where he is serving time. "Just because I've got a few home comforts doesn't make it any less of a prison, so it doesn't."

Back in the Harris house, Tommy apologizes for driving Angela away and it seems they actually are having a civilized conversation. They agree they have to stand together.

Over to the register office again, where we have a totally pointless scene with the registrar and assistants having a good old gossip about the Cropper-Barlow nuptials. "I don't know what she sees in him," one confides. Out in the waiting is room is another totally pointless conversation. [See paragraph above beginning "Roy is still telling Hayley... " and repeat ad nauseam]. Thankfully, it is brought to a halt when Tracy brings in Ciaran. "Don't worry, your secret is safe with me," he tells them.

In the prison, Jim is telling Steve he thinks Liz is seeing someone else. "I've got evidence, so I have." Her boss at the Black Dog pub in Blackpool has been chasing her around, so he has. He wants Steve to go to Blackpool to check on Liz and "let me know what the craic is." (er... Isn't Blackpool where Bev is going to a reunion?)

In the Rovers, Katy says she has been over to peek through the windows, but all she knows is that her mother is in the house with her father. She is very disapproving. Her father will insist he's right even though he knows he's in the wrong and her mother will back down just to keep the peace. "It's the same old story. No matter what he does, she forgives him."

Inside the house, Angela and Tommy are getting on like a house on fire and decide to call Craig downstairs, even though he's probably poised listening halfway down anyway. Angela tells Tommy that "If there's one thing staying over the road taught me, it's that those two are solid." Unfortunately, that sets off Tommy again. He tells her that he doesn't want the Katy-Martin thing to drive a wedge between them. And the best way to do that "is for you to ignore them. Show some moral guidance instead of turning a blind eye." Angela is outraged by his attitude. She tells Tommy that if he can't be civil to Katy and Martin, then it's HE who should be leaving the house. "What's it going to be?" she demands.

The marriage ceremony is under way. At the "if anyone know of any lawful impediment" part, Ciaran proves what a pillock he really is by coughing furiously. When they get to the declarations he is almost laughing out loud.

In the Street, Todd and Sarah are walking along, eating chips and meet Sunita. Todd thinks the only kind of accommodation they'll be able to afford is a caravan or a skip. Sunita asks Todd to do a few more hours the next day and he tells her he needs all the hours he can get.

The registrar is taking Roy and Tracy through their vows. Roy's voice is breaking and we can see from Hayley's that she's feeling much more than she was telling Roy, hearing him declare his love and commitment to someone else. Tracy just seems appalled that Roy isn't hurrying to get it over and done with. Ciaran is still smirking and guffawing.

The Harris house again. Tommy has packed and is set to leave. Craig is upset. "Don't go, Dad. Please don't go. Please."

The wedding is over and the pointless registrar and her offsider are leaving the room. "I think it was quite moving when he broke down," says one. "I still think he must be loaded," says the other.

Tracy wants to know why Roy had to start blubbing. "I still think we've done the right thing," Hayley tells Roy. "I think I have just made the biggest mistake of my life," he tells her, grimly.

Margaret Carr

Wednesday 19 November

Tonight's episode begins with Ciaran and Tracy leaving the registry office followed by Roy and Hayley, the weather is following Roy's mood and is pouring with rain. Roy is still sure he has not done the right thing by marrying Tracy especially with Ciaran as witness, will any secret be safe with old blabbermouth? Hayley tells Roy to snap out of it. Tracy goes back to her taxi and gives Ciaran a lift after asking him to keep the wedding secret, Tracy seems to have an attack of conscience here but don't worry she soon resumes her old self!

Steve is telling Karen that he is going to Blackpool at the request of his father as Liz has not been to see him and word has it that she is enjoying a relationship with her boss at the pub where she works. Karen says she is going with him, Steve is not keen on this as she does not get on with Liz, Karen just wants a night out in Blackpool rather than see Liz. Karen eventually leaves Steve to go by himself providing he brings a stick of rock and a toffee apple back...

Angela is doing the washing up while Craig is concerned where his dad will be and when he will come back, Craig goes upstairs to do homework still worried as to when he will see his dad again if ever.

Meanwhile at the Rovers Tommy is having a pint when he is joined by Kevin, Martin Platt is at the bar and Tommy gives him some verbal abuse, which is stopped by Bev telling him to stop, Martin leaves here to save any more aggravation.

Tracy and Ciaran then come in and Tracy somewhat generously buys him a drink. Tracy has decided not to work tonight. Ken and Deirdre are there and have a somewhat disturbing bit of news - Blanch(e?) will be back tomorrow and they ask Tracy to break her news gently to her.

Back at Angela's there is a noise at the front door and Angela thinking it is Tommy is taken aback slightly to see Katy there, Craig has also heard the front door and thinking it is his dad pounds down the stairs only to find Katy there who gets a less than friendly welcome before he goes back upstairs again. Katy is asking Angela what happened when she came back home, Katy wonders why she is still with him and shows again her immaturity and also a wonderful set of expressions when Angela reminds Katy that she has known Tommy for longer than Katy has been alive, will Katy and Martin be together next year even?

Roy and Hayley have arrived at the Rovers and go over to where Ciaran and Tracy are sitting. Ciaran is being fairly obnoxious in his remarks about Roy and Tracy, Roy here asserts himself with an impassioned appeal to Ciaran's better nature (good luck finding it) to keep his jokes and comments to himself, even Tracy agrees with this!!

Sarah and Todd are discussing what is for tea looks like tea-bags and rice a curious combination! There is then a knock at the door which is Brenda on her way back from bible classes. Brenda seeing that they have no dinner prepared offers to get some shopping and make dinner for them. Watch out Sarah and Todd - more stalking!

Steve has arrived in Blackpool and sees his mum looking somewhat tarty working behind the bar. Steve tells Liz why he is there and Liz assures him there is nothing going on which is put into touch when the pub owner adopts a rather over friendly pose not knowing that Steve is her son. This does not faze him however as he seems to view Liz as his property.

Brenda meanwhile has returned from the shopping trip and suggests that they all move in with her Todd appears not to be keen with this.

Steve doesn't believe that nothing is going on and there follows a drink between the pub owner and Steve during which Steve makes it clear that he has no time for the new man in Liz's life, whether he is trying to wind Steve up is debatable, Liz has to come over to part them Steve then demands to know the truth from her.

Sarah and Todd are discussing Brenda's suggestion that they all move in with her, Sarah eventually brings Todd round and they hope this will only be temporary until they can afford something of their own, they decided to discuss this with Brenda.

Steve is sure something is going on, Liz has to keep the job so needs to keep Laurie reasonably happy, that's what she says anyway.

Brenda has cooked dinner and as Sarah and Todd start tucking in Brenda gets them to stop and say grace, she then asks them what they have decided, Sarah says they want some time to think it over, Todd asks what rooms they will have and when Sarah suggests the room at the back of the house for her and Todd Brenda throws a wobbly saying that they couldn't share a room as they were not married and then starts quoting the Bible to them, Brenda then suggests that Sarah and Bethany live with her and Todd goes back home. DONT DO IT!!

At the Rovers Roy and Hayley are discussing Ciaran and his loud mouth, talking of loud mouths in walks Janice and asks where Hayley has been all day, Mike Baldwin is in the bar with Nick and he asks Nick if he ok'd the day off. Janice is being nosey trying to find out where they have been.

Back at Angela's she is doing the laundry while Craig is watching tv, Craig is disappointed that Tommy is not back and tells Angela if he doesn't come back it will be her fault, this is a parting shot as he goes upstairs to bed.

Tommy meanwhile is making himself comfortable (if that is the right word!) in the back of one of the cars in the garage.

Back at the Rovers, Roy and Hayley are just going as Maya comes in looking for Dev, Maya is also the solicitor who advised Roy to marry Tracy. She then drops the bombshell that leaves Roy and Hayley stunned - he need not have married Tracy after all.

Roy - sue her for every penny for wrong advice!

that's all folks! Going to watch the rest of the football now - Wales V Russia and Holland V Scotland!

Pete Webb

Friday 21 November

A big warm welcome for a new reporter tonight ... Mary Earlam.

Hello Everybody my first attempt at this so here we go .

We begin tonight's episode with Kevin and Tyrone by the garage Angela appears and asks Kevin if he's seen Tommy as he didn't come home last night. They're chatting about it Angela clearly worried and then Tyrone goes to open the garage and there is Tommy clearing up his bedding. Angela and Tommy have a row about his staying there and then she storms off.

We then go to the Caf where Hayley is putting on her anorak and Roy is fretting they're both talking about their trip to the Solicitors later. Hayley walks out of the Caf and asks Karen if she is coming to work with her Karen tells Hayley that she'll be there later and for her to tell Baldwin that she's got her monthlies' and gives a nasty retort about Hayley not knowing what they are Hayley retorts back that Karen has her monthlies every week and that she should come up with a better excuse. We then go back to Karen and Steve discussing Jim and Liz Steve not knowing whether he should tell his Dad about Liz and Laurie.

Off to Blackpool we go and Liz is applying make up whilst wearing a hideous figure showing bright pink dress whilst arguing with Laurie he is going on about where she is going and she is saying that they slept together once and that is the first and last time that that will happen and that they are not an item.

Back to Coronation Street and Tracy and Deirdre are getting ready for the return of Blanche (my absolute favourite character). They talk about what they'll say about Wally and about Tracy's pregnancy and agree that they'll tell her after lunch. The doorbell goes and in marches Blanche spots Tracy's stomach straight away and says "Well there's no hiding what you've been up to while I've been away Who's the father."

Back in Blackpool Liz is in the ladies toilet at the Newton and Ridley party on her mobile telling Laurie not to hassle her and then we focus on a figure coming out of a cubicle wearing a low cut chiffon, layered number and says "big hair, short skirt and fella trouble it must be Liz McDonald" Liz turns round and sees Bet Lynch they hug.

At Steve and Karen's flat Steve tells Karen that he has been to the prison and told his dad that Liz has been playing away.

We then go back to Bet and Liz they are now in the reception chatting about Laurie they spot Fred Elliot and try to escape him he spots them and comes rushing over and says that he is glad to see them and they need not worry as he will keep them company and will be assured that there glasses wont run dry Liz reminds Fred that this is a Brewery do and more then likely a free bar. Fred looks down heartened then livens up and takes Liz and Bet on either arm and walks towards the main hall.

Back in Coronation Street Blanche, Deirdre and Tracy are discussing Tracy's pregnancy and Blanche cannot believe that Tracy slept with Roy Cropper and to add insult to injury that she did it for one penny. She asks why she is keeping it and Tracy says that she intends to give it Roy and Hayley. Blanche is outraged at the thought of her great grand child being brought up "by two men" and then turns on Deirdre blaming her for the Peter scenario and now this one. End of Part One.

We being Part Two back in Blackpool Cecil Newton's son is giving a speech and then announces that from now on the bar is cash only. Bet and Liz comment that it didn't take long for the bar to run dry and then suggest to Fred that as he kindly offered earlier to buy them drinks they would love a bottle of champagne to celebrate their reunion. He grimaces and walks off towards the bar. Liz and Bet are discussing men again and Bet offers to go to a quiet corner so that they can chat about Liz's problems as she says that Liz looks really unhappy. Just as they are about to slope off Cecil Newton (George Baker) comes over and positively drools over Bet saying how wonderful it is to see her. He smarms over her and offers to show her some real diamonds as we get a full view of Bets chest with huge fake diamond necklace and earrings.

Back at the Street Roy and Hayley are at the solicitors making a complaint about Maya. They claim they were given the wrong advice and that they now realise Roy didn't need to marry Tracy as he had the same rights irrespective of marriage. He suggests an annulment and the Solicitor says that's not advisable because he would definitely lose his rights Roy exclaims that he is trapped as he finds out that they cannot get divorced for at least a year.

Back to Blackpool and Cecil, Fred, Bet and Liz are all sitting round chatting and drinking champagne. Cecil's son comes and tells his father (with some distaste) that his bookmaker is on the line. There is clearly an atmosphere between father and son. Cecil invites Bet to stay at "The Grange" with him Liz buts in and says that she has invited Bet to stay at The Dog with her and Bet looks relieved. Once Cecil has gone Fred remarks how smarmy Cecil is and then offers Bet to stay in his caravan if she wants as he is not using it. Bet and Liz look slightly bemused.

Back to the garage and Tyrone and Tommy are talking when Craig comes over Craig asks if Tommy is coming home they argue when Tommy says he isn't and Craig shouts that he hates things as they are at the moment at this point Angela comes out of the factory and asks what's going on - Craig storms off and then she argues with Tommy for arguing with Craig and then she storms off as well. Tommy is adamant that he is not going home yet so Kevin offers for him to sleep on the sofa for a few nights.

We pan down the street to Roy and Hayley getting off the bus and Blanche is running after them. She says how disgusted she is about the prospect of Roy and Hayley bringing up her great grandchild and says some classic lines about if they think that she is going to let a man who looks like he should be in the corner crayoning and another man who wears women's underwear near her own flesh and blood then they have another thing coming and it will all happen over her dead body and off she storms. Hayley and Roy look flummoxed and remark that they now know where Tracy gets it from.

Back again to Blackpool where Liz and Bet are discussing men yet again and Bet decides to liken herself to the Blackpool illuminations!!

At Karen and Steve's flat Steve gets a call on his mobile and says "You are joking" and then he runs off.

At the Black Dog Bet and Liz are in the sitting room drinking more Gin Liz is talking about her situation. She says that she still loves Jim and Laurie was the first person she slept with in three years but she finds it really hard and that she was not made to be on her own. She misses having a man in her bed and asks Bet if that makes her sound cheap!! She also says that she only slept with Laurie the once and Bet asks her if it was like London not worth going twice. She then suggests that Liz gets another job. Liz says that she is fed up of moving and that Laurie is a nice man and that she can handle him.

Back at Karen and Steve's flat Karen is lying on the sofa when Steve walks in, followed by Jim. Steve introduces him Karen to his father, and rather cornily Jim says "What about you Karen" she looks shocked and says "but he is in prison" and not stating the obvious or anything but Steve says "no he's not - he's escaped!" The credits roll.

That's all everybody. Hopefully Ill be able to do this again. Bye for now

Mary Earlam

Sunday 23 November

Monday 24 November

Here's the first episode of the evening.......

It's early morning, dark, and Steve has brought a car round to the front door of the flat and opens the boot. He is just bringing Jim out when he sees Rita come out of the paper shop, so it's a quick about turn, and he hustles Jim back in again. Rita comes over to ask if there's anything wrong, she saw the police there earlier. Steve makes up a story about them being interested in someone he had in a taxi earlier, and she goes back to her morning papers. Steve gets Jim out again, and tries to get him to get into the boot of the car. Jim protests that he is not a suitcase, and will travel lying down on the back seat. He's just got in when Rita comes back again, worried that Steve will think she was being nosey. Steve, lolling nonchalantly against the cab door, assures her that he thought no such thing. Karen comes out, wearing long leather coat and a scarf round her neck. Rita departs and Karen makes a sarcastic comment about a trip to Blackpool with an escaped convict in the back. Steve tells her she doesn't have to come.

We then find ourselves in Blackpool with Liz and Bet. Bet is looking resplendent in face pack and turban, while Liz pours the tea. Liz thinks Jim must have taken leave of his senses, he was through the worst of his sentence, and was pleased at being moved to an open prison. Bet wonders if he'll turn up there, Liz hopes he doesn't, she hopes he'll give himself up. Bet then tells her something to cheer her up, Cecil wants to marry her. Liz cracks up laughing!

At the guest house, Claire joins Ashley and Joshua for breakfast in the dining room. Claire thinks it was nice staying over, and Ashley agrees that Joshua enjoyed the fresh air. Claire comments they'll have to do it again sometime, when the weather is warmer, and Ashley says when the car's been serviced, too. The landlady comes up, assuming that Claire and Ashley are 'mummy and daddy'. They look a bit embarrassed, and then Ashley's phone rings. It's Fred, he's on the sea front. Ashley tells him that they are in Blackpool too, and explains what happened. Fred reckons they need some assistance.

Cecil Newton is reading the paper at home when his son arrives. Cecil tells his son that he's asked Bet to marry him. This goes down like a lead balloon, and son (sorry I can't remember his name) is not pleased. He tells Cecil he must have gone stark, staring mad and thinks it is the stupidest thing he's ever heard. He thinks Bet is just a cheap tart that his father has only just met. Cecil assures him he's known her for years. (Didn't correct him on the bit about the cheap tart though!) His son tells him he'll put a stop to it, and storms out.

Back in Coronation St, Deirdre is about to post a letter. Bev comes along, and Deirdre tells her to wish her luck, it's a job application.

Gail is crossing the street, just as Brenda Fearns is walking along bringing Bethany home. Brenda introduces herself and Gail says she's sorry about Neil. Brenda tells her she's been seeing quite a bit of Sarah and Bethany, and in fact Bethany stayed with her last night to give Sarah a break. Gail is not at all pleased to hear this and tries to take Bethany, as she is her grandmother. Brenda points out that she, too, is Bethany's grandmother, and as she's been entrusted with her care, refuses to let Bethany go.

Steve's cab has pulled up outside the pub Liz works in. Karen thinks that very soon they'll all be in trouble. Steve goes in to tell Liz his dad's outside, and Jim tries to apologise to Karen, who is not happy. Inside the pub, Liz is working and talking to Bet at the same time. Bet points out that Laurie is watching Liz like a hawk looking at it's dinner. Steve comes in, and tells his mum quietly that his dad is outside, and wants to see her. Liz retorts that she doesn't know what he's playing at, he can't come in, they've already had the police there looking for him. Bet waves the key to Fred's caravan, she didn't use it so it's empty. Steve takes it and goes. Laurie tells Liz that he heard on the radio that a man called Jim McDonald has escaped from prison. Liz fobs him off telling him that it's a common name and there are lots of people in prison.

Meanwhile, Fred, Ashley and Claire are talking. Apparently the car won't be ready until tomorrow, it needs a part, so Fred suggests they all have a little holiday and stay in the caravan. Ashley and Claire have no other clothes, so Fred lets them borrow his car and go back home for some, it's only an hour's drive. By the time they get back he'll have dinner ready.

Steve takes his dad to the caravan. He then goes back to the car and tells Karen he's going back to see his mother. She's still griping, but he tells her to get in the car or he'll leave her there.

Bet, in leopardskin coat, checks that Liz is ok, and then greets Cecil, and apologises for keeping him waiting. He assures her that he's been waiting for some years now and a few more minutes won't make any difference.

Liz asks Laurie if she can go a bit early that afternoon. He says she can, and would she like a lift anywhere. She tells him no, she'll be all right.

Meanwhile, Cecil's son is briefing a private detective to follow Bet and take photos so he can show his dad what she's up to....(which is???) He wants to show his dad what a nasty, evil parasite she is. (Bit strong that.....!)

Back in Coronation Street, a taxi pulls up, it's Shelley back. In the pub, Deirdre is talking to Bev across the bar, telling her about the job she's applied for. Shelley comes in and they greet her, she goes off to put her bags in the back.

Over at a table, Gail is moaning to Nick about her encounter with Brenda, and how she feels she's been replaced. Nick tries to placate her, telling her he's sure Sarah never intended that.

Shelley is back in the bar telling Bev and Deirdre all about her break, but says she's glad to be back, then she goes off to unpack. Bev and Deirdre both think she looks terrific, and Bev wonders what she's been getting up to.

Out in the street, Ashley and Claire have come back to pick up some things, talking about Fred's reaction when he found they had both stayed in the same room.

David Platt is walking along the street when Gail and Nick come out of the pub. He's come home to get his football stuff, lots of people have got flu so they want him to play. Gail says she's off to work, hoping she'll get a phone call from Sarah apologising, (for what, exactly?) but somehow she doubts it. Nick looks despairing as David asks 'What now?'

In Blackpool, Cecil and Bet are strolling along the prom. They're discussing how surprised she was by his proposal. Still, she says it's not like they are planning on getting married today, are they? No, he says, not today, tomorrow! Bet is visibly shocked.....Cecil has it all planned, special license from the bishop, and even booked the honeymoon, after all, at his age a pleasure postponed might never be enjoyed. Now he's worried she may turn him down.

In the pub, Liz asks Laurie if it's all right if she goes, she wants to spend time with her family. He says that's fine. Over at a table, Karen is being particularly disagreeable, asking if they have to stay and cart Steve's mother about. He tells her that's the reason they're there, to get Liz and Jim back together, then they can go home. Karen, however, has other ideas. They're there now, they might as well make a night of it. Liz arrives, ready to go. Karen refuses to go with them, saying she'll stay for another drink, so Steve and Liz depart. Laurie gets someone else to serve Karen her drink, and hotfoots it in pursuit of Liz and Steve.

Bet and Cecil, sitting on a seaside bench, are discussing their possible marriage. Bet can't understand why it has to be tomorrow. Cecil says that it could be put off and put off and never happen. It's a wife he wants, not a girlfriend. Bet looks very worried, and tells him she needs time on her own to think. She'll tell him tonight.

Liz has arrived at the caravan and is dragged inside and hugged by Jim. She asks him why he's done this. He wants to know if there's anything going on between her and Laurie. She protests vehemently that there is nothing going on, although Laurie would like there to be. She's been waiting three long years for Jim, but now, after what he's done, she's going to have to wait even longer. He wants her to move away from Laurie, but she says it's not that easy, she needs her wages and she needs to make arrangements.

Bet is walking along the promenade, deep in thought. She is spotted by Fred, who she has just walked past. He thought she'd have been back in Brighton by now, but he realises she's not using the caravan. She tells him no, she's staying with Liz, so Fred thinks that's all turned out for the best and tells her about Ashley, Claire, Joshua and himself all going to be staying there. Bet looks shocked, and enquires whether they're there yet. Fred tells her they're not, they had to nip home, but they will be soon.

At the aforementioned caravan, Liz is just taking her leave of Jim, unknowingly spied on by Laurie from behind some bushes. He then turns away, making a phone call, telling whoever is on the other end that he knows where they can find the escaped prisoner.........

And that's all for the first episode tonight!

And here is Margaret's much appreciated report of episode 2.......

We see Bet and Jim nipping around the side of a caravan just as the police head up the steps to the one where Jim was hiding.

Back in Weatherfield, Bev is telling Deirdre that now Shelley is back, she can get out of an evening. In fact, she invites Deirdre out for a night on the town -- well, a walk and a drink.

Ashley and Claire are packing the car to head off to Fred's caravan. Ashley is worried that Claire will think everything is part of some plan he's concocting. "If you are, it's the worst possible plan anyone's put together," she smiles.

In the back of the Rovers, Sunita is telling Shelley she wondered if she'd come back at all. She tells Shelley the wedding date has been set -- December 29. Sometimes she felt Ciaran wanted to put it off forever. Bev comments that he had to set a date if he wanted to keep Sunita happy, but Sunita says they're trying to keep each other happy. She then admits that she isn't entirely happy. Ciaran wants to keep things cheap and cheerful, and Sunita would quite like a big wedding. "One thing I've learned," says Shelley, "is that it's not the wedding that matters. It's what comes after that that counts."

Fred arrives at his caravan. The door is open and he bustles up the steps shouting "Hello! What's going on here?" It's the police inside. (So shouldn't that have been "'ello 'ello 'ello, what's going on here, then?") The police are being very mysterious and won't exactly say why they are there. "You didn't ring us by any chance?" asks one. "About an escaped convict?" "No!" hollers Fred. "Would you like me to?"

Jim and Bet are coming up to road-level from the sand, which is playing havoc with Bet's stilettos, so Jim has to hold her up while she struggles with her shoe. Click. Click. Click. A photographer is watching from a distance. A police car comes past and Bet has the perfect plan to hide Jim's face from any alert constable. "Give us a kiss," she tells him. "Now. I'll be gentle with you, don't be scared." Snap. Snap. Snap. The police car is gone and Bet lets Jim go. "By 'eck you've learned a few tricks in that prison."

Cecil Newton's son arrives at his house. He's the last person Cecil expected to see back there. He tries to make his Dad see reason. "If you're not careful you're going to make the biggest mistake of your life." Cecil explains he already did that 20 years ago by not marrying Bet then. Philip says Bet will definitely want to marry Cecil, because she's only after his money. He finds the ring and tells his father: "She'll want to marry you all right once she sees that. Then what do you think will happen? "She won't be happy with watching the bowling at Stanley Park and eating fancy cakes at the Imperial for the rest of her life." He claims Bet will have a man stashed away and will be off trying out every hotel bed in Blackpool. Cecil is furious and orders his son out of the house, telling him not to come back unless he's got an apology ready. Philip replies that he won't come back with an apology -- he'll come back with proof that he's right.

Meanwhile, on one of those very hotel beds, Steve is lounging in a tense sort of way while Karen paces. "I told you I wanted to stay in a hotel," she says. "This is a hotel." "No. It's a boarding house," she points out. She tells Steve he's taking her out tonight. He says he will just have to call in and see his Mum. Karen is not happy with this, and tells him that she can just call the police at any time and say where Jim is, then it will all be over. "You and me'd be over," Steve says matter-of-factly. "I didn't say I WOULD do it," Karen sulks.

Down on the beach, Claire is telling Ashley she's not looking forward to seeing Fred. "He'll be unbearable, with that little gleam in his eye. He makes you feel guilty just the way he looks at you," she says. "Don't let him get to you," Ashley advises.

In a nearby bar, Liz's Laurie tells her he's just going to listen to the local news in case there's any news about her husband being caught. "If it's him," she says. Laurie points out that he's not stupid and with Steve turning up he's put two and two together. He asks if she is going to be any happier with Jim. She says she thinks she will be. But Laurie says what she's feeling is obligation, and why should she feel obliged to be with anyone when she has someone else who is willing to take care of her. She tells him she might be moving on soon, but he says she's going through a hard time and shouldn't be making big decisions.

As Bet is helping Jim up on to Cecil's boat and finding the key, the photographer is there again. Snap. Snap. Snap.

At the caravan, Fred asks Ashley very innocently how the night in the boarding house was and Ashley has the most amazingly defensive reaction. Talk about looking and sounding guilty! It wasn't planned and they only shared a room because Claire insisted, he tells Fred.

Bet is in Liz's workplace, telling her that Jim is now on a boat. "Don't worry, he won't come here," Bet says. Liz says Jim wants her to give in her notice, but Laurie is acting in a very peculiar fashion. Steve comes in and Bet leaves to get ready for her big date. Steve asks his mother how things are going with Jim and she says they are halfway to sorting things out.

At the Barlows', Deirdre is leaving and tells Tracy she'd be welcome to come, too. She doesn't want to. As they arrive next door, Bev comments: "Right on time. You should have been a train driver." "I might try that," says Deirdre. "If the town hall doesn't want me." "Behave yourself," Shelley tells her mother as they depart. "If I was going to do that I would've stayed here," Bev replies. "Don't tell anyone you're me mother, then." Sunita comes into the pub and goes to sit at a table away from the bar so she can look at wedding outfits in a magazine. Ciaran tells Tracey she's not the only one feeling unwell at the thought of weddings. A minute later he tells her he was just joking, but she doesn't believe him. "People talk about me, but what you're doing is far worse."

In Blackpool, Karen and Steve are just getting off a merry-go-round when Ashley and Claire see them. Ashley rushes to see them, but then is very defensive when asked questions about what they're doing there. He tells Claire he hopes they don't meet anyone else they know.

In a restaurant, Cecil tells Bet about his son's opinions. Bet is wearing one of the most flattering dresses I have ever seen her wear, and is very gentle with him. She tells him she won't marry him because they've only just got together again. He suggests they just go on seeing each other without marrying him. "Come on Cecil, at least have the courage of your own convictions," she tells him.

Back in Weatherfield, and Bev and Deirdre have ended up in the pub where Lulu/Cilla works. She tells them she gets off early that night and wonders if she can tag along. Bev is enthusiastic, but Deirdre not. Asked if they want some live music, Bev says she'd settle for some live men. Lulu/Cilla says she's certainly they can find some men to put some life into.

The restaurant again, and Bet says of course she doesn't love Cecil. He says that's what most folk want, but Bet says most folk haven't learned the lessons she has. "I've been head over heels in love and as miserable as sin. "I want to be with someone I like. Someone I trust. Someone I can be at ease with." "I can go along with that," says Cecil, and formally asks her to marry him. "Yes." Cecil gives her the ring, but Bet says it's very nice, but it's not what matters.

The photographer, meanwhile, is reporting back to his employer -- Philip Newton. Philip looks at the pictures of Bet kissing Jim on the front (!). "I told him. I told the dozy old fool she'd have a man tucked away somewhere. There'll be no more talk of marriage when he sees these!"

Wednesday 26 November

Hello folks!

Tonight's episode begins with Steve and Karen in the guest house in Blackpool, Liz then comes in and says that two police turned up looking for Jim and who told them where to look, Karen is keeping very quiet and Liz is sure that Karen shopped Jim. Steve stands up for Karen and maintains that she would not do that, Karen agrees with Steve and says to Liz that although she wants Jim out of their lives quick so that Steve doesn't get sent to prison she would not shop him to the police. There is no love lost between Karen and Liz!

Back in the street Kevin and Tommy are just leaving Kevin and Sally's house, Sally has a quick word with Kevin to try and find out how much longer Tommy will be staying on their sofa, it was only meant to be two days and he has been there a week and Sally is getting fed up with this arrangement.

Angie is also having a hard time with Craig - he is missing his dad and doesn't want to go to school and wont eat his breakfast also generally acting up, Angie says it is not Craig Tommy is upset with but Angie.

At the pub in Blackpool Steve has come to see Liz, Laurie cant resist having a dig about Jim, then the penny drops - you can see it on Steve's face that the person who shopped Jim is not Karen but the would be lover boy Laurie. Liz comes down now hearing the shouting. When Laurie goes she tells Steve where Jim is (on Cecil's boat) and he needs something to eat and drink.

In the corner shop Ciaran and Sunita are discussing the forthcoming marriage - Ciaran suggests that the wedding should be put off for a year if Sunita wants a big do, they would be able to save money in the meantime to pay for it. Is that his only motive for putting the marriage back? Sunita gets quite weepy here and says that she wants a big wedding because of her family and to make up for the arranged marriage she escaped from.

Liz is making the final preparations to Bet, shouldn't take more than a few more tins of warpaint! Bet not sure she is doing the right thing but a glass of something alcoholic sets her mind to right.

Cecil is also getting ready as Philip turns up and gets on his dad's wrong side straight away by bad mouthing Bet and then shows him the photos of Bet and Jim, Cecil then looks as if his world is falling apart. Philip however sounds quite happy and leaves to get back to the office.

Fred is just saying goodbye to Ashley and Claire as he is the best man for Cecil. Fred also says he has arranged a boat trip the following days on one of his friends' motor boat. Claire and Ashley look less than impressed.

At the Rovers Bev is telling Shelley about a man she met last night as Deirdre turns up to hear some of this, name is Jon and is tall dark haired (rings a bell does it??) and is an airline pilot......

At the pub in Blackpool Liz and Bet are waiting for Cecil and Fred, it would seem the chaps are a bit late and Bet is sure she has been jilted and does the femme fatale bit here.

Fred has turned up at Cecil's and is told that the wedding is off, Cecil tells Fred about Philip turning up with the photos, Fred ask what Bet has said about them and when Cecil says she hasn't seen them yet, Fred suggests it is about time she did.

Back at the Rovers Deirdre is telling Bev and Shelley about Jon the "pilot" and how she ended up in prison until the truth came out and Jon was sent to prison for his attempts at fraud. Bev says she is meeting him tomorrow in town, Deirdre suggests that she follows Bev and then give her the thumbs up if it is not the dread Jon!

Claire and Ashley are taking Joshua out, Joshua drops his shoe which is picked up by a passer by who says young Joshua looks like his mum, thinking that is Claire of course, oh this is all getting very complicated..

Fred and Cecil have now turned up at the pub in Blackpool and Cecil confronts Bet about the photos. When she sees the photos Bet tries to protect Jim but Liz blurts that it is her husband as Fred and Cecil are about to leave, all is then revealed to Fred and Cecil the story of how Bet and Jim ending up in a clinch, all that is except where Jim is now of course! Cecil believes what Bet has said and it looks like the wedding is back on now. Fred is anxious about aiding and abetting an escaped prisoner, Fred asks where he is now and Liz quickly says "London" before Bet can say anything else. All is smiles and happiness as they leave for the church.

Steve has turned up on Cecil's boat and has brought Jim food and drink. Steve suggests to Jim that he is going to have to move soon in case the police get tipped off again as to where he is.

Back in street Craig is wandering aimlessly near the garage and a somewhat brusque Tommy tells him to go back to his mates at school after telling him that he will not be leaving him. Kevin bottles out of telling Tommy that he is going to have to find somewhere else to stay.

The wedding party have now turned up at the church an hour late and the vicar has to go now to see a desperately ill parishioner, the wedding has now been put off till tomorrow but they go ahead with the reception anyway.

Steve at long last has returned to the guest house and faces a less than pleased Karen, who is concerned that Steve could end up in prison as a result of helping Steve. Steve tells Karen that his dad is on a boat and he intends to ferry him to Northern Ireland. Karen asks him not to do this in her usual fortright manner and Karen says that if Steve gets caught doing this then she has no intention of waiting for him until he comes out of prison.

That's all for tonight folks

Pete Webb

Friday 28 November

Firstly thanks to Mary for her great contribution last week. Slight delay this week caused by indigestion - the site of Bet in full flow - and the wife's birthday which has meant a few busy days.

Over to Weatherfield and Blackpool where events were sponsored by Cadburys Roses, written by John Stevenson and directed by Kay Patrick.

At the B&B Steve and Karen are getting dressed. She is giving him the traditional hard time over helping Jim so she is. Jim apparently knows about boats and Northern Ireland. Once out to sea he will be fine - but in the short term he needs Steve. And there is nobody else - it is his dad.

Bet and Liz are preparing for the wedding. Liz is going on the run with Jim and so will not be at the wedding. Bet is excited and ready for the honeymoon. Bet reckons she should have married Cecil 25 years ago. Bet does not think that Cecil will have Philip at the ceremony.

The vicar phones the Ridley house and speaks to Philip and gives the game away - the wedding is on and they must not be late.

At the caravan Fred also preparing for the wedding exchanges banter with Ashley - Fred has details of another boat which Ashley can use to give Joshua some fresh air.

Liz asks Laurie for her money up to date - she is quitting although she will not admit to the details. Laurie tries to talk her out of helping Jim - but she refuses Laurie's offer of a better life with him. Liz realises that Laurie shopped Jim the previous day and he admits it. Liz tells him it is definitely all over.

Back in Weatherfield Betty and Shelley discuss Bev's date with her pilot John. Deirdre and Bev agree to meet at lunchtime so that the former can vet the date and ensure it is not a problem.

Liz apologises to Karen admitting that it was Laurie who had tipped off the police. Karen is dismissive - she wishes the police had caught him. Karen reckons they are all going to get caught and go to prison. Karen will leave Steve the day he goes inside. Liz offers to take the boat out herself without Steve being involved.

The wind is blowing and Ashley is trying to convince Claire and a crying Joshua that they will be safe on the open water - they will stay close to the shore.

Arriving at the church Cecil and Bet are relaxed and smiling with Fred grinning in the background. Philip emerges from the church to call his father stark staring mad. Although he has not been invited he is fairly nasty about Bet and his father. Cecil gets worked up and he has an attack and collapses to the floor at which point Philip asks if Bet is satisfied now.

At the Marina Steve bids Jim and Liz a farewell and tells them to take care. Apparently Jim knows all about boats. Karen and Steve see them off. Karen is glad to see the back of them.

Bev arrives for her lunch date and we see enough of John to establish that it is not Jon Lindsay. He has booked a table at Delphine's - but Bev of course does not want to leave just yet. They chat and over-run the lunch booking. John is keen to eat - but she delays him until Deirdre finally appears. She walks across the bar and knows it is not Jon Lindsay. Bev returns to her date and he departs without listening to her explanation/

At the hospital Fred is blaming Philip for the events. Fred re-assures Bet that Cecil will see him out - strong as an ox - and he has everything to live for. Philip sees a picture of Jim McDonald in the paper and realises that it is the same man in the photos with Bet. He phones the police using a mobile in the hospital - something simply not possible in UK A&E departments. A nurse asks after Mrs Newton - Bet realises they must mean her. She goes in to see Cecil.

Ashley cannot restart the boat and they are a long way out from the shore. They must return before it gets dark and Ashley has not brought his mobile and even worse there is some water coming in. Jim and Liz are flying in the motor boat and they pass close to the stricken boat containing Ashley etc. Jim is talked into stopping to help. The boats are secured and they move across into Jim's boat. Liz remarks it is a funny way to meet old neighbours. Claire refuses to go to Ireland and Jim agrees to take them back and drop them off. Liz phones Steve that they are coming back to the marina.

Bet sits at Cecil's bedside telling him how happy she has been since they met again. Bet looks to her future with Cecil. Then all the machines start beeping and the nurse announces a cardiac arrest.

Fred re-assures Bet that Cecil has had his happiest days. Fred gives Bet the wedding ring inscribed "till death do us part".

At the marina the police are waiting and both Jim and Liz are arrested.

And that is about it for this week. Enjoy.

K Richard W

Sunday 30 November

Thank you all for your kind messages about my first installment. I'm looking forward to doing the updates on a regular basis.

Tonight's episode begins in Blackpool with Karen and Steve at the Police station discussing Liz. Steve is worrying and Karen is moaning about the whole situation. Steve tells Karen how selfish she is and threatens to tell the police that he was hiding his dad for a while if she doesn't shut up about it. Liz then walks out and announces she has been given bail. She doesn't want to go back to the pub so Steve suggests the Bed and Breakfast and before Karen can open her mouth he points his finger at her and she scowls.

Back in Coronation Street Brenda Fearns has bought some clothes for Bethany and she asks Sarah if she can look after Bethany overnight reluctantly Sarah agrees but makes it clear that she wants her back first thing in the morning.

Back in Blackpool, Ashley and Fred are deliberating over the near accident and Ashley is saying how guilty he feels and what would have happened if Jim and Liz hadn't come along. Fred comforts him and they have a good chat.

Back in the Bed and Breakfast Steve and Liz are talking about Jim and how cross she is with him for escaping from jail. Karen hands her a cup of tea and Steve interjects saying that there isn't enough milk Karen pulls a face that would make the milk turn sour. Liz is exclaiming how difficult it is being married to someone in prison and how nice it was when Laurie was giving her attention. She moans and says that she will be fifty before he is out and that she cant live like that. Steve tells her not to worry and that she can come and live with him and Karen. At this point Karen is still struggling with the milk carton and when she hears this offer she stabs her finger in it and it splashes everywhere. Liz sighs again and says that she should have gone to Bets wedding and that Bet is so lucky as she has a new life to look forward to

The next short of course is Bet crying and stroking her engagement ring.

Back to the caf in Coronation Street and Kieran is talking to Vera about cards and pointedly says something about wedding cards in earshot of Hayley and Roy Roy bristles but Hayley tells him to ignore him. Deirdre and Ken are talking about her interview. Bev walks in and Deirdre asks how her hot date' went. Bev remarks that she got more heat out of the ice machine then has a go at Deirdre and says that her interference lost her a good date.

Back to Blackpool Steve has gone out leaving Liz and Karen. Karen suggests that Liz should not revisit old memories and therefore should move from Blackpool and not consider Weatherfield and suggest that they should chat about this over some wine and she saunters out of the room looking very pleased with herself.

Back in the Rovers Shelly and Sunita are chatting about the wedding. Shelly has suggested going sari shopping. Sunita says that she will feel silly dressed up in traditional gear at a Registry Office wedding. Dev leaning up against the bar makes snide remarks.

Back in Blackpool Karen returns with the wine and is surprised to see that Liz, in anger over Karen's comments has smashed the only glass that they had. Liz calls Karen a stupid, manipulative little cow and they continue to argue over Steve Liz then threatens Karen and points her finger at her and says "if you try and come between me and my Steve you will lose."

Steve then walks in and can see that his mum and Karen are obviously at loggerheads. He has tried to find out about his dad but didn't get much information. He then says that he found someone on the pier and in walks Bet.

Bet explains that Cecil had a heart attack and died. Liz coos over Bet and Karen suggests a walk.

Back in the Rovers - Shelly and Sunita are still talking saris. Kieran is still turning everything into a joke and Dev is still giving snide comments he tries to be cocky and mentions a traditional Indian celebration which Sunita tries to explain but Kieran continues to mock her.

Bev has a chat with Mike and says how annoyed she is with Deirdre. Mike backs Deirdre up and says that the Jon Lindsay business nearly finished her off the camera pans in on Bev's worried face.

We then go to Ashley and Claire who are eating fish and chips and are talking about the days dramatic events and going back to Weatherfield and what people will say.

Back to the pier and Liz and Bet are talking about men and new starts and Liz says that she would rather be single than married to Prison. They both go on about hope and being lonely and Bet says how lucky Liz is being loved etc etc. Meanwhile Karen is talking to Steve suggesting that Liz should go to Brighton with Bet which he doesn't think is a good idea. Liz says that she likes being by the sea and Bet tells her that she could do with a good bar maid. Liz announces that Bet has less than an hour until her train and that she is going with her. At this point Karen's face breaks into a huge smile and she cant hide her delight. Bet and Steve go off to pick up the bags and Liz threatens Karen with "If you think my decision has got anything to do with you think again". She then tries to make up with Karen and tells her she doesn't want to be enemies. Karen is having none of it and tells her she should have thought about that before she started slagging her off.

We go back to the Rovers and Dev is on the phone to Maya Kieran goads him about his relationship and the fact that he hasn't slept with Maya yet. This does not please Dev. Deirdre then comes into the pub and Bev apologises to her they make up.

Steve and Liz are saying a tearful goodbye and Steve invites her to the wedding saying that he wants her there and it doesn't matter what Karen thinks. She agrees to come. Fred then turns up and gives Bet a "Kiss Me Quick" hat and she remarks "by eck the effect I have at the moment they have to be quick before they drop dead". She then turns to Karen and says "Bye Bye Cruella" and says that she reminds her or herself and that she should dye her hair blond because she'll have more fun. They all say good bye and Liz and Bet totter off to the station.

We then go to Sarah and Todd's flat. Sarah is on the phone to Bethany saying good night. We then go to Brenda's house and she is looking a bit creepy. She takes a picture of Neil and gives it to Bethany to hold and then takes a photograph.

Back in Blackpool Steve tells Karen that she has to learn to get on with his mother and then informs her she is coming to the wedding. Karen does a lot of pouting and then says that if Liz goes to the wedding she won't turn up and the credits roll.

That's it - until next Sunday.

Mary Earlam

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