Monday 1 June

Tonight is another triple bill. Sponsored by Cadburys great things to do. Written by Joe Turner and Directed by Alan Wareing.

First part of tonight

Angela and Tommy are making their daughter welcome by making her breakfast. She tells them that they donāt need to do this for her.

Outside a car arrives playing music very loud. Fizz and Les comes out the Kabin. Fizz tells Les to make sure that Chesney goes off to school. Bev walking past the corner shop notices the new guy that has just come out of his car. Mike walks over to him and they start talking. Tracy is leaving to go see her brother Peter. Deirdre asks if she has forgotten any thing. Blanch is asked if she wants to come to the airport but says she is going to clean the oven and says bye.

At the Plattās Sarah is telling her mum she wants to go back to work, as she is bored. Gail does not want her to. Sarah says she does not want to hide as she has not done anything wrong. Audry says ćgood for youä.

Angela and Tommy are concerned for Katy. They ask if she is ok and if she wants them to get her stuff from the flat. Craig asks if they are still going to go to the go carting. They ask Katy is she wants to come but she doesnāt. Craig goes and Katy tells her parents that she thinks they are ćloving thisä, they say no and are sorry for her.

At the factory Mike is getting his nephew, Danny to sign something. After he does they walk out of the office and Mike tells the girls to listen. He tells them that they have a new boss. Mike has two rules for the workers. First no tears as he is not gong to be hear that much and secondly no gossiping about this until the work is done. He leaves his nephew to it. Danny tells them to stop working as they are going to have a chat.

At the cafe Vera is refusing to serve Todd because of what he has done so Sarah. Jason tells his brother come one lets go. Todd does not want to. Sarah walks in and sees Todd but she ignores him and tells Roy that she thought he could do with the help. Todd wantās to talk to Sarah but Roy tells him to leave, he does. Vera asks if Sarah is ok.

The girls at the factory are question Danny asking him if heās married, divorced, kids, is that his car out side. Danny then asks them who is the gobbie one, the talkative one, the lippy one etc. Sonya is the one who can make good teas and coffees, so she is told to get a tea for Danny.

Gail and Martin are talking about Katy. Martin tells Gail that she thought she was helping by not saying. He then says that Katy as went back to her mums and dads. Gail asks if itās over and is told it is.

At the factory Haley answers the phone and does it all professional like. She gives it to Danny is told to help Sonya with the teas. Haley talks to Sonya. On the phone Danny says that he will have the order ready by six tonight. Haley comes back through with his tea and he tells her that the order has to be ready by four. Danny is sorry and says that he has only been hear for five minutes and heās messed it up, he asks her what are they going to do.

Katy comes in Martinās flat but heās not in so she sits and waits for him.

Danny comes out the office and tells the girls what he has just done. He say that they have to pull this off because he will look like a plonker if they donāt. He also says they will be fully rewarded. They agree to try.

Fizz is talking to the social working. The social worker says that she has tidied by since she was last hear, she is told that she some times you have to make the effort. The social worker says that the problem, they only make the effort when she comes. Fizz shows her a rota of who is taking Chesney to school, collecting him and making him his tea.

Kev comes in the factory and asks whoās car is that out side, its Dannyās car. He is told to move it.

Fizz is still talking to the social working when Chesney comes in and looks shocked. Fizz quickly says that he has a dental appointment. Les comes in and see Chesney and quickly says is he ready for his hearing test. Chesney then says that itās half term. Fizz says that they did take Chesney to school. The social worker then says that Chesney is right its half term. Les says that he though it was quiet when he took him to school. The social worker says she has to report to her manager. Fizz says that they could have not messed that up any worse.

Martin enters his flat. Katy tells him that she make a mistake and she should off told him first. Katy then asks whatās her punishment and that he should off seen her dads face as it looks as if all his Christmases had come at once. Martin says she only thought of herself and Katy walks out.

Danny comes out the factory as Les comes out his house and gets into his taxi. Danny gets into his car and turns his music on and reverses straight into the taxi. Les gets out and starts shouting at him. Danny says, ćcalm down blondieä. Karen and Janice come out the factory, Kevin comes out the garage and also Sunita, from the corner shop. Les says that he can pay for the damage as he can afford it. Les still shouting at him pushed him and then Danny takes a punch at him. Les says ćyou all seen thatä. Danny look at Kev and says ćGarage mateä and gives him four hundred to fix it. He then tells blondie they are going to the Rovers. Les says the name is Les but Danny says ćok Lenä

At the cafŽ Vera says to Sarah that sheās brave and to clean that table as its her feet. At Sarah goes to clean the table she screams. Roy sits her down as Vera says its stress. Roy things itās the baby and says that they need to get her to hospital.

Margaret will now take over and continue the story.

Amanda Souter

Monumental apologies for the delay in posting this. My PC has been under attack from an insidious, malicious dialer and has been in the hospital getting undialled! It's better now and all firewalled up.

My thanks to Martin for stepping in while I was away. He's now gone off to recover in the sun.

Anyway, on we go.

If you remember, Sarah has suddenly collapsed in pain in the cafe.

As we return, Roy is proving he's forgotten something important he would have learned in those first aid classes he loved so much. When Vera asks if she should call an ambulance, Roy tells her no, a taxi would be quicker. Now, what do you think is the quickest way of getting someone some help? Putting them in a taxi to head for the hospital, or getting trained paramedics with drugs and equipment and lights and sirens to get through the traffic to come to them?

Vera tells Roy the taxi line is engaged. Should she call for an ambulance? Still he tells her to run over and see Streetcars. Once she is gone, he asks Sarah how long she has to go. "Nine weeks," she says.

In the Rovers, the Baldwin boy and Les are discussing the punch in a very matey sort of way. Danny says that if Len is in the Rovers that night the drinks are still on him. During the conversation he also manages to call Bev "gorgeous", and positively simpers. "You're a diamond geezer, Len." Over at Streetcars, Vera is telling Eileen what is going on and Eileen is getting into her coat.

In the Battersby household, "Len", Fizz, Schmeikel and Chesney are waiting for the social worker, who has apparently phoned to say she is on the way. Les has to explain to Fizz that he has a black eye because "that cockney twerp caught me with a lucky punch." Naturally, Chesney repeats this to social worker Mrs Wright the minute he opens his mouth. Fizz and Les try to go into damage-control mode, but Mrs Wright cuts them short by telling them she will be recommending that Chesney stay in Fizz's care, at least for the moment.

"His mam has no objections, you'll not be surprised to hear." She leaves with the warning that they'll be seeing her from time to time.

At the cafe, Vera, Roy, Patrick and Eileen are trying to get Sarah out of the door and into the taxi when Blanche walks past. As Eileen gets into the taxi with Sarah, Blanche tells her that Sarah won't want her there, and Vera agrees. Roy points out that Sarah isn't really in any condition to care who goes with her. "Who kicked your hutch?" snaps Blanche.

In the shop, Danny is sweet-talking Sunita (I think he's here because the Soap Awards are introducing a "Best cockney wide boy" category), who saw him fighting with Les. He tries to blame it on a misunderstanding and tells her it's his first time in the mysterious north. He explains he is taking over the factory and wants some refreshments for the workers. After promising Sunita he'll look for her in the pub tonight, off he goes with 10 pies and 10 cakes. Where they came from, I have no idea. There's certainly no sign of a pie warmer in there. Maybe they were left over from when Alf ran the shop? His famished workforce is discussing dinnertime, and looking forward to it, when he returns and announces that because he's so generous and is supplying food, they can now work through their dinner hour. "Brill or what?"

At the hospital, Gail arrives in the room where Eileen is watching Sarah being examined. The doctor tells Gail that Sarah has internal bleeding from the placenta, which is the problem she has some weeks ago. This time the bleeding is much heavier. The baby's heartbeat is very slow. "I'm going to have to ask you to wait outside," the doctor says, herding out both the baby's grandmothers.

In the shop, Todd is telling Sunita his troubles. She says at least now she knows why he's been so moody over the last few months. But she warns him that every woman who has ever been dumped will side with Sarah. He protests that he never wanted to dump her. He's sure they could still be a family. "I want this baby just as much as she does. Billy's mine, too, and always will be, and I will always be his Dad."

In the hospital, Gail thanks Eileen for staying with Sarah. But her attitude changes when Eileen suggests Todd ought to know what is happening. "Sarah would not be suffering like this if not for him!" she says. "You know as well as I do this is all Todd's fault!"


The factory workers are discussing their missing lunch break. "Hails" points out that it's just a one off, and Danny did promise them he would show his gratitude. Fizz returns with her good news and mentions that there are some men outside looking at Danny's car. Zoom, he's out of there, and discovers two blokes reclaiming the car on behalf of "Whitechapel Garments" -- the car went with Danny's last job.

Eileen is busy pacing at the hospital when she sees Karl. "I hope you're pleased with yourself," she rages. "You've done your best to help him ruin his life!" Karl has no idea what is going on, so Eileen tells him that Todd has come out now and is paying for it. And Sarah has left him and now might lose the baby. "Todd's not gay because he met me," Karl tells her. "He's always been gay." He reminds Eileen that not very long ago she would have done anything to split up Todd and Sarah.

Danny is in the factory office, talking on the phone to an old contact about doing some deals, when Hailey (sorry, "Hails") comes in to tell him there is absolutely no way the order can be finished by 4pm. Danny says he will try to wring another hour from the customer. But as Hailey leaves, he picks up his mug of tea, not the telephone.

In the Grimshaw house, Eileen calls on Todd's mobile just as he and Jason return from a trip to the chippy. He rushes out. Katy arrives at Martin's flat and tells him she hates the way everything has gone wrong.

Kirk and Les are talking in the pub and when Norris comes in they tell him the good news that Chesney can stay, despite some interfering person reporting them to the social. Norris denies that it was him, but Les points out that Chesney was only bunking off school because people like Norris kept going on at him and gave him low self esteem. Norris protests that he was just trying to teach Chesney the rudiments of good behaviour. "Rudiments?" puzzle Les and Kirk. But Kirk thinks he has it worked out. "Rudiments? You mean like sex education?"

Martin and Katy are discussing their falling out, with Katy saying she thought she was doing the right thing. They get closer and Katy reaches over and switches off Martin's mobile phone so they won't be disturbed. The girls have finished the order, but are sitting with their feet up on their tables because there is no sign of the buyer. Danny tells them they have passed the test. He wanted to see how well they could work and he is well pleased. "I want that every day, not just when there's a special order," he says. They protest they can't do that every day, but he points out that they will. Because if they do, he will prosper, and if he prospers he will be nice to them. He says that because they've worked so hard they can go now, at 5.05, instead of waiting for 5.30. Angela tries to point out that 25 minutes off hardly makes up for a missed 60-minute dinner hour, but we can't really hear her for the noise of stampeding feet. Danny makes them wait long enough for that big box of chocolate he promised for everybody. Yep, a big box of chocolates for everybody to share! Back at the hospital, Gail asks what is happening and is told the obstetrician is examining Sarah. Todd arrives and Gail tries to get rid of him, but the nurse says it's not the time or the place for arguing. The obstetrician comes out with bad news -- Sarah has a placental abruption (the placenta has torn away from the womb wall), is haemorrhaging and the baby cannot get any oxygen. It's very serious and an emergency caesarian is vital.

Margaret Carr

We start the episode with Sarah, on a trolley, being rushed down hospital corridors. As she is pushed through double doors we see Todd turn to Gail and ask her what's going to happen, is his little boy going to die? Gail is enraged, and asks him what about her little girl? Todd could have killed them both she shrieks, and screams at him to get out of there, just as Audrey comes through the door. She grabs hold of Gail and wants to know what is going on. Gail tells her that Sarah is haemorrhaging and has gone to have an emergency cesarean. Audrey is sure that Sarah will be just fine, and she tells Todd to go. Todd protests at first, this is his child and he wants to be there, but Audrey tells him just to go and get a cup of tea and she promises to come and find him if there's any news.

In Martin's flat, he's on the entry phone telling someone to come up, as he buttons up his shirt. Katy appears in the bedroom doorway, wearing a dressing gown, pleading with him to get rid of whoever it is, they've got a lot of catching up to do. Nick and David burst into the flat, with the news that Sarah has been rushed into hospital. David says they've been trying to ring him but his phone was switched off. Martin glares at Katy, who admits it was her who switched it off, but asks for two minutes and she will come with them. Martin retorts, 'No, thanks, you've done more than enough!' As he's going out of the door Katy says she'll wait there for him, but Martin snaps, 'Just go 'ome, Katy,' and rushes off. Katy looks shattered.

In the taxi office, which Eileen has left in order to take Sarah to hospital, Dev (who knows nothing of what has gone on) is likening the situation to that of the Marie Celeste, the half eaten sandwich, the cooling cup of coffee, but no sign of humans. Steve asks where she's gone, but Dev tells him there was no note. Steve tells Dev he needs to speak to Eileen, he's just sold her house out from under her. Dev is incredulous, but Steve explains that he's got half of Manchester after him for wedding debts, and although he got ten percent less than the asking price he had to accept it. Eileen comes in at that point and explains that she had to rush Sarah to hospital, Steve asks if Todd knows and she explains that he does, but she hasn't had a chance to speak to him as she had to rush back to the taxi office. She's worried that he will be in pieces and asks if she has to work all her shift. Dev says he has other things to do, but Steve says he'll relieve her later. As they walk to the door, Dev quietly advises Steve to hold back on giving Eileen any more bad news.

The factory girls walk into the pub, exhausted after their hard day. Danny comes in a few moments later, hoping the girls are talking about him, even if it isn't good. That's preferable to being ignored. He offers to buy them drinks all round, and will even throw in some crisps. 'The last of the big spenders,' remarks Karen dryly, she's obviously not impressed with her new boss. Danny hands Bev his credit card and leaves them to it, saying he has some things to sort out at the factory, but will be back shortly.

Craig and Tommy are about to go off to the go-karting, when Katy comes in looking miserable. Tommy asks her what's the matter and she says Martin's thrown her out. Tommy explodes, she hasn't been crawling to that creep trying to get back with him? Katy runs off upstairs and we hear the slam of a door. Tommy tells Craig that he'll have to stay and sort this out. 'Yeah right!' Craig is disgusted and slams off out of the front door, as Tommy calls after him that he'll take him tomorrow.

Nick, David and Martin rush into the hospital where Gail and Audrey are waiting for news. Martin tries to reassure Gail by telling her that Sarah and the baby are in good hands. Nick offers to go and get cups of tea, but Audrey jumps up (knowing that Todd is down there) and insists on going herself.

Meanwhile, in the cafeteria, Karl walks in and sees Todd sitting at a table alone. He asks Todd how they are, but Todd explains that he doesn't know, they won't tell him anything, and Sarah's mum thinks that he set out to kill Sarah and his little boy. Sarah's gran is the only one who's talking to him. Todd is upset and Karl leans over the table and hugs him, just as Audrey walks in! 'This is a touching little scene,' she tells them, and says it's nice to know that Todd has a shoulder to cry on. She was quite worried about him but sees that she needn't have bothered. Karl gets up to go, and Todd says, 'Karl, please don't go!' Audrey realises that this is Karl, and asks if he's running out on 'pretty boy'. When Karl has gone, Audrey asks the people in the cafeteria not to give Todd a hanky if he asks for one for his tears, as while he was out chasing men his fiancŽ and her baby are fighting for their lives. Audrey then breaks down and tells Todd to go away, to leave them all alone, to let it be.

In the Rovers, a well oiled Karen is telling Steve how Danny called her bolshy. Steve, who is trying to tell her something, says the man is obviously no judge of character. He then takes Karen aside and tells her that he's sold the house, the cheque is on its way. She is really pleased, he got full price for it of course? Steve says, 'Errr........yes,' and Karen is delighted, and tells Bev to give Steve a pint on the tab. The girls look worried and Janice points out that he doesn't work for Mr. Baldwin. Karen tells them to put it down to public relations, and reckons she can go and get her shopping list. Steve is worried about Eileen though, but Karen can't see the problem, Eileen doesn't own the house, and now neither do they. Steve feels they have a responsibility, they have to tell her. Karen just smiles and asks when he thinks the cheque will come through.

Sunita walks into the Rovers, looking quite dressed up. Shelley immediately wants to know if she's off into town. 'Whatever gives you that idea?' asks Sunita innocently. Shelley can see she's all done up, who's she baiting the hook for? Sunita says she just wanted to cheer herself up and she's had the top ages. Sunita says they can't all have men falling at their feet, implying that's how Charlie is with Shelley. Shelley wonders if she's been a bit hard on him (she cancelled their last date, remember to spend the night in with her mother), but Sunita says, 'Treat 'em mean to keep 'em keen'. Shelley says that Charlie is just very understanding, and knows when to give a girl some space. Just then Charlie walks into the bar, so they finish their conversation quickly. Shelley invites him into the back for some beers, so, looking a little surprised, Charlie follows her out there, leaving Bev looking none too happy.

At the hospital, Audrey comes back to the waiting Platt family, and Martin asks where the teas are. Audrey tells him it wasn't the right time, Todd was in there, weeping on his boyfriend's shoulder. Martin is all for rushing off there and sorting them out, but Audrey stops him, saying they've gone already. She admits to seeing red and says she probably said more than she should have done. Gail then interrupts them, asking Martin how long it's all going to take. Martin just says, 'It depends.'

In the back room of the Rovers, Shelley has poured the bottled beers. He wants to know what all this is about and she tells him she knows she's been a bit tied up lately with her mother, but he's been great, really great, and made her feel like her again. It's so easy being with him, there's no checking mobile phones, no wondering if he's with someone else when he's not with her, he's different. It's like he really 'gets' her. She wonders if that sounds daft. He says it does a little bit, but any man who would let her go must need his head examined. Anyway, that's history, it's just them now. He is just kissing her tenderly when Bev barges in. 'Oh sorry, didn't mean to disturb you,' she says, but Charlieās tells her nothing can disturb them any more. Then he leaves.

Angela gets home to find Tommy sitting on the sofa. She thought he was taking Craig go-karting. Tommy says he thought so too, but Craig has stormed out. When Angie asks why, Tommy tells her that her daughter has been groveling to Mr. Medical Man, but he has kicked her out and she's in her room and he's sick and tired of talking to a door. He gets up and says he's going out, and Angie begs him not to go round to Martin's in that sort of mood. He says he's just going out, and he marches out of the front door...Angela follows him, asking him to promise he won't do anything daft. He is just telling her that he's only going to the Rovers for a pint, when they hear the alarm of the factory going off. Tommy immediately rushes over the road and enters the factory, where the lights are off and the blinds are down. He sees a figure in the shadows and leaps on it, and they start rolling around on the floor. Angela and Les Battersby rush in through the door, and she shouts at Tommy that he's beating up her new boss! A rather bloodied Danny gets up off the floor and switches on the lights. He tells Tommy he's pleased to meet him, he's always pleased to meet the family of his staff. He sees Les behind Angie, and calls, 'All right Len?' he then asks if it's a local custom to have a go at every new bloke they meet. When Angie asks, he tells her he was just checking the alarm, and then invites them all over to the pub for a drink.

Eileen has arrived at the hospital and finds Todd sitting alone in a corridor. He tells her they won't tell her anything, he could be a father, they could be dead. She tries to get him to come home with her and get some sleep but Todd is adamant that he is going to stay there. She eventually agrees to stay there with him.

Danny and co. walk into the pub, Danny tells Bev, 'Drinks all round, gorgeous,' and Shelley tells her mum she'll give her a hand. Bev tells her she can manage. Danny asks for a pint for his new mate Tommy, and Les asks what about him, he was there like a shot. (Albeit behind Angela!) Danny says indeed he was, Len. Les tries again to point out that his name is Les. He then spots Sunita and asks if he can buy a drink for the manager of the local food emporium. Sunita becomes very coy, and admits she's not actually the manager. He tells her she should be. Charlie comes over to meet the new boss of the factory. Tommy explains that Charlie fixed up the factory after the fire. Danny asks if he's going to hit him, Charlie asks why he should do that. Then Mike Baldwin comes in, and asks how it's all going, looking quizzically at his rather beaten up face. Danny tells him it's a piece of cake, everyone's so friendly it's been an absolute pleasure. Putting his arms round their shoulders, he asks Mike if he's met his two best mates, Tommy and Len. Mike's jaw drops in amazement.

At the hospital, the nurse comes out and tells the Platts that Sarah is just coming round from the anesthetic and they will be moving her into HDU in a few minutes. Gail looks questioningly at Martin who explains that's the High Dependency Unit and is standard procedure. The nurse goes on to say that Sarah is stable and should be fine, they just need to keep an eye on her. Audrey asks about the baby, he's in an incubator and will be taken to intensive care. He's had a really stressful entry and is considerably premature, the next 24 hours will be critical. The Platt family all look dazed as the credits roll.

And that's all for now, everyone!

Ann Logan

Wednesday 2 June

Tonight's episode was sponsored by Cadburys great things to do and written by Catherine Hayes. Director Alan Wareing

There is a tiny baby in an incubator. Gail looks at Sarah as Audry enters. Eileen gets up as Todd comes over. She asks if the baby is still poorly, he is. He says the baby is in the intensive care unit and that he can't him without Sarah's consent. Eileen says that he's the father and they should be able to do something. Gail is asking Sarah if she is ok but Martin says she's tired and in lot of pain. She is told just to talk to her, so Gail says that she has a baby boy and nurses say he's beautiful. Sarah moans and says to leave her alone. Gail asks if she wants to see him but Sarah says no and that she doesn't want him. Martin says that Sarah does not know what she's saying.

Sally reading a book of owning your own business tells Kevin that his business should be a gold mine. Kevin knows that she does not know any thing about a garage. Sally reassures him with reading this book and a couple of hour's research she will have his business making enough money to send Rosie and Sophie to Oak Hill.

Mike enters his factory and sees Danny "you're early". Mike tells him that he knows he's keen but he does not have to prove it. Mike tells him that he should have had him hear ages ago and asks nicely when he is going to get his money. Danny says when the house sells.

Gail says she has tried every thing to get Sarah to see her baby and that's it's her son. Audry says it's Todd's as well, and if Sarah hears them ranting and raving about Todd she will never go to the intensive care unit. Gail says, "she doesn't want to go to the unit because..." and stops but Audry finishes and says the baby reminds her of Todd.

At the Rovers Blanch enters and says to Ken a gin and tonic. Bev says that she was not asked but Blanch replies with she was about to be asked. Deirdre walks in and says that Tracy is staying with Peter and has a job interview for a flower shop. Blanch says she does not want Tracy to get the job as she will never see Amy and it's a long journey for an old woman to go see her. She then says she will get very lonely.

Todd comes in to see Sarah. Todd asks her to take him to see his son but Sarah says she does not want to see him. Sarah shouts for Martin, he comes and gets security to take him away.

Eileen sees Todd and he says that they have kicked him out. He says he only wants to see his son. Eileen reassures him that he will when he's home.

Sarah asks how the baby is. Martin says, "he's a fighter" and shows her a picture of the baby. She says not to let Todd see him but is told nobody can see him with out her permission. Sarah wants to change his name. Sarah does not like the thought he has been on his own all this time.

At the Rovers Bev tells Danny that the factory girls are talking about him and Mike laughs and says they will be slagging him off. Bev then says that a couple of them fancy their chances. Danny says only a couple and that he normally does better than that. Fizz says that Bev is trying her chances. They know she's had a couple but can't keep them. Sonya wants to try her chances.

Sarah goes to see her son. She thinks he is tiny. She touches him and tells him that she is his mommy. Outside Audry says that Sarah is still tired, Gail replies with thanks to Todd. Gail can't under stand why she cares for Todd. Audry says that her father didn't know what hospital she was in, Gail says that he didn't care. Audry says Todd cares. An Alarm goes and nurses surround Sarah's baby. She looks back at the doors to her mum and Gail.

Sally comes up to the garage saying that she has been to lots of garages and has good ideas for this place. They need a waiting room, coffee machines etc. Tommy asks if Kevin has come into some money he says no as Tommy say's it sound as if you'll be spending lots of money. Tyron asks if Kevin has employed Sally, she says he did when they got married.

Sonya enters the Rovers all dressed up. Sunita asks if she has a date, maybe she is told. She has her eyes on Danny, Fizz says. Danny comes over and Bev looking at Sunita implies that she will throw herself onto him. Bev asks Danny to come up to this side of the bar, but Sonya says he likes the company of this side. Danny thinks he's spoiled for choice.

Outside Deirdre tells Ken looks what's coming up. Ken says its old, lonely, and wants someone to talk to. Blanch says she hurt herself and cant stay in the house along. Deirdre says that's a problem as Blanche implies are we going in. She it told her bed is already made.

Todd says to Jason he can't go back. The phone rings and Todd picks it up. Audry says for him to come to the hospital. Todd quickly says, "I can see him". He is told, yes I think Sarah will let you now. Todd hangs up the phone as Audry says, "there is something...". They all leave as the phone rings again.

Janice asks Sonya when she is going to make her move, she replies with that she cant because he was talking to Mike and now he's in the toilet. Danny comes out and she get up and asks him straight out but is let down very gentle and leaves. Danny then asks Sunita if they can get together some time, she says maybe.

Todd, Eileen and Jason are in the hospital. Todd says they can't come any further. He continues on. As he meats Gail and Audry he is told that he did not let Audry finish. He says he was excited. Audry goes on to explain that Billy was very poorly and that he died. Todd is shocked, he looks through the doors to see Sarah holding the baby with Martin.

Amanda Souter

Friday 4 June

Late quick update for two episodes.

Sarah is in the hospital but sleeping watched over by her grieving family. Gail would have liked things to work out just once. Katie is leaving messages on Martin's phone, wishing him happy birthday and hoping that all is well with the baby. The registrar wants to register the birth - Sarah manages the birth but says that the baby has no first name - just Platt. She then breaks down and cannot register the death - which Todd does leaving the first name blank. Todd is unhappy that "Billy" is not recorded.

The factory girls are on good form discussing Danny Barlow who told a story about his first boss - who had a rollicking mat - which you stood on whilst getting a rollicking.

Light relief is Ashley who has been given a monkey as a three month anniversary, which he shows Fred. The latter suggests that Claire should have something gold on her finger. Outside Claire says it was supposed to be a daft present - and Ashley should not rush her - it is not what she wants. She tells Ashley to take no notice of Fred. Later in the conservatory Ashley and Claire wind up Fred - she goes inside and brings out a piece of gold sitting on her finger - a yellow budgie - called Marigold. A budgie!

Danny wanders in and asks for accommodation in Blanche's earshot - she offers him her house as she has no need now that Tracy has departed. He then proceeds to the Corner Shop and talks Sunita into going out with him, she plays hard to get for all of 30 seconds and then arranges to meet him for dinner. Later Blanche comes into the factory and the girls chat. He sees the talking and says that was their break. Karen tries to take a break and Karen is taken into the office, put on the rollicking mat and gives her a good ticking off - either she knuckles down and works hard or she is out the door. We see evidence that Danny is more than a joke. Danny then beats Blanche up for a better deal - for 6 months.

Maya has worked out that Dev is about to be 40, not 39. So every night this year has to be doubly good. So she books him a health check - and one for herself as well. She promises that if he goes she will allow him an hour of her time.

Gail arrives to see Todd - she is unable to help him - she barely has enough for Sarah. She wants to ease her conscience and gives Todd a picture of the baby - it is not forgiveness - and she asks that Todd stays away from the Platt family. As Gail leaves David sees her and wants to know what she has been doing. Martin gives Katie the brush off. Later Todd and Eileen study the photo and Todd says how he much wanted to be father.

Later Katie writes a birthday card for Martin. We are simply told it is a jokey one. She is not hassling him - she just wants him to know that she will be there for him when he is ready.

Sarah wants to leave the hospital - because of all of the other babies around her and she wants to get away. Gail re-assures her and cuddles her.

Martin and David are discussing the situation as they approach his flat where Katy catches up with Martin and gives him the card which he opens. He flies off the handle at the "joke" - the card wishes him "Happy Birthday Grandad" and Martin accuses her again of not caring - but she was not told and Martin tells her to go home - he does not want to see her there again ever.

And in the second episode which was written by John Fay there were some great lines.

Sally is lecturing Tommy on the work which she has just taken on - she tells him there is no "I" in team. Sally's efficiency drive is not working well. He returns home to hear the news about the baby being dead and he looks again at the van he was refusing to repair - Boffo the clown - and he decides that having that outside the Platts is not a good idea and he returns to work. This gives Sally the chance of a dig - until Tommy tells her why.

Danny is drawing up a contract for Blanche to sign - he is short of cash at the moment and cannot afford anywhere better.

Gail wants to talk about the funeral, although Sarah wants to discuss Bethany's birthday next week - she wants a baby Annabel - a particular doll. Sarah says she must have a party and a cake.

Todd and Eileen discuss the situation again - nothing to do with Todd - these things happen as Eileen tries to re-assure Todd it was not his fault. He is certain that his actions killed the baby.

Maya arrives in the Rovers as Boffo departs in a cab. She is carrying some shopping - or perhaps it is all of her clothes as she alleges she is wearing nothing under coat and allows Dev a peek. They stay for a drink and she rambles on and Dev clearly has his thoughts elsewhere. Indeed she buys another couple of drinks.

Martin receives words of condolence from Tommy and Kev as he arrives back. Martin has the chance to show how upset he is to Kev - he feels so useless and in front of the family he must remain strong.

Sunita arrives in the Rovers dressed up to the tens (I mean it) and her date with Danny. Bev reckons he is a southern wide boy, until he turns up and whisks her away immediately. Bev serves Maya the drinks whilst reckoning that Danny and Sunita will end in tears. They go to a rather nice, upmarket restaurant - and he orders a bottle of Chateau Neuf du Pape. He then tells her that this is research - all tax deductible as a market survey - providing she is wearing knickers.

Tommy and Tyrone tell Kev that he must sort out Sally - although they do not expect him to achieve anything.

Patrick returns from delivering the clown and spills a drink all over Maya's coat which he then tries to remove, causing great upset. Boffo did not pay in cash - he paid with a horn and a balloon dog!

Sunita and Danny seem to be getting on well together. Danny has a great story about his antecedents - which is simply too long to repeat here.

Sally wants a word with Kev about the garage. She has prepared a rebranding leaflet - Websters' Auto Centre - so she has had a huge number of yellow flyers prepared - 10,000. Kev is told he is a parent with no ambition - and they will take on more staff. Quotes from three printers, three colours, three paper weights. Anyway the apostrophe is in the wrong place - and to put it right will cost £300, which Ken refuses to pay. And she gives a wonderful marketing pep talk on why the apostrophe is really in the right place. Kev does not get a chance to say anything.

Martin finds Karl leaving flowers. They wake Sarah as they argue. Sarah does not want him anywhere near. Martin's temper starts to boil over and follows him into the corridor. They argue again - and Martin blames Karl. He throws Karl to the floor and kicks him three times whilst being watched by other staff. Probably the end of his career.

Todd is looking into the Kabin window which is announcing the forthcoming Father's Day.

K Richard W

Sunday 6 June

We start tonight with Tommy going on about the garage and working hard and saying that his Granddad went on strike for his rights. Katy pips in about people working in hospitals working for much longer hours ö Tommy retaliates by saying some people that work in hospitals wreck lives instead of mend them. Tommy then tries to be nice and offers Katy driving lessons and then he goes off to work. Angela asks Katy whether she heard her in the night ö Katy says that she cant sleep and she just wants a chance to talk to Martin. Angela warns her that she needs to give him time.

Tommy appears at the garage and Kevin opens up and he asks whether he managed to talk to her about the garage ö not realising that Sally is right behind him with a list. Sally tells Tommy and Tyrone that she will be at the garage full time and that they should get used to it. She then goes to the Kabin to give some of her flyers to Rita. Audrey is also in the shop listening to Sally going on about the business. Sally asks if Rita can put her flyers in her paper. Rita comments that if Kevin is working on a Sunday do they need more business. Sally retorts that they want to expand and not stay in a back street like she has with the Kabin. Sally then starts on Audrey and asks her to put a word in with Archie about servicing his hearses. Audrey makes some quip about the funeral ö Sally apologises and then carries on in her own selfish world. She walks out saying she will deliver 200 more leaflets later ö Audrey and Rita are left speechless.

Katy goes to talk to Martin. He tells her it is not a good time. She wont listen. Martin tells her that he did what her dad usually does and beat the hell out of Karl. Katy tells him that she is proud of him and then she offers to talk to Carl to ask him not to press charges.

Back in the garage ö Sally produces a new sign for the garage ĪWebsterās Auto Centreā and asks Tommy and Tyrone to put it up. She then hands them a leaflet and tells them that the business is expanding and she wants ideas from them. Tommy refuses saying he doesnāt ideas he just does cars. The flyer informs Tommy and Tyrone that they will be servicing buses and providing a 24 hour call out. Tyrone meanwhile is making up ditties as a marketing tool. Tommy tells Kevin that he and Tyrone are going down to the pub while Sally and Kevin sort out their working hours.

David and Gail are getting in a Cab to go and see Sarah. Martin tells Gail that he beat up Carl ö David is impressed with this and thinks his father is cool.

Shelly and Sunita are chatting at the bar and Shelly cant believe that Sunita slept with Danny on her first date. Sunita is really happy and even though Shelly tells her that she has lost her self-respect Sunita doesnāt care. Shelly goes on about Mr Right but Sunita says that he was Mr Right Now and its been ages since sheās Ībeen with a fellaā.

Kevin buys Tommy and Tyrone a pint and Tommy is moaning about Sally ö Kevin tells him that he is getting Sallyās business ideas for breakfast, lunch, tea and even when he is on the toilet. Tommy still refuses to commit to any extra work until they know where they stand.

Janice is having a quiet pint in the Rovers when Les comes in looking for Fiz. Janice tells him that she and Kirk have gone out for the day. Les is in a dilemma he has been asked to work an extra shift but it is his day to look after Chesney. He manages to persuade Janice to look after Chesney for him so that he can go out to work.

Danny walks into the pub and is very smooth with Sunita. He asks her out again that night and she suggests Pizza and a night in at his house. He thinks this is good idea and she agrees to go round there later with pizza. When he has gone Sunita admits that she had butterflies in her stomach when he came in and tells Shelly that maybe he is Mr Right after all.

Over at Gailās ö Sarah is home and is still very distressed she is talking about Billy and how she shouldnāt have left him and that Todd was right she should have named him on the birth certificate. David pips up that Martin is a hero for beating up Carl but he is told to be quiet. Gail offers for Sarah to go to the Chapel of Rest to see Billy.

At the garage Tommy and Tyrone have said that if they are to be on call for 24 hours they want money for being on standby and money for being called out. Sally thinks that Kevin is a soft touch. She then decides that while the service is being established Kevin will do all the shifts so that they donāt have to pay any extra.

Maria and Nick are walking down the street and see Eileen. Maria is very nice to Eileen but Nick just puts his head down. Maria asks after Todd and Eileen says that she will tell him that she asked after him ö Nick tells her not to bother and they walk on. Nick has a go at Maria and tells her that she should not be talking to Eileen. Maria protests and says that Billy was still Toddās baby and just because he is gay does not mean he hasnāt go feelings. Nick doesnāt agree.

Janice has helped herself to a beer and Chesney is in the bath when Les comes home. He tells her that Chesney has another day off school on Monday and would she like to take a sickie so that they can spend the day together like they used. She eventually agrees to give Chesney a Īproper Battersby day out.ā

Tracy lets herself in to her house and is very shocked to see Danny coming down the stairs in his dressing gown. She orders him out of the house and will not accept his explanation that he has rented the house from Blanche. She refuses to leave and says that her family is out and so she doesnāt believe him.

Maria manages to escape from the Plattās and comes to the Cab Office to see Eileen. She tells Eileen where and when the funeral is on Monday. She says that Todd was really good to her and that the Plattās are like a big dictatorial body and asks Eileen to do whatever she wants but not to tell anyone where she got the information from.

Tracy is still swanning around the house and Danny is trying to get her to leave. There is a knock at the door ö Danny thinks it is Sunita and gets the shock of his life when it is his wife. They have a row ö especially when she sees Tracy. Dannyās wife Frankie has been having an affair but has followed Danny to get back together with him. They reunite and hug each other while Tracy stands smirking in the background.

Katy turns up at the hospital and finds Martin. Against his will she has been to see Karl and asked him not to press charges. Martin tells her that it was pointless as he has already been suspended. When Katy wonders why he tells her that he is a senior nurse and he was witnessed by other nurses and on CCTV for beating up another member of staff. Katy offers to tell them the full story and he retorts back that it would have been better if she had done that in the first place.

Back in Weatherfield ö Danny suggests that he and Frankie go to Mikeās straightaway and sort out the house tomorrow but its too late. There is a knock on the door and Sunita is standing there with a pizza. He grabs it off her and slams the door in her face. Tracy is loving every minute of this and Frankie is wondering what is going on. Sunita knocks again and Danny pretends its because he forgot to pay her ö she asks what is going on and then slaps him. Danny slams the door grabs his keys and tells Frankie that they are going to Mikeās immediately ö they jump in her car and drive off. Tracy is left with the pizzas laughing at the whole thing.

Mary Earlam

Monday 7 June

Hi everyone, two very sad episodes tonight, and here is the first:

It's the morning of baby Billy's funeral, and the Platt family are preparing for it. Maria looks at the sympathy cards that have been received and sees one signed: 'Eileen and the boys'. She comments that she didn't know Eileen had sent a card, and David immediately pipes up, saying she's a cheeky cow. Martin reprimands him, and Nick says they got cards from all the neighbours. Audrey comes in with a tray of teas, handing them round. Gail comes downstairs stating that Sarah is refusing to get up and says she's not going to the funeral. Gail asks Audrey if she'll go and have a word with her, but Audrey is doubtful that they can get her to go, although she takes a mug of tea and goes off upstairs to see what she can do. Maria then says she'll help Gail to make sandwiches for after the funeral. David is worried about Sarah, surely she won't miss her own son's funeral. Martin tries to reassure him but Gail doesn't share his confidence that Sarah will actually go. David says he wanted to ask Sarah if he could carry the coffin. They all think it would be a bit much for him, and after some debate Nick says he will do, it would be an honour. Maria then asks if it shouldn't be the baby's father who carries the coffin, and if looks could kill then the poor girl would have shriveled up on the floor, as they all turn and glare at her. Audrey then comes downstairs, but she's had no luck, Sarah is adamant she's not going.

It's breakfast time in Mike Baldwin's flat, and Frankie is telling Danny that she can get her head around the fact that the 'scraggy little tart with the baby' (i.e. Tracy) is nothing to do with him, but she's not so sure about the bird with the pizza. (Sunita). Just then Mike comes in and tells Danny it's time they were off, and departs. Danny reminds Frankie that if she hadn't slept with Vinny, he wouldn't have been young, free and single and up there on his tod. Frankie then reminisces about how he bought her pizza on their first date. Danny tells her they'll talk later, and follows Mike.

Sunita is telling Shelley and Charlie how Danny snatched the pizzas from her and slammed the door in her face. Shelley calls him a cheeky git, and Sunita tells her how she banged on the door again and when he opened it and gave her twenty pounds, she hit him. Shelley wants to know what his fancy piece is like, Sunita tells her she's hard faced and brassy. 'Like a Shire horse with highlights?' wonders Shelley and Sunita laughs and says she's something like that.

In the Grimshaw household, Todd is ironing when Eileen comes in. She asks if he's going (to the funeral) and he asks her what sort of father he would be if he didn't. She tells him he doesn't have to, but he says he never even held him, he never said hello, never mind goodbye, he never even told him he loved him. Eileen says she knows, but she's got this knot in her stomach that something bad is going to happen. Todd tells her something bad did happen, he lost his son. Eileen knows that, but she's worried that if he shows up at the funeral the Platts will kick off and turn it into a bun fight and funerals are supposed to be dignified. She knows Todd lost his son, but he's her son and she doesn't want him any more upset than he already is.

In the taxi office, Steve and Patrick are discussing the size of the baby's coffin and Steve is getting quite depressed. Suddenly Les bursts in and grabs a bunch of flowers he left there earlier. He waves them under Steve's and Patrick's noses, and tells Steve he needs the day off because he's taking Janice on the treat of a lifetime, and she's thrown and sickie and everything. He goes to run out, but Steve calls to him, and tells him he's short staffed as it is, Eileen's off because of the funeral and Colin (who?) is off with food poisoning. Les says that some things are more important than work, they're taking Chesney to a new fun pub at Withenshaw, with a bouncy castle and eighteen different types of lager. As he departs, Patrick calls after him asking what about his birthday bash later? Les calls back there's been a change of plan.

Sunita is working in the corner shop when Danny comes in. He tells her she packs a mean punch. She tells him pizzas are in the freezer. He says he's come to explain, and asks where she keeps the humble pie. Sunita asks who the blonde is, and is shocked when he tells her Frankie is his wife. Sunita is furious, she tells him it's one thing to be messed around, but to make her the other woman.......! He tells her he thought it was over between them, and she just turned up. Just then Bev walks in, and they both stop their conversation. Bev is looking for paper hankies, and tells them she hopes she's not interrupting anything. Sunita tells her no, Danny was just explaining about his wife. Bev's does a double take, and then carries on nonchalantly choosing her tissues. Danny starts to say, quietly, that he realises it was a big step, her sleeping with him.......then Sunita tells him to get out. He goes. Bev pays for her tissues, saying men ought to come with a health warning. Sunita looks miserable.

Over at the Platt's, Sally has arrived with something on a plate covered in cling film. 'Oh look,' says Audrey, 'Sally's brought a cake!' 'Actually', Sally tells them, 'it's a roulade, a Black Forest roulade', she heard they were putting on a bit of a spread and she had it going spare. She's anxious to let them know it came from the freezer place and wasn't cheap. Gail thanks her, and Maria goes to put it on the table. Just then Sarah comes down the stairs and demands to know what it is. Sally starts to tell her she can't imagine what she's going though, 'So you brought me a cake?' asks Sarah, 'why didn't you bring some balloons and party poppers while you were at it!' Sally is shocked as Sarah turns and walks out of the door, followed by Nick.

Out in the street, Tracy is pushing her pram past the Kabin when Sarah walks past her. 'Cheer up love, it might never happen!' calls Tracy. Sarah walks a few steps one way and then turns and walks the other way. Nick catches her up, and tells her she ought to be getting ready for the service. She tells him to leave her alone. He tells her if she doesn't go to the funeral she will live to regret it. She tells him he's such a drama queen.

Across the street, Ken, Deirdre and Blanche are just setting foot outside the door, dressed in black, as Tracy and pushchair arrive. They ask what she's doing there, and she tells them it's a lady's prerogative to change her mind. She wonders why Sarah Platt was so weird with her, and Blanche tells her that Sarah's baby died and the funeral is today. Tracy says she feels terrible now, and Deirdre says, 'Good!'. Tracey wants to know why the minute she's turned her back, her house has been let out. She got the shock of her life when a bloke walked in with all his bits hanging out, and his wife had her down as some kind of floozy. They want to know why she's back from Portsmouth, and Blanche reminds her that she said she was gone for good. Tracy says that Peter behaved like an old woman, she only asked him to babysit and he hit the roof. She asks if they're going to let her in, and Deirdre wonders if she's just assuming that she can just move in with them. Ken says that's a pretty big assumption, but Blanche asks if he would he like to see her on the street, like Kathy Come Home? Deirdre asks if she's back for good, and Tracy replies, 'Oh Mother, you know I don't do good!'

After the break, we see Les's taxi draw up and he, Janice and Chesney get out. Chesney throws up round the back of the car, he got travel sick so they had to come home. Les moans that the day is ruined, but Janice tells him it's fine. Les then plans a romantic interlude, they'll get Chesney in bed, and he'll crack open some lagers and put some oven chips under the grill. How does that sound? 'And they say romance is back in fashion!' mutters Janice.

Sarah is sitting in the cafe, staring into her mug. Hayley comes and sits with her, and launches into a tale of how she felt when Princess Diana went, and how Hayley had gone to London and camped out near Westminster Abbey. She tells Sarah that Diana had 30-odd years, and Billy didn't even have 30 days, but who knows, if he had had 30 years maybe he would have made an impact and thousands of people would have lined the streets of Weatherfield to say goodbye. But he didn't, but even though he was only here for a short time Hayley feels that his life is worth celebrating - doesn't Sarah? This changes Sarah's mind because when Gail comes in a few moments later looking for her, she says she wants to go home and have a bath if there's time. Gail says she'll run it for her.

Les and Janice are eating their chips. Janice turns the conversation to wondering if Chesney was named after Chesney Hawks, after all she named her Toyah after Toyah Wilcox, and she assumes that Cilla was named after Cilla Black. Les tells her to stop banging on about Cilla, and then asks her if she thinks it's romantic. 'What?' asks Janice, 'oven chips and a couple of lagers?' 'No,' Les tells her, 'this!' and jumps up and lunges at her. She fights him off, demanding to know what he's playing at. He tells her he wants her to move back in with him, and starts fantasizing how they could snuggle up at night, and jiggle with the Quo on a Saturday morning. Janice, her mouth full of chips, starts to cough, so Les jumps up and performs the Heimlich maneuver on her. Janice has had enough and legs it out of the front door, saying she can't cope with this.

Frankie has arrived at the factory, as she walks past the staring girls she asks them if they'd like to take her photo. 'Err, no, yer all right,' says Fizz. In the office, Danny asks if she's seen the girls. 'Hardly a line up for Miss World, is it,' Frankie tells him. After a short pause, she tells him she thinks she'll go and check out the shops. He asks if she's changed her money over to Manchester money yet. She wonders when the jokes are going to stop, and he tells her when it stops being so hard to say what needs to be said. She tells him he messed her about for 17 years, he tells her that they didn't mean anything, but she had a full blown affair with someone who was not only his boss but also his best mate, and she loved him. She's broken his heart once already, has she come to break it again. She tells him no, they can make a go of things, she begs him to come home. He tells her he misses the kids, and he misses her, the soppy cow, but likes it here, and if he goes home he will keep seeing him (Vinny) and her. She tells him they can move, and he says, 'Too right we can, we can move up here.'

Todd is sitting staring at the teddy he bought for the baby. He tells Eileen that he has so much he wants to say to Sarah. She tells him to put it all down in a letter, and when he says that he can tell her it all today, she suggests it would be better in a letter, Sarah can read it, put it away and think about it. He knows she doesn't want him to go, but Eileen tells her in an ideal world she would like them all to go and say goodbye properly. In an ideal world she would still have her grandson alive and well and keeping her up at night, but we don't always get what we want in this life, they both know that.

Danny and Frankie come out of the factory. She tells him she does not want to live with Uncle Mike, and he tells her she won't have to, he's sorted out the misunderstanding over the house and Tracy has moved out. He wants to give it another go, but he wants to do it there. They are stopped in their tracks as the hearse arrives outside the Platt household.

Jason sees it arrive and calls Todd to come to the front door. Jason, Todd and Eileen stand on the pavement, watching.

As the Platt family come out of their house and get in the car following the hearse, the girls from the factory come and stand in the road and watch.

In a very moving scene, the funeral procession moves off silently, with only the distant sound of the tolling church bell.

And that's the end of the episode, I think I'd better go and find the box of tissues...sniff.

Anne Logan

Episode Two, Monday, June 7, 2004

We see the leaves of tall trees and the camera pans down to a funeral procession, which seems to have grown quite a bit. The cars pulls up at the church and, as the party arrange themselves for the procession, Nick takes the small white coffin. The vicar, a man not given to talking like a real person, tells Sarah that her baby has the eternal love of his family and the eternal love of Christ. (I'm not commenting on what he said, but the overly pious way he said it -- he could communicate much better than this last week). As everyone lines up to go into the church, Sarah tells Martin she thought how wonderful this church would be for the wedding photographs. "I dreamed of you walking me up the aisle. I never dreamed it would be behind my baby's coffin."

At the Grimshaw's, Todd is saying that the neighbours came out to show respect to Billy, but Jason argues they were just having a nose. Todd starts to get upset that he cannot grieve for his son. "Why do I have to skulk around?" he demands. "It's my son that's died." He moves towards the kitchen and Eileen tells Jason she will go up and have a soak just to keep out of Todd's way.

Les is at home complaining to Kirk that "old nurse Nancy" insisted they come home just because Chesney felt a bit ill, and then he had to give her the Heimlich maneuver. "You have to use force, otherwise it won't do the trick." Kirk is fascinated. "Do you think Fizz would like it, the Heimlich thingy?". Les biffs him on the head and tells him he has a one-track mind. He tells Kirk that Janice had choked on a chip, "and then she maneuvered right out the door". Never mind, says Kirk, there's always Plan B. This turns out to be Patrick's birthday do, where Kirk has plans to get so drunk he'll need a blood transfusion. Les thinks that's a brilliant idea and, unexpectedly for Kirk, leaves him behind to keep an eye on Chesney.

In the factory, Frankie is a bit astounded because it's the first time since August, 2003, that Danny has made her a cuppa. Danny is trying to persuade her that she should move up there with him, but Frankie is scrutinising the machinists, taking a particular interest in Karen McDonald. And, outside in the factory where they are taking a break, we see that Karen is definitely giving Frankie the evil eye.

In a fairly post place, Charlie and Shelley are ordering drinks and chatting, but most of the chat is about Bev. Shelley admits that Bev made up her "date" for the pictures.

Janice is back at work and looking so much in pain that Danny apologises for thinking she'd thrown a sickie. Sonia points out that it must be a strange illness if Janice had been up all night with diarrhea and it's now moved to become a pain in her ribcage. The chatting is broken up with Danny using his best Italian: "Din-dins is finito." They tell him that Janice's ex wants her back, and he says she should give him a go.

At the Grimshawās', Eileen is regretting letting Todd out of her sight, but Jason thinks they should let Todd do what he has to do. There is no sign of Todd.

But here he is, approaching the church, where a bunch of smokers are stood outside while some hymn singing goes on inside. Tommy Harris comes forward to meet him. "I had to come," says Todd. Tommy lets him head for the church door. "It's your funeral."


Les, Patrick and Steve are getting a bit raucous at a bar which seems to have a Turkish harem theme.

Todd has not gone into the church, but hides in the rhodo's as a very, very long line of mourners exits the church and heads for the graveyard. But the view from the cherry-picker the ITV crew must have hired seems to be deceptive, as only a third of this number seem to gather around the grave. Todd watches from behind a gravestone on the hill.

Back at the posh place, Shelley accuses Charlie of saying her Mam is a psycho. "She's just a bit lonely." But Charlie insists it's a bit odd to deliberately avoid giving Shelley the message and then take the invisible man to a matinee. Charlie suggests they go back to his place. When Shelley seems reluctant he points out that he needs to get a date in before Bev "whacks me between the eyes with a corkscrew".

At Patrick's birthday harem place, Les and Steve head off to the toilet and Patrick tries it on with one of the barmaids. Of course, as soon as we see she is veiled, unlike the other women working there, we know it must be someone we know. She rebuffs Patrick and has a go at him for grabbing her. He calls her a slapper and she proves it by slapping him. Les and Steve return and try to break up this skirmish, but the bouncers get there in strength and evict the lot of them, including the staff member. As they all pick themselves up off the ground out in the alley, Les rants that if there's one thing he hates it's a feminist slapper. The barmaid recognises his voice and turns around. "Dad!" "Leanne?!"

Eileen and Jason have arrived at the churchyard and Hayley moves to make room for them at the graveside, despite the protests of David. The committal service starts as a heartbroken Todd watches from a distance.

Over in No 7, Danny is getting Mike to "big up" Manchester. "Weelll...." thinks Mike. "It's handy for Scotland." He eventually remembers that you get more bricks and mortar for your money, and handbags are cheaper than in the south-east. Frankie is persuaded and agrees to give Weatherfield a go (possibly commuting from a country pile nearby, once they've sold their property down south). "What's Chingford if you're not in it?" she asks Danny.

At the church, the prayers end and the container of earth is being passed around for the mourners to drop handfuls on to the tiny coffin. Todd approaches, to the horror of David, who accuses him of killing Billy. "I need to say goodbye to my son," Todd says quietly. He says he wasn't there when Billy came into the world, nor when he died, but he has to be here now. He turns to Sarah. "You understand." She does and hands him the container of earth. Todd kneels at the graveside. "Billy, it's Daddy." This is too much for Sarah, who is led away weeping loudly. Gail tells Eileen everyone else has said their goodbyes. "We'll leave you to yours."

Back in the alley, Les can't believe any daughter of his would be working in a place like that. Steve points out that Les thought it was "babe central" just half an hour ago. He tries to ring for a cab but the phone at Streetcars is ringing out. "Try 715-all-the-fives," suggests Patrick. "They're loads cheaper than us -- better cars, n'all." Leanne points out that she's now lost not just her job, but her home, because she had a room upstairs. For a horrified moment Les thinks this room was part of the job, but she assures him she wasn't "working" in it (I'm trying to be discreet here). Les tells her she will have to come home with him. He gives her his denim jacket to cover herself up. And as this former merry band start trudging homewards, Leanne sums it up: "Weatherfield -- whoopee." (exclamation marks deliberately excluded).

At Billy's grave, Eileen has been reading the cards and notices the Croppers have included the names of both Sarah and Todd on theirs. Todd is talking to Billy about the tiny teddy-bear: "Uncle Jase found it for you." He tells his dead baby that he's sorry he let him down, but he knows he would have been good Dad. "Sleep tight, Billy Grimshaw. You're the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me."

The end.

Margaret Carr

Wednesday 9 June

Sponsored by Cadburys great things to do. Written by Peter Whalley. Directed by Terry Dyddgen-Jones.

Leanne is sleeping on the sofa. She wakes and asks who Kirk and Chesney are, then where is Les. Chesney says ćLes who?ä Kirk implies that he knows. Chesney hits him and says they could have fooled her into thinking she was in the wrong house. Les comes down the stairs and Leanne demands to know who Kirk and Chesney are. Les says Kirkās the lodger and Chesney is complicated. Les tells them that she is his daughter.

Todd is sitting on the sofa looking depressed, so Jason asks if he would like to go for a drink later. Todd says where no one will know him and he won't get beaten up, Jason tells him no but reminds him that he better watch out for that and leaves. Eileen says Jason was only trying to help and that a lot of people feel sorry for him. Todd says you and Jason, that's it. He has a birthday present for Beth and says he will go over later with it.

Danny asks Frankie what she is going to do today, she tells him wondering what she's doing in a dump like this when they have a perfect house back at home. Danny tells her when she finds out let him know and that he thinks deep down she is starting to love it here.

Jason is telling Charlie that the baby's coffin was small. From the top of the scaffolding Charlie shouts down to Shelly and asks if she is still up for tonight, She is.

Les is asking Leanne how he felt going to a dump and seeing her dressed up like a tart. Leanne then says they get losers in her place and then she seen her own dad with them. Les defends him self by saying it was Patrick's birthday and its not the type of place he normally goes in. She says its not the type of place she normally works in. Les asks her why she is not abroad but is told, she came back up did not want to come back to his because her mum and sister left.

In the corner shop Sunita is asking Shelly if she wants to come with her tonight. Frankie enters and looks at Sunita. Shelly asks her ćwho is she?ä She is told to come out with her and she will explain. Frankie asks about bread then comments about saying she specialises in pizzas. Shelly wonders what its about, then agrees to come out.

At the Platts Martin enters and tells Gail he got suspended for beating up Karl. He then asks if he can take David on a fishing trip. Gail shouts him as Martin talks to Sarah and Bethany. David comes and he is excited to go.

Sunita asks Tracy how her little girl is, she is told taking along time to grow up. Tracy can't wait till she gets a flat off her own and leaves her. She leaves as Charlie enters the shop. Sunita tells him thanks for not minding but realises he had not been told.

Leanne comes in the pub and sees Janice who welcomes her. Charlie enters and demands to speak to Shelly. Leanne tells Janice what happened with Les and his mates last night. When Shelly comes he is angry and tells her he will be here at eight as they planned or its over between them.

At the back of the rovers Bev asks if Shelly is going out with Charlie, She is told no because she is going out with Sunita. Bev then says ćif he comes in?ä. Shelly replies saying he will be wasting his time.

Martin and David are going as Todd comes out his house. Gail tells them just to leave as she can handle it. They leave as Todd comes over and is told that Sarah does not want to see him. He says he has a present for Bethany. Sarah comes out and they start to talk as Gail goes away. Sarah tells him she is not going to give it to her and says Bethany has to forget about him.

At the Rovers Betty is saying to Tracy that she bets Amy get fussed over with her granny and grandad. Tracy say you won't believe the amount of times she gets reminded Amy is hers. She came in to get away from that. Janice and Leanne enter. Leanne says she phoned the club to say she would be in to night but was told ćdon't bother, you're sackedä. Charlie enters and asks if Shelly is in but Bev says she's out with Sunita. Charlie does not believe her, so she gets Betty to confirm it.

Shelly is up at a bar and when she gets back Sunita says sorry as she has messed thing up for her with Charlie. Shelly says she will put a smile on his face tomorrow.

Danny and Frankie enter the Rovers. Tracy asks them how's my house you're living in, she is told how's the rent we're paying you. She goes to leave as she meets Sonya and Karen as they ask her who is that with Danny. They are told his wife. Bev and Charlie get very close. He offers to buy her a drink and says its nice to have some one to spend it on. Betty asks if she can leave, she can. Sonya and Karen discuss Dannyās wife with Janice and Leanne. Frankie comes over saying are they enjoying discussing her. They ask if she is his wife, they are told she has the papers to prove it. She then says, if she hears them talking about her again she won't be nice about it.

Sarah tells her mum that she doesn't know who she is any more. Gail tells her tha she is her wonderful daughter and Bethany's mummy. She says it was when she was talking to Todd she realised her life with him was over and she cant go back to being a school girl.

At the pub Bev shouts, ćcan I have your glasses pleaseä but tells Charlie you can stay. She rings the bell and people start to leave. Charlie gives Bev a drink. Bev says she hates this place when its empty and ask if he wants to go through to the back, they kiss.

A taxi pulls up the front of the Rovers. Shelly says her mum has left the light on that means she had to clear up but Sunita tells her it's her night off and to come back with her. She agrees. In the Rovers Bev and Charlie are in the back and he says where to next. Bev says if it's up to me then up stairs.

Amanda Souter

Friday 11 June

Two more episodes but football next week so I will not be here. Shortened write up I am sorry - but there is simply too much to cover.

Written by Peter Whalley and the great Daran Little and directed by Terry Dyddgen-Jones.

Bev and Shelley discuss the previous evening. Once again Bev is trying to convince Shelley that Charlie is not worthy of her. Luckily Shelley has vanished when the phone goes and it is Charlie asking if they can both forget getting drunk and cavorting with each other the previous evening. Bev points out that is best for him. Then Bev asks if she can go out again this evening - but she wants to try and make good her promise to Charlie. Bev tells her that she does not want to know and is a little offhand.

Karen is regaling Steve with tales of the new boss and on seeing Eileen he is reminded that he has to tell her that the house is sold. Eileen goes indoors to ask Todd how he will spend the day - he is due to be going to the shop.

Vera is telling both Sunita and Dev that she does not want to be served by Todd after the distress he has caused. Maya overhears and asks Dev if Todd is sacked. Sunita says that if Todd is sacked she will not be working either. Until 1 o'clock Dev makes himself scarce.

Norris is deeply concerned about the storeroom at the back of the Kabin - there is something peculiar about it - when he arrives at 6am in the morning it is cold. Leanne arrives for a chat - just passing through. Leanne also remembers the storeroom being cold (in winter).

Nick and Maria meet outside the salon and go into the Rovers for a drink as Todd appears on his way to work. Sunita asks if we will be alright when Dev returns and decides to give him some compassionate leave so that he has the time to come to terms with it. A couple of weeks and Dev hands over some cash. Todd departs. Nick and Maria have lunch in the Rovers where Nick is desperate to get back to work as he cannot keep the boss (Avril) waiting - is there more going on here than there should be? Charlie arrives in the Rovers where he forgives Shelley and she buys him a pint and offers to take him out this evening.

Leanne tells Les that it would be a good thing if he and Janice got back together. And she sees Maria and Nick arguing as they leave the Rovers whilst Graham Lewis - a chartered surveyor knocks on Eileen's door. A property company is buying the house and the surveyor cannot tell them what is going to happen - she and Todd need to talk to their landlord. Eileen thought Steve was their friend - as well as her boss. She heads to the StreetCars office where she orders Steve to turn off the radio system. "You've sold my house - a knock at the door a surveyor." Steve apologises. Eileen makes it clear that the roof is being sold from over their heads. Steve explains that they will still be tenants and will still pay rent - but simply to someone else. This sums up her life - Steve can buy her when he wants her to work and then he can sell her when he wants. Eloquently she makes Steve feel very small.

In the Rovers Leanne is brought up to date on Nick and Maria - the "cow that did the dirty on Toyah" - as Leanne so well describes her. Leane decides to stay a little longer. Bev tells Charlie she is not sure she can stay quiet - can she leave Shelley alone - he refuses and she says she is going nothing. Vera is trying to convince Shelley that if she serves Todd then it will soon become a gay bar. Charlie then tells Shelley he will pick her up at 8. Rita and Emily discuss the stock room and the ghost with Norris - but he has decided to remain to quiet on the matter. Later Bev does try to convince Shelley not to go out - but Shelley thinks that Bev is jealous as she cannot back up her objections with reasons. After a while Bev tries again and tells Shelley what actually happened last night - they got drunk and went to bed together.

In part 2 Shelley accuses Bev of an overactive imagination. Needless to say Shelley does not believe her. Shelley refers to past lapses of Bev - but Shelley will not listen to her.

Over at the Kabin Norris is trying to contact the other side and this provides continued fun for Rita and Betty is brought into the story. Betty knows she saw something not of this world in the pub.

Shelley arrives at Charlie's office - "Did you sleep with my mother?". Charlie denies it - he does not know what game her mother is playing and he will swear it on the bible. He admits he had a few drinks - but then he left without even giving Bev a kiss - would he ruin what they have for a fling with Bev? He likes Bev when she is sane - and he wants a relationship with Shelley - all he wanted with Bev was sex. He tries to convince Shelley that it is all lies. She cancels their date - she has to sort things out in her head - someone is lying to her. Charlie frowns.

Leanne arrives at the salon - Audrey is at the wholesalers and yes they can do her hair now. Leanne plays on Maria's ignorance to find out about her and Nick. Maria tells her how nice Nick is - and of course they will have trouble with a big wedding because he has been married once before to a right cow who made him do all sorts of things. Leanne's face is a picture.

Shelley refuses to talk to Bev and she is left alone to think.

Steve visits Eileen to apologise to her and the family. She could not understand why they were not told. He was trying not to give her any more worries. Eileen reminds Steve that she took him in when Karen threw him out. Later peace is restored as Eileen gives Steve a coffee - he really is sorry and Eileen tells her that the boys need security and a home - they have rights. She is 43 and should have her own place and all she has is debt hanging round her neck. Eileen then says there are others worse off - including Steve - he can never see when Karen is going to swoop for the kill. She laughs and tells Steve he has cheered her up.

Rita, Emily and Blanche discuss with Norris seeing a ghost and the past uses of the Kabin site. Originally the Glad Tidings Mission with Ena Sharples in residence and then a community centre. And then Emily remembers - Ena's daughter - died in the vestry. Vera Lomax. On the mention of the name Norris feels a hand on the back of his neck. {Now a check of www.corrie.net confirms that Vera was the daughter of Ena - but there is no reference to her death in the vestry - can anyone confirm this?}. And on the other side of the Rovers Maria wanders in to find her new best friend Leanne having a drink - this is nice if she stays on she can get to meet Nick; which Leanne thinks is wonderful (Leanne has been careful not to tell Maria her name of course).

At the back of the Rovers Bev is distraught and she asks Betty to talk to Shelley and ask her for a discussion and so she can make her explanation. Shelley tells Betty the story. Shelley does not know who to believe. Betty says that Shelley knows the two of them best and she should go by her own instincts.

Nick arrives and asks Maria to buy her and her friend a drink (Leanne has gone to the little girl's room). Nick complies and has his back turned when Leanne arrives and is introduced by Maria - and then she finds it is Leanne - the wife - a common tart. Maria spots that Leanne must have known who she was talking about but Leanne denies it - the kind considerate sexy Nick she talked about rang no bells with her! Maria then has a go at Leanne who reminds Maria about stealing R'Toyah's boyfriend. Maria slaps Leanne and then they tussle before Nick drags them apart and in the process he and Leanne get the chance to look deeply into each other's eyes. A spark of deep recognition passes between them. And then Leanne says that she is not going to run away and she is not going to let Nick ruin her life this time or force her to have an abortion. She has come back a stronger person. She picks up a pint and throws it all over him and growls at Maria as she stomps out.

As they play dominoes Emily remembers some more about the death - Vera used to complain of headaches. They gently bicker as they play, although Norris is totally distracted and wonders why a ghost is trying to make contact now. The others look totally bemused.

In the back room Bev tells her story in detail to Shelley, without the sordid details. Sadly Shelley does not believe her mother and as Charlie has denied it she thinks that Bev is the fool for making up the story because she is jealous. Shelley tells her that she is poison and she cannot see people happy. Shelley says that Bev is no mother of hers - she wants her out of the pub and out of her life. Go and pack your bags and get out.

And sadly it looks like we are losing the wonderful Susie Blake.

Be back soon!

K Richard W

Sunday 13 June

No Episode aired.

Monday 14 June

Just one episode tonight, folks, though it's a 45-minute one.

We open in the back room at the Rovers, where Bev is pleading with Shelley and telling her she wouldn't make up something like sleeping with Charlie. Fred is there, but Bev fails to convince him to side with her. He tells her that Shelley will come round. In fact, she'd better. "She can't just go round sacking people and leaving me understaffed!"

In the corner shop, Vera has come in with Jack, haranguing him as she goes. She accuses him of keeping her up all night with his coughing and wheezing. He says he's got a cold coming on, but she says it's exercise he needs. Sunita is annoyed about being stuck in there on her own because Todd is off, but Dev says it's hard to find a replacement just for a few weeks. He tries to lift a heavy carton for her, but she assets her independence and in the struggle over the carton it's dropped on his foot. "Can you wiggle it?" Vera asks. No. Jack tells him to get to the doctor.

In the cafe, Roy is offering Charlie some breakfast. Bacon and eggs? Sausage barm cake? "Bit of peace and quiet would be nice," says a grumpy Charlie. Nick and Maria are talking about Leanne and Maria makes Nick promise to stay away from his ex. Shelley comes in and tells Charlie she's sorry she ever doubted him. "I told her to sling her hook," she says. Charlie suggests Shelley is being a bit hard on her mother, but Shell says it's all her mother's fault, "making up something as sick as that!" Charlie relents and says maybe it's as well Bev does go.

In the stock room of the Kabin, Medium Norris (I would have called him Small, myself) is telling Rita what a coincidence it is that Vera Lomax died just where he's been feeling some sort of presence. Rita pooh poohs any psychic phenomena, but Norris says that's just because she's not para-normally sensitive. "Oh, I'm becoming very sensitive -- to the whole business," she says. He's not really watching what he's doing, and a carton suddenly falls on his head (hmmm, is there some sort of carton theme building up in this episode?). As Rita is clearing up the folders which have spilled from the carton, Norris plugs in the electric jug and the socket hisses sparks! "Either that ghost goes or I do!" he declares. And as he storms out into the main part of the shop, Rita seems to feel a chill breeze on her neck . . .

In the pub, Fred demands to know what he is supposed to do for staff. Shelley doesn't care. "After today I am never going to have to see her again." Fred tells Bev he's sorry, but he hasn't managed to change Shelley's mind. Ciaran is dying to know what's going on, but Betty gives him the cold shoulder when he asks. And when Bev ties to get Betty on her side, Betty tells her she's not surprised Shelley has reacted in this way. "So Charlie gets off scot free, does he? We'll see about that!" says Bev.

[first break]

Outside the shop, Dev is in a very happy mood. His foot is just bruised and he tells Sunita she should shut the shop and go to lunch.

In Charlie's yard he is working when he feels a mysterious, malign presence. Yes, it's Bev and her evil eye. He says he's sorry for the way things have turned out, but if she'd kept her mouth shut it would all have been all right. But Bev says she could not have done that. She loves Shelley and Charlie is destroying the family. "I think you did that all by yourself, Bev. What kind of a mother would do that to her daughter?" WHACK!!! The same kind who would slug a builder, apparently. "One day she'll do that to you, an' all," hisses Bev, before leaving.

Nick is walking down the street when he sees Leanne. At first he wants to ignore her, but she turns on the charm, saying she's been a bit of an idiot and asking if they can start again. She asks him about his life now, and he falls for her chat-up lines, telling her he left Canada because he fell out with his uncle. But her pleasant smile goes the minute he turns his back, and we know she is up to something.

Sunita goes into the pub's back room to talk to Shelley. Shelley puts her si de of things and says Bev is a malicious, twisted cow. "She always struck me as a really nice person," Sunita says. So Shelley hits her with the information that Bev slept with Ciaran while he was still engaged to Sunita. Sunita is very upset and runs out, meeting Bev, who says she never meant to hurt Sunita. "Don't you dare try and justify it," warns Sunita. "I've just been stood in there defending you!"

In the Kabin, Deirdre is astounded at the news that the newsagent's has a poltergeist. "Yes, yes, it fits the criteria exactly," says Norris, consulting a book ("What Ghost"? "Haunting for Beginners"?) Rita has seemingly lost the will to live and is slumped against the counter, holding on to the till to keep herself upright, or maybe trying to put herself out of her misery by pulling it on to her head. As Norris finishes reading out the description of a poltergeist, Rita rouses herself to assure Deirdre that it's all rubbish. "He's got me thinking I can feel cold spots, now." Norris reveals that he has a headache, and wonders if he is feeling empathy with poor Vera Lomax, who died of a brain tumour. "It's being hit on the head with a box full of folders, more like," says Rita. "No," says Deirdre. "I think he's got something there. I think he's definitely possessed." The two women are still in hysterics over this when Bev comes in for 10 cigarettes. She is obviously upset and she doesn't smoke, so a curious Deirdre follows her outside and offers her a lighter. "Oh, Deirdre, I've made such a mess of things," Bev weeps.

Ciaran comes into the shop to apologise to Sunita. He tries to explain that Bev seduced him, but Sunita won't listen. "That's not an apology, that's an excuse," she says. "Why do men always confuse 'em?" She is angry that when asked about it at the time, Ciaran looked her in the eye and lied, saying he'd slept on the sofa at the Rovers. And she's angry that she felt bad for calling off the wedding, feeling she'd let him down. "At least you know you made the right decision," Ciaran says. But Sunita remembers that Ciaran deliberately broke up her relationship with Dev. "If it wasn't for you, I could have been married to him by now." "There we are then," he says. "Everything has its up side!" He is ejected immediately.

In the cafe, Roy puts a cup in front of Bev, telling her he took the liberty of putting two spoons of sugar in because it's supposed to help with shock and she does look as if she needs it. Bev tells Deirdre what has happened. Deirdre is sympathetic at first, until she hears it involves Charlie. "It's hard to know what to believe," she tells Bev. "I've been on the receiving end."

[another break]

Vera marches into the living room and turns off the television, waking Jack. Her little sherpa, Tyrone, follows with a very large exercycle, which Vera has bought from a very large butcher. It's for Jack. Tyrone and Vera have worked out a fitness plan, which involves Jack cycling the equivalent of the distance to Cleethorpes, which is where the Duckworths went for their honeymoon. T&V think the idea of heading for Cleethorpes will keep Jack going. The fools. Vera is determined. She takes Jack's can of beer and tells him he's not getting it back until he's got rid of the equivalent in sweat!

In the cafe, Deirdre tells Bev that it's obvious Shelley can't deal with the situation at the moment. She suggests Bev move out and reassures her that when Shelley is ready they will make up, just as Deirdre and Tracey have done more than once.

Dev enters the shop and asks Sunita how she is. She is just starting to pour out her troubles and tell him what she's found out, when Maya comes in, demanding attention, and Dev is too eager to give it to her. He tells her that when he went to the doctor he was also given the results of his health check and he's fit as a fiddle. "We can go ahead and set a wedding date."

In the Rovers, Shelley seeks reassurance from Betty, who says it has to be her decision. Bev comes in and says she is going back to Bradford and will stay with friends until she gets herself sorted. Fred comes in to say the taxi is here. Shelley looks as if she's going to cry, maybe even change her mind, and Bev looks at her hopefully. "Better not keep it waiting," Shelley says. Fred hugs Bev and tells her she's been a belting barmaid and a good friend.

Outside, the bags are put into the taxi and Shelley tells Bev all she needs to do is admit she lied, but Bev can't do this. Charlie appears and stands close behind Shelley. "I hope you can live with yourself," Bev tells him. Shelley asks: "Why can't you be happy for me?" "One day he's going to break your heart," Bev answers. "When he does, you ring me and I'll come." She gets into the taxi and is gone.

The end.

Margaret Carr

Wednesday 16 June

At the back of the Rovers Shelly asks Charlie if her mum will be ok, she is told that time is a great healer and they will make up. Betty comes in and looks shocked and asks Charlie if he would like a brew but he is leaving to open the yard. Betty tells Shelly that she's seen to many feet under the table quickly. She is also told a pretty face and a barmaid donāt go.

Jason tells Roy that his sausage is not cooked, he takes it and tells Hayley that he did not cook if properly and she says that Roy has not be focussing all day. He tells her that today she has to be home early, she wonders why, but is told great things comes to those that wait. She leaves and Roy looks at a piece of paper as Jason comes asking about his sausage, its burnt in the pan.

Maya and Dev are kissing on the sofa when Devās phone rings. He answers and says that he got his test results, but the says ok and he will be along shortly. Maya asks what that was about, she is told that the rest of his results are in and they want him to come in straight away.

Jack is sitting on the sofa. The front door opens and he gets up and stands at the table as Vera comes in. He asks about dinner because Tyrone has been flat out at the garage, but Vera says flat out on the sofa by the look of it. She then pulls out some cycling shorts, a map and a book of cycling routes. Jack is not happy. Tyrone picks up a picture of some one on a bike and says they can move it along the map and see how far heās travelled. Vera says do you not want to show of your body, he does not want to and says they know were the can stick the bike.

Roy is at Tracyās door. When she answers and asks if she got her divorce papers through. She tells him that she got a phone bill, then that means there still married. She winds in up my say they could put things in the past and start again. ćYour jokingä Roy says. Tracy says nothing gets passed him, then the papers did come through. She says that sheās no longer Mrs Cropper. Roy says the feeling is mutual as the door slams in his face.

Dev comes home and Maya asks what the verdict. He tells her that the test results were not complete. Maya asks if the have found something, but he does not answer and she starts saying that she should of not made him go for the tests. He says that every thing is fine. Maya tells him not to scare her again.

Jason is given his Hotpot by Betty and Shelly asks him if his boss will be in. He tells her heās working but if she ever needs anything, she knows where to call. Betty tells Shelly that she plays these games.

Norris comes up to Ken and asks if he knows any thing about the paranormal. He says no. Norris tells him that heās trying to contact Vera Lomax. Blanche wants to join Norris and Rita when they try to contact her. Ken tells her that she should not get involved, but is told she would not miss Norris making a fool of himself.

At the corner shop Sunita asks if Dev is ok because he had not said more than two words, he says he's ok. Norris asks if they have any incense, Sunita tell him the second shelf but its air freshener. Norris groans and Dev starts shouting saying if he's not happy with what they sell then leave. Norris is thrown out. Sunita demands to know what going on. He says he went to the doctors and they think he might have bowel cancer.

At the Rovers Charlie enters and asks for a pint. ćJason says youāve gone of hotpotä says Shelly. He explains he went for a shower and shave and then says pity they have to spend the night with them, but Shelly says then it gets quiet they will go through the back. Norris tells Rita that Betty and Blanche are coming. Rita tells him the only ghosts in the stock room are last years Halloween masks. Norris then asks her to explain the cold chills on his shoulders as Blanche puts her hand on his shoulders, and he jumps. Blanche goes to get a drink for them as Jack and Vera are arguing. She asks what is going on and Vera explains about the bike. Blanche says he need some colours in his cheeks. Other people start to make comments and Jack decides to start using the bike.

At the shop Sunita comes up to Dev and says if he needs some time alone or would like to talk about it, she here. He thanks her. She asks how Maya took it, but finds out that she does not know. Sunita tells him that Maya loves him and she deserves to know the truth. ćWhatās more important?ä she asks, he says Maya, so Sunita tells him to tell her.

Fred comes through the back of the Rovers shouting for Shelly but Charlie tells him that she gone out for five minutes. Fred looks shocked as he is through there.

Roy is walking Hayley with her eyes closed through the cafŽ. He stops her. The place is all romantic looking and he then tells her to open her eyes, she does and asks what the occasion is, he shows the divorce papers. ćItās overä Roy says.

Shelly meets Fred, he is not happy and tells her that Charlie should not be through there. Shelly says when he private life starts to affect work, it should stop as Fred says it has because they have lost a good barmaid because of him. He tells her he wants staffing problems fixed by the time he gets back.

Norris is telling every one that he had to improvise in getting some of the stuff from the Kabin. Rita asks if he has paid for it, he has. All of them are round the table and link hands. They are told to repeat after Norris. They ask for the spirit of Vera Lomax to communicate with them and move among them, just at that moment there is a knock. Norris runs and Blanche starts laughing saying that who every they paid to knock did it at the right time. Rita tells her she did not pay anybody and there is nobody else here. They all look scared.

Dev is waiting for Maya to come home. She comes and Dev asks her where has she been. She tells him that she bumped into an old friend and she is going to put in a good word for her about a job. Dev says there are going out for lunch tomorrow to celebrate. Maya implies that she had not got the job and he has work, but Dev says there is more important things than work.

Sunita is just about to shut the shop for the night. Vera bursts in as she is about to lock the door. She asks for juice that cyclists take with them for Jack. She says that he is going to start the cycling. After Vera goes, Sunita bursts out crying.

Amanda Souter

Friday 18 June

No Episode aired.

Sunday 20 June

We Start tonightās episode in the Corner Shop. Sunita asks how Dev is and how Maya took his news. He confesses that he couldnāt face telling her as she was so happy about her new job. Shelly meanwhile bounces in looking happy but Sunita and Dev keep on talking. Dev then promises Sunita that he will tell Maya over lunch. Shelly comes up to the till and witters on and then finally notices that Sunita is crying. Sunita then bursts into tears and tells her that Dev may have cancer but swears her to secrecy as Maya doesnāt know yet.

Jack is looking lovely in his vest and his tight orange cycling shorts and is pedalling away at his bike and is disheartened to hear that he has only done six miles which doesnāt even take him out of Manchester. He tries to convince Vera the he needs to break himself in slowly.

Over in the Rovers Shelly is rushed off her feet as she is the only one behind the bar. Les and Leanne are waiting to be served and are goading her. Leanne offers her services as a barmaid and after a bit of banter Shelly eventually relents and puts her on a trial basis.

Rita and Norris are in the Kabin and discussing the ghost. Mike walks in and ridicules them and orders a packet of cigars which they have run out of. The stock is in the backroom but Norris and Rita are too scared to go in. Mike offers to go and get them and then tells them that it smells in there and that it is cold. He gives his advice ö a builder for Rita and holiday for Norris.

Maya is waiting in the restaurant for Dev and as soon as he comes in she doesnāt allow him a word in edgeways. She tells him that its bad news on the job as she didnāt get it but good news on the wedding invitations. He is stunned at this as they havenāt even set a date. Dev then tells her that he has something to say ö she thinks that he is going to dump her. He then tells about his tests and the possibility of cancer ö and finishes off his sentence saying that the invites might need to go on hold. Maya sits there speechless.

Les is at the bar and is very happy ö he puts his arm around Janice (who swiftly removes it from her shoulders) and tells her that he is happy as having Leanne behind the bar means free booze. Norris comes in and disapproves of Leanne behind the bar because of her entrance last week and her past behaviour. Janice butts in and asks him whether he thought she was a good barmaid ö reluctantly he agrees that she was. Leanne then asks Shelly what she thinks and Shelly aggress that she can stay on a trial basis.

Maya and Dev are still talking and she is upset that he didnāt tell her. He tries to explain that he was scared of her reaction. She tells him that he is treating her like a child. He then goes on to say that he would understand if she didnāt want to get married. Maya assures him that it doesnāt change a thing as she agreed to marry him in sickness and in health. He protests but she says that she has nothing to think about. They kiss ö and her face tells a different story.

Shelly is in the street collecting pies. She bumps into Charlie who nuzzles her neck and tries to get her to spend a bit of time with him. She tells him how busy she is but suggests he comes to the Rovers later. Shelly then spots Leanne walking down the street and asks her what she is doing. Leanne tells her that Fred has walked in and sacked her. Shelly is not pleased at this and storms into the pub with Leanne fast behind her. As Shelly walks in Fred greets her and picks up a pie. Shelly demands to know what is happening and gasps with horror as Liz McDonald walks from the back room and asks where she should start.

Sunita is in the cafŽ and spots Maya sitting there. She cryptically asks after Dev and Maya cottons on that Sunita knew before she did. She is initially upset but Sunita tries to talk her round. Maya puts on a brave face and assures Sunita that she will be standing by him.

Fred is explaining about employing Liz and Shelly is having none of it and tells Fred that she is the manager and she hires and fires staff. Fred says that Liz is staying and Shelly says that Leanne is saying ö and suggests that they both stay as its not her money. As if that wasnāt bad enough ö Liz tells Fred that she has put her stuff in the back room as Fred suggested. Shelly is gob smacked to find that she has moved in.

Norris comes into the Kabin and asks for a week off as he is feeling stressed about recent events. Rita is looking amused. She took Mikes advice and asked Charlie to check the back room out ö they have got a bad damp problem. The noises, cold, moving shelves and groaning are down to the damp and the fact that the wall is cracking.

Dev goes into his flat and calls out to Maya. He then sees a note on the table ö opens it and bursts into tears.

Fred and Shelly are still arguing as he refuses to have a Battersby behind his bar. In the end Leanne gets so fed up she tells him to stick it. Rita who has subsequently come in thinks that Fred is unfair and asks Leanne to work with her for a week while Norris is on holiday and informs a shocked Fred that Leanne worked for her before and did a very good job.

Jack is still on his bike and has not gone very far at all and is very depressed. He still has 85 miles to get to Cleethorpes and over 100 miles back. Tyrone comes in with some chips which makes him more depressed. They then strike up a deal that Tyrone will cycle some miles for him at five pounds a session. Jack is relieved at this and gets off his bike and tucks into Tyroneās chips.

Steve and Karen walk into the pub. Karen is going on at Steve about the profit on the house and all she would like is a tiny pair of diamond earrings that will last her for life and they only cost two thousand pounds. Steve shrieks at this but is even more aghast when a familiar voice says ćstill bleeding him dry then Karenä. They are both shocked to see Liz behind the bar. Liz asks Karen if she still drinks pints ö pours her one and tells her it is on her. Karen is speechless.

Dev and Sunita are sitting in the Rovers and Dev is devastated about Maya going. He doesnāt know what he is going to do without her. Sunita tells him he still has his friends and family and especially her. She assures him that he has got her now and always will. He thanks her for this and the credits roll with Sunita staring lovingly at Dev.

Thank you

Mary Earlam

Monday 21 June

Hi everyone,

Here is the first episode of the evening.

Itās breakfast time in the Battersby household. Leanne is already there, and she tells Janice who comes looking for her, that there was no brekky round at her place. Janice has no cigarettes, and asks Leanne to Ībungā her some, seeing as sheās starting work with Rita at the Kabin today. ĪYou want me nicking cigs already?ā snorts Leanne, ĪNo, I canāt.ā Janice tells her sheās gasping, but Leanne is unmoved. Les tells Janice not to encourage Leanne to steal, if she does well there she could take over from ĪDorisā, and then, once sheās permanent she can get a proper scam going. Janice says that doesnāt get her smoking now, so Les tells her to scrounge off the girls at work. Then Les tells Janice that if she gets Chesney his dinner today, heāll get her two packets. Janice thinks thatās a good idea, and off she goes with Leanne right behind her. After theyāve gone Kirk tells Les he thinks heās being ripped off, but Les reckons heās craftier than a box of donkeys. ĪDonāt you mean a barrel load of monkeys?ā asks Kirk.

Out in the street, Janice asks Leanne if sheās planning to stick around after her stint in the paper shop. Leanne says it depends, sheās got some unfinished business to take care of first. Janice is just wondering if it has anything to do with Nicky Tilsley, when Fizz comes up behind them. Janice introduces them, and Leanne tells Fizz that Toyah has told her all about her.

Over at the garage, Sally is pinning a badge to Kevinās overall. This badge states ĪHi, Iām Kevin Iām here to helpā. There is one for each of them, Sally thinks it makes them look more professional, but Tommy is disgusted and rips his straight off, saying heās not going to be treated like a child. Heās a mechanic, a skilled working man, an adult. Just then Tyrone comes in, heās delighted when he sees the badges, ĪCool!ā he says, taking his away. Sally tells Kevin she thinks Tyrone really understands what they are trying to do there, She thinks he needs encouraging, he needs a reward. Kevin tells her he gets paid, thatās his reward.

Steve and Karen are coming along the street, Karen is not convinced that Steve didnāt know his mother was coming back. Just then Deirdre steps out of the Kabin and asks if itās true that Liz is back in the Rovers. Karen, through gritted teeth, tells her that it is, and theyāre thinking of holding a street party for her. ĪOh,ā says Deirdre, Īnot everyone is pleased then!ā As Deirdre goes off, Karen launches into an attack on Liz. She tells Steve his mother is a scheming bitch, and sheās planning something to do with A-M-Y. Steve seems incredulous, canāt think why.

Sunita has called to see Dev, who, it appears, has been up all night drinking. Sheās brought him fresh orange juice and some organic fruit. He thinks thatās like shutting the door after the horse has bolted, but she tells him no, they donāt even know if there is actually anything wrong yet. He says there is something very wrong with him, Maya has gone. She wants to know if heās made the appointment for the follow up tests, but he hasnāt, and he doesnāt want to listen to her protests. Heās finding it hard to realize that he misjudged Maya, but Sunita tells him that some people arenāt strong enough to cope with illness, that doesnāt make her a bad person. He calms down and tells her he will make the appointment. She says sheās will tidy up and then get back to the shop, he clasps her hand and thanks her for being a friend.

Shelley marches into the back room of the Rovers. She apologises for disturbing both Fred and Liz, but wonders if Īmadamā is at home to visitors while she gets the bar ready. Steve is behind her and as he comes in, Shelley tells Betty it looks like they are on their own. ĪNo change there then,ā remarks Betty. After they have gone out Fred tells Liz to ease herself in gently. Steve wants to know why Liz said yes to Fredās request to her to come and work in the Rovers. Liz tells him that she always loved working there, sheāll be near Jim, Steve will be just down the road and she will have her mates. Liz wonders why Steve seems so suspicious, and he tells her he is suspicious actually, and can she really tell him that her coming back there is nothing to do with Amy? Liz says yes, she wants her family round her, well, all except one, the one who Steve is there snooping for. Well, Steve can tell her to mind her own business.

In the garage, Sally summons all the workers to Īgather roundā. She tells them how they are introducing ĪEmployee of the Monthā award, and the first one is Tyrone! He makes a small, silly speech, thanking everyone. She presents him with the Employee of the Month baseball cap, and ö a fifty pound note! Kevin is somewhat horrified, although when Tyrone rushes off to spend it in the pub, Kevin goes too, leaving Sally with her mouth open!

Gail is walking past the hairdressers when Audrey rushes out calling her. She has some news, the council are building a fountain and naming it the Alf Roberts Memorial Fountain, in honour of Alf.

Tommy, Tyrone and Kevin walking into the pub. Kirk, standing at the bar, admires Tyroneās badge. ĪOh, not youān all,ā groans Tommy. Tyrone shows off his Employee of the Month cap, and asks Liz if she gets many fifty pound notes in there. Liz tells him they donāt get any, Fred wonāt let her take them there are so many forgeries about. Tyrone has to rush off to Ritaās shop to get it changed.

Shelley is talking to Sunita, asking where Maya has gone. Sunita reckons sheās gone back to the asylum she came from, as itās thrown Dev right off kilter. Liz comes up and says pointedly to Shelley that there is a mad rush on behind the bar. As she departs, Shelley says she wishes sheād disappear.

Steve and Karen are at the bar, and Liz comes over, reminding Steve that itās soon to be his thirtieth birthday, and he should do something. Steve says heāll probably stay in with Karen. Liz protests that he canāt do that, but Karen tells her he can do what he wants, heās a big boy now.

Karen goes over to sit with the factory girls, who are gossiping about Dannyās wife, Frankie, and verbally pulling her to pieces. Just then the two of them come in, and Danny says hello. As they move on towards the bar, Sonia reckons sheās a slapper. At the bar, Frankie tells Danny sheās getting into this Northern thing, sheās living in a shoe box in a road that smells like fish and chips. Can you get more Northern than that?

Dev, clad in a dressing gown, is asleep on the sofa. He wakes up to see Maya in the doorway, and asks her if sheās come for her stuff. She tells him sheās come for him, she hugs him and tells him sheās so sorry.


After the break, Maya is trying to explain her actions to Dev, who is delighted sheās back. She panicked, she couldnāt cope with him being ill and him telling Sunita gave her the excuse she needed to bolt. It gets all very intense and emotional, with Maya telling him sheāll give him whatever he needs, and he tells her he needs her.

Over at the Battersbyās, Les walks in to find Janice, Fizz and Leanne eating in front of the tv. Chesney is elsewhere, so Les asks how he can be sure Janice kept her side of the deal and made his lunch. Fizz points out they are eating smiley faced potatoes, so she must have. Les pulls two packets out of his jacket··two packets of crisps! Janice is not amused and storms out, whereupon Les pulls the cigarettes out of his jacket, he was larking about. Les sits down miserably. He never gets it right. Leanne tells him he should make a romantic gesture, to show her that he will do anything, absolutely anything, to get her back, and she knows just the thing·.!

In the pub, Hayley tells Danny that they have nearly finished the order. ĪKushti Hales!ā he tells her. Frankie tells him that Īkushtiā makes him sound like a real cockney git.

Liz is laughing with Deirdre, and Karen is griping about the situation to Shelley. Kevin tells his workforce itās time to get back to work. Tyrone says he will follow, he needs a Jimmy Riddle. After theyāve gone, he orders another two pints for himself and Kirk, he reckons heās well in at work now.

Deirdre is telling Liz how good it is to see her, itās like sheās come home. Shelley comes up at this point and agrees, except this is not home, itās work, and if she wants to spend all day gassing she should get a job in a call centre. Liz says at least she doesnāt disappear when it gets busy. Shelley retorts that sheās the boss, she can disappear when she wants, like now, and she grabs her handbag and goes. Deirdre wonders if Liz is treading on someoneās toes.

Audrey is sitting at a table with Gail and Fred, saying how sheās over the moon. Fred tells her she should be, itās richly deserved. Betty wonders if there was any mention of her in the letter, she was the Lady Mayoress. Audrey is quite scathing when she tells her itās not quite the same thing, after all, Betty never did anything for the community, they will never name a fountain after her.

Sally comes into the pub to root out Tyrone, and she whips his hat off and gives him two minutes to get to work.

In the corner shop, Shelley is moaning to about Liz to Sunita, who seems rather distracted. Sunita confesses to Shelley that she loves Dev, and just then Dev comes in, with Maya in tow. Maya thanks Sunita for looking after Dev while she was away (er..it was only just one morning, was it not? Hardly a lifetime vocation!) Maya, who is all over Dev like a rash, has arranged the tests, and the only other call she now has to make is the one that books their wedding.

In the factory, the girls are talking about Janice, and they tell her sheās a scrounger. She tells them Les let her down, and Karen tells her of course he did, itās a full time job for Les. Danny comes out and stops the laughter, and then in comes Les, dressed in Leanneās belly dancing costume and full make up, with the packets of cigarettes on a tray in one hand, and a cd player in the other. He kneels in front of Janice as the girls all giggle. Janice turns off the cd player, and, very embarrassed, tells him to get out of her sight. The other girls tell her off, they thought it was quite sweet, for Les. They persuade her to go after him, so she goes out into the street and calls him over. She tells him he looks like her man, and everyone cheers!

Chesney is coming out of school, as he turns to walk down the road he bumps into someone, and looking up, sees his mum, Cilla. ĪAll right Chesney love?ā she asks him in honeyed tones, ĪArenāt you going to give your mam a hug?ā

And thatās it for the first episode, everyone.

Ann Logan

Here we are with Episode Two from Monday, slightly delayed to save you from withdrawal symptoms in a week when there is almost no Corrie. No, it has nothing to do with this episode screening an hour later than normal and being followed immediately by Big Brother. Of course not!

Anyway, we open in the pub, where Shelley is collecting glasses. Les and Janice come in and Les makes a big show of lifting Janice's hand in his on to the bar and wants to know if Shelley notices anything different about them. "Yes," Shelley says immediately. "You're wearing make-up." That wasn't quite what Les was hoping to hear and he points out that he and Jan are back together. "Has he drugged you?" Shelley asks Janice. Les orders some of the Rovers' finest bubbly and Shelley says she's got just what they'd like. It's bottled in Hartlepool.

In the cafe, Cilla is explaining to Chesney that she's just like the big cats on television. Every so often they leave their young on their own while they go off hunting for food for the cubs. "When have you ever brought me food?" asks Chesney. Now, actually, and Roy puts down an enormous ice-cream confection. Chesney isn't impressed and tells his mother she could be dead for all he cares. Cilla says she only left for a few days, but she does admit she stayed with "Uncle Ronnie. "And now he's chucked you out." Cilla tries to placate him and says her threat to put him into care was just a joke. She's back for good and will never leave him again. "You always say that!" As they talk, Chesney says he sometimes goes round to Fizz's. "Her flatmate, Claire, oh . . . gorgeous. . ." He tells his mother he's not just being passed from pillar to post, but has the best of both worlds. Cilla asks if Les ever mentions her, but Chesney says no. He never shows his feelings, says Cilla.

Back in the Rovers, Les and Janice are drinking a toast, but Janice doesn't was Les to get carried away with the celebrations. Les is more worried about having to tell Kirk he'll have to move out. "I presume you'll be moving in," he tells Janice. She presumes nothing of the kind. It's not that she doesn't want to -- she just wants them to talk about things like that before making decisions. Les wants to stand up and make an announcement, but Janice dissuades him -- there's no-one in. Les is so keen to show off his conquest that when Maya and Dev come in he announces it to them! Maya tells Dev she plans to go with him when he has his tests. Then Fizz comes in in a bit of a panic and asks if Les or Janice have seen Chesney.

Next, we see a back yard and Liz and Tracey come out into it to see baby Amy, whose pram is propped outdoors. "I would have come round earlier, but I thought I'd better show willing in the pub," says Liz, showing that Karen was right about why she's back. They discuss the problem LIz has with Karen, but Liz says she's not tiptoeing round her daughter-in-law any more. "Not when I've got a son and a beautiful granddaughter living round the corner from each other." Uh oh. "Talking of Steve, I hope he's still paying his way," she asks Tracey. Tracey tells her to be careful. "It's supposed to be our secret." Liz says it's time Steve stood up to Karen. "And if he doesn't, I will."

Panic is starting to set in at the Battersby house. Chesney is usually very good about getting home on time. Fizz goes to the flat to wait in case he arrives and Les and Janice head off in his taxi to search.

In the garage, spoilsport Sally is taking down the boys' calendar, though the woman pictured has so many clothes on it makes me wonder about the boys' testosterone levels and suspect they're not real mechanics! Tommy and Tyrone watch Sally do this, with Tommy commenting that he wondered how long the girl on the calendar would last. Tyrone is also upset. "Can't you wait till October? Miss September's well fit!" Sally replies that she's putting up a calendar that is educational. It's a calendar of business mottos, and we're treated to the current words of wisdom: "If I'm to sell what Mr Smith buys, then I must see through Mr Smith's eyes." Steven Covey has nothing to worry about, then. Sally explains that the motto has to do with empathy and seeing what the customer sees. They protest that they're mechanics, not salesmen, but she points out that every time they suggest a customer get something extra done, or buy a more expensive part, they ARE salesmen, and they should be doing that all the time. When she's gone, a downhearted Tommy tells Kev: "I used to like working here." Tyrone agrees. Kevin is not sympathetic. "Think yourselves lucky," he says. "At least you're not on 24-hour call-out!"

In the salon Audrey is having her hair done by Maria so she can go to have her picture taken where Alf's fountain is being built. Maria is a bit nervous, but Audrey tells her she's doing fine. "Just get a move on." But when Maria is ready to dry Audrey's hair, there is no dryer available because they're all being used by real customers. Audrey suggests moving out one of these. Maria doesn't want to do this, but she does viciously crank one of the elderly ladies up to maximum heat!

In the street we see the taxi pull up, but Les and Janice have seen no sign of Chesney. They decide to go into Les's to decide what to do next. They open the door [dramatic pause] and there's Chesney sitting quite happily in a chair. He tells them he wasn't lost, he was with his Mum, and here she comes, positively sashaying out of the kitchen with a cuppa. She is very sarcastic towards Janice until told Jan and Les are together again, and her face falls. "Well, of all the . . ." She rounds on Les. "Would you jump on my grave as quick?" Fizz says: "You thought you could just waltz in here and wrap Les round your little finger." Janice tells Cilla to get out, but Cilla says Chesney invited her and as long as he wants her, "I'm staying put."


We're back in the pub where Sunita comes in and Dev buys her a drink. Maya is in the loo. Dev thanks Sunita for her help and puts his hand over hers as Maya comes out, though it's unclear whether she has seen this. She tells them to carry on chatting, but they say they are talking shop. Karen comes in and wants to borrow Dev.

Back at the Battersby residence, the others are busy trying to persuade Cilla to leave and shouting ensues. Cilla tells she understands he was angry and upset over Ronnie, but that doesn't give him the right to make her homeless. Les grabs her arm and Cilla yells to Chesney: "Fetch a bobby, Chesney. I'm being molested." Poor little Chesney ends up screaming at Les to leave his Mum alone.

By the cab office, Karen is showing Dev what look like signboards. She wants his help putting 10 of them up on the face of the office -- for Steve's birthday. As she is giving him his instructions, they see Tracey and Liz strolling along, with Liz pushing the pram. They see Karen and stop walking as Karen turns towards them -- very OK Corral! Liz explains they are just taking the baby for a walk. Through gritted teeth, Karen explains that she's just organising a surprise for Steve's birthday. The walkers move on and Karen turns away, but it's only been a civil exchange in that no-one spat at anyone else. And Karen leans towards Dev and mutters "Bitch!" "Which one?" he asks. "Both of 'em!" And they turn companionably away.

In the pub, Maya and Sunita are drinking together, but only in the sense that they are next to each other. Maya tells Sunita that she went well beyond the call of duty. "I knew you'd be right in there the minute my back was turned," she hisses. She says Sunita wanted to be able to tell Dev she wouldn't desert him in his hour of need, not like Maya. Sunita is deeply offended. "Don't judge me by your own standards," she says. "Well, I'm back now and I'm watching you," Maya says. "So you just stay behind that counter where you belong!"

Further down the pub, Norris is whinging on about pensioners. "You don't know you're born," he tells Emily and Blanche. "You get concessions galore, for shopping, picture, you name it, but all you do is moan." Emily tells him that's not without justification. "They're planning to increase the council tax by 9%!" Norris points out that this will not affect pensioners only. The women point out that he is still working and has that income. He tells Blanche that she can't be so badly off -- she was able to pay cash for a house for her granddaughter. Emily gets quite incensed, especially when Norris mutters that they still have enough money to drink in the Rovers, but Blanche says Norris will soon change his tune when he's ready for the pension. But Emily tells Blanche she's going to sit at another table and they leave. Norris can't understand it. "I thought we were having a healthy debate."

Into the pub comes Audrey, who discovered there was no need for all that fuss about a hairdo. She had to wear a hard hat for the photograph. The fountain is going to be in the quadrangle just behind the investiture room. Maria: "What's an investiture room?" Shelley: "What's a quadrangle?" Audrey is surprised and asks if they've not been to the town hall. "Well, I went to a flea market in the crypt," says Maria.

At Les's, Cilla is sitting in a chair. Les is upset that there is this upset on what had been one of the happiest days of his life. Janice is losing her patience. But Cilla says she won't be lecture to by an old slapper like Janice. Jan suggests Les call Rentakill, because they'd be able to flush her out. Cilla lunges at Janice, but before they can exchange smacks in the gob (not my words), Les steps between them. "Whose side are you on?" Janice asks. "Yours, but if you lay a hand on her she'll definitely call the cops."

Steve and Karen are talking about Liz. Karen doesn't know if she can put up with having to see the doting granny in the street. She tells Steve his Mum is on a mission to see that he faces up to his responsibilities. "My only responsibility is to you," Steve tells her. He tells her the sale of Eileen's house has gone through. She wants to know if he has the cheque yet, but he says he doesn't, and anyway, it will all go to pay off debts. "I wish we could pay your mother off," she says.

Kevin and Sally are chatting and Sally tells him she took the leaflets round to Rita's to have them put into the papers, but Rita didn't seem very enthusiastic about it. Kevin is quiet and she wonders if he's upset over the calendar. She tells him that Tommy and Tyrone need a rocket up their backsides. "It's not just the calendar," Kev says. "It's your whole attitude." He doesn't want her hanging around getting on people's cases all the time. Sally says she is just trying to put the business on the map, but Kevin says it's not working out. The business was ticking over nicely. Sally tries to defend her actions, accusing Kevin of having no ambitions for the business. "You're too full on, Sal." Well, says Sally, "Can I just point out that since I've been running the... helping out..." Aha! She's slipped up there, Kevin says. But she carries on. Since she's been running the place, turnover is up 20%. Sure, they're making more money, says Kev. "But what's the point if I am going to be dead by the time I'm 50?" Sally thinks she has him worked out. "You just don't like being told what to do by a woman," she claims. "You'd better get used to it, because I am going nowhere."

At the Battersby place, someone else has gone nowhere. Les says his special night has been ruined, and Cilla smirks. But Janice won't have Cilla ruining her night and asks Les back to her place. As they leave, Cilla shouts that if they think they can get rid of her that way, they're wrong. "I'm going nowhere!"

The end

There's no more this week. There was a Corrie episode programmed for Friday night if there was no live Euro2004 game, but you lot didn't cheer hard enough for Croatia and Corrie has lost out to some blokes in shorts.

Margaret Carr

Wednesday 23 June

No episode aired.

Friday 25 June

No episode aired

Sunday 27 June

We start tonight with Rita putting out the board for the Kabin and across the street Cilla greets her with a cheery good morning. Cilla then goes back inside and tells Chesney how good it is to be back especially when she saw Ritaās face. Chesney tells her that Rita has been really nice to him. Cilla questions Chesney on Janice and asks how long she has been back on the scene. Chesney tells her that Les has been chasing her for ages but Janice hasnāt been keen and he tells her that Janice is really nice to him as well. Cilla is put out by this and tells him that it sounds like he doesnāt want her back. She then asks him what he wants for his tea. He suggests that she doesnāt go out as she might not get back in again.

Steveās phone is ringing to the Happy Birthday tune ö Karen comes in behind him armed with cards. He tells her that he doesnāt want any fuss and would rather forget his birthday. He opens his card and finds its from Amy and throws it straight in the bin. He tells Karen what is was and she rips it up.

Les, Leanne and Janice are walking down the street talking about Cilla. Leanne thinks she has squatters rights as her son is living in the house if not she is after compensation. Les announces that it is him that she is after and says that he is going to talk to her.

Steve goes to the Cab Office and finds it plastered with baby photos of himself. Liz turns up with a card and they have a chat about Liz taking Amy out. Liz then turns the water works on and says Amy is the spitting image of Steve when he was a baby.

In the garage Tyrone is shaving a bit out of his eyebrow and Tommy is making fun of him. He knocks him and he takes a chunk out. Meanwhile Kevin gets extra business which pleases Sally and she suggests a meal out and then an early night as the girls are at friends. Kevin is delighted at the thought.

Over in the Kabin Rita realises that Sallyās flyers have not gone out with the morning papers. Then Audrey walks in and is excitedly waiting for the paper as she is in it. She tells Betty and Blanche that the Council are building a commemorative fountain for Alf. She then announces that it is costing £45,000. Blanche and Betty are gob smacked about the amount and even more cross when they hear that it will be in the Council grounds and not open to the public. Audrey doesnāt know what the fuss is all about but Blanche is on a mission to cause trouble. David then walks in the shop and Rita asks him if he wants to earn £10 to deliver all the flyers that they forgot to put in the papers.

Kevin is whistling as he is happy about his romantic night ahead.

Karen is on the phone as she walks into the Factory she is planning a romantic meal in with her and Steve and is going to spoil him with Oysters and champagne. She doesnāt look too impressed though when Danny tells her how to eat them.

Les lets himself into his house and Cilla thinks that he has been sent by Leanne and Janice. They have a row with Cilla trying to be sickly sweet and tell him that she missed him and that she loves him and always will.

David is delivering the flyers whilst Blanche is telling Emily all about the new fountain. Blanche wants a march but Emily tells her she will write to the Gazette. Blanche doesnāt agree with this. Emily then says that she will go to the Council offices and lodge her complaint. In the background we see David throw the flyers in the bin.

Cilla and Les are still talking. Les tells her that he will never take her back and that he hates her and so does everyone round there. On hearing this Cilla does not look pleased at all.

Kevin and Sally are back from their meal and Kevin is nuzzling into Sallyās neck wanting to get her upstairs. She suggests a glass of wine and they apologise to each other for arguing yesterday.

Steve goes into the pub and opens his present from Liz and then she buys him a pint. She asks him what he is doing and he tells her that he doesnāt want to celebrate. Meanwhile at the flat ö Karen is trying her hardest to open the oysters but not having much luck.

Emily is telling Blanche all about her waste of a visit and that the receptionist that she got to speak to was barely 16 and probably had an NVQ in Sarcasm. Blanche offers to get inside information from Deirdre.

Karen is still at home searching the drawers and finds a hammer ö she smashes the oyster and its splits and cuts her face ö she doubles over in pain.

In the Rovers Steve has been bought another drink by Dev and a whisky chaser. Karen is sitting at home sipping the champagne ö waiting.

Kevin and Sally are getting romantic on the sofa when Kevinās mobile rings. Kevin wants to ignore it but Sally wont let him and answers it. She takes the call and itās a job for Kevin in Eccles. He is really cross but she wont take no for an answer and sends him off.

Karen has had enough and storms out of the flat and into the pub just in time to witness Liz sitting down with Steve and Dev. Dev asks her what is wrong with her face and she says that she cut it on an oyster shell. She shouts at Steve and tells him that she has been sat at home with oysters, champagne and smoked salmon while he has an evening with his mother and then she runs out.

Leanne announces that Les needs to take direct action ö so Janice, Les, Leanne and Kirk put their heads together. The next minute they let themselves into Lesās house. Cilla is asleep on a chair and they carry her out of the house. Cilla tries to protest but they leave her on the street. Rita walks out and wishes her a good night.

Thatās all for tonight

Thanks Mary Earlam

Monday 28 June

Hi everyone, here is the first episode of three this evening.

We open in the street, there are leaflets all over the place, and Frankie Baldwin is striding along with an armful of them. She knocks at the Websterās door and hands them to Kevin when he opens it. Sally comes to see who it is, and is furious to see the flyers that she asked Rita to put inside the newspapers, all over the place. Kevin marches off to work, and when Sally protests that she canāt pick them all up by herself, he tells her he was up half the night on a breakdown (!) and thanks to her he now has three clutches to fix, heās not going to pick litter up.

Les arrives home with Schmeikel, and Janice who is waiting in the house for him tells him that Chesney is in the kitchen with Fizz, theyāve just arrived, and he knows his mother isnāt there. Chesney comes out of the kitchen and is delighted to see the great Dane puppy who is now the size of a fairly large Labrador. Chesney asks where his mum is, and Les tries to tell him, gently, that she doesnāt live there any more, that she and Les are finished. Janice tries to cheer him up by suggesting they take Schmeikel for a walk, and then offers to let him come to Freshco with her and Leanne (she really knows how to give a little boy a good time!) Surprisingly, Chesney turns down this once in a lifetime offer, and wanders off outside into the back yard.

A rather jaded Steve Macdonald shuffles into the kitchen, to be greeted by a shriek from Karen, who is none too pleased at the events of the previous evening. Apparently Steve threw up all the lovingly prepared oysters all over the bathroom floor. Karen is furious, and blames his mother, of course, for ruining the surprise that she had planned for Steve.

Out in the Battersby back yard, Kirk goes to sit with Chesney. He tells him how he used to get picked on because he had to do extra sums and reading with a special teacher, and his hair always stuck up at the back. He would have run off, except he loved the greyhounds and he couldnāt leave them, and he also loved his mum a lot more. Chesney tells him that he loves his mum, although sheās messed him about, and he loves Les and Fizz, and Janice is nice to him. Kirk tells him itās ok to love his mum, even though sheās messed him about but sometimes itās just better to live with people who can look after him properly and not let him down so much. Wise words indeed from Kirk! Chesney nods in agreement.

Janice and Fizz are walking down the street, talking about Chesney, when Karen comes striding past like a woman on a mission. She tells them sheās off to show Steve, and that precious mother of his, that she is not someone to be messed with. She marches on. Janice and Fizz part company, and we see that they are being watched by Cilla from across the street.

Sally strides into the Kabin with a black bin bag, demanding to know what happened to the delivery of the leaflets. She thinks that Rita couldnāt be bothered to put them in the papers and dumped them in the bins outside the chippy. Rita explains to the irate Sally that Leanne forgot to put them in the papers so she paid David to deliver them, it must have been him who put them in the bin. Rita tells Sally in future she should put her hand in her pocket and pay for an ad in the local paper.

Over in the Rovers, Liz is serving Danny and Frankie when Steve comes in. He tells Liz heās in trouble with Karen, she had gone to a lot of trouble and he was in the pub getting legless. Liz obviously is not going to sympathise with Karen, and tells Steve he was entitled to have a drink on his birthday. Liz tells him not to worry, Karen knows which side her bread is buttered, sheāll be back.

Janice and Leanne are just finished their shopping in Freshcos, unaware that they are being watched round the end of the aisles by Cilla. She goes and tells a security guard that she has seen Leanne and Janice putting items in their bags, so he follows them to the checkout.

Frankie and Danny are giggling over their drinks, Frankie thinks itās like a 60ās film up north, all pigeons and whippets, although she tells him theyāre not going to be living there that long.

Blanche, Rita and Emily are sitting with Deirdre. Blanche wants to know what Deirdre intends to do about the ĪAlf Roberts Businessā. Deirdre doesnāt think there is much she can do, and Rita agrees, she doesnāt see that Deirdre has any control over the way the council spend their money. Blanche tells her she can keep her eyes and ears open, find out who is supporting it and who is against it, sheās got to be Weatherfieldās answer to 007. Deirdre rolls her eyes.

Over in the supermarket, Janice and Leanne have finished paying for their shopping and are leaving the store with their trolley. They are accosted by the security guard who asks them to step into his office, but Leanne at first asks if itās a wind up, and then resists all attempts to stop her leaving by biting the guard on the hand. Quite a tussle breaks out, as Leanne shouts and beats the guard with her handbag, and he shouts at the shop assistant to call the police.

Audrey meets Deirdre in the street, and waffles on about Alfās statue and how thrilled she is that after all these years he is finally being honoured for all his work. Deirdre is rather reserved though, and tells Audrey that there are some people who think that all that money could be put to better use, especially with the council tax going up again.

Cilla knocks at Lesās door, sheās come to see her son, and she barges her way into the house. Chesney hears her and comes running down from upstairs, but Les makes her promise that when sheās finished she goes. She gives Chesney some sweets, and he asks if sheās come to take him with her. She says she canāt, sheās staying with friends and there isnāt room. She tells him that Janice is the one keeping her out, sheās the only one stopping Cilla from coming back and living with him, and the quicker Chesney helps get Janice out, the quicker she will be back in. Chesney, poor little lad, looks worried.

In the Rovers, Audrey has just bought a drink and turns to see Blanche, Emily and Rita staring at her. She goes over and tells them that all thatās missing is the black cat, a few bats and a cauldron. Sheās surprised at them putting poison in peopleās ears, and also surprised at Ritaās part in all this. Blanche tells Audrey that Emily has already been down to the town hall to register her disapproval at the spending of so much money on a fountain.

Janice and Leanne are leaving the supermarket, having been found to be innocent. The security guard tells them that if theyād cooperated in the first place it wouldnāt have ended up like this.

In the pub, Emily is saying that she never had any intention of upsetting Audrey, she has been such a good friend, but, itās a matter of principal.

Steve is just thinking of going home, when Karen waltzes in, carrying multiple shopping bags from very expensive stores. She has spent a lot, a serious amount of money and bought lots of new clothes. She then departs, saying sheās going home to try it on. Steve looks aghast, and goes to follow her, much to Lizās disgust ö Karen has got him right where she wants him.

Sally is at home, putting the offending leaflets back into their bin bag when Kevin comes in and tells her he has a lot more at the garage, delivered by angry residents. At least people know where they are now, even if it is for the wrong reasons. Sally tells him she was just trying to raise the cash because she really wants Rosie to go to that private school. Kevin wants to go for a shower·..Sally asks doesnāt he want to talk about his daughterās future?

Les is in the process of throwing Cilla out of his house yet again, although she says she wants to stay until Chesney gets back from the kennels with Kirk. Les shoves her out of the door just as Janice and Leanne come along. Janice demands to know what she is doing there, and cuddles up to Les. Cilla flutters her eyelashes at Les, and flashes her teeth as she thanks him for letting her see Chesney, and then she walks off. Just as they are going inside, she calls out to Les not to forget to give Chesney the sweets she got him, she queued for hours at Freshco, there was such a kerfuffle going on. The penny drops as Janice realizes they were set up. Janice looks down the street at the departing figure of Cilla and vows that the gloves are off now·..this is war!!

And thatās it for episode 1.

Ann Logan

The second episode tonight continues. Sunita is staring at the till looking gloomy and Dev tries to jolly her out of her mood but she asks him to let it go.

Les is depressed and Kirk tries to cheer him up with a cooked breakfast. He is upset that Janice will now not even speak to him because of Cilla. Kirk suggests he tries speaking to her but he tells him that this never works. He then says that perhaps he might and then tucks into his breakfast.

Liz walks into the lounge of the Rovers and is confronted by a sarcastic Shelly who asks if she likes the new decoration. Liz tells her its not really her style and Shelly tells her that she doesnāt want a tarts boudoir in her sitting room and after all it is her sitting room. Liz grimaces.

Janice and Fiz are talking about Cilla then Frankie walks in and they get on with some work. Janice winds Frankie up by telling her that Karen has a thing for younger bosses. This turns Frankieās suspicions on and she makes it clear that she has it in for Karen. Frankie comments on Karenās hair and how nice it is and that she should be careful not to get it caught in the machine.

Maya walks into the Corner Shop looking for Dev. Dev pretends he is alright but Maya is being over cautious. Dev is worried about Sunita but she tells him she is fine and wishes him luck with his appointment.

Over at the factory Danny announces that everyone should wear hairnets ö Karen is clearly not happy. He then swans off to lunch with Frankie. Janice takes advantage of no bosses and goes outside for a cigarette.

In the cafŽ Jack is trying to complain about his bacon sandwich so he can get another one ö but is foiled when Roy calls Vera over. Danny then brings Frankie into the cafŽ which she is not pleased about and is even more disgusted when she asks for a latte. Vera doesnāt know what she is talking about so she asks for a cappuccino and is told no so she asks for an espresso. She asks whether they have any choice in their coffee and Vera says yes ö Īcup or mugā. Vera then tells her that she has to order at the counter.

Janice and Fiz are outside when Cilla walks by. Janice runs up to her and they have a massive row and nearly come to blows. Cilla backs off and says she is going to pick Chesney up from school.

Frankie offers to pay for the lunch as Danny needs to get back to work. She makes to leave and Vera tells her she is meant to pay. Frankie tells her there is a tenner under the plate and that she doesnāt want change. Vera is delighted with this as its such a big tip.

Sunita is outside the shop putting flowers in water when Danny taps her on the shoulder. He tries to apologise but she is having none of it. He then tries to buy her the flowers as an apology ö she is still having none of it and storms back in the shop. This whole event is witnessed by Frankie. Inside the shop Sunita has her head in her hands when Frankie walks in. She winds Sunita up by asking if she knows Danny ö Sunita denies all knowledge but there are clear warning bells from Frankie. She then pretends she has forgotten what she came in for and leaves.

Maya is in the waiting room and Dev comes out to say that he needs to have a colonoscopy. They both try to reassure each other that it will be fine. Maya wants to get a drink but Dev wants to get back to Sunita.

Norris is in the Kabin and has called a meeting ö he wants to make a protest about the fountain.

Dev walks into the shop and Sunita is still looking worried ö he thinks it is about him. Maya is being horrid and Sunita cant take it so she runs out.

In the Kabin they are still talking about what action they will take. Emily says that she will not pay her council tax. Rita wants to know what is going on as Norris hasnāt told her. She then says that she will join in on the action.

The factory girls are in the pub and Frankie walks in and immediately stirs up trouble with Karen. Les goes over to try and talk to Janice and she tells him that she is going nowhere near him until he gets rid of Cilla. Sunita then rushes into the pub and wants to talk to Shelly who cant talk as she is really busy. Frankie then winds up both Sunita and Danny by asking them if they remember one another ö she then offers to buy Sunita a drink. Shelly saves the day by becoming less busy and takes Sunita into the back room.

In the back room she asks what is wrong and is jabbering on about Dev. Sunita then tells her that she is daft for sleeping with Danny. Shelly then jabbers on again about how awful men are but is stunned into silence when Sunita announces that she might be pregnant by him. To be continued later on tonight

Thanks Mary Earlam

Here is part three of tonight's episodes. We are obviously doing a catch up after last week's break, with a full week of stories.

Shelley asks Sunita if she has done a test. She says no. Shelley thinks her concerns maybe due to the worry about Dev. Sunita says she is most worried about being "up the duff" by a married man.

Frankie realising that Sunita is in the back asks Betty what is wrong with her. She seemed ok a little while ago. She then asks Danny if he slept with her? He denies it.

Audrey and Sarah meet David and Martin, who has just returned from Wales. He has been re-instated at the hospital. Sarah asks him if he has seen Katie. Martin says it is up to her if she wants to see him. Sarah tells him that she is crazy for him.

Dev tells Maya that he will go up and see how Sunita is. Maya suggests against it. He knows however, that Maya won't want to come into the shop at 7am.

Chesney says he misses his mum. Les tells him that he can still see her, and nobody will stop him seeing her.

Sunita tells Shelley she has to get back to the shop. Shelley offers to pick up the test for her, but although Sunita says no, she realises that Sunita will not get it. So she goes off, much to Liz's amazement.

Blanche tells Norris and Rita that Emily is not up to talking to a reporter about the fountain. When Emily comes in and reports that she just told him that they don't want the fountain, Blanche thinks she could have sold them short.

Sunita returns to the shop. Dev is relieved, but Maya wants him to tell her off for running off. Dev just wants to let it go.

Frankie comes into the pub to see Danny. Liz tells her that his mobile went off and he had to go. Janice chips in and says that he is still at Mike's "beck and call". Frankie tries to explain that he is in charge of Health and Safety.

Martin meets up with Katie. They have a row He says that he wants to talk properly, but not in the middle of the street. He says that he has missed her, but they have Sarah to look after now.

Frankie is making cutting remarks to Liz about Karen and by suggestion Steve, forgetting that is her son. However Liz confirms there is not love lost between her and Karen.

Katie tells Sarah that as far as she is concerned her and Martin are finished. Then Katie tells Sarah that she found out about Carl and Todd, and then Martin found out. Sarah jumps up and runs off.

Shelley comes back with a package, which Charlie opens and sees it is a pregnancy testing kit. Shelley explains it is for Sunita and promised her that she would tell nobody.

Blanche, Rita, Betty and Emily and Norris, plan their plan of action to stop the memorial.

Liz who walked into the conversation with Shelley and Charlie now tells Frankie that she thinks Sunita has a baby on the way.

Sarah confronts Martin about the fact that he knew about Todd. She is annoyed that he put Katie before her. She hopes her and Katie get back together as they deserve each other.

Frankie wants to know where Danny has been. She does not believe he has been at Underworld. Then Frankie tells Danny that Sunita is pregnant. His reaction is "poor cow". He tells Frankie that nothing happened. Frankie says she is going out. He tells her that is a good idea.

That is it for tonight. Amanda will be here with your next episode.

This e-mail has come from

Martin Rosen

Wednesday 30 June

At the corner shop Shelly is asking Sunita if her test was positive or negative but finds out that she has not taken the test. Danny enters and is told she and Shelly are talking so he can be served, then he leaves. Shelly offers to be there then she takes the test, Sunita would like that.

In the cafŽ Nick is telling Maria about his promotion, she does not seem to pleased because she will have to move away. Leanne enters and hears this and congratulates him. Maria says its a private conversation.

The factory girls are messing around with the hairnets putting them over their faces. Mike enters the office and speaks to Danny but he does not respond. He gets up and shouts at the girls. Karen says, ćkeep your hair onä and he really shouts. Mike gets Danny in the office and asks what is going on. ćyou know the girl in the corner shopä Mike does. ćI got her pregnantä

Gail has just told Sarah that she knew about Katie. Sarah is not amused. Martin enters and says, ćso youāve told herä. Sarah goes of on one with Martin saying that he just runs back to Katie, and it doesnāt matter what she done to her. Martin tells her heās not getting back with her. She thinks itās good that someoneās consciences are getting to them.

Danny has just bought a round of drinks for the girls. He explains that he was having a bad hair day, they laugh and forgive him. Mike says to Danny at least there smiling. Liz comes in to work and Shelly asks if she heard any of there conversation yesterday, she says she didnāt. Shelly tells Sunita sheāll be a minute as Danny approaches her. He says they need to talk, but Shelly comes and they leave as Frankie come in.

Katy and her mum are outside the back. Katy is upset about Martin. Tommy comes out and wonders why Katy is not smiling and out with her mates. She tells him that Sarah hates her and her boy friend does not like her. Tommy says they will make it up. He tells her to smile and he may fit in a driving lesson, she goes. Angela asks if he is ok. He says yes and explains that if he treads carefully she will not get back with Martin.

Back at the Rovers Danny and Frankie are talking. She says she likes it here. Danny is happy until she says but it depends whatās on the menu. She doesnāt mind pizzas but a bun in the over. Then she says if that bun turns out to be his then she will be out of hear quicker that ever.

Shelly tells Sunita that she has put this off long enough. She asks what if she is pregnant, but is told that she will not know until she does it. Sunita goes to do the test.

In the cafŽ Vera is telling Jack that he should be cycling. He is then told to do double 20 miles. Vera then says hi to Frankie and asks what she would like. Frankie asks about the corner shop and is told that Sunita is a nice girl. Vera gets he a tea and says she was going to call round yesterday but didnāt want to be nosy. Frankie invites her round later on. Jack tells Tyrone to do 15 miles and he will say he had a stitch to Vera. He asks for ten pound up front.

Sunita comes out looking very upset. Shelly tells her its ok and she will be there to help her what ever she does. Sunita tells her sheās not having it because sheās not pregnant. She then explains that she was used to the idea that she was going to be a mum. Shelly tells her that she thought she was pregnant with Peter but was gutted when she found out she wasnāt. She then says you donāt want to be pregnant with someone you donāt know and already has a wife.

Vera asks about Frankieās old house. She it told it was prefect and had every thing. Frankie asks if there is a Jim round here. Vera says no but she has an exercise bike. Frankie says she really likes Vera, and thereās not a lot of people she can say that about. She then says she has a proposition for her.

At the Rovers Leanne sits next to Nick and says Maria must be excited about his new job offer. She then wants to know all about his promotion as she is interested. Nick looks amazed because she really wants to know.

Jack comes home and catches Tyron clocking the bike. Heās angry because he has been giving him five pounds to do it and heās just been changing the distance. He says he should tell Vera but Tyron, reminds him he canāt because then she will find out he has not been cycling. Vera enters, and starts shouting at them. Then says its ok he doesn't have to do it because they are joining a Jim instead.

At the Rovers Liz says to Ashley that Nick and Leanne are getting on very well. They are laughing and Nick says he better go as Maria will be looking for him. Just then Maria says yeah and tells then both to leave her alone. Nick follows her outside and they argue.

Jack says they donāt have the money but Vera says she has a second job now. She is now Frankieās housekeeper. She then leaves to go do the ironing. Tyron says sorry to Jack, as he has to join a Jim. He says its ok, as the time she saves up enough he will be gone.

Frankie come in Mikeās office and asks for Danny but is told heās not her as he has gone to see about a house. She says that he is always full of surprises.

At the corner shop Danny approaches Sunita and asks if she is pregnant. She is shocked and tell him its nothing to do with him what she does. He tells her to go privet and he will pay. She is furious and throws him out.

Amanda Souter

Updates written by Richard Whitbread, Martin Rosen, Ann Logan,Peter Webb, Margaret Carr, Mary Earlam.

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