Sunday 2 May

We open in the Battersby's living room. Cilla has just returned home to a warm welcome from Les, and she spins him a yarn about her poor friend who's husband has treated her badly. Les swallows it all, and so Cilla asks him for money, to go shopping for ingredients for a wonderful meal, so her puts a twenty pound note down the front of her blouse. Cilla is just explaining how she can't say no to people in need, and how she always has to put other people first, when there's a knock at the door. It's Fizz, returning Chesney's dirty washing that hasn't been done. Les tells her that of course Cilla couldn't do it, she's been away. Cilla tells Fizz in a warning tone, that she'd better not wash any more 'dirty linen', Chesney wouldn't thank her for it.

Fred is putting into a glass on the living room carpet, and telling Ashley that golf is a game of character. Just then Claire comes in unexpectedly, she wants to apologise to Ashley for her mother's rudeness to him. Fred pricks up his ears, 'What's this?' he demands to know. They explain that Claire's mother does not think that Ashley is right for Claire, and Fred retorts that she's mistaken. He offers to go and talk to her, but Ashley won't let him. Fred goes off to play golf, and Claire tells Ashley she was worried that her mother might have put him off her, he assures her that's not the case.

In Fizz's flat, she and Kirk are discussing Cilla's infidelity. Kirk thinks they should go and tell Les just what Cilla has been up to, but Fizz doesn't want to. She's worried that if Les kicks Cilla out she will go to Ronnie who hates Chesney, so Chesney will end up in care. Kirk thinks that Les is potty about Cilla, and if they tell him he will just give her a rollicking and then forgive her and they will all live happily ever after. Fizz reckons Kirk must believe in the tooth fairy as well!

Claire and Maria are sitting on a bench in the street, Claire is asking Maria if her mum gives her a hard time over her boyfriends. Maria says she doesn't give her a chance. Just then Candice comes along, keen to know what they are talking about. Claire explains, and Candice says that her mum hated her having boyfriends too. Maria reckons she should tell her mum to keep her nose out. Claire is shocked, 'I can't say that,' she tells them, 'I have to live with her.' 'No you don't,' says Maria, 'you can live wherever you want.' Now there's food for thought!

Fred is at the golf course when Mike comes along, his usual chirpy self. Fred is prickly and tells Mike he doesn't want to talk about Penny, the subject is closed. Mike asks what time he's teeing off, but Fred hasn't got a round booked, he's hoping someone's partner will cancel and be looking for a replacement. Mike tells him he's in luck, his partner has cried off, so he can play with Fred. Fred is reluctant at first, but Mike persuades him. Fred assures him it won't be a friendly game.

At the Battersby's, Les is talking to Chesney and wondering why Cilla is taking so long getting the groceries to make Les a sumptuous meal. Chesney is just asking how much money Les gave her, when Kirk arrives. He asks Chesney what he's looking so fed up about, and Chesney tells him it's because his mum's back. Kirk tells Les he's come to have a word with him, and starts talking about how different women are from he and Les, and how he forgave Fizz for what happened with Tyrone at Christmas. Les can't understand what Kirk is going on about, and Chesney starts to get worried and begs Kirk to shut up. Just then Fizz comes in and assumes that Kirk has already told Les about Cilla's misbehaviour. Les demands to know what they are all on about, and so Fizz tells him about Cilla's man, Ronnie, and how it's him that her mum goes off to visit. Les will have none of it, he gets cross and throws Kirk and Fizz out. Chesney looks filled with despair. (What a brilliant actor that little lad is!)

After the break we see Mike and Fred searching in the rough for Mike's golf ball. Unbeknown to Mike, Fred finds it and kicks it away down a slope, and then calls time and declares it a lost ball, and thus a lost hole. Mike gets a new ball out and mutters that he's lost some balls in his time........ 'Not the one's I'd have nominated,' murmers Fred.

At Les's house, he is worrying about Cilla and hoping nothing has happened to her. (Not quite sure why he and Kirk are both wearing T-shirts with rather grotesque skulls on them in this episode). Chesney asks for reassurance that Les will not chuck he and his mum out. Les tells him his mother is a wonderful woman, one in a million. Just then Cilla breezes in, with a very underfilled carrier bag for someone who has supposed to have been shopping for groceries for a wonderful meal. Les goes to kiss her and smells alcohol, has she had a drink? 'Well just the one,' Cilla tells him, she needed it after traipsing round the supermarket. She's going to cook him egg and chips - terrible price those oven chips. Les stops her, and tells her he wants to talk to her and suggests they go to the Rovers for a drink.

On the golf course, Mike is hailed by an acquaintance, Dennis Stokes from the Chamber of Trade do last month. He comes over and Mike introduces him to Fred and he introduces both of them to his wife, a rather attractive Oriental looking lady who is acting as a caddy and carrying Derek's golf clubs.

In the Rovers, Maria is buying three drinks, she and Audrey are waiting with Candice for the appearance of Candice's new boyfriend, Tim. He has been off skiing, but didn't take Candice because he booked it up ages ago. Audrey thinks he might have other girlfriends, but Candice won't believe it.

Les and Cilla are sitting at a table and Les asks her if she knows a man called Ronnie. Cilla acts dumb to start with, and then tells Les it's the husband of the friend she went to stay with. When Cilla learns that these questions are because of something Fizz said, she explodes and tells Les she's trying to split them up, she's always done it. Les looks triumphant. 'I knew it!' he crows, 'I said to 'er 'you're jealous of your mam''.

At the golf club, at the nineteenth hole, Mike is just trying to persuade Fred to let him buy him a drink, when Dennis comes up and offers to buy them both one. They accept, and then Dennis's wife tells them to go and sit down and talk and she will bring the drinks over. Seated round the table, Dennis tells them that Lily is from Thailand and he met her over the internet. He flew her over and married her within a month. He tells them that Thai women are very different from British women, they actually like making men happy. Fred listens very attentively.

In the Rovers, Les and Cilla are off back home for egg and chips, and Candice has just taken a phone call from the elusive Tim. He can't make it, there's too much fog around Gatwick airport. Maria and Audrey are of the opinion that this guy is leading Candice up the garden path.

Out in the street, Kirk and Fizz have the misfortune to be spotted by Cilla. A shouting match ensues, until Les herds everyone inside to where Chesney is sitting with the puppy. (No one seems to care about leaving the little lad home alone!) Cilla is ranting about Fizz and her lies, when Kirk butts in and says she knows that Fizz doesn't tell lies. 'What do you know about it, Clockwork Crackpot?' demands Cilla. Suddenly she hears the puppy and wants to know what it is doing there. Chesney protests that the puppy is his now, but Cilla tells him to get the flamin' thing out, and if he brings it in again she will take it to the vet and have it put down. Chesney cries, and goes outside with the puppy.

In the golf club, Fred tells Lily that her husband is a very lucky man, he himself has not had much luck with the ladies, Venus has not looked kindly on him. Dennis tells him it's never too late and Fred ought to do the same as him. Thai ladies look for kindness, sincerity and generosity.

Ashley and Claire are watching tv together on the sofa. Ashley wonders why it took Claire so long to introduce him to her mother. Claire says that her mother has always been aggressive towards her friends, she knew she would give Ashley a going over and she should have warned her. Ashley wants her mother to know that he is serious about Claire, and he asks her to move in with him.

In the Battersby's back yard, (which looks like a junk yard) Chesney is petting the puppy and tells him to wait there. He goes back into the house where Les is shouting at Fizz and demanding she apologise. Cilla tells Les that he has spoiled her for other men, since the day they met she has not looked at another man and never will. They hug, but Chesney has come back inside. 'Liar,' he says, 'you're a liar.' Cilla blusters, and tries to get Chesney to go back outside and play, but Les wants to hear what the boy has to say. Chesney tells him that his mum is always going to Ronnie, and he hates him, and his mum threatens him with what she'll do if he tells, but he doesn't care any more, as long as he can keep Schmeikal. 'Is this true?' asks Les. Chesney nods, and all eyes turn to Cilla.......

And that's all for tonight!

Monday 3 May

Tonight's episode is an hour-long special.

Chesney is still trying to persuade Les that he is telling the truth -- he's heard his Mum on the phone to Uncle Ronnie. She said she'd put Chesney into care if he said anything. "Well done, Chesney," we hear Fizz say. But Cilla is protesting that Chesney is just making it up because she threatened his dog. She admits she talked to Ronnie, but he's an old friend. "You still talk to Tyrone," she points out to Fizz. "Does that mean you're having an affair?" "Eh?" asks a suddenly worried Kirk. Now, if you thought you'd seen wicked witches in movies, cartoons or TV shows before, one look at Cilla in this scene would change your mind, as she leans in close to wee Chesney and tells him it's OK, he can tell the truth now, she's not going to hurt his puppy. And though that's what her voice says, her face and manner, hidden from all but Chesney, are saying he'd better retract what he's said or he's likely to find himself apprenticed to some chimney sweep, with his dog's hide sold for lampshades.

Ashley and Claire are discussing whether she should move in. She says she's had no time to really think about it, and it's a big decision. "Not if we tackle it in likkle steps," Ashley says.

Cilla has turned to attack. She doesn't think she's been a bad mother, and Fizz is just a vicious, vindictive little cow. "Do I really deserve that?" "None of us owe you a single thing," Fizz tells her. "A pack of wolves would have done a better job." Kirk tries to calm down Fizz, and Cilla seems to be crying, though Fizz says that doesn't fool anyone. Cilla even gets down on her knees and blubs in Chesney's face. Les is very thoughtful and finally shuts everyone up, telling Kirk to take Fizz away. "He's right," says Kirk. "They need some space to communicate." "Who do you think you are? Claire Rayner?" asks Fizz. They leave and Les sends Chesney out into the yard to quiet the dog. "Do you want a beer?" Les asks Cilla. As he goes to fetch it, a little smirk plays on her lips.

Fred is telling Dennis he is a lucky man, as Dennis' wife sees to his every need, fetching his coat and helping him on with it. They leave and Mike comes up to Fred, asking if things are all right between them. Fred replies that Mike can follow him round a golf course, go into the pub and the shop, "but it means nowt!" Incidentally, Dennis is played by Duncan Preston, who was the maintenance man in Dinner Ladies.

Karen wants a new pair of red boots. Red for danger, she purrs. Red for stop, for do not pass go, do not collect £200 to buy some flippin' boots, Steve tells her.

Kirk and Fizz come to the bar and Kirk says Les will see through Cilla because Les is cleverer than him. "This beer mat's cleverer than you," Fizz points out.

The three must-cut-hairs, Audrey, Candice and Maria, are talking about men. Candice doesn't think it's fair that Maria can slag off Tim but she can't retaliate because Nick is Audrey's grandson.

Tracy slinks up next to Steve as he is ordering drinks at the bar and makes some smart comments about money arriving by standing order. Steve warns her not to talk about the money in public. Tracey moves away, but not before Karen has spotted her. Steve says Tracey wanted her old job back.

Candice's phone rings and it seems to be Tim. The fog has cleared and his plane has landed. He'll be round to see her tonight.

[first break]

Cilla is trying to tell Les that all she wants is to be alone with him, just like now. But Les wants the truth. "Who is he, this Ronnie?" Cilla gives him the just-a-friend line and says she's never felt about anyone the way she feels about Les. "I normally end up with the dog-rough blokes no decent woman would look twice at."

Ashley answers the door and it's Mrs Casey. She believes Claire has been asked to move in, so she's come to inspect the premises. She plays on Ashley's emotions, saying he knows what it's like to lose someone and she just wants the best for Claire. "You go and see to the boy. I'll start in the kitchen."

Cilla is still trying to talk her way out of trouble, but Les isn't fooled. "I know you're lying," he says. "You're good at it, but not good enough to pull the wool over my eyes. I want the truth." "The truth is, I don't deserve you," Cilla simpers. She claims Ronnie wanted to get back together with her, but she turned him down because she wanted Les. "Do you really think I'm that stupid," asks Les. He tells her to go and pack her bags. "I'll call you a taxi."

Fred is subtly questioning Dennis about finding an Asian bride over the internet. "Does it take long?" he asks. Oh, no, Dennis says. "If you've got broadband it's almost simultaneous."

Audrey and Maria are in the pub talking about Maria's 21st birthday, which is coming up. Audrey is horrified she hasn't made any arrangements. Maria says she's done some heavy hinting and Nick's taking care of it.

Dennis asks Fred if he might be tempted, but Fred says he's just curious. In that case, Dennis tells him, he can browse.

Kirk wonders if Cilla's really in love with Les. "Les has a strange effect on women. He told me himself." Innocently he says Cilla can't be that bad as a mum. Fizz asks him if he's like to swap her for his mum, but Kirk wouldn't do that -- he loves his mum. Which is Fizz's point. She says her mother is poison and the best she can do is stop her infecting anyone else.

Mrs Casey is making rude comments about the house and the fact that Ashley would want Claire to share his room. She tells him Claire is vulnerable and needs looking after, but Ashley says Claire's a grown woman capable of making her own decisions.

Tim is trying to get Candice's clothes off as she is asking about his skiing trip. The four word answer doesn't seem to put her off and she asks if he brought her anything. "Yes, me." He pounces on her again. She tries again, with the same result. She ask if he's going to ask her what she did while he was away, and Tim gives up, puts on his coat and leaves, saying he has jetlag.

Chesney comes in and wants to know where everyone has gone. Les reassures him that it's OK to bring the puppy inside, that nothing will happen to it and his mother's not still mad at him.

Claire is back and words are said between her mother and her. Mrs Casey doesn't think Claire will be happy there and is just trying to make up for missing out on the Stanford job. Aha. Claire has not told her mother she chose to stay with Ashley rather than go with the Stanfords. Her mother points out that Claire was not honest with Ashley, either, not telling him she had lied to her mother. "I can't see this working -- not in a million years," she tells Claire and Ashley.

Candice is back in the pub and Maria says it must have been just a "booty call". She has to explain to Audrey she means Tim came to visit for sex and nothing more. Candice denies this and says Tim came round because he wanted to see her. The only reason he didn't stay was because of jetlag. "Oh, Candice, wake up," says an exasperated Maria. "You can't get jetlag flying back from Switzerland!"

Steve is still saying no to the red boots. But Karen thinks they'll be able to afford them if they sell Eileen's house.

Fizz wants to know how long Les and Cilla have been talking. About two pints, Kirk says.

Les and Chesney are talking and Les is consoling the lad, telling him it's not his fault and his mother was just upset. Cilla comes down the stairs. As Chesney goes to get up she tells him he won't be going with her. "This is your fault. I told you what would happen if you opened that big mouth of yours." Les is appalled. But Cilla bolts for the taxi, gets in and the car drives off with Les and Kirk banging on the boot as it heads down the street. "Muuum," calls Chesney, standing alone in the middle of the cobbles.


It's morning and there is no milk for Candice's cornflakes because the puppy had it for his breakfast. Chesney's crying has kept Candice awake all night. Chesney gets up but says he can't go to school because he hasn't got any clean pants. "Les would never let me go out dirty, in case I got run over by a bus." Chesney blames Fizz for his problems -- she blabbed what he told her. "It all right for you," he tells her. "It's me they're gonna come and lock up."

Fred has decided to give Ashley and day off so he and Claire can get things sorted out. Ashley is still bothered by the fact that Claire has been telling lies.

Les turns up for work looking as if he's been run over by his own cab. "Women troubles," he tells Steve. He tells Steve what has happened, but Steve sends him home to catch up on his sleep. Their conversation isn't finished when Karen bursts in. She's come to get it over and done with so it doesn't spoil their night out. What's she talking about? "Tadaaaah," she says, hoisting a red-booted foot on to the desk. "We said we wouldn't spend any more money!" an incredulous Steve protests. "I know, so just shout at me, then I can go home, get ready, and you, me and the boots can go out on the town and have a bit of fun. Come on, give it me, right between the eyes." When Steve doesn't shout, she asks what's wrong. "I know, is it 'cause you've fallen in love with the boots as well?" I think Steve might not be able to get his lower jaw shut for some weeks, the way his mouth dropped open.

Candice is leaving a very suggestive message on Tim's answerphone. She then sees Claire waiting in the street and they discuss Ashley's asking her to move in. Candice has an idea.

In the cafe, Nick is saying they can't afford to have a big party, but he's organised with Sarah for a nice a birthday lunch at the cafe, even with a cake. "Oh, well, actually it's a candle stuck in a pastie, but it'll look lovely," Sarah tells them. Candice comes in to tell Maria her next client has arrived. Maria leaves and Candice manages to persuade Nick that a party at the girls' flat would be the ideal for Maria's 21st.

Fizz is telling Janice she didn't think she'd end up with Chesney full time. Kirk arrives because Les has sent him out for some more cans. Kirk has been really worried about the little fellow, but Fizz assures him she'll make sure no-one puts him away. Kirk is very relieved. "Here's to you, Schmeikel," he toasts with his lager.

Claire and her mother meet for lunch in a restaurant. Claire says she has come to her senses. Her mother runs down Ashley, assuming Claire means to stay home. But Claire says her mother is selfish and she won't put up with it any more. She plans to move out and makes the first move by walking out of the restaurant.

Fizz is horrified to find the puppy has chewed up Candice's magazine, but is gobsmacked to find that Candice is very calm about it.

Ashley and Claire are having a heart to heart. Claire admits she has tried too hard to look after her mother but now realises she could never replace her father. She's moving out of home, but not to Ashley's. She's not ready for that.

Mike is at the bar with Penny, making nasty comments about Charlie. Fred arrives and Penny makes polite conversation. Fred refuses a drink from them. Shelley is concerned for him. He says he has to get used to being on his own, even though it's not his choice. "No man is an island, even though he looks like one," he declares, giving John Donne a good chuckle, I bet. Fred's father used to say "What's a banger without mash? What's a toad without . . . " Shelley stops him there.

Candice is showing Claire around the flat, even though Chesney is asleep in the spare room. Claire leaves and Fizz asks what she was so happy about. Candice announces Claire will be moving in. Fizz is furious. How dare Candice decide this without asking her. Candice points out that Fizz can't even afford her own share of the rent and now Chesney is there. A small red head pops out of the bedroom door but quickly disappears again. Fizz gets Candice's point, but as they argue we see Chesney sneak out, carring the puppy, which is now the size of a small donkey.

In the pub, Mike is telling Penny about sorting out some orders with someone who hated her late husband. The problem is the order is urgent.

Chesney is around at Les's. Les points out he's not Chesney's uncle and there's no point in kidding themselves it's any different. A disappointed Chesney takes his dog, which is rapidly approaching pony-club size and goes.


Shelley and Charlie are chatting. Mike comes over to demand Charlie's help. He needs the factory up and running in two weeks. Charlie says it will really rack up the overtime.

Rita must have been having her hair done and she and Audrey emerge from the salon. Audrey waits to tidy up and Rita heads off towards the Rovers. She meets a boy and a dog the size of a racing stallion. They are off to London to find work. Chesney says Les and Fizz and the others in the street won't be interested in knowing where he has gone, but "them as were gonna put me in care" will want to know. She offers to take him back to the shop to check the bus timetables and to get him something to eat for the journey. Just how she's going to get a dog the size of a giraffe into the shop I do not know.

In the pub, Karen and Janice are joined by Steve. Karen puts her foot on his knee, but Steve isn't amused.

Rita and Chesney and the giant puppy enter the shop. Norris wonders if Rita's made a citizen's arrest. But Rita tells him that Chesney is off to London to find a job so they've popped in for supplied. Chesney puts the dog down near a pile of newspapers (uh oh). She sends Chesney to choose something from a shelf and tells Norris Chesney is running away. Norris admits he never was tempted to run away from home. "That must have been a great disappointment to your mother," Rita says. She leaves Chesney there and goes off to check the time of the buses (code for ringing Fizz).

In the pub, Maria tells Audrey she and Nick have been planning her party. Audrey wants to keep Fred company, but he says he doesn't want company. He is getting philosophical about life, saying women seem to be able to cope better on their own.

Chesney tells Norris he isn't nicking anything. Norris tells him to take plenty of crisps, they're good for a journey. "Explorers always take them up the North Pole." He makes sure Chesney gets change from the note he tenders, because he'll need the money for the bus. We can hear this as we see Rita telling Fizz she'll keep Chesney there for the night. She goes out and tells Chesney he was too late for the last bus, and offers to put him up until the morning. The lad is very skeptical about this offer, but Rita says it's not for him, it's for the puppy. This does the trick. "You're not really going to put him on the bus, are you?" an anxious Norris asks her in an aside. No, she isn't. So what is she going to do? "I've no idea."

The end.

This really was a beautifully crafted episode. I don't know if the two writers, Joe Turner and Stephen Lowe, worked on it together or had extra time to write, but every line worked and it was packed full of gems. As for that Great Dane puppy, it's grown so much that in one scene where Chesney was carrying it, you couldn't see the boy for pup. I can't help wondering if they've switched dogs on us.

Margaret Carr

Wednesday 5 May

Sponsored by Cadburys milk mint chips. Written by Ken Blakeson and directed by Kay Patrick

Fizz and Candice argue about looking after Chesney, when Fizz says that its typical that her mum is not answering her phone and that she's a cow. Candice responds by saying, „well are you surprised, she's not mother Teresaš. Fizz tells Candice that she could have helped out. Candice says that she's not his mother and that Chesney would be looked after well in care. Fizz being sarcastic tells her that she would know all about that.

Fred asks Ashley if he knows a lot about computers, he doesn't. Ashley wonders why he wants a computer when he has not sussed out how to work the calculator. He says that he does not need a calculator as he is fully grounded in Mental Arithmetic's. Fred then says that he was thinking of Josh. Claire says, „He's only twoš. Ashley says that his dad has been talking to people to what you can get over the Internet. Fred does not get what Ashley means. Ashley then says it's not for the likes of your eyes. Fred says he hopes Ashley is not meaning he is going to use it for carnal purposes. Fred replies, if he wanted a female he would side down with one, not in front of a computer screen. Ashley has a big grin on his face.

Norris, in the Kabin is holding Chesney‚s dog talking to Emily. Emily is asking Norris were Rita is and is told at Roy‚s buying Chesney breakfast. Emily thinks that Rita is making a run for her back, Norris does not want to think of that because he can't stand the though of having the dog all day. Rita and Chesney then enter the shop. Norris gives the dog to chesney. Emily asks Chesney if he had a nice breakfast, he says yes as Fizz comes inthe shop. Chesney looks at Rita and says, „you said you wouldn't tell herš. Rita tells Norris to take Chesney to Fred's to get something for the dog. Norris says to Chesney hold on tight to the dog, as he does not want them under the bus, Chesney corrects him and says he will be on it. Fizz looks shocked, Chesney tells her he's going to London, she tells him, „you are notš. Norris takes Chesney out. Fizz asks Rita, „he's not really goingš. Rita says she had to play along with him. They agree that they have to do something. Rita says she is going to have a word with Les.

Mike is talking to Charlie, he wants the factory up and running by Monday. Charlie tells him it will cost you an arm and leg. They come to an agreement.

Kirk opens the door to Rita and invites her in. She sits down and says its about Chesney. Les says its nothing to do with him any more as Cilla walked out. Rita tells him that he can't stay with her. Les says he knows that's it's a problem and does not know what to do. Rita tells him to think fast as she is bringing his round later.

Todd is talking to Karl and he would like to meet him later but he can't as he said to Sarah he would be in all night. Karl says at least you have your priorities right. Todd says you know who I would rather be with. Karl replies that he will have to get some one else to entertain him and tells Todd to have a wonderful evening.

Ashley is placing a box of Claire's on the table in Fizz and Maria's flat asking Claire is this what she wants. Claire says, at least she would-be closer to Ashley but not under his feet all the time. Ashley looks down but Claire tells him that they can still spend some nights together.

Betty is giving Fred his drink and he asks her if he knows any thing about computers, again she doesn't and asks why. He tells her he is thinking about Josh and does not want a smart sales man taking advantage of him. Betty tells him to ask one of these young people, she points to Nick and Maria. Nick says, „ask us what?š. Betty tells them about Fred wanting a computer. Nick replies with, „well it depends on what you want it for?š He says for Josh and accounts. Nick tells him that he probably can get a cheap one. When Fred says, „what about the Internet, I believe that can be quite interestingš. Nick replies saying it depends on what you're looking for. Fred shouts not you as well. He wishes that someone could answer an innocent question without thinking he is some kind of pervert.

Rita, Les and Chesney are talking. Chesney wonders why he is still here. Rita explains that she can't look after him as she is an old lady and has a shop to look after, he then asks if Rita has got his ticket to go to London. Rita explains that he should not run away, as it will not solve anything. Chesney says he doesn't want to go into care. Rita says we'll talk to you're uncle Les about that. Les wonders why him, Rita tells him your all Chesney‚s got, unless you want to see him out in the streets. Les says that's nothing to do with him just because his mum done a runner. Chesney says he doesn't want to be with his mother, as now he would be in care. Les tells him that might be the best thing.

Outside the Rovers stands Candice, Nick, Maria, Katy and Sarah. Candice tells Maria that she invited Sarah and Katy. Maria takes a chip from Candice and is told that's her present in the bin. Todd comes along and also takes a chip. Sarah asks Todd if he's ok to go to Maria's party, he is.

Jason is asking Charlie why they are getting extra men in to finish the job. He tells him that Mike brought the date forward and promises to give him his fair share of the extra money from Mike. Mike just comes around the corner and speaks to Charlie saying that he wants the factory up and running by Friday. They agree more money. Charlie asks for the money tomorrow but Mike gives him half now.

Kirk is going out and Les is shouting saying leave me with all the problems. He does not know what to do and asks Kirk were Chesney is. Kirk replies that he last saw him in the garden with the dog. Kirk leaves. Chesney is taking to himself out the back saying that if they dump him in care he and his dog will go down to London. Les comes quietly out and hears him talking.

Dennis comes in the Rovers and Fred gets him a drink and asks were Lily is. He then asks Dennis, Lily is a few years younger than he is, does that create any problems. He is told I would be lying if I said no but these girls have skills, good in the bedroom and keeps the house tidy. Betty over hears this and asks him where he found Lily. Dennis tells her on the Internet and Betty looks at Fred saying so that's why you want a computer. Fred tells Betty its for Josh and says there's customers wanting serving and she walks off. Dennis tells Fred if he were interested he would tell him how to go about it in a discreet way. He says no and Dennis tells him if you change your mind you know were to come.

At the hospital Katy is telling Karl about Maria's 21st birthday party on Friday and that he can bring a special friend if he wants. He says how do you know I have a special friend and she tells him that's there's a sparkle in his eyes. She asks if its any one she knows. Karl says he's about to get married. She tells him to tell her who it is but Karl says that she would not know him. Katy says she will get a few drinks down him and he may not be so discreet.

Fizz coming in to the Rovers asks Les what they are going to do about Chesney. He says „don't you mean you, as you're his sisterš. Fizz replies that he has been looking after him for a while, that he cant go back in care and definitely not out on the streets. Les's phone rings and he says it may be Cilla as he left a message. He looks disappointed as he says, „Steveš. He then says, „whatš and then sorry to Fizz as he can't help her and leaves. Fred welcomes Lily as she comes in the Rovers. Fred looks at Betty and says the name of the drink that Lily had last time. Lily looks amazed and says, „you rememberedš and says that Fred is a gentlemen and would make some young woman very happy. Betty comes with her drink and Fred says it's on the house as Lily leaves to got to the toilet. Fred says to Dennis that Lily is a lady. He is told there is plenty more.

Les comes in to the Taxi firm saying that he's not supposed to be on, but is told by Steve that its an emergency. A young lad wants to go of to London. Les says that will mean an over night and asks were the lad is. Steve says here and Les looks round to see Chesney sitting in a chair and says is this enough. Les looks sad and says, „yes it is, for youš.

Outside the Rovers Fred is saying bye to Dennis and Lily. He says it's a pity they could not stay for lunch but Dennis says he's watching his waist for the lady.

Les opens the taxis door, out side his house and Chesney shouts that this is not London. Les says „no, but its your home and we cant have you running about down thereš. Chesney realises he can stay. Fizz comes out the Rovers and Les says while me and her are around you will always have a home here. Chesney thanks Les and is told to get fish and chips twice by Les, but he looks at Fizz and says, „no three timesš. Chesney turns round and shouts to Fizz that he can stay and runs off all excited to the chippy.

Amanda Souter

Friday 7 May

Les is a "father" again as Chesney has moved in and so realising that he will be a latchkey kid he gives the lad a key to the front door on a strap which came off Francis Rossi's arm. Doncaster, or maybe Blackpool. Les tells Chesney it is home and then tickles the lad. Janice acknowledges Les's charity with a nod across the street.

Vera and Jack are walking along the Street - he wants some meat, but they have to tighten their belts and he does not like cauliflower cheese that much. Vera observes they would have no problem if he could walk past an ale house without getting a drink and turns round to find she is talking to herself - Jack is in the Rovers.

Maria is 21 and Nick delivers a birthday present in the salon - a butterfly necklace. Candice is a little scathing but Maria seems happy, although Betty is not - no-one is doing her hair. They discuss the party tonight - it appears Nick has not invited anyone and he gets on the case.

Mike is in the Rovers and announces that business restarts the next day. Not on double time, only time and a half for now. On the other side of the Rovers Katy is telling Martin that granddad will be going to Maria's party and will be dancing! At the bar Jack, Mike and Fred discuss women - Mike suggests a cookery test for all women before they get married. Mike tells Charlie that it must be finished for an inspection by a customer that evening. He agrees it will be done. Jack and Tyrone discuss the cauliflower cheese, despite the new kitchen it appears she still cannot cook.

In the flat Maria is upset that no-one is apparently turning up - the ring around is not working no-one is available. However a few minutes later the place appears packed, with most of the younger Street residents present. Claire looks cheerful as she talks to Ashley (so who is looking after Joshua?). Karl talks about his new "friend" who is engaged to someone else - Todd looks extremely worried as Karl talks about his boyfriend looking all lovey dovey with his "current partner" as Sarah asks ever more pressing questions. Karl decides he has said enough (at least for now). Sarah and Katy go and talk to Candice and Karl receives a warning from Todd - although the latter is then told that Karl cannot control his mouth once he has had a few drinks.

Back at the Battersby resident Janice knocks the door. They are officially divorced - so she has popped round with some alcohol for a drink.

At the party Sarah tells Katy she is pregnant, happy and she is not on her own - because she has Todd this time around. Martin and Audrey cannot hear each other speak - until Jack starts a karaoke session. Maria wants Jack chucked out. Tyrone arrives expecting a friendly welcome - but does not get it. And whilst Jack drones on Todd and Karl again exchange words. Todd wants Karl to be his secret and for it to stay that way, so take it easy on the jungle juice.

At the factory Charlie pays off the assistants - when the fuses blow and the place is plunged into darkness. And the Rovers is virtually empty. Fred tells Betty to serve Mike who is getting fed up with Fred's attitude. Steve and Karen have four credit card bills. Without eating for a week they could pay the small one. Steve announces he has changed his mind - he will sell Eileen's house. Karen drags him home to celebrate. Vera comes looking for Jack - and is told he is at the party.

Tim finally arrives at the party as Martin departs - he does not like being around the ex-mil. Katy is upset but does not chase after him and instead presses Karl for information on his "lover". No answer but Karl stares at Todd snogging Sarah. Vera arrives and offers Jack his cold cauliflower cheese.

At the factory Jason suggests turning on the mains - and oddly it all works. However the work is finished and Mike settles up in cash. Charlie and Mike shake hands.

Back at the party Vera and Jack are now duetting on the karaoke. Audrey gets a chance to talk to Tim. He seeks to reassure Audrey that he is not married and she tells him to look after Candice.

Ashley and Claire are having a drink. She needs a pay rise of £50 a week to pay the rent. He looks miffed - after all he was rather expecting her to move in with him. She starts tickling Ashley and he says "Stop it Max". They look at each other as he realises his mistake and Claire runs off to her bedroom. The karaoke continues and Maria decides to leave her own party.

Les and Janice are reviewing their marriage. Janice asks if they can call it history - although some of it was fun. Janice knows if she stays he will try it on - but he says no - he knows it is over.

In the Street Nick has caught up with Maria - the necklace was not the real present - and he hands over a ring and asks her to marry him. She is very happy and says yes.

Ashley is trying to apologise through a closed door. It opens and Claire accepts the apology, kisses him and then she looks around. She sees Maria has gone so brings the party to an end by turning off the karaoke and peace descends. Claire wants to be on her own tonight - Ashley accepts that and departs - as does Tim - he will call Candice. Todd says "bye" to Karl - who wants it done properly, to which Todd responds "get stuffed Karl".

Kirk finds the departing Janice on the doorstep. Les and Janice laugh and Les tells Kirk that Janice still fancies him - a complete reversal of his statement moments before that the relationship was history and he had moved on!

Karl and Katy are chatting and she asks when he will see his friend. Karl is staring after the departing Todd and states that he is seeing him now. And Katy guesses who the secret lover is as a penny drops with a humungous clang!

See you all next week.

K Richard W

Sunday 9 May

We begin with Martin and Katy stepping out of their front door. Katy is holding her mobile phone, waiting for a call from Karl as she has sent him text messages. Martin wants to know why, and jokes that they've had a tiff. Katy is not amused, and tells Martin that it has something to do with what Karl has hinted at, just then her phone rings and she tells Martin she'll catch him up and talk to him later.

Round the corner come Jack and Vera, out to get something to eat because, Vera says, her cooking is not good enough for Jack any more. They walk along bickering, with Jack telling Vera, his little slug-pellet, that they are clamped together for all eternity. They disappear into the cafe for their breakfast.

Katy is talking to Karl on her phone, telling him she needs to see him now, in the cafe.

It's break time in the newly refurbished factory, and Harry is getting everyone to sign a card - but no, no-one is leaving, he wants to get a copy of everyone's handwriting so he will now if anyone writes on the newly painted toilet walls. Mike comes along to talk to them all. He starts by thanking them for their hard work this morning, and tells them the harder they work all day the less likely it is that he will go bust, so they have to carry on. Hayley thanks Mike in return, and Janice agrees, she says he could have taken the money and run, but he didn't, so they will work hard in return. Karen mutters, 'Crawler,' but in the next breath Janice asks for the afternoon off, she's having her plaster taken off. Mike moans, but agrees and walks off. Janice turns to Karen looking smug - 'Crawler? Smoother operator more like!'

Sarah is in the cafe, taking the order from Martin and Katy. Through the door come Todd and Bethany - 'Oh, it's my little dumpling!' calls Sarah, rushing to pick up Bethany. 'I've told you not to call me that in public,' jokes Todd. He sits at the table with Martin and Katy. 'Oi!' yells Vera from across the cafe, 'we're starving here'. Roy tells Sarah to serve her for the benefit of all the customers.

Martin asks Todd if he had a shed load of ale, but Todd says the party didn't go on long enough to get leathered. Katy remarks that Karl managed it, looking directly at Todd. She then proceeds to ask if Todd sees much of Karl at work, and Todd tells her he sees him about as much as he sees Martin. Katy says that Karl has some stories to tell, but Martin interrupts here and says he doesn't want to hear any of Karl's stories before breakfast.

Over at the butcher's, Fred wonders why Ashley has a long face. Ashley tells his dad it's because he accidentally called Claire Max at the party and although she was all right about it, she didn't want him to stay. Fred tells him to go over there and see her, but Ashley is doubtful, he doesn't want to make a big deal out of it. However, Fred persuades him, tells him not to dally, so off he goes.

Back in the cafe Todd tells Bethany it's time they were off, and Martin jumps up too. 'You coming?' he asks Katy, but she tells him she's waiting to see Karl. Just as Martin and Todd get to the door, Karl comes in. Martin tells him to look out, he's in the dog house, and he and Todd go out, Karl goes to sit with Katy, wondering what Martin was on about. Katy tells him that last night he as good as told her he's having an affair with Todd. 'You didn't believe me did ya?' asks Karl, and denies it, telling her she's gullible.

In the factory, Mike's customer is wandering about looking at everything with a worried look on his face. From his office, Mike asks Harry if he's looking worried. 'Who?' asks Harry, 'Paranoid Stanley,' hisses Mike. Harry tells him that anyone with the name Paranoid Stan will always have the weight of the world on his shoulders. Mike tells Harry to scarper, and Stanley comes into the office. Stanley is very worried. He's heard that Mike is going bankrupt, and he's worried that the goods he's ordered will be impounded by the receiver, and if he puts down a deposit on another order he'll lose that too, and then he will be in trouble. Mike protests that he's not going bankrupt, he's sound as a pound. But Stanley has heard that the only reason Mike's still in business is because King's Robes was bankrolling him. Mike tells him that Penny King just employed some of his girls while the factory was being refurbished and is just persuading Stanley to come out for a slap up meal so he can convince him all is well, when Penny just bursts into the office. 'Oh sorry,' she sings, 'didn't see you were busy, just thought I'd take you out to lunch, my treat!' Stanley has heard enough he says he's not placing another order until this one has been received, and he storms off. Mike is furious with Penny. (I have to say - what does she think she's doing, bursting into someone's office when they have a visitor?)

Claire opens her front door to Ashley. She wonders why he's not at work, he tells her he had more important things to do, to see her. She invites him in.

In the cafe, Katy is still questioning Karl. He manages to convice her he was joking. She wants to know why he picked on Todd, and he tells her he's gorgeous, and if she ever hears he's not sure, to send him his way. Sarah comes up and catches the tail end of this conversation, and wants to know who it is they're talking about. Karl thinks quickly and tells her it's the boy with the lisp at the post office. Sarah invites them to join her and Todd at the Rovers later.

Claire and Ashley are talking over Ashley's slip of the tongue. She apologises for the way she reacted, and said she was surprised. So was Ashley, he doesn't want Claire thinking she's second best because of his slip. Claire tells him she knows Maxine will always be his true love, she can live with that. Ashley tells her that when he was with Maxine there was always something in the back of his mind telling him it wouldn't last, and it didn't. He knows that Claire is better for him than Maxine ever was. He tells her he loves her more. They hug.

Fred and his friend Dennis are at the bar in the Rovers, discussing the merits of internet dating. Fred is a bit dubious, but Dennis tells him that romance is changing, he should think of himself as an electronic peacock, fanning his feathers out over the world wide web. That image seems to appeal to Fred. 'I'll do it,' he tells Dennis.

'Ta-daaaa!' Janice walks into the Rovers, on two whole legs! She's on her pins at last. At another table Todd asks Sarah if she wants another drink and as he gets up to get it, in come Katy and Karl. Karl joins Todd at the bar, and Todd asks him what he was playing at last night and wonders if he's said anything to Katy because she was fishing. Karl assures him that no one knows or suspects anything. Eerrrm.....so why is Katy watching every move they make?

Dennis is taking down Fred's particulars, when he gets to weight, Fred tells him to put a line through it, the same for smoke, drink and face shape. He's aghast when Dennis tells him a lot will be covered by the photo. He brightens up however when they come to 'Interests'. Among those on the list are: High quality butchering, and the pursuit of the perfect sausage.

In the hair salon, Audrey is studying the appointments book and remarks that there is not much point in them all being there, maybe she should give one of them the day off. Maria is quick to point out that Candice is needed to wash Vera's hair. The girls then start to bicker about Candice's boyfriend Tim, as Vera comes in. She remarks how there are no other customers and the place must be going downhill. She's only there because she couldn't get in anywhere else. When Audrey calls Candice to shampoo Vera's hair, Candice spits to Maria that she can do it, calls her a cow, and walks off. Vera is shocked.

Back in the Rovers, Fred is trying to decide what his chief qualities are. He asks Shelley, who inquires if this is for the internet dating. Fred immediately glares at Betty, reminding her she was sworn to secrecy. 'Betty and I have no secrets,' Shelley tells him, and Fred demands that they don't tell Ashley. He then asks Shelley again what there is about him that would appeal to the fairer sex. Poor Shelley doesn't seem able to think of anything, and rushes off to serve Roy, even though he hasn't yet made up his mind. Fred and Dennis are just getting back to the form when Ashley and Claire come in. The form is hastily hidden. On hearing that they've got a few minutes before they have to go and pick up Joshua from Doreen and are planning a quick drink, Fred tells them not to be so selfish, he orders them to go, Joshua will be pining.

Todd and Sarah are sitting at a table with Katy and Karl. As Todd and Sarah get up to leave, Karl grasps Todd's arm, thinking that no-one can see. However, Katy has seen, and immediately starts putting two and two together again.

Vera's hair-do is finished, she gives Maria the vast sum of 50p for a tip, and departs, grumbling. Audrey and Maria realise that Candice has been gone a long time, and start to discuss how they think she is being made a fool of by Tim. Just then Candice comes down. She's been on the phone to Tim all this time, and he's agreed to take her out tonight. Candice reckons that's proof he's not married, free to talk for hours on the phone and free to go out at short notice.

Dennis is summing up for Fred. 'You're generous, loving and kind,' he tells him, 'and you're looking for someone kind, loving and beautiful.' 'And near sighted,' quips Betty to Shelley. Dennis departs, telling Fred he'll get it on tonight.

Over at the table, Karl returns from the gents. Katy tells him she saw. After trying to deny it, Karl finally admits it. He tells Katy it's just a bit of fun, and pleads with her not to tell Martin. He tells Katy he will finish it with Todd, but please keep her mouth shut.

And that's all for tonight!

Monday 10 May

Hi everyone, here's the first episode of this evening.

We open in Todd and Sarah's flat, Todd's mobile phone is ringing and Sarah answers it. It's Karl, he's surprised that Sarah has answered it, but she explains that Todd is asleep as he's on nights at the moment. She asks if she can give him a message but Karl tells her it's not important.

At Ashley's house, Fred is going through mountains of photo albums, looking for a photo for Dennis to put on the internet, but when Ashley asks what he's doing he replies that there's no point having photo albums if they're never looked at. As he turns the page we see a photo of a young, slim, good looking Fred with a full head of hair. Claire says he looked very handsome and Fred tells her that Sybil used to say he had a look of Sean Connery in a good light. 'Yes, a light that was out!' quips Ashley. Fred then becomes quite maudlin, saying that life goes so quickly, the time you have left is precious and you have to make the most of it while you still can. Ashley wonders what has brought all this on. Fred jumps up to go and get his breakfast, leaving Ashley looking puzzled.

Over at the Battersby's, Chesney, dressed in school uniform, is on the sofa with Schmeikel. Les comes in and demands to know why Chesney has not yet gone to school. Kirk is at the table, eating his breakfast. He tells Les that Chesney has the day off, it's a teacher's training day. Les asks if they got a letter, and Chesney tells him he lost it. Les then wants to know why he's just seen Sophie Webster waiting at the bus stop in her uniform. Thinking quickly, Chesney tells him that she's a bit thick and they're thinking of moving her down a class. Les is having none of it and tells Chesney to get off to school. The lad comes and stands in front of Les and Kirk. 'What are you waiting for, a goodbye kiss?' asks Les, but Chesney tells him he needs dinner money, a tenner, as he has to pay up front for the week. Les tells a startled Kirk to give it to him, and as he takes it, Chesney asks casually if they are both working today, as he wondered if there will be anyone there when he gets home. Les assures him he'll be home before Chesney gets there.

Katy is in the cafe talking to Sarah, they are discussing Karl's new boyfriend. Sarah wonders who it is, but Katy tells her it doesn't matter because Karl has decided to dump him. Martin comes over and wonders why women are so interested in everyone else's love life.

In the pub Fred, Betty and Shelley are cleaning in preparation for the day's business. There's a knock on the door and Fred tells them that it will be Dennis. Betty wonders drily if he's brought samples with him. 'You can't buy love like you can buy a carpet,' she tells Fred as he goes to open the door. Fred takes Dennis into the back for some privacy, much to Shelley's annoyance, she wanted to earwig. 'Pah,' snorts Betty, 'if they want some comfort in bed they should get a hot water bottle.'

At the Battersby's, Chesney lets himself back into the empty house, takes off his coat and goes to let Schmeikel in from the back yard.

Karl is using the public phone in the hospital, obviously trying to get hold of Todd. Martin comes through the door so Karl hangs up quickly. Martin asks Karl if he's told him yet. Karl looks puzzled, so Martin tells him he's heard he's dumping him. 'Katy's told you?' Karl is amazed. Martin tells him that actually he only caught some of it, Katy was telling Sarah. Karl is even more amazed, but Martin tells him if he will confide in women the whole of Weatherfield will know soon.

Dennis and Fred are in the back room of the Rovers. At Dennis's request for a photo, Fred gives him the one of the young, handsome 20 year old Fred. Dennis tells him he can't give a photo of someone else. Fred explains it was taken 'a few years back, when he was in t'operatics'. 'You had hair!' exclaims Dennis. 'I thought I could tell her I shaved it off,' suggests the hapless Fred. 'And what about the rest?' queries Dennis, 'Shall I say you ate a hearty dinner?' Fred moans that it's all doomed, but Dennis takes the more recent photo of Fred in morning suit complete with top hat. Fred is worried about his size, so Dennis suggests that exercise might be a good idea. 'Exercise? Exercise?' splutters Fred, 'I'd have to starve for a year to get this off!' Dennis tells him it might be a good idea to cut down on the calories, then rushes off to post the photo on the net.

Audrey is in the cafe talking to Sarah, saying how she thinks it's romantic, getting engaged on your 21st. Vera, being nosey, wants to know who she's talking about. Audrey tells her it's Nick and Maria, but tells her she's trying to have a private conversation. Vera retorts that at least they're doing it the right way round, getting married before they have babies......and looks pointedly at Sarah's expanding girth. Sarah tells Audrey she needs to get her wedding outfit, and was thinking of taking Bethany into town that evening to get her bridesmaid's dress. They plan a shopping trip together for later.

Les comes into the cafe for a pie, and spots Janice sitting with the factory girls. He says hi, and remarks that they had a great time the other night. The other girls prick up their ears, so Janice tells them that she and Les just had a couple of cans to celebrate their divorce. Les comments that they get on better now than they ever did, so Fizz offers to babysit so the two of them can go out for a pint together, seeing as Les can't get out so much now he's got Chesney. Janice tries to put Fizz off, but Les jumps at the chance, and all the other girls urge her to go, so in the end she tells Les she doesn't have much choice, and agrees to go for a drink with him.

Todd opens his front door and is shocked to see Karl. He's jumpy about Karl being there, they are opposite the cafe and Sarah might see. Karl can't see the problem, they can be mates having a chat. Todd tries to get Karl to go away, and then Karl tells him it's over.


Inside the flat, Todd is demanding to know why Karl is dumping him. He knows he's been a bit sharp lately, but he didn't want Sarah finding out. Karl tells him it's no big deal, but this is the biggest deal of Todd's life, and Karl is talking about it like it means nothing. Karl tells him it doesn't, now he's bored.

In the butchers, Shelley is buying the meat for the hotpots. Ashley asks her if his dad seems ok to her lately. Shelley looks a bit panic stricken but asks why he's asking. Ashley thinks he's been acting odd lately, and wonders if there's anything on Fred's mind. Shelley says he wouldn't tell her if there was, and suggests Ashley asks Fred himself. She picks up the meat and flees.

In the flat, Karl is giving Todd his reasons for finishing with him, and Todd is pleading for them to go on. He says he loves Karl and without him he'll go under. Karl hugs him,

In Les's front room, Chesney is watching kids tv with Schmeikel, when he suddenly realises the time. He gathers his school bag and coat, and takes the puppy out the back, No sooner has he shut the back door when Les comes in the front door, waltzing round and singing 'Love is in the Air'. He takes Janice's picture out of the drawer and puts it up on the shelf. Chesney comes in the front door, looking for all the world like he's just come home from school. Les asks him if he's had a good day at school and he says he has. Les tells him that as long as he keeps up the good work, Social Services won't be able to touch them.

In the Rovers, Shelley is telling Betty about Ashley's questions. Betty hopes Ashley does ask Fred what he is up to, it might bring him to his senses before it's too late. 'Before he Thai's the knot you mean!' chortles Shelley. Ashley himself walks in then and orders a pint, and up beside him comes Les, done up to the nines in his snakeskin jacket.

Janice is sitting with her friends in the pub. Sonia looks at Les and tells Janice she should have got changed. Karen sniggers, 'It's Les's pulling gear!' Les comes over to the table and says hello, and then turns to the bar to get the drinks. Fizz goes off to look after Chesney, and the other girls leave the table in a hurry, laughing, to play darts. When he comes to the table, Les tells Janice that although Chesney is a great kid, she's no idea what it's like to be stuck in the house with no adult conversation. 'Are you joking?' Janice demands to know, 'I had years of it!' Les tells her he didn't appreciate it then, but he does now, and there are other things he appreciates as well.....(moving closer to Janice). Janice spots Harry just come in and in desperation calls him over. She sends Les off to get Harry a pint, and starts up a conversation with Harry about cleaning products!

Fred comes up behind Ashley, and orders a fizzy water. This is something so strange to Ashley he demands to know what's going on. What with this, and the conversation that morning about time being precious, he is convinced that Fred is ill. Fred reassures him that he's fine, and just wants to stay fit. He reckons if he's sensible there's a lot yet to enjoy.

We then see Fred's friend, Dennis, walking through the market. He approaches a girl who has an oriental look about her. It is obvious that these two are old friends. He shows her Fred's photo and tells her he's longing for love and willing to pay the price. She asks him if he's found them another mug, he tells her he has and they laugh together. Oh no, poor Fred!

In the cafe, Roy and Hayley give Bethany a knickerbocker glory as they talk to Audrey and Sarah about the bridesmaid's dress they are about to go and choose. Sarah is tired and not feeling up to shopping, so Audrey says she will take Bethany and Sarah can go home and rest. Beth then spills ice cream down her front, so as Sarah gets up to go she says she'll send Todd over with a clean top.

In the flat, Karl is walking around clad only in a towel, while Todd pours them both a beer. Todd tells him that Sarah won't be back for ages, she's gone into town. Meanwhile, Sarah is crossing the road and putting her key into the lock on the front door. Todd hears the noise.....'What was that?'

And that's it for this episode!

Anne Logan

Well Margaret is off for a couple of weeks, so you have me with the help of my wife Fiona, who chipped in the odd little bit!!


As Anne left the story Sarah was just about to walk into the door, while Karl was wearing just a bath towel. Todd ushers Karl into another room. Sarah comes in and Todd tries to look relaxed, until he picks up a glass and drops it. Over at the flat above the hairdressers - not quite sure who is living there this week! Kirk is helping out Chesney with his history homework. Fizz is pleased to see Kirk and Chesney getting on well, and helping with the homework. While nobody else is looking Chesney asks Kirk for pocket money. He says that "Uncle" Les told him to ask him for it. Kirk is disappointed that he and Fizz are not alone for the evening.

Sarah tends to Todd's hand, and then goes to lie down. In those few moments Todd bundles Karl out of the day. As one door closes another opens, and out pops Sarah again saying that she has forgotten something.

Katie meets Karl at the bus stop. She asks him if he had let Karl down gently. He indicates that it is all over.

Fizz agrees to look after Chesney overnight, as Les thinks his luck is in with Janice. Katie goes round to Todd's place and is surprised to see Sarah is there. She asks about Karl and drops hints that she has seen him around.

Harry is talking to Janice about toilets [cue: flash in the pan humour]. Les interrupts them. Janice suggests to Harry that he goes to talk to Sonia.

Martin sees Katy talking in the street to Todd. He tells her that they are wanted for a couple of hours at the hospital.

Janice and Les are chatting together in the pub. She is getting a bit "tiddly". He invites her out. She says she is hardly dressed for going out. Les tells her it is for fish and chips! Fred has been trying to get fitting by running. He collapses into the sofa when he gets home. He claims to Ashley and Claire that he is in "fine fettle".. Fred tells Ashley that he is sure that he (Ashley) can manage without him in the shop for a day. Fizz and Kirk are chatting on the couch. Claire is making pancakes. Chesney runs over to get one. Chesney then tries to get some more pocket money from Kirk.

Shelley and Betty ask Fred what he has put down on his internet application. Fred is annoyed another person knows what he is planning. He tells Shelley that he will treat his lady with utmost respect, which is more than her men friends of late have done to her.

Karl and Todd are chatting at the hospital. Todd is still shaking after the recent events. Todd says he is worried about Katie finding out the truth about himself and Todd. He promises to "sort it".

Ashley is very worried about Fred, he has been making strange comments lately. They believe Fred is sorting out his will. Karl meets Katie in the kitchen of the hospital. She then realises that he hasn't finished with Todd after all. He promises he will sort it.

Penny has joined Mike for a drink in the Rovers. She wants him to stay for another pint. However he says he has a lot of work to be done at the factory.

Karl tells Todd that Katie knows about them. Todd is worried, he thinks Katie will start telling people. Les and Janice are walking along the street with fish and chips. She tells Les that she was really sorry that him and Cilla didn't work out. Les lands a big kiss on her.

I'll be back next week.

Martin Rosen

Wednesday 12 May

Cadburys milk mint chip‚s sponsors tonight‚s episode. Written by Mark Wadlow and directed by John Anderson.

Chesney comes in the door and Les asks him why he did not go straight to school from Fizz‚s flat. He tells Les what he could not go to school with out clean under ware and cleaning his teeth. Kirk suggests that they get Chesney an over night bag. Joking Les says or two of every thing. Chesney thinks this is cool and says he will need two game boys, two cd players. Les says „and wears his lord ship planning of stopping tonightš. He is told he will have tea here and then go to Fizz‚s. Les tells Chesney to go to school and then asks Kirk to leave as well as he is having Janice over tonight. Les goes on and says it‚s early days but he can see the signs and says „one thing leads to anotherš. Kirk says it‚s not been that long since Cilla left. Les says Cilla, who‚s that.

Todd is outside Katy‚s house on the phone leaving a message for he to speak to him as she is not answering the door.

Claire and Candice are coming out the flat and Candice is saying that if Tim phones she is not going to go out with him tonight. Claire says good for you and suggests they had a girls night in. Fizz says she up for that and says bye as she meets Janice and Karen. Janice is telling them that she something stupid last nigh and she will tell them at lunch.

Ashley is playing with Josh at the butchers and then gets up as Claire asks for some meat. Ashley says he does not like that but is told is for Fizz and Candice as they are having a girl‚s night in. Claire asks if that‚s all right. Ashley says he just thinks they should spend as much time as they can with his dad. He is told that just because he‚s seeing his solicitor he is not going to pop his clogs. Ashley wants to know why his dad is keeping it so secret.

At the hospital Todd is telling Karl he can‚t stand it and he fells his head is going to explode. Karl tells him to talk to her but Todd says he tried phoning her. Karl says that they can trust Katy but Todd says, „I don‚t know if I can trust youš. Martin comes in the door, as Karl has to go. Todd asks wear Katy is, as he has not seen her lately. Martin tells Todd that Katy is going to his house this afternoon as he told her Sarah was not feeling to good. Martin says bye and Todd rushes to the phone.

At the rovers Janice and Karen are talking. Janice joking says that Les will be waiting outside the factory for her. Bev gives Janice her food as she and Karen go to sit down. Janice says „sex, well we‚re getting on but that does mean I want to get back with himš. Karen says that Les thinks the world of her and then you could do worse. Janice says I could be better and wants Les to come on. Les comes in shouting „taxi for Cooperš. Janice comes up to him and asks if she can come round tonight. She is told that they will not be disturbed and then says see you later.

Katy is felling Sarah‚s baby kicking. Sarah tells her that the baby normally starts kicking at night. She then tells Katy that with Bethany she was scared but this time she‚s go Todd. Katy tells Sarah „are you not a bit young to be settling downš. Sarah says that Todd‚s the one who is going to make her happy, so why wait. Katy asks her if she is sure. Sarah explains that he‚s like her sole mate, he‚ll make a fantastic dad as he is already one. Katy tries to drop the hint about Todd and Karl by saying what if some thing went wrong but Sarah fells sure that Todd is always going to be there for her. Todd comes home early and says it because he has a headache and that he wanted to see Sarah. Sarah to Katy says see I have the perfect man but Katy says no man is perfect.

Chesney eating his tea tells Les that he did not have to make this effort of cleaning the house, having a shower for him. Les tells Chesney just to eat his tea, that the effort is not for him and that he always has a shower. Chesney asks if there is any more dinner for him but is told by Les that the packet said a meal for two and he‚s eat the lot. He then asks for afters. Les tells him to go to his sisters house and gives him a bag with his tooth brush and clean pants. Chesney then ask if he can have some pocket money but Les tells him „outš as Janice arrives. Cheseny rubs his fingers, Les gives him come and then shoves him out the door as fast as he can. Les offers Janice an alcohol drink, but she asks for tea as she wants to keep a clear head.

Sarah is saying bye to Katy. Sarah apologises, as she has to go to the loo but Katy says she will see her self out as Sarah goes. Todd jumps from his set offering to show her out and tells Katy that he thinks they need to chat but she replies that Sarah is the one he needs to chat too.

Sophie comes round to the garage asking for help from her dad. She has a spelling test. He is busy but Tyron offers to help her, as he is finished. They go into the office.

Fizz is telling Kirk that he cant some in as it‚s a girl‚s night in, but Kirk say Les thinks he got a chance with Janice. She lets him in and nearly closes the door on Chesney as he say „Uncle Les wants me out the way, he‚s got a woman overš. Fizz says so much for a girls night in. Chesney sits at Fizz‚s seat asking if he can have some on this as he is starving. Claire asks him, „does your uncle Les never feed youš. Chesney just grins at her.

Les gives Janice her tea asking her if she is sure she goes not want some thing stronger. Janice tells him she has some thing to tell him. Les says he nervous, so is Janice. Les suggest then go up stairs to get ride of the nerves but Janice tells Les that he has the wrong end of the stick. The phone rings, its Claire asking him if he sent Chesney round again with out any tea. Les tells her that he had tea. Claire says sorry to bother you. Les tells Janice what Chesney has just done but she asks Les did you hear what I said before the phone rang. He replies with a sad yes.

Todd and Katy are talking. Todd says I will start with thanks. Katy says for keeping your secret. Todd tells he that he does not know who much she knows, Katy says she knows enough and gives Todd a lecture about Sarah thinks he perfect. She then says that he‚s lying to Sarah and him self.

Janice tells Les its not that she does not like him but it just feels wrong. Les looks shocked, and says what about least night. She tells him that she got carried away. Les thinks it cruel what she‚s doing. Janice says that why she came come round now to sort things out. They talk some more about their marriage. After she asks for that vodka.

At the flat Claire is chasing Chesney, she catches him and asks him why he lied about having two dinners. Chesney puts on a sob story that he‚s making up for the times he did not get fed. „I used to go days, even weeks with out dinnerš. Claire sits Chesney down on the sofa and tells him to think of what he has done wrong. Fizz and Kirk thank Claire from the tea. Claire asks if any one is going to help with the washing up but they leave. Chesney looks at her and implies that he siting thinking.

Katy says it can‚t be easy for him. Todd replies with the he feels he‚s being ripped in two. Katy asks him if he known any of this saw coming. He says that he fancied girls and boys. Katy says that he can‚t Carrie on this was. Todd agrees and says he will do some thing but he needs more time. Katy says she will not stand and wait while he sorts him self out. Then she says you tell Sarah or I will.

Les and Janice are laughing. Janice never wants them to fall out. She is flattered that after all this years that Les still cares for her. They have a toast to friendship and kiss but Les pulls away saying that she‚s messing with his head. Janice goes to leave but Les tells her to stay and they kiss again.

Amanda Souter

Friday 14 May

Normality appears to have returned this week - at least to the number of episodes. I believe we are still short of update writers so if you fancy a go then let me know and I will pass on the word. And the holidays are coming!

Events tonight were written by Stephen Lowe and Directed by John Anderson and remain copyright ITV.

Todd is daydreaming and ignores the door bell ringing - it is Audrey who has popped round to ensure that the wedding will still be a day to remember. She offers to pay for the brides dress and the bridesmaid dresses - not Karen McDonald standard - but some glamour would be nice. Todd also wants everything to be perfect.

Fiz throws her breakfast over the table before checking up on Claire's dinner preparations. Claire is cooking steak diane with a rich sauce. Fiz starts drooling over petit pois and dophin potatoes.

Les and Janice descend the stairs. It appears they have both forgotten why they were upstairs. Sadly the secret isn't - Kirk has spotted them from the kitchen and smiles to himself.

Sally finds out that Tyrone has been helping the new Sophie to spell - turns out that she is scared of asking her mother for help following the Rosie episode. Sally begins to wake up. Later she arrives at the garage to apologise to Tyrone but he is out on a test drive - so she tells Kev to buy him a drink as thanks. She also apologises to Kev - she cannot deny that she has ignored one daughter and driven the other one mad. She realises the daughters are terrified of her.

Fred is exercising again in a new tracksuit - lashed out for a new outfit and not just to give people a laugh. Anyway he promises Ashley he will take it easy.

Todd is trying to ring Karl when Audrey appears from nowhere. She wants it be the best day of a bride's life and give Todd a kiss.

Chesney steals the show. He cannot afford crisps and sweets and so Norris makes him choose. Rita spots him and tells him to keep the crisps under his coat. Fiz arrives and invites him to Claire's dinner before trying to find out what he has hidden under his coat. The crisps fall on the floor and he is accused of being a thief. Rita instantly clears his name and he grabs the crisps and runs whilst Norris demands to know if they are running a shop or soul kitchen. Rita tells him to go and get measured for his Salvation Army uniform and to bring back his tambourine for good measure!

Les is in good mood as he demands the full works from Ciaran. Ciaran spots that Les has obviously had some of the other but cannot get Les to admit who the other party was. Janice arrives and refuses his offer of a drink. Kirk arrives with Fiz and she goes over to ask Janice how was Les's performance. Janice, with a sour face tells her it is supposed to be a secret (oh and Kirk got invited to the flat for Claire's dinner). Janice is not happy.

In the ad break it become clear that Nirab Park's Shed Productions has managed a major player transfer with Tanya moving into centre stage in Bad Girls, next week having run into a spot of trouble in Footballers Wives. (This is almost relevant for Street viewers - who are soon getting a transfer in from Bad Girls - 'Chelle Dockley is on her way!)

In Roy's Rolls Candice is awarded the job of bridesmaid - she just has to sleep with the best man and once Todd arrives Katie recommends that Karl would be better at making a funny speech than Jason. He would add something "different" to the whole event.

Back at the Websters Sophie is trying to spell various words more suitable to a seven year old before being rewarded with dinner (chips and sausages). Sophie got 19 out of 20. Sally immediately wants to know who got 20 when Kev reminds her of her promise. Anyway Sally has volunteered to the school to help with visits to the swimming baths. Sophie looks unimpressed.

Fiz, Chesney and Kirk are waiting for dinner as Claire goes out - she is cooking at Ashley's and is not expecting to come back. Kirk wants to know if she has left their meal in the oven!

Todd and Sarah have another "conversation", but discuss nothing. Sarah wants to know what he and Todd will wear. Anyway Sarah sends Todd out to ask Karl - Katie is coming round. He departs. Katie and Sarah discuss their relationships. Sarah has a completely distorted view of the situation and so gets the usual chance to expound how wonderful life is with Todd, shortly before it falls apart.

Fred gets some news from Dennis - there are pictures to review. Anyway he only wants a cos lettuce and a low calorie dressing. He leaves Ashley and Claire to their Aberdeen Angus.

Todd has caught up with Karl and tries to tell him it is over. Karl is supremely manipulative and tries not to say he loves Todd - he eventually says that he thinks he has a future with Todd. He wants Todd and yes he has changed his mind. Todd's mobile goes - it is Sarah. She wants to know if he has asked Karl. Then the baby kicks. Sarah demands that Todd returns home for a backrub. In fact just come home. He agrees. Todd tells Karl about being best man. Karl says there cannot be a wedding - Todd is gay. Todd tries to explain that he loves Sarah and cannot hurt her - and then there is a baby. He tries to leave. Karl wants to know if Todd feels the same about Sarah and himself when he looks at them. Then Karl says he loves Todd. "Good bye Karl".

But I bet it is not. See you next week.

K Richard W

Sunday 16 May

We start tonight‚s episode with Candice lying on the sofa surrounded by mess. Claire walks in and exclaims about the mess in the flat Ų at this moment Fiz and Kirk walk out of Claire‚s bedroom. Claire has an absolute fit and ends up shouting at both Candice and Fiz for being dirty Ų she demands that they clean the place up. They both refuse and walk out to go to Roy‚s Rolls for Sunday lunch.

Sarah comes out of Bethany‚s bedroom and tells Todd she will be asleep a little longer. Todd is moping about and when Sarah asks him what is wrong and whether it is her fault he tells her that he is confused and scared. Sarah assures him that in two months time when őBilly‚ has arrived it will all be all right. Todd looks sad at the thought of it all.

Dennis visits the market and gets a photo from őOrchid‚ to give to Fred. He describes her as a flower from the East and she retorts back Ų East Manchester.

Fiz and Candice come back to the flat and are delighted to see that Claire has cleaned up until they go into their bedrooms and find that Claire has dumped all the mess in there. Candice gets really cross with Claire but she gives as good as she gets and calls her selfish, inconsiderate and tells them that they treat her like a skivvy. She storms out wishing them a good time while they are cleaning up.

Katy joins Carl and is surprised to hear that Todd has dumped him. Katy promises that she won‚t say a word to Sarah.

Dennis is round at Fred‚s with lots of photos Ų they are just starting to go through them when Claire walks in looking for Ashley. Fred tells her that Ashley is out and tells her where he is so that she will leave. As soon as she goes they look through the photos Ų the top three are older women that don‚t appeal to Fred at all Ų until he comes across the photo of őOrchid‚ and cannot believe his luck Ų she is beautiful he barely whispers and he cannot believe that someone like her would want to contact him.

Fiz and Candice are looking for Claire Ų Fiz is trying to persuade Candice to apologise but Candice is having none of it because she is cross about breaking a nail whilst cleaning up. Fiz heads off to the café but Candice can‚t be bothered to look for her any more and storms back to the flat. Fiz spots Les and Janice coming out of the café together. Fiz starts to wind Janice up about it but Janice insists that they were in there at the same time not together.

Charlie and Shelly are happily talking and flirting at the bar much to Bev's distaste. Sunita and Jack are discussing them but they stop talking to listen to Charlie invite Shelly out on a date for the next night. Shelly accepts but Bev is clearly unhappy Ų excuses herself and walks out to the back room.

Fiz comes back to the flat and is still trying to convince Candice to apologise to Claire and that it is a bit unfair because they are both really messy and it‚s two against one. At this moment Claire walks in and is really upset to see what a mess it has got again. She starts having a go and tells them that if they don‚t start helping out she will move out at the end of the week and then they will be in trouble with their rent. Candice asks if she is threatening her and Claire says yes she is Ų she just needs them to help out.

Dennis is urging Fred to go and see Orchid but he says he cant because of his businesses so he suggests that Fred pays her airfare so she can come and visit him. He says that it will cost him £1,000 for a return ticket and then tells Fred that he will make it happen really quickly because of the Internet.

Ashley and Claire are walking down the road and she suggests Roy‚s because she can‚t face going back to the flat. Sarah comes down the road and is looking for Todd Ų she has been to Eileen‚s but she hasn‚t seen him either.

Over at Eileen‚s Ų Todd is there and Eileen is cross because he made her lie. He explains that he knows his decision is right to have finished with Carl but he feels so guilty.

Bev answers the phone in the Rovers and its Charlie and she tells him that Shelly is too busy to come to the phone. He asks her to tell Shelly that he needs to work late tomorrow and so is postponing the date. Bev gives him a really hard time and looks thwarted when Charlie tells her that he had booked Delphine's for them. He asks her to pass the message on which she promises to do. Betty meanwhile has listened in on the conversation and looks a bit worried at Bev‚s reaction.

Les, Jack and Kirk are at the bar. Kirk is trying to get Les to go and join Janice but he tells him that he can have Janice when he wants her and that she is not the only meal on his menu card.

Fiz is talking to Janice and Janice admits she had a good time with Les but they divorced not long ago for a good reason.

Shelly tells Sunita that she is nervous about going on a date with Charlie. Sunita tries to calm her down and tries to bring Bev into the conversation who just makes snide remarks about Charlie.

Todd is crossing the street when he bumps into Katy. She tells him that she wont say anything to Sarah but he needs to sort stuff out and that he is denying things. He tells her everything will be fine but Katy tells him that Sarah has nothing he wants Ų and he needs to admit to himself that he is gay.

Ashley and Claire are talking about Fred. Ashley is convinced there is something wrong with him and Claire tries to reassure him.

In the pub Dennis comes in and says that he cannot believe it but Orchid was so keen that she arrives at the airport tomorrow evening. Fred is distraught, as he has not managed to lose any weight. Betty comes over and is dismayed when she hears that őThailand Tilly‚ is on the way Ų she warns him that he is going to get hurt. Fred doesn‚t seem to care and tells her that she is a goddess. He looks at the photo again and puts on a puppy dog style look.

That‚s all for this week.

Mary Earlam

Monday 17 May

It's early morning in the Rovers. Bev comes into the bar in her dressing gown but Shelley is already there, getting the place ready for the day's business. She's going out with Charlie in the evening (or so she thinks) and leaving Bev on her own, so she's doing what she can at the start of the day. Bev warns her not to get her hopes up about Charlie, he's not always reliable. Shelley asks if Bev's trying to put her off him, but she says not, and goes off to make a pot of tea.

Over at Ashley's, Fred is tucking into a large cooked breakfast. Ashley is amazed and wonders what has happened to the jogging. Fred has decided he can't undo a lifetime of indulgence so isn't going to try any more, it's too late for all that. Ashley is immediately worried and asks if there's anything he should know about. He's convinced Fred has a health problem. Fred assures him there's nothing wrong with his health, but he has realized that there's nothing he can do to stop what time has done to him, and he has realized that people will have to accept him as he is or not at all. Ashley hugs him and tells him he's just like a big, cuddly, teddy bear.

Over in the flat, Claire is waving a saucepan under the noses of Fizz and Candice. In it are slips of paper with tasks on, she wants them each to pick one. She's fed up with doing all the cleaning up all the time. Reluctantly Fizz and Candice pick. Fizz picks tidying up, Candice has washing up. Candice protests that she can't be tied down to doing the washing up all week, what with 'her Tim's' hours.

In the Webster household, Sophie and Rosie are at the breakfast table, discussing the fact that Sophie does not want Sally to attend her swimming lesson, and Rosie doesn't want Sally to attend her parent's evening. Kevin comes in and they ask him to help put Sally off, but he's not having any of it. Then Sally comes in, rolling up a towel and chases them off to school, telling Kevin he shouldn't be encouraging them.

Charlie and Jason are working. Charlie asks Jason if he'll stay on a bit later that evening and finish off, so that he can rush off and see Shelley. Jason thought Charlie had cancelled all that. Charlie says he did (he phoned and left a message with Bev) but thinks that Sally probably won't be too happy about it and would like to see her. However, Jason has a night in the pub planned and can't be persuaded to help Charlie out.

In the meantime, Shelley, oblivious to Charlie's work situation, is over at Audrey's hair salon booking an appointment to have her hair done in preparation for her big night out. As she goes out, Audrey sings 'love is in the air....' which causes Maria to turn to Candice and ask how things are going with Tim. Candice says everything is fine. Maria asks just how much Candice knows about him and just as an argument is breaking out the phone rings, it's for Candice - and guess who? It's Tim! Maria and Audrey mutter about him only coming round for one thing, and getting it.

Fred walks into the Rovers and orders a scotch. Harry, at the bar, wonders if this is all part of the training. Fred is not amused. Betty asks where the tracksuit and trainers are, and Fred tells her they're in the bottom drawer where they belong. Betty wonders if he's no longer interested in a bit of young stuff. Fred says she can take what she likes, how she likes, slams the money down on the bar and marches out.

Over at the garage, Rosie has turned up with a bacon barm cake for Kevin. It's a bit of bribery to try to get him to talk Sally out of going to the parents evening. It turns out that she was so busy with the acting and singing that she's neglected her school work and she knows her mum will go ballistic. Kevin asks her if she thinks he won't. She says she thought he'd understand. He tells her they are her parents, of course they'll be going to the parents evening, and sends her back to school.

Fred is sitting on the bench in the street, smoking a cigarette and looking pensive. Harry comes along and tells him he was only joking in the pub. Fred tells him to take no notice of him, he's not himself at the moment. Harry says he can see that, and Fred shows him the photo of 'Miss Orchid Pattaya from Thailand'. Harry thinks she's a beauty. Fred tells him he's meeting her that evening at Manchester airport, which is why Betty thinks he's a senile, predatory male. This lady is thirty years younger than him, and she might ask more than he can offer. He wants to be able to woo her properly, and if things develop a certain way he wants to be up to the job. He doesn't know if everything is still in working order. 'Is that all?' asks Harry, 'It's a great deal,' says Fred. Harry tells him to just get himself off to the airport and sweep that lovely young lady off her feet.

In the hair salon, Audrey seems to be doing weird things with Shelley's dry hair (clipping some of it up and combing the rest) and questioning her about her date. Blanche is waiting and getting very impatient, asking how long they are going to be gassing. Audrey asks if she thinks she can't work and talk at the same time. Blanche has better things to do than wait while they discuss Shelley's love life. The girls carry on talking to Shelley, and find out that it's Charlie she's going out with. Maria and Candice reckon he's 'well fit' and Candice says that if she wasn't with her Tim, she'd be in there. Maria looks disgusted at this comment. Audrey then sends Candice to the shop for biscuits to sweeten Blanche up, and tells Maria to put the kettle on. She then decides to go and call a friend of hers who might know more about the elusive Tim. (Never mind the fact that she has a shop full of customers waiting, and one poor woman who had just had her hair washed and was then left while Candice went out for biscuits!)

It's just after 3pm and Ashley has arrived home. Claire is playing with Joshua and Fred is upstairs. He's been up there at least an hour and Claire says he came home with his suit from the dry cleaners and she heard the shower going. Ashley says he'd like to know what's going on. Just then Fred appears, looking very dapper. He tells Ashley he has an appointment to keep and can't talk. Ashley repeats that he thinks Fred is ill, and is going to see a consultant. Fred assures him again that he's not doing anything of the sort, gives them a cheery wave and rushes out. Ashley turns to Claire and tells her he knows Fred is lying, there's something really serious going on.

In the pub, Audrey is telling Fizz and Maria what her friend Renee has told her about Tim. Apparently he has a girl in every shop he visits, up and down Lancashire. Maria is all for rushing off to tell Candice, but Audrey advises her to wait, Candice will have to find out about Tim for herself, although they will have to help her.

Over at the bar, Blanche comments that Shelley has gone to a lot of trouble for a builder, when all he'll want to do is get his big, rough hands all over her! 'Do you mind!' says Shelley, and tells Blanche she has no intention of letting anyone paw her. Bev remarks he's got to get there first, but Shelley says its only six o'clock and there's plenty of time.

At the airport Fred, with rose in buttonhole, and clutching a bouquet of flowers, arrives in a taxi driven by Patrick. He tells Patrick to go and find somewhere to park. Patrick eyes up the flowers and asks who Fred's meeting. 'Just a friend,' Fred tells him and goes into the building, holding up a card with Orchid's name in large letters.

Back at the girls' flat, Candice is watching tv when there's a knock on the door. It's Tim. She demands to know why he didn't tell her he was coming, he says he wanted to surprise her. She asks where he's been, she hasn't seen him for a week. He tells her he's been busy. Candice tells him her mates think she's a mug, and he's seeing someone else. He tells her it's the only thing that keeps him sane, knowing that she's there waiting for him. He sweet talks her, telling her wants to take her places she's never been and buy her things to make her look more pretty and sexy than she does already. (Not much evidence of any of this so far though....they never go anywhere do they?) He tells her everything he's done has been for them. She stops him talking, slips off his jacket and leads him off to her room.

Jason is just finishing work with Charlie. He's off for a shower and then going to the pub. Charlie thanks him for putting himself out, and laughing, he tells Charlie not to work too hard. Charlie carries on working.

At the airport, Dennis and Orchid are getting out of the car. They see Fred a few yards away, holding up his placard. 'The last of the great lovers,' says Dennis. Orchid is aghast when she sees him. 'Ok, so he's not Brad Pitt,' says Dennis. He puts her case on a trolley and tells her to go in and mingle with the crowd until the people on the Bangkok flight come through and then she can go and introduce herself to Fred.

In the Rovers, Shelley is waiting for Charlie and talking to Sunita. Bev remarks that he's late. Shelley says he must have got caught up on a job. Sunita reassures her that he won't stand her up but suggests she ring him. 'No way!' says Shelley.

The Websters have arrived at Rosie's school for parents evening. The first teacher tells them that Rosie would be a real star if she got her mind off her lip gloss and onto her lessons. Sally's face is a picture!

At the airport, Fred is looking worried, when suddenly he hears behind him, 'Mr. Elliot?' He turns and sees the woman of his dreams, Orchid, smiling demurely. He tells her he's overwhelmed, completely overwhelmed.........

And that's it for the first episode!

Ann Logan

Okay on we go .....

Fred and Orchid get into the taxi. (She speaks very good English for someone who has never been away from Thailand.) They go off to Coronation Street.

Sunita tries to cheer Shelley up about Charlie not turning up. She checks with her mum that he hasn't rung. Bev says no.

Harry asks whether Fred is back. He wants to see who is with him.

Jason tells Shelley that Charlie is working late. She is upset, she didn't know.

Fred introduces Orchid to Coronation Street, by describing the property types, and his business (Rovers). He escorts her to his residence!

Patrick, the cab driver comes in and tells to all in the Rovers that Fred has a new girlfriend.

Fred introduces Orchid to the rest of the family, who are speechless. She says she wants to go to the "small young ladies personal room". When she goes through, Ashley says he thought Fred was dying. Fred says he wants to make the most of his life. He wants to get to know her. He is looking for friendship.

Fizz and Maria are looking at Tim's jacket that he left on the sofa. Maria starts going though the jacket pocket and finds a ring. He must be married.

Fred bring Orchid into the Rovers, and makes an announcement to introduce her. He orders champagne. He says that her name means a "rare and precious blossom" Kirk things that she almost has a Lancashire accent. Thinking immediately she says that her teacher was from Lancashire.

Sally and Kevin at the school. Sally says all the teachers say that Rosie "could have done better". Then they meet Mr Cotton in charge of Maths, who says that she is a joy to teach. He says she has a "natural ability". Sally's face lit up when she heard those words!!

Bev suggests to Shelley that she should take the rest of the night off. However, she doesn't want to.

Mike tries to warn Fred that he is on the rebound from Penny, but of course Fred is not listening. Tyrone, Kirk and Jason are all interested in talking to Orchid, while Fred is at the bar.

Charlie comes into the pub as if there is nothing wrong. Shelley starts yelling at him. He says that he left messages with her mother. Shelley, however, doesn't believe him. She would rather believe her mother.

Fred gives Orchid Betty's Hotpot. She says hotpot is good. She offers to cook for Fred. He says she is to enjoy herself, and they will go out for meals. She asks him how many employees he has. He says being an employer is a burden of being so successful. He wonders what use is prosperity if you have nobody to enjoy it with. He wants to share it with someone. Fred looks longingly into her eyes.

Tim and Candice want to join Fizz, Maria and Audrey. Fizz says there is a wedding ring in his jacket pocket. He says that it belongs to his brother. He is taking to a jeweler friend for adjustment. Maria believes him.

Fred asks Orchid if she has seen 'King and I'. He says he has the same haircut as the King. She says she is tired. Fred wants to put her up in the Rovers. However she cannot sleep in a house owned by a man-friend. She says she is going to stay with a niece of a cousin in East Didsbury (somewhere near Manchester!). Betty says she is going home. She tells Bev that Shelley is upset about Charlie. Bev says it is for the best.

Candice wants the girls to apologise to Tim. They think she is a mug. Audrey says when she was much younger she believed what men told her. As Betty goes, she says goodbye to Shelley. Shelley says she is upset. Betty tells her that she overheard Charlie speaking to Bev. Shelley wants to sort her mother out. Betty thinks she shouldn't do anything in haste. She should make it up with Charlie first. As they part Fred tells Orchid he will pick her up in the morning. She is too busy. She will come by taxi cab at 6pm to see him (What has she got to do all day). When Orchid sees Dennis she says that she will have no difficulty in getting money out of Fred. Fred tells Patrick to take him home. (That taxi ride must have cost a fortune seeing that it started in the morning taking him to the airport!).

You will be relieved to know that Margaret should be back in the hot seat next week!

Peter Flint

Wednesday 19 May

Tonight‚s episode was sponsored by Cadburys milk in chips, written by John Stevenson. Directed by Tony Prescott.

Fred is examining his new fitness bike when Ashley questions him on the fact that he though he was giving up on the fight for fitness. Fred says that he has changed his mind and „this is a fitness aid for all the familyš. Ashley explains that Joshua is ok with his three wheeler. Ashley just looks and Fred asks what‚s on his mind. He wants to know how much its costing him with his new lady friend but is told it‚s not his business. They argue and Ashley says that she only interested in his wallet, Fred thinks this is a very curl remark. Ashley just tells him to be careful.

Orchid, Fred‚s new lady friend is at her stall shouting out at the customers trying to get them to buy. Dennis comes round the corner and she greets him. She starts to slag of Fred by saying, „if he tells you a tale, he tells you it twice, I say he tells you it twiceš. She then tells Dennis that she wants to get all she can get off him as soon as possible, so they agree tonight.

Bev tells Shelly she can go for half an hour, as they will not be busy for awhile. Shelly does not reply but soon tells her mother that she has nothing to say to her. Bev then admits to her that Charlie did phone but she forgot to say. Shelley tells her that when she gave Charlie a shouting at, she still didn‚t remember. Bev defends herself by saying it was too late to tell her because she had given him his marching orders. Shelly tells Bev to stop interfering in her life and that she‚s only jealous because Charlie wanted. Mike enters the pub saying that he has not see Fred lately and says he probably with his girl friend. Shelly implies that they‚re through the back.

Fred say to Orchid that she looks very nice, she says she tried for him. Fred goes on and says that he had an uncle who traveled the world and met lots of wonderful looking women but Fred says, „the finest and beautiful woman I have ever met is youš. She admires what Fred says. She then asks what they are going tonight and is told dinning out and then where ever the mood takes us. Fred then brings out a small box. She is delighted and opens it. There is a diamond, she asks Fred to put it on to her blouse.

Candice and Maria are busy in the salon when Tim comes in offering Audrey some new products. She says its late in the day and are about to close. Tim says he was hoping to mix business with pleasure, he wants to take Candice for a drink. Audrey agrees and he starts to show her when a woman comes in shouting „which one of you is it, that is trying to seduce my husbandš. Tim says „Jemmaš and he looks shocked.


Sunita and Shelly are talking when Charlie enters the Rovers, and walks over to the bar and is told by Bev „you‚ve been barredš. He says he‚s just got one thing to say and he is allowed to say it. Charlie tells Shelly he has booked a table for seven, he says he will wait until is closes. He has also booked a taxi for her. It is paid for, she just has to call them. Charlie walks off and Bev thinks he got a nerve. Sunita thinks he‚s making an effort. Shelly does not know what to think.

At the salon Jemma is telling Tim it‚s because of the job he has that all the women are after him. Jemma then starts shouting at every one, Maria smiles and Jemma accuses her. Candice then says its here and it told she is a trollop and to keep her off her Tim. Audrey says Candice did not know. Jemma says „that what they all sayš. Candice then starts shouting being sarcastic says that of course she knew he was married to some boring house wife and they had a good time talking about her in bed. Maria tells Candice to stop it and points out that him in not wearing his wedding ring. She then says, „it will be in his jacket pocketš he keeps it there when he‚s not with her. Jemma tells him they are going home now and Candice is given a big hug by Audrey.

Bev asks Shelly if she was impressed by Charlie‚s performance earlier. She says, „considering last time he was in I gave him a rollickingš. Ashley is given his drink and then asks Mike if he can have a quiet word. They go to sit down and Ashley says its his dad, he wants to know if Mike knows any thing about Orchid, he doesn‚t but knows there he got the idea. He tells Ashley about how they met Dennis at golf and that he had a Thai girlfriend, Mike then asks, „Fred hasn‚t proposedš. Ashley hopes not. Mike laughs and says, „it will be any minute nowš

Fred and Orchid are out at their meal, and Fred says it‚s a special occasion and gets expensive Champagne. Fred thanks her for a wonderful time so far but Orchid says that it should be her thanking Fred. They talk about how they feel about each other, Orchid feels happiness. Fred says that Ashley just wonders why you would want to be my friend. Orchid says Ashley just can‚t see you through my eyes. Charlie enters the restaurant and sits down at a table.

Shelly is putting her make-up on through the back when Bev comes in and asks if she‚s going out to meet Charlie and says that she‚s making a big mistake. A car horn goes off and Shelly tells her mum that‚s the taxi. Bev asks her just to talk to her about it, but is told not to wait up for her.

Fred looks at Charlie and asks Orchid if a man can ever be happy on his own. They talk some more and Fred explains that he needs the company of other people. Shelly enters and walks over to Charlie, who gets up and says, „I was just being to think I was making a fool of my selfš. Shelly asks if Charlie is making a fool of her, he isn‚t. Charlie says he just wants to be with her company. They sit and Shelly says she‚s just insecure these days.

At the Rovers Audrey tells Candice that it could have been worse. She is told to have some sorrow for Jemma, as from the look of her face she did not know what Tim was up to. Candice really though he was the one for her.

Shelly tells Charlie she thought she was going to get a lecture about not working hard from Fred, but instead she got a free drink. Charlie says he had enjoyed tonight. Shelly agrees. Charlie then says it‚s a bit early to say goodnight and offers her to come back to his for a drink. She says ok.

Fred opens the taxi door for Orchid and he says that he has had a wonderful evening and he does not want it to end. He tells her to come to the back room of the Rovers. Dennis is in a car watching them go inside and then picks up his mobile phone. At the back of the Rovers the phone rings and Fred says it‚s for Orchid. On the phone is Dennis and he says its time to tell the story of your poorly dad. Orchid speaks and then gives the phone to Fred and tells him that she has to go home. She starts crying and says she knew this happiness was to good to last.

Amanda Souter

Friday 21 May

Friday night update for activity in the Street, copyright ITV Television, written by Joe Turner, directed by Tony Prescott

We are building towards Sarah's realization that all may not be well with Todd and Fred facing a similar problem.

The staff at the Rovers have identified that Shelley did not come home and has spent the night with Charlie. They are not sure if they should tell Bev - but Ciaran provides a full update and Bev says she could not care less. Bev accuses Ciaran of stirring (only his tea) and he is sent to change the bitter.

Shelley appears around the corner of Charlie's living room. He has spent the night on the sofa and nothing happened for which Shelley thanks him. He goes to make toast.

Martin wants a word with Todd and they go indoors. Martin and Katie want to help out with the baby. Todd appreciates the thought but he is capable of managing and he suggests that Martin should open a saving account. Martin tells Todd he is part of the family and no matter what he is stuck with them.

Ashley tells Fred he is acting daft over Orchid - Fred tells Ashley he knows nothing and he will not have Ashley casting aspersions and storms off not finishing his breakfast. As Claire observes it means only one thing when off your food - it must be love. Over at the Rovers Fred is telling Dennis that Orchid has to go home - and if Fred is to follow he needs load of jabs etc. Fred cannot let her go. Dennis suggests sending money to Thailand for medical care etc as he had done for his wife. Best if you send one large lump sum - say £5k. Fred is a generous and decent man.

Sarah returns to the flat and Todd tells him that he turned down Martin's money. Sarah wants a say and Todd explains that the baby is his responsibility and he will provide. Sarah realises they are going to be poor for the rest of their lives. She asks Todd that if they win the lottery he should hang onto the money. Now they are going to the ante-natal class together.

Betty is buying some meat when Fred pops in to get the cheque book. Fred wants to write a cheque. Ashley is reluctant to hand it over and Betty obviously feels that Fred is being silly. Fred tells Ashley to keep his big nose out if he cannot be happy for him.

In the hairdressers Candice is obviously suffering and Tim turns up with a delivery. Candice allows him a quick word. Audrey wants to kick him out into the street! He is given five minutes. Tim says he is sorry and he is paying the price - he has slept in the car and his wife is going to take him for everything.

Claire tells Fred she is worried about him. He asks how daft she thinks he is. Claire reckons he has reached 7 or 8 out of 10. Fred suggests that sometimes you have to do something daft and Ashley should not worry about it. Tim pours out his heart - he can start again and he really cares out Candice. She gets out some of the shampoo he has just delivered and pours it all over his head and suit - a large bottle. He leaves. Later Audrey congratulates Candice over her stand and now Candice is going to start looking for a decent bloke.

Todd tells Jason about the ante-natal class. Todd is proud of creating a new life. Jason reckons Todd is trapped. Jason may be thick - but there are a million girls out there and he is not going to get tied down in the next million years.

Shelley arrives back and apologises to Bev for being so late. Shelley tries to explain but Bev is not listening. Bev announces she has a date for this evening and is going out. And she gives nothing away - probably better if they do not discuss each other's love lives. Later Charlie chats Shelley up - hopefully Bev's new friend will ease the pressure.

Fred has decided that he needs to share his money with folk he loves. He offers Orchid a cheque for £5000 for medical care. He does not regard it as entirely altruistic - he wants Orchid to stay on longer. Orchid in her broken English refuses the cheque. Fred pleads with her, even though she really wants to get back to her father. Eventually she accepts and will stay a little while longer - her family will be forever grateful.

At the hospital Karl and Todd meet over a patient who has to have an x-ray. They have a conversation over various minor matters and the patient looks back and forth between the two as Karl invites Todd for a drink after work. He refuses. They exchange barbed comments. So they are not mates then? Karl gives up and goes.

K Richard W

Sunday 23 May

Hello everyone

We start tonight‚s episode in Sarah and Todd‚s flat. Todd is looking grumpy and Sarah is wittering on about not having to stay long at her mums. Todd suddenly announces he has to go to the hospital as there is something he has to do.

Claire is trying to tell Ashley not to be so hard on his dad and Orchid and that she might actually be genuine and they might be very happy together. Fred comes down and is decidedly frosty with Ashley Ų Ashley then asks him if he would like to bring Orchid round for lunch so that they can get to know each other better. He says he will ring her and ask her as she is very shy and he is not too ask her lots of questions.

Todd arrives at Carl‚s door. Todd tells Carl that he has not been able to sleep. He says that he was ok until they saw each other yesterday. Carl tells him he wasn‚t all right. Todd then says that he is meant to be going round to Gail‚s for lunch and all that will be talked about his baby‚s and weddings and he cant face it. Carl offers him a coffee.

Shelly is giving Bev the third degree about her date and she is being coy and says that she doesn‚t want to tell them about it as she wants to jeep her private life private. Shelly then decides that he must be married Ų Bev denies this. Shelly tells her that she is interested because she is her mother Ų Bev snipes at her and tells her that she has no idea what her needs and desires are and she walks out of the room. Betty advises Shelly to stop asking Bev about her date and then she will tell her.

Todd tells Carl that he thought he had a choice but its not easy. What he really wants is to be with Carl and he as no one to turn to. He suggests that he marries Sarah but keeps Carl as his boyfriend on the side.

Back in Coronation Street Ų Tracy is putting Amy in her pram Ų Blanche is quizzing her about where she is going Ų she tells her Amy is going out for the day Ų the door bell rings and its Roy and Hayley. Tracy tells them she wants her back at 2.30 Ų Blanche is aghast. When Roy and Hayley are gone Blanche tells Tracy that she is stupid because she reckons Roy and Hayley might run off with Amy. Tracy says that she will take that chance.

Orchid arrives at Ashley‚s house Ų everyone is busying around Ų she sits awkwardly on the sofa and grimaces when Fred starts talking about horseradish sauce.

Todd is still trying to plead to Carl. Carl tells him that he will not be his bit on the side and it is unfair that he thinks he is that sort of person. He orders him out of his flat.

Todd arrives at Gail‚s a little late and apologises. Gail says that is fine but Sarah is clearly not happy. Audrey and Gail make an announcement that they would like to pay for the wedding and suggest that they get married in church. They keep saying they don‚t want to push anything on them but suggest that they go and look at the Church Ų St Christopher‚s after dinner. Sarah agrees that that will be nice Ų Todd grimaces.

Ken and Deirdre go into the pub for a drink before going round to Blanches for lunch. Bev is serving them and they ask her what film she went to see the night before. Bev vehemently denies going to the cinema Ų but all this is in the earshot of Shelly. Charlie walks in and asks Shelly out later Ų she swaps her shift with Ciaran and then agrees to go out. She then goes to see Ken and Deirdre and asks them about seeing Bev. They say it was definitely Bev they saw and she was on her own.

Ashley starts questioning Orchid about her life in Thailand and keeps being interrupted by Fred. Ashley keeps going and his questions get more intrusive and Orchid looks very uncomfortable.

In St Christopher‚s Gail, Audrey, Sarah, Todd and Bethany are looking around the church. The vicar comes up to say hello. Sarah introduces herself to him and Audrey explains that they are thinking of getting married there. They are chatting about the wedding and excluding Todd. Eventually Gail introduces him. The vicar goes off to get a booklet.

Fred has had enough and he and Orchid are leaving. He announces what a sad day it is that they have a guest round and drive her out of the house. As soon as they leave Ashley expects to be told off by Claire but she just advises him that he could have been more diplomatic with his questions. He tries to explain that he is trying to look out for his dad and doesn‚t want him to make a fool of himself. Claire thinks that Fred knows this already which is why he is trying so hard.

Over in the Rovers Shelly goes through her mums jacket and finds a cinema ticket for one. Betty advises her to say nothing. Shelly then cancels her date with Charlie as she wants to spend some time with her mum. Charlie is far from impressed.

Blanche is looking at her watch Ų its 2.40 Ų they are ten minutes late back with Amy. She takes it upon herself to go and look for her Ų while Deirdre, Ken and Tracy try and tell her not to but she is having none of it Ų puts her coat on and marches out of the house with Tracy in tow.

Sarah, Todd and Bethany leave Gail‚s Ų Todd is őMr Angry‚ and Sarah tells him that she knows he isn‚t happy but not to take it out on them. They bump into Roy and Hayley who are crossing the road. Blanche and Tracy meet Roy and Hayley who apologise for being late Ų they had to change Amy‚s nappy at the last minute. Once they have gone Blanche tells Tracy that she is putting Amy at risk Ų Tracy defies this and says that there is no risk and she will continue to ask them to baby sit.

Todd is sitting at the kitchen table with his eyes closed. Sarah has put Bethany to bed and comes to talk to Todd. She asks what his mood is about Ų őis it the church?‚ Ų Todd laughs nastily and tell her she doesn‚t want to know. She says that she does as she is getting fed up with his moods Ų őis it the wedding?‚ Todd replies and says that he doesn‚t want to get married and the reason is „I‚m Gay and now you knowš. The credits roll and we see Sarah in the background Ų still, silent and shocked looking ∑..

Roll on tomorrow

Mary Earlam

Monday 24 May

Tonight‚s episode was sponsored by Cadburys great things to do and written by Jonathan Harvey. Directed by Ian Bevitt.

First part of tonight

Sarah is in denial of Todd‚s confession that he is gay. She insists it‚s just a phase and will pass. She then asks him if he‚s seen a guy he like‚s. Sarah reassures him that every guy goes through this as she‚s read about it. Then she thinks it‚s because she has put on weight. Todd says, „it‚s Karl, I think I‚m in love with himš. It then hits her and she asks what he had done with Karl. „Everythingš Todd tells her. Sarah then walks to the bedroom crying.

Les has just stood in a puddle and says, „that flaming dogš. He then implies that it‚s like the Osbourne‚s. Chesney says that the dog has to do it some wear. He starts shouting and tells Chesney to take the dog outside. Les tells Chesney that how would he like it if the dog did it in his house but Chesney says, „this is my house „. Les says t at the dog will have to go.

At the Rovers Fred talks about his Sunday lunch to the barmaids and says that it was the worse because Ashley question Orchid. Shelly, Betty and Bev start talking about her and says how goods her English, Fred is not amused and Harry asks him how much he knows about Orchid, he says enough and knows that she wound not laugh at him like they are. He says they are jealous because he has poetry inside him and they don‚t.

Sarah is on the bedroom floor hugging a pillow when she thinks that they might have done it in their bed. She throws the pillow and then questions Todd about it, he has. She asks now long it‚s bean going on and starts hitting him, as he does not answer. He throws her on the sofa and really shouts at her. He says that its been going on for weeks and he enjoyed every minutes, although he does not really mean this as then he tells Sarah „ is that what you wanted to hear?š.

Outside Chesney dog is making a noise and Norris and Emily are not happy. Norris implies that he has a way with dogs. Emily reminds his about Mr Woo. Rita‚s dog that he accidentally killed. Norris talks and tells the dog to be quiet and he will make him caption of the quiet puppy patrol.

Dennis enters the Rovers. Fred tells him that Orchid was upset last night. Dennis knows because of Lilly. Fred explains it‚s a wrong do.

At the Kabin Sally tells Rita about her dream of Rosie being the youngest person able to read maths at Oxford. Mike walks over and tells Sally if she‚s serious about this then send her to Oak Hill. Rita says that they are snotty but Sally is very interested.

Sarah and Todd have calmed down and she asks if any one else knows, he says Eileen. Sarah calls him a mum‚s boy and then says to think I was going to marry you. They would all be laughing at her, but Todd tells her, „noš. Sarah then thinks that Nick tried to tell her and she wished she listened to him.

Dennis tells him to buy her something nice like jewellry. He looks at Shelly and asks about her necklace, he is told it‚s a choker. Harry is looking very suspicious at Fred and Dennis. Dennis leaves who is followed very closely by Harry. Dennis leaves in his car and Harry follows.

Todd tells Sarah that he did not jump straight into bed with him, but she does not want to know. She says that when Todd was in bed with him and secretly seeing him, did he give a second though to her. Sarah asks him when did he know he was a gay as they sat in this room weeks ago and she asks him, he does not know. She then says what do I tell our son that he out with his bloke. He then says stuff stared to happen when he kissed Nick. Beth comes out with a picture she has done of Sarah, Todd and her.

Kirk is out with the dog holding a brick when Norris tells him he will phone the RSPCA because he thinks he is threatening the dog with it. Karl says he‚s being educational and takes the dog away. Emily comes out and thanks him because its now silent.

Kevin is helping Rosie with her maths. Sally come in. She has been at the library getting books. She tells them about Oak Hill and shows them a league table of schools and Oak Hill is at the top. Rosie does not seam to keen to go.

Dennis and Orchid talk. She say that she does not know how long she can keep it up as Fred son gave her a right going over. Harry is behind them and listening. Dennis say to her that he things Fred is going to buy her a choker. She says she always wanted a Russian wedding ring, Dennis say just drop the hint to him.

Sarah is packing her bags and being sarcastic tells Todd she is reorganizing her cupboard. She then goes to leave but Todd begs her to stay. She says she wants nothing to do with him any more. Todd says he wants to be with her and he loves her. She explains that he wants to go out and have a good time but she with be stuck in with Beth and the new baby. She grabs Beth and walks out.

Amanda Souter

Sarah is walking tearfully along the street.

Orchid arrives in a taxi and is called by Fred.

Sarah knocks on Gail's door. Todd is crying alone in the flat. Sarah is crying into her mother's arms. Gail sends David round to his brother Nick.

Norris tells Les that the dog is giving Mrs Bishop a migraine.

Harry tells Betty what he saw at the market. He notes that Orchid has picked up a Manchester accent very quickly!

Fred asks Ashley to apologise to Orchid, which he does. Then Fred sends him and Claire out so he can spend "quality time" with Orchid.

Sarah, crying tries to explain to her mum what has happened. Gail is very sympathetic. Sarah, says she is carrying Todd's baby, but he is gay. Gail looks astonished and can't believe it.

Kevin is trying to make Sally see sense. He says Sophie is good at sums, but Sally won't hear anything about it - she is as good at maths she insists.

Gail tries to reason with Sarah that it maybe a phase that Todd is going through. "No", she says, she is the phase. She says they even did "it" in "our bed", on "our sheets". Gail says it is disgusting. Gail asks who it is. Sarah tells her that it is Karl, a guy at the hospital who is friends with Martin & Katie. Sarah says she invited him into her home. She bought him a birthday card. Gail is very sympathetic. Then Sarah tells her how he kissed Nick. Gail didn't know anything about it. Gail wonders why nobody told her. Sarah says she begged him not to say anything. Gail says she didn't see this coming. Sarah says he didn't know how long he had realised he was gay. Sarah thinks he must have known for ages. Sarah tells her mum how they started going out together, and how he never rushed her to go to bed together. However then he rushed her to move in, and get pregnant and get married. Then Sarah tells Gail how Eileen knew that he was gay. Gail says she can't wait to get her hands on Eileen. Meanwhile Todd goes round to his mother to tell her that he has told Sarah.

Gail says she is going to get dressed and go round to Eileen's. She looked down her nose at Sarah, but now she is going to give her a piece of her mind. Sarah begs her not to go. She wants her mother to comfort her. She thinks going storming over the road to Eileen will make matters worse. Gail promises everything will be all right. She can move back in.

Eileen asks Todd what he is going to do about the baby. He hasn't changed he says. He still wants the baby. Eileen asks how Sarah took the news. Todd says she stormed out. Eileen decides to keep out of Gail's way.

Ashley and Claire arrive in the pub. They decide to leave him to it. That is until Harry tells them that ..... Betty buts in that she sells socks in the market.

Back at home, Fred tells Orchid that he has lost his heart to an oriental beauty. Then he proposes to her. She just says yes, when her taxi comes, and she must go!

Kirk is walking the dog and it "sprays" Patrick's taxi. Kirk apologises and says it will wash off. Patrick is not pleased.

Gail is back on the warpath. She says her family are always the victims. She goes over the road in her dressing gown. Todd, who has been looking out of the window, tells his mum not to answer the door.

Sally is still trying to persuade Kevin that Sophie would be best at the new school. Kevin's attention is drawn to the shouting in the street. It is Gail at Eileen's door.

While Gail is shouting Fred is walking Orchid to the taxi.

Eileen answers the door, and suggests that Gail goes home has a cup of tea and get dressed to calm down. Gail is not having anything to do with that, she starts yelling, and saying how Eileen supported him knowing what she did. Even at church he didn't say anything. Todd comes out and says it won't happen again. He admits he did "it" in their bed. Gail and Eileen start a real slanging match in the street, pulling at each other, when Eileen slaps Gail's face. In return Gail pulls Eileen's hair. They fall to the ground fighting. Todd pulls his mother off Gail. Jason and Charlie walk by and ask what is happening. Gail yells and tells them. She warns Todd to keep away from all of her family. Jason asks Todd if it is true. They stare at each and Jason refuses to go in to the house. The whole street are party to what is happening, including a number of extras!

This must be one of the most exciting episodes I have seen for a long time. Up to the old Coronation Street traditions.

To conclude tonight's trilogy of episodes, here is Anne.

Martin Rosen

Here's the third and last episode of Monday evening. Not sure what has happened to Amanda's report of Episode 1.

We open in the Grimshaw living room, where Todd is lying on the sofa. Eileen tells him she's phoned his boss to say he's not coming in, and she's going to the taxi office to tell Steve she won't be working. Todd tells her she can go to work, he's not ill. She says she wants to be around to protect him from psychos like Gail Platt. She also wishes he'd told her the extent of his involvement with Karl. Todd says he would never have told her, she's his mum. Jason appears in the doorway and Eileen has a go at him, telling him it's not a hotel and he should tell her if he's stopping out. She storms out, and Todd tells Jason that stopping out because of him was pathetic, he can't catch 'gay'. Jason walks off in disgust, leaving Todd calling after him.

Over at the Platt residence, Gail is demanding to know why Nick didn't tell her what he knew ages ago. Nick tells her she'd have made things worse, she always does. Gail, Nick, Martin and Audrey all voice their opinions, while Sarah sits huddled on the sofa with her hand over her eyes, and David reckons they should kick Todd's head in. Then Sarah shouts at them all to shut up, and leaps off the sofa.

In the taxi office, Les reckons it's his back to the wall when he sees Todd, they can call him prejudiced. Patrick and Steve say in unison, 'You're prejudiced!' Les is just stating loudly that he doesn't like pansies, when Eileen walks in behind him. She is not amused, and tells Les he's not brave enough to be gay. She tells him he's a scummy piece of flotsam, tells Steve she's taking the day off, and storms out.

In the butcher's, Ashley and Claire are discussing the predicament with Fred, and wondering how to get him to see what Orchid and Dennis are up to. Ashley assures Claire that he'll be gentle with his dad. Fred comes in then, warbling love songs loudly. He tells them that he has good news to impart, and wants the three of them (Joshua is included) to be the first to hear it. Ashley, guessing what's coming, exclaims, 'Not again!' Fred confirms that he has asked the lovely Orchid to marry him. Ashley is furious and can't contain himself. He shouts at Fred, telling him Orchid is a con merchant. Fred is furious and marches out of the shop. Claire remarks to Ashley that it's a good job he knows how to handle Fred.

Todd and Eileen are standing in the street discussing Jason's behaviour towards Todd since he heard about Todd being gay. Eileen tells Todd to give Jason time, he'll be ok when he gets his head round it, in his own Jason-like way. At that moment Charlie's truck goes by, with Jason in the passenger seat. He ignores Todd and Eileen on the kerbside, although Charlie hoots the horn.

Fred is sitting scowling at the table in the back room of the Rovers. Ashley and Claire tiptoe in, and they both apologise. Fred tells Claire she didn't say anything, it was 'big-gob' Ashley, casting aspersions. Ashley says that they didn't give Orchid a proper chance, and they would like to start over. Fred says if they are willing to banish suspicion from their bosoms, and give that beautiful and fair lass a fighting chance, he will forget all about it. Ashley tells him he's arranged for Fred to meet someone who can make bridesmaids dresses and will drive him. Fred is delighted and agrees to go.

Gail has just returned to the Platt household, after taking Bethany to nursery. Sarah asks if she's told the nursery people not to let Todd collect her. Gail says she has. Katy has arrived to see how Sarah is, she's heard from Martin what has happened. Sarah wonders if everyone is saying what a pillock she is. They talk about Karl, Martin says he was just someone at work, it was Katy who liked him. Katy looks decidedly uncomfortable and says that he was just all right to talk to.

Chesney (having bunked off school) is in Les's back yard, playing with Schmeichel. Norris, on the other side of the wall, has taken Emily's steps so that he can peer over and see what's going on. Chesney though, hears him coming and runs inside with the puppy.

Fred and Ashley are walking through the market, supposedly looking for the fabric stall. Suddenly they stop, hearing the dulcet tones of Stacey, aka Orchid, in full flow with her market banter, trying to persuade people to buy the saucy underwear she's selling. Fred stares in disbelief, and then sees Dennis bring Stacey a meat an' tater pie. Fred staggers away.


After the break we see Fred stagger and clutch at a post, head down, gasping for breath. Then he recovers himself and rushes off towards the stall where Stacey is touting her wares. 'Dad!' shouts Ashley, running after him. Fred reaches the stall and tells people, 'Don't buy owt from 'ere, they're fraudsters the pair of 'em!' Customers scurry away, looking embarrassed. Dennis appears and tells Fred not to get excited, they can explain, 'Can't we Orchid,' he adds. Fred tells him not to give him that 'Orchid' rubbish, and tells Stacey he'd like to hear the explanation. Stacey looks suitably abashed.

Chesney is playing with Schmeichel's ears on the sofa, then decides he'll train the puppy as a sniffer dog and goes to look for some flour. Norris peers through the window, his suspicions were correct.

In the market, Fred is continuing his dressing down of Dennis and Stacey. Dennis pretended to be his friend, he bet's Dennis isn't even married to Lily. Dennis protests that he is indeed married to Lily and Fred has got the wrong end of the stick. Fred is having none of it. 'You've never been near Thailand, have you?' he asks Lily, 'No,' she tells him, 'You're from round here,' she admits that she is. But she tells him it wasn't meant to be like this. 'How was it meant to be?' asks Fred, and tells them they would have stripped him like a load of locusts. He tells them he's calling the police. Dennis pleads with him not to, and tells him to think of the publicity and his standing in the community. Even Ashley seems a little shocked at this proposition. Stacey pleads with Fred too, not to call the police, she says she hated doing that to him, and she likes him, he's a nice man. Fred is disgusted by this and tells her that if she'd been honest and sincere she'd have wanted for nowt. But she's nothing but a common tart and Dennis a pimp and he wants to see neither hide nor hair of either of them again. Fred marches off, Dennis starts to laugh and Stacey slaps his face, telling him to get lost. Walking back through the market, Ashley has his arm round his dad. Fred is muttering that he's a potty, gormless, old fool.

At the garage, Kevin, Tommy and Tyrone have stopped for a cup of tea. Sally comes along, clutching the accounts book to her chest. She looks pleased with herself. She tells Kevin that the first thing she's found out, looking through the books, is that he's overstaffed. He doesn't make any more money by employing two people. Kevin protests that they do a load more work with Tommy there, but Sally doesn't agree.

Les is about to let himself in his front door when he is accosted by Norris and Emily. They tell him that Chesney has been skipping school to stay at home with the puppy. Les is having none of it, he says he saw him off to school at half past eight that morning, and as far as he's concerned, he's still there. He tells them to clear off. Les goes indoors and shouts for Chesney, he knows he's in there, but Chesney is well hidden. Then Les spots the tell-tale trail of flour leading to the cupboard under the stairs, and knocks on the door. It opens, and there is Chesney, with the puppy in one hand and a torch in the other. Les is exasperated, he tells Chesney the Social Services will come and take him in the dead of night. Les decides that Schmeichel has to go, he'll get Kirk to take him to the kennels tomorrow. Chesney is understandably upset. 'No, he's my dog,' he whinges.

Katy is taking her leave of Sarah as Audrey arrives. Sarah is down in the dumps. She points out that she's going to be a single parent with two kids with different fathers, at the age of 17. It sounds like a slapper. Gail then tells Sarah she thinks she should have an HIV test. Sarah is devastated, and gets up, saying she's going to go and pick up Beth. She starts to cry, saying that Gail was right and she doesn't want to be pregnant. She goes off out of the door, to get Bethany from nursery.

Over at Eileen's, Todd is anguishing over Sarah's apparent hatred of him. He says he just wants to be a father to the baby and wants her to know this. He says Sarah needs to know it's not personal, and he goes off out to tell her, despite Eileen calling after him.

Out in the street he meets Sarah, and tries to talk to her. She turns away from him and he runs after her, grabbing at her arm. This is spotted by Nick and David on the other side of the street, and they rush over, Nick pushes Todd away from Sarah and they start to argue. Todd then punches Nick and a fight breaks out. Nick punches Todd and Jason runs over and pulls Nick off and punches him. Nick falls back on the ground with a bloody nose.

Todd thanks Jason for what he did, but Jason tells him that the only reason he hit him was because if he hit Todd he wouldn't be able to stop himself. As far as Jason's concerned, Todd is a dirty queer and he doesn't want him near him or their house again. He walks off, and Todd looks round to see grim stares from Audrey, Gail and Nick, and David smirking.

And that's it until Friday now, everybody! How will we last that long?

Ann Logan

Wednesday 26 May

No episode tonight

Friday 28 May

Two episodes again tonight and next week there will be a total of seven episodes - so we do need more updaters, volunteers welcomed.

Written by Carmel Morgan and Daran Little and directed by Ian Bevitt

Jason tells his mother that Todd is now a 'Stender, sorry, Bender and they don't have to like it. She tells Jason they should support him. Todd is over at the flat and realises what he has lost. Later Candice gives Jason a real tearing off for supporting Todd - although Jason now is upset about what he gets up to - he no longer has a brother and Candice hugs him. Eileen arrives at the cab office in a state and brings Steve up to date - it must be her fault, no father, lots of strange uncles. And both sons were dragged up, no books in the house. Steve seeks to re-assure her. She knows that Todd is going to have a difficult life - jokes behind his back, getting beaten up and all of the affection can only be in private. Steve says Todd will cope.

At the Platts, David voices a lot of sense. Audrey tries to re-assure Sarah that she will love the baby when it is borne, even if the relationship was a sick joke. Later Martin and Gail help Sarah clear the flat as she is moving home. Todd appears and wants to talk to Sarah. Sarah does not want to talk - it was all one big lie. Martin tells him that Sarah was an "experiment" whilst he decides if he was "Arthur or Martha" and then throws Todd out of the flat.

Fred is admitting that he was wrong to Claire and Ashley. He is not the first to fall for Orchid - she took his money under false pretences. Dennis is as bad. Fred says they can keep the money. Later in the Rovers Fred apologises and thanks Harry for his help as Inspector Flagg. Fred asks for it to be kept secret. Fred then upbraids Mike for introducing Dennis and Stacy to him. Mike admits that he helped him get into the golf club.

Les is trying to ensure that Chesney goes to school - all day, five days a week. Schmeichel is off to the kennels to live. Doris (Norris) is making life too difficult. Going to school is for Chesney's own benefit. Fiz and Kirk take the dog to the kennels and Chesney is told that it is for his own good. Later Norris and Chesney exchange words over the dog when Janice comes past and she supports Chesney and everyone agrees that Les is doing a grand job - except that Chesney is not going to school.

At the market Fred and "Inspector Flagg, with friends in CID" meet Dennis - they are all looking for Stacy. £6488 Fred is out of pocket and it appears that Stacy has fled the country. Fred is tempted to go to the cop shop - but they get a few hundred quid from Dennis. Fred will be telling the golf club chairman. Either he hands in his resignation or Fred will go to the police. Dennis does not look to upset as he gets out another wallet and finds a note to buy a coffee.

Eileen and Todd clear the flat - Todd asks if Jason can take it easy and Eileen points out that they are still coming to terms with Todd's change in direction. When they wander up the Street with several boxes they meet Jason who says that Todd always gets what he wants and if Todd is moving back then he is moving out. Jason can kip at Charlie's as he tells Candice.

Les tells Janice about Chesney. Leanne was a thieving beggar and Toyota was fairly noisy. Les has a go at Doris. Norris wants him to go to school - but he was not at school and there will be anarchy in the streets. Norris promises to contact social services if Chesney does not go to school. Later Janice visits Chesney and tries to talk him into going to school - if he works hard and makes his mother proud of him by getting a big house he can have lots of dogs - so he will go to school every day

Back over at the Platts Bethany is making a real mess, who wants Todd - which she repeats several times. This upsets David who goes out and sprays "Quee" over the front door. Candice and Jason have their say. Eileen makes a public announcement that her son is a real man - he has faced up to his feelings and she is proud of her son. But as she later repeats privately - it is going to take time to get used to the idea.

However Jason makes his feelings clear to Sarah - he really had no idea that Todd was gay and Sarah says she really hates him. Jason then walks past Todd and will not acknowledge him. Sarah goes to the church but not to confirm the wedding date. She tells the vicar that Todd is gay and that the wedding is off - he gets her to stop and talk. She thought they would be together forever (in a soap?). Wise words from the vicar matching the break up with a death - but as Sarah says he will be just across the road and she will have Billy. She does not know how she will cope. The vicar is sorry for both of them - and he will not judge Todd and he urges Sarah to forgive Todd - but he has ruined everything and she hates and will always hate him and hopes he rots in hell.

Les and Chesney are watching the racing when the door bell goes - so Les passes the can of beer to Chesney and opens the door to social services - who have had some difficulty tracking him down. They try to pretend that Cilla has gone on holiday without him - in fact to Africa - she has gone to help feed children. Naturally social services do not believe Cilla to be charitable. Les goes to make some tea and admits that Cilla has packed and departed. Chesney and social services talk about him not going to school. Anyway he got a good breakfast and the woman extracts information about the house and residents. Chesney makes it clear that he is happy and is being well looked after - it is the best place he has ever lived and his sister is close by - he really wants to stay. Social services woman eventually departs - saying she will have to look into the situation - but Chesney does not want to go back into care and Les promises he will not be taken away (sadly Cilla will come back).

Jason has come for his stuff and Todd insists on talking to him. Todd tells Jason to hit him and in frustration hits the door. Eileen is sent away and Jason is asked to listen. Todd tells him he has been fighting it for ages because he was scared of what people would think. Todd did not want to break Sarah's heart or for the attention - he had tried hard to make it work, especially with a baby and a wedding. Todd does not want to lose Jason - he wants uncle Jason to help him. Todd has changed - he is not hiding away, he has got through the last week and he reminds Jason how he looked after Todd when they were much younger. Big brother always looked after him. And Todd is still his brother. Jason shakes his head - Todd is not his brother. Jason is hurt and worried. Todd tells Jason about fancying Nick - and Jason recalls the story. There was no-one before Nick - but now there is someone at work - which made Todd sure that he likes blokes. Jason does not want to know - it is disgusting. Jason is worried about his mates. Todd cannot pretend any more and he does not want Jason to hate him. Jason thought he knew everything about his brother - Todd should have told him. Todd needs his big brother more than ever and he asks him not to move out. Todd offers to sleep on the sofa - Jason agrees to stay for Eileen's sake.

Back at the Platts Gail and Sarah discuss the visit to the vicar and then Bethany asks if they are gong home. Apparently Bethany has been asking about her "daddy" Todd all morning. And then Sarah realises that Todd can explain.

Jason and Todd are reconciled when Sarah arrives with Bethany - Sarah wants Todd to explain to Beth about what is going on. Todd cannot do it - he does not know where to start. She asks Todd to say good bye - Sarah decides that Todd has lost all rights to see Beth - he is nothing to both Sarah and the baby and he will have nothing to do with her. Sarah wants Todd to hurt like she is hurting. Todd realises all that he has lost and he starts crying on Jason's shoulder.

K Richard W

Sunday 30 May

We start tonight‚s episode with Eileen offering Todd a cup of tea and some more toast. Jason makes snide remarks about having breakfast in bed. Eileen says that the sofa wont be his bed any more and Jason asks whether she has found him somewhere else to live as he is not sharing the same room as him. Eileen asks him whether he is worried he might catch it. They have a bit of a row and Eileen says that even if Todd is made an outcast it‚s not going to make him straight. She tells Jason that she has had to get over it and so should he. He tells her that he is still there.

Sarah is round at Katy and Martins and is asking that Katy is no longer friends with Ckarl. Katy assures Sarah that her friendship with Ckarl is history. Katy then asks if she is free next week so that they can do something together. There is a knock at the door and its Angela Ų she apologises for interrupting but Sarah is just off. Angela then invites Martin and Katy round for their dinner. They don‚t really know what to say so they agree to go round at 1.30. Martin is not pleased about it and thinks that Angela is only inviting them so that they can get the latest scoop on Sarah.

Fiz is round at Les‚s asking why he didn‚t tell her earlier about Chesney. She worries about him and is even more worried when she finds out the social worker is Viv Wright. She blames herself and says that she should have kept a closer eye on him.

Tracy is in the front room on the phone. Blanche comes in and wants to know who it was and what is Tracy up to it. She denies that anything is going on but asks Blanche to baby-sit while she goes into town. Blanche tries to refuse as she has a dentist appointment but Tracy only blackmail‚s her by saying that she will ask the Croppers instead. Blanche eventually relents and assuming that she has a date says that she hope he is worth it.

Martin is shouting at David and telling him to go and apologise to Eileen for painting őQueer‚ on her door. David doesn‚t think he should as Eileen has not apologised to Sarah. Martin tells him that they all have to live round here and then Katy comes along and reasons with him and David agrees not to cause any more trouble. Martin thanks Katy and she suggests spending the afternoon together. He says that would be lovely except they are going round to her parents for dinner. Tommy and Craig are playing football in the street Ų Katy asks Tommy to tell her mum she cant come for dinner Ų he refuses and tells her to tell her herself.

Steve is in the cab office on the phone and Karen is nuzzling into his neck. Karen then produces an expensive looking watch to celebrate their wedding anniversary the first time they got married. Steve tells her that they cannot afford to celebrate two wedding anniversaries even though she is dropping loads of hints she wants a special treat. Eileen then walks in looking depressed. Karen asks Steve who he was talking to. He reluctantly tells her that it was the Estate Agent who showed someone round Eileen‚s house last week and the person is interested. Karen thinks this is great news as it solves all their problems except Steve can‚t face telling Eileen. He asks Karen not to say anything at the moment and he will try and find the right moment to tell Eileen.

Fiz is on the phone to Viv Wright the social worker who wants to meet Fiz tomorrow. Fiz then comes off the phone and is beside herself with guilt. She is telling Kirk how guilty she feels when Les walks in. She tells them how terrified Chesney was last time the social workers came round Ų he hid behind the curtains thinking they couldn‚t see him.

Steve and Patrick are having a cup of tea when Todd walks into the Cab office with a pie and doughnut for his mum. Todd apologises for the row that he and Jason had that morning. Eileen tells him that he has done enough apologising. Patrick and Steve offer words of support to Todd who offers to buy them a pint some time. Patrick suggests that night but Todd only says may be. When Todd leaves Steve tells Eileen how brave he is being. She agrees and says that it is her who keeps letting the side down. Patrick tries to be nice as well but manages to put his foot in it but Eileen is quite pleased as she would prefer this than people crossing the road to avoid her. She thanks Steve for being such a great mate. He looks guilty knowing what is about to happen.

Angela is telling Craig to do something useful with his holiday. She then says that it is a shame that Martin and Katy aren‚t coming round anymore. Tommy shrugs and says its probably because she is playing őTrisha‚ to those őFlaming Platt‚s‚.

In the Rovers Jason is at the bar and Kirk joins him and asks Jason whether he is drowning his sorrows. Kirk tries to say the right thing but doesn‚t and Jason shouts at him and tells him to keep his thoughts to himself. Tracy then walks in and orders herself a gin and tonic. Deirdre and Ken are at the bar and ask whether Blanche knows that Tracy is back. She tells them that she will do when she has finished her drink. Deirdre tells her that Blanche has been frantic and has had to cancel her dentists appointment. Tracy then announces that she has been shopping because her and Amy are going to Portsmouth to spend some time with Peter. Bev overhears this and tells her not to return the favour. Shelly then pips up and when she hears about it says that she is not worried at all as she has now got Charlie. Bev grimaces. Deirdre then cancels Tracy‚s drink and marches her and Ken out of the pub.

Katy and Martin are on the sofa chatting about the last week. He tells her how supportive she has been and that he couldn‚t have got though it without her. She says that she wishes she could help Sarah get over her hurt and then goes on to say that she did in a way because if she hadn‚t of found out about him being gay Sarah would never have known. Martin looks nonplussed and says that she is only saying that in hindsight. Katy then admits that Kcarl told her that he was having an affair with Todd.

Les then storms into the Kabin and accuses Rita and Norris of calling Social Services. They both deny it but before he leaves Les threatens Norris that if Chesney gets taken away he will get him. Rita questions Norris but he denies it.

Katy is re-telling the story to Martin who is far from impressed. They have a blazing row as he cannot believe that she didn‚t tell him.

Back at Blanche's, Blanche is going on about needing a brandy to numb the pain. They all bicker about the afternoon and Tracy tells them not to pretend to be concerned about her tooth but what they are worried about is that she is going to Portsmouth. She tells them she is entitled to go and that Peters offer was open ended.

Katy and Martin are still rowing. He tells her how immature she is and that even though Sarah would have got hurt no matter if she had told him he could have thought about it so that there was not maximum damage. They continue to sling accusations at each other and Martin says that he has been sleeping with the enemy. Katy has had enough and tells him that they are finished. He shouts back and says that this time she should act like an adult and that he wont come running after her. She storms out and he stands staring at the sofa.

That's all for today. Thanks Mary Earlam

Updates written by Richard Whitbread, Martin Rosen, Ann Logan,Peter Webb, Margaret Carr, Mary Earlam.

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