Thursday 1 April

Over breakfast Steve informs Liz that he's booked a weekend mini break for himself and Becky in a four star hotel. Becky is delighted and sure it must be in Paris. "Er...Newcastle," Steve tells her. Liz isn't best pleased and supposes she'll be looking after Amy as well as having to do all Becky's work herself. Steve tells her that Ken and Deirdre have offered to have Amy. "Come on, Mum," says Steve, "you know we don't get much time to ourselves round here."

David comes downstairs, notices Nick's black eye, and laughs heartily. Nick tells him it was Jason's handiwork, David's pathetic little slap barely left a mark. As Nick leaves for work, David gets on the phone to the prison to confirm his visit to Gail.

In the cafe, Sean is trying to cheer up a morose Jason, who tells him that every girl he goes out with dumps him. Sean is sure he'll get over it and will soon find someone else. Just then Bill comes in and orders Jason over to the yard. "You've already kept me waiting best part of an hour," he says. Sean tells Bill not to be too hard on Jason, Tina has broken his heart. Bill reckons that the best cure for that is a good honest day's graft.

Dev is looking at expensive properties in a glossy magazine. Sunita tells him to get real, and adds that she likes it in Coronation Street, they fit in. Just then Steve comes in with a shopping list, he's making a Cordon Bleu lunch for his nearest and dearest. Sunita advises him to forget the spotted dick and go and buy a roulade from the deli in Inkerman Street.

While Jason loads up the truck, Bill is on the phone to his customer, promising to be there in ten minutes. Hanging up, he tells Jason that she's not happy, and she's not going to be impressed with Jason turning up late and stinking of booze. "Whatever!" says Jason. Bill tells him he can't let the business with Tina get in the way of his work. Jason tells him he thought she was the one. "I know it's hard," says Bill, "but you've got to try and snap out of it." Jason is incensed. "Is this where you tell me there's plenty more fish in the sea?" he snaps, and tells Bill to get lost. "I quit!" he shouts, storming off.

In the Kabin, Norris is complaining to Rita that Tina should have been back at work by now. Mary looks up from the book she's reading and says she can't wait to go away with him to the wild and windy moors. As she witters on, Rita browses through a copy of The Lady and her attention is caught by an ad for a male escort, and there is a picture of Lewis Archer!

Steve is struggling in the kitchen and has sent for Ciaran who arrives asking where the emergency is. "Sorry mate, crossed wires," he says, "I'm just trying to make something nice." He looks down at the nasty gray mass that is supposed to be pastry. Ciaran says they might be able to rescue it and suggests chilling it for half an hour in the fridge.

Back in the Kabin, Rita asks Norris if he's still got the photo of Audrey and Lewis on his phone. He has, and he shows it to her. Mary thinks he's quite dashing, but Norris thinks it's ridiculous that a woman of her age should run after a younger man. "Why shouldn't she have a bit of happiness?" asks Mary, and Rita agrees that you have to take it where you can find it.

In the cafe, Sunita sees Kirk looking miserable. He tells her he's going to be made homeless, Maria is selling the house he's living in.

John, trying to carry several items at once, drops a cup and it smashes. He and Roy then have a small difference of opinion about who should clear it up, and John gets quite snappy. Just then Fiz comes in so he goes to sit with her. "You've never fallen out with Roy?" she says. He tells her that he's grateful for the job...but.....and he sighs deeply.

In the privacy of her own home, Rita studies Lewis's ad and then goes to the phone. She dials a few numbers and then appears to think better of it and hangs up. After some time she has another go, and this time succeeds and Lewis answers his phone. She tells him her name and how she's answering his ad in The Lady. He's completely charming and they end up making an arrangement to see Whistle Down the Wind at the theatre that afternoon.

Nick is just sitting down to eat a salad when David comes downstairs. He's just off to see Gail and asks Nick when he's likely to be going. "I've said I'll go and see her and I will," says Nick, "maybe sometime next week." As David walks away Nick tells him that he's sure their mum is really grateful that he's supporting her. "Well someone's got to," says David.

In the cafe, Fiz orders a toasted sandwich while John sits and talks to her. While he's grateful for the job, he's not happy working in the cafe. "All I can see is me, trudging to work, making butties, washing up and trudging back home again," he says. Fiz suggests he thinks about retraining, there must be loads of opportunities for a clever bloke like him.

Over at the flat above the Rovers, Steve, Becky, Liz and Amy are just finishing their lunch. Steve dishes up the desert. "I love a bit of Swiss roll," says Liz. "Roulade!" Steve corrects her.

Sunita is behind the counter in the corner shop, serving Sean, when Dev comes in. "Hello my sweet," he says, brushing past Sean. "Hello Cutie Pie!" says Sean. Dev tells Sunita he's made an appointment for the two of them to view a lovely house in Didsbury. She tells him she will, as long as he comes to view the one she's made an appointment for first. However, she won't tell him where it is, saying it's a surprise.

Norris is ringing Tina's doorbell but she's not answering. Just then Jason walks past. Norris stops him and told him that he said that Tina would be back at work by now. "It's simply not good enough," says Norris. Jason tells him that he and Tina have split up and it's nothing to do with him any more. He storms off, leaving Norris looking very surprised.

In her bedroom, Rita is sorting out clothes for her afternoon matinee date.

Deirdre goes into the pub to ask for Amy's doll, and stays to have a drink with Liz. Just then Steve comes in and asks his mother if she's seen Becky. Apparently the packing is half done but she's disappeared.

Kirk is telling Jason about the joys of internet dating. "You can make it all up," he says. "What's the point of that?" Jason wants to know. Kirk thinks that once he meets the girl he can then win her over with his charm and good looks.

David arrives to see Gail who's delighted to see him. "How've you been?" he asks her. She tells him she's accepted her situation for the time being. David suddenly becomes upset and confesses to her that he went to the lakes to find the witnesses.

Becky suddenly arrives back at the flat, doubled over, clutching her stomach. "Something ain't right," she tells Steve.

Anne Logan

Friday 2 April

It's Friday and we're off with the first episode of the evening.

Steve helps Becky downstairs. She's almost collapsing with the pain but Steve plans to drive her to the hospital himself and asks Liz to fetch Amy from school. What is it with these people? Why does nobody call an ambulance?

In the prison, Gail tells David it's bad enough being in prison without having to worry about David as well. She's resigned to staying in prison until her trial and tells David there's no option.

Kirk's trying to remember optimistic sayings. It doesn't help Jason, who's downing pints one after another. Ciaran apologises to him for yesterday. Jason doesn't plan to kick off this time. "I plan to get drunk."

In a nearby booth, Janice and Trevor mutter about salads. He tells her diets are a waste of time because as soon as you stop the weight goes back on. Janice tells him it's OK for him, he's out lifting bins all day. The only exercise she gets is when she lifts up her mug at tea break. Trevor says he couldn't eat salad. He gets up to go to the toilet.

Liz is very grumpy with both Michelle and Ciaran. They don't know why.

Janice grabs some chips and shoves them into her mouth, not realising she's been seen by Trev.

At the hospital Becky says the pains aren't as strong now. The nurse calls her in and she's reluctant to go.

In the flat, Tina tearfully looks through old pictures of her dad. The doorbell goes but she ignores it.

The doorbell was Eileen. Norris, who reminds me of my Ninja neighbour*, scurries across to see whether she's had any luck. He says Tina's supposed to be at her mother's but he's sure he's seen someone moving about up in the flat. He thinks Tina's had long enough off work. Bill comes over to ask Eileen if she's seen Jason. She thought Jason was at work.

Audrey meets Rita at Rita's front door. Rita says she's in no rush and invites Audrey inside.

Trev's made Janice a cuppa – without milk because Janice is on a diet. He sits down and puts the biscuit barrel between them, dunking his choccie bikkies. Janice is being driven mad. As soon as Trev gets up to use the loo, she snatches a biscuit and Trev comes back and shouts "Gotcha!" Janice nearly chokes. "Life's too short. Enjoy yourself," he says. He says he'll eat healthier with Janice and will cook tonight, "Something low-fat."

Becky tells the doctor she feels like a fraud because the pains have pretty much gone. He asks if she's been feeling tired lately. He wants her to have a pregnancy test. Becky worries that the bleeding might mean there's something wrong. She can't help but get her hopes up, though. "Let's just wait and see," says Steve.

Rita has made tea and she and Audrey talk about Gail. Rita urges Audrey to be strong for her and Audrey confesses they've had a falling out. Rita consoles her and Audrey says it's amazing what a cup of tea and chat can do. She says Lewis also has the knack of being a good listener. She asks where Rita's off to and Rita fudges.

At the hospital, Steve and Becky are called back in. The test was possible but it seems Becky's had an early miscarriage. The doctor wants to do a scan.

The Alahans are off to view a house for sale and at Dev's request Sunita's put the address into the SatNav system. The car is barely into second gear when the SatNav voice tells Dev to stop. Yes, it's Maria's house. "We can't live here!" says Dev. "It's Coronation Street!" Kirk answers the door and asks them to come back later. He's tried to bake some bread because the smell is supposed to make the buyers feel welcome, but he's burnt it. Sunita assures him the smell of burnt bread won't put her off. She's burnt so many things in her time that it'll make her feel quite at home. Kirk wonders if maybe he should have taken the wrapper off first.

Ciaran and Michelle discuss whether to stop Jason drinking. Eileen comes in and finds him. She says that when he loses his job he really will have something to feel sorry about. Jason gets the hint and leaves.

Liz leaves a message for Steve to call her.

Kirk drags Ozzie off Dev and, continuing his real estate spiel, says there's a patio. "It's a yard!" splutters Dev. Sunita says they could always dig out the concrete and put in a safe play area. Dev steps in something the dogs have left in the yard. As Kirk goes off to get something to clean up the much, Dev says he just wants the best for the kids. Sunita says that isn't living where there are no kids to play with because they're all off at boarding school. Kirk is back with a shovel. "Why don't you go and have another look round – the smoke's cleared now."

Rita arrives at the theatre bar and finds Lewis. She's very nervous and he suggests a drink. "That would be lovely," says Rita. He asks if he should get them and put them on her bill and she agrees. A vodka and tonic. And make it a large one."

Norris leans on the doorbell until Tina grabs the entry-phone and shouts "Go away!" Through the mouthpiece downstairs, Norris tells her that while he's got every sympathy for her situation, she must appreciate his. Tina hangs up on him.

Rita is telling Lewis a bit about her background. She asks how he got into being an escort. He avoids answering and escorts her inside.

Becky and Steve are back in the waiting room. Becky's fed up waiting. She knows she's not pregnant any more and wonders why they don't just go. The consultant, Mr Richards, calls her back in.

Jason staggers up to the office in the building yard. He says he's not drunk. He's been to Roy's for a coffee. Bill tells him to go home and sleep it off. Jason turns and tumbles all the way down the stairs! "Jason!" screams Bill.

The consultant breaks it to Becky that she has an abnormality of the uterus which would account for why she keeps miscarrying. There's nothing that can be done and it's unlikely she'll ever carry a baby to term. "Are you telling me I can't be a mum?" asks a shocked Becky.

The End of Episode One.

Margaret Carr

* Many people have a Ninja neighbour. Ours, in his 70s, likes to chat. Recently our postie was cycling cheerfully down the street on his way back to his depot when suddenly NNeighbour was there in front of him, arm out at cyclist neck height to stop him for a chat. I'd been looking out the window and I didn't see how NN got across there so quickly. NN even stops the dustmen for a chat. And no matter how much you say you really must be going, and you've got to get on, and you have frozen groceries to put away, or a train to catch... no matter what, he is always between you and where you want to go, even though you never see him move there!

We're back in the builder's yard and Jason is lying in a dazed heap. Bill tells him not to move and rushes to find help.

Becky is struggling to digest the news that the doctor has given her. She tells him that she wants a second and third opinion. He replies that she is perfectly entitled to do so but every doctor will give her the same diagnosis: she will be very unlikely to carry a baby to full term.

Bill has gone to fetch Roy, rather than call an ambulance. Roy looks into Jason's eyes to see if his pupils are off. Just when he's about to deem the patient unharmed, Jason murmurs that he has to get back to Tina

Lewis and Rita are at the theatre and it is the first interval. Rita tells him that she is having a wonderful time and he tells her that the feeling is mutual.

Becky and Steve come home. Becky heads straight up after begging Steve not to mention it to Liz. But Steve obviously wants someone to talk to himself and when Liz comes through, he tells her what has happened.

A bemused Eileen arrives at the hospital as Jason waits to get checked over. Roy takes her to one side and informs her that he is displaying signs of temporary amnesia as he still thinks he is seeing Tina. Eileen sits down with Jason. She comments that it's weird not seeing Gail at work here and Jason asks her if she is on her day off.

Becky is sitting miserably on the settee, bemoaning her ‘killer womb' Steve tries to comfort his wife but her spirits are very low. She fears that he will leave her as she can't provide the child he wants.

Jason comes out of the doctor's room and tells Eileen that he's fine and just needs tome paracetamol. He tells her that he ought to tell Tina what's going on as he hasn't been in touch all day. Eileen takes him aside and is forced to remind him that he's not with Tina anymore. A confused look dawns on his face. Well moreso than usual.

Becky cries that Karen was infertile as well and worries that that is why Steve left her. She becomes even more hysterical that he is going to dump her.

Rita and Lewis emerge from the show. Rita thanks Lewis for being charming and he offers to escort her home. She declines but agrees to let him take her to the taxi rank. As she nips to the toilet, Lewis picks up a voicemail from Audrey asking if he is free that night.

Sunita and Dev are arguing the pros and cons of Sunita's big house compared to the apartment Dev owns. Dev says there is no possible comparison but Sunita says she wants to be closer to the shop. Dev comments that it would be pokey. Sunita calls over to Claire and Ashley and asks them what they think about their place and they reply that they're very happy in their home.

Lewis phones Audrey and invites her to the theatre. He gets two more tickets from the clerk just before Rita comes back. He smiles warmly at her and escorts her out.

Eileen is banging on Tina's door and calls through the letterbox that he has bumped his head. When Tina answers, Eileen tells her that Jason has forgotten about their split. Believing this to be some sort of sham, she fiercely says that she will set him straight and marches over to tell him in no uncertain terms that it's over. He bites back that he's well aware it's over and doesn't seem to know what Eileen is on about when she reminds him that he has amnesia. Taking it that it's a ploy from Eileen to get them back together, Tina storms off.

Steve hugs Becky and tells her that he left Karen for a number of reasons. He loves Becky and he wants to be with her. He holds her close and comments that at least it will save them a bit of money

Sunita and Dev's scintillating argument continues. She wants to sell her place and put the money aside for the children's futures. He eventually relents and agrees to go along with her plans.

Audrey is greeted by Lewis. She asks him if he is free on Sunday night but he tells her he isn't.

Liz and Steve sit down. Liz notices that Steve is concentrating on how Becky feels but asks him how he is doing as he really wanted kids with Becky. He says that he knows he wants Becky and that's all that matters but he eventually admits that he is absolutely gutted and can't believe that this has happened.

So what have we learned?

-The nit nurse at Roy's school was nicknamed Nitty Nora the head explorer
-Lewis likes his interval drink to be cold
-The human brain is a complex org an...even Jason's
-Becky is far more volatile than a rock band
-Being pregnant can give you a figure like Betty's
-The following make being stuck in traffic a pleasure: listening to the radio, gathering your thoughts, having your kids scream at you. Dev has some strange hobbies...

Dubious Awards

Injury least likely to have long lasting damage: "You fell down and hit your head!" Bill to Jason
Longest conversation potential: "I want to know all about you" Lewis to Rita
Hottest new affair to hit Corrie: "It's weird not having Gail on that desk" Eileen. Oo-er!
Scientific breakthrough of the week: "There's a strong link between petty crime and uterine abnormalities" Steve

Back soon with more!

Duncan Lindsay

Sunday 4 April

Here we go with a surprise Sunday episode!

We open with Steve reading out a riddle for the Easter egg hunt he has organised for Amy. Liz and Becky quickly guess it but Steve tells them that the egg isn't there. Becky can't be bothered with this drama, she is too exhausted from yesterday. Liz suggests that they get away for a break.

Norris accosts Graeme in the street and blames his lot for Tina handing in her notice at the Kabin. Graeme is perplexed as to what your lot means and Norris says that he can fit himself in anywhere he likes. He clearly just wants someone to blame. Rita approaches and tells him off. He asks her to have an Easter drink with him. Rita informs him that she is otherwise engaged. Graeme offers to have a sherry with Norris but this suggestion isn't warmly welcomed.

Rosie is wondering why Easter is on a different date each year. She asks Sophie to pose the question to the bishop as Sophie heads out to church.

Audrey and Rita are having a drink. Rita tells Audrey that she is going to the ball that night. Audrey admires her for braving those situations on her own. She then says she was going to go with Lewis but he was already booked. A look of guilt crosses Rita's face... until Audrey points out that she should be used to going to things alone by now.

Graeme is telling Liz about Jason's temporary amnesia.

Steve suggests to Becky that they could adopt. She tells him that he is being insensitive and snaps that he should let her get used to having a faulty womb before she takes on the possibility of other people's cast-offs

Claudia asks Audrey if she is going to the ball. Audrey tells her she hadn't really considered it. Claudia says that she tried to book Lewis but he was booked so she had assumed that it was by Audrey. She then suggests to Audrey that they go to the ball together and get sloshed. Audrey isn't keen but Claudia eventually persuades her.

Kevin is heading out to a football match. Rosie asks him to look out for her boyfriend. He asks what she's doing on the computer. She says she is buying her boyfriend a tracksuit top.

Liz is telling Steve that she understands why Becky got narked at him and warns him to be more tactful. For some reason Steve is eating a massive plateful of hot dogs. Norris rushes in and asks Liz if she has had any luck with the missing egg. Liz is gob smacked that this constitutes decent gossip for Norris.

Lewis and Rita have arrived at the ball. He tells her he hopes she has her dancing shoes on. They head off to buy their drinks.

Rosie is telling Steve and Liz about her footballer boyfriend. She boasts that he is the top scorer for Weatherfield County but Steve quickly corrects her and then informs her that she has never heard of him.

Rita asks Lewis if any of the women he sees ever cross the line and fall for him. He says it can happen but most understand the arrangement. Rita makes it clear that she's just curious...she hasn't fallen for him but she is having a wonderful evening. Meanwhile, Audrey and Claudia have arrived.

Becky comes round to see Hayley. They sit down and Becky tells her what has happened. Hayley hugs her.

Audrey and Claudia spot Lewis and approach him. He greets them warmly. Claudia asks who he has got this time and he jokes Sophie Lauren and Twiggy before leaving them.

Hayley suggests to Becky that they could always adopt. With her life experience, she would be ideal. Becky takes it a lot better this time than she did when Steve suggested it.

Lewis and Rita are leaving and pass by Audrey and Claudia's table. Rita and Audrey bid each other goodnight. Lewis is surprised that they know each other. Audrey comments that Rita used to bounce her on her knee when she was a baby. Lewis tries to pull Rita away, feeling the atmosphere becoming frosty but Rita retorts that the things she could tell about Audrey would make him blush. Audrey wonders aloud whether she should bring up exotic dancing. Rita tells her to bring up whatever she wants, she knows it couldn't phase Lewis. Lewis suggests they get the coats and they make an awkward departure.

Becky mentions to Steve that she has talked to Hayley about adoption and says that she has given it some more thought. Steve is outraged that she'd listen to Hayley and not him. Becky then goes on to admit that she stole the missing Easter egg.

Lewis walks Rita to her front door. She is telling him that a few insults won't get to her. He tells her he'd be delighted to see her again and then bids her goodnight.

Claudia tells Audrey that she is surprised that she has fallen for Lewis. Audrey shrugs and says that there is no fool like an old fool. Claudia says she is more dignified than the youngsters scantily dressed in the Freschos car park and tells her that the mistake she has made with Lewis is a very easy one. She suggests that they find some spares to dance with and orders Audrey to keep her chin up before hugging her.

So what have we learned this time?

-Brandy kills Claudia. Not literally but in hangover terms.
-Plectrums are worth 2p
-The Rovers have the noisiest sauce dispensers in the world.
-Steve's nickname for Hayley is Yoda. Be happy about that, she won't.
-The Weatherfield Ball comprises of the worst fake dancers ever known
-The following were accused of the great Easter egg theft: magpies, squirrels, The Easter Bunny, Liz

Dubious Awards

False statement of the evening: "It's a good night out in Newcastle" Liz. If you like dodging blood and vomit on the pavements it is. Trust me, I live there!
Most surprising new romance: "What's Gail going misty eyed got to do with Graeme?" Rita
Least difficult feat: "Graeme and Rita kept me talking" Norris
Most accurate assessment of current storylines: "There's just no consistency" Rosie
Request least likely to be fulfilled: "Think before you speak" Becky to Steve
Most abstract ingredient for a main course: "Stuff Agatha Christie" Claudia
Most personal question: "Do any of these women get attached?" Rita to Lewis. Well really, that's none of your business Rita!
Most exciting Sunday evening activity: "He's cutting up all our old bank cards" Hayley about Roy

That's all from me Until next time

Duncan Lindsay

Monday 5 April

Written by Jan McVerry Directed by Kay Patrick

Audrey has arrived for work, checking her makeup in the mirror of her car. She looks like she's readying the warpaint.

In the Kabin, Sophie is buying a magazine and making plans with Sian on the phone, much to Norris' chagrin. Outside she crosses paths with Audrey, with a bump, and a splash and her coffee lands all over Audrey's front. Sophie apologizes and Audrey shouts. She was obviously on her way to "someone's doorstep" and now has to go and repair herself.

Rita is making a quick call, leaving a message for Lewis to thank him for the lovely night...in spite of their "friend" and hopes they have more. You can probably guess whose doorstep Audrey was heading for.

In the pub, Becky is assessing the back-bar area for child hazards. Liz raises an eyebrow so Steve tells her they have decided to adopt, because Hayley said it was ok. This seems to be a bit of a bone of contention, that Becky listened to Hayley where she wouldn't entertain the thought when he brought it up. Liz is cautious in her reaction, hoping they aren't just reacting to the miscarriages.

Emily is passing out pamphlets that her church produces. She asks Mary how the competing is going. Mary has had her usual luck and confirms that their cottage has been confirmed. Norris tries to beg off, and is horrified that the cottage appears to have only one bedroom. She's excited, he's nervous.

In the Barlows', Simon is perplexed as to why it's called "Good" Friday if Jesus was "crucifixed". Peter is elected to explain, while the rest of them chomp on Easter chocolate. Peter reckons it was good news because Jesus would rise again. Simon snorts "Is that the best you can do?" Leanne appeases the child by saying it was actually "God" Friday but got changed over the years, according to her religion teacher in school...who happened to be quite good looking so kept her attention!

Claire comes to visit Becky and remind them to bring Amy to Josh's birthday party later on. Liz explains Steve and Becky were going to go away so she'll take Amy. Becky says they aren't going but when she blames her hormones and Claire starts to get excited, Becky tells her what happened. Claire's face falls when she learns that Becky will never be able to carry a baby. The news about the adoption delights Claire but is concerned, like Liz, that it could be a rebound thing and that it's very difficult to get babies to adopt. The kids that really need adopting are older kids, maybe with disabilities or who have had a rough time of it. Those are the kids that really need a good home. She leaves and Becky seems a bit unsettled at the idea of "Mistakes, mis-shapes and misfits" or maybe she can relate.

Trev makes Janice swear she hasn't cheated on their healthy eating plan this week. They make plans to have a chippie tea on Thursday night as a reward.

Sophie is waiting for Ryan and grills him about Tamsin. Sian is jealous and Sophie is not impressed. Ryan defends himself to Sophie's third degree and she warns him that girls like Sian don't come around every day.

Emily is visiting Rita and telling her about Norris and Mary's holiday. As much as he complains, she thinks he's actually looking forward to the break. The doorbell rings insistently. Someone is really laying on it. Rita has a pretty good idea who it is. Emily leaves the room to get her coat and Audrey comes flying in. Spying the two sherry glasses she lights into Rita, assuming her guest is/was Lewis but she's taken up short when Emily returns. Emily realizes the tension in the air is knife-cutting thick and offers to be a neutral party. Audrey is very rude to her so she excuses herself and leaves them to it.

As we go to break, Audrey is demanding some straight talking from Rita. For once!

But after the break, we're in the pub. Steve has been on the internet checking out what Claire had told them. Becky comes to see the list of kids he's found and one catches her eye, a 9 year old girl who's large family mostly live in Scotland. A little girl who's had a lot of upheaval in her life strikes a chord with Becky. She tells Steve a little of her life starting new schools over and over, nutting the other kids to sort out her place in the pecking order. Steve reckons the little girl on the screen reminds him of Becky.

Now to the good stuff. Two powerhouse veterans that rarely get a storyline that they can get their teeth into will have you rapt with attention and harking back to the classic confrontations of years past. I know i won't do it justice but here goes...

Rita, arms crossed in front of her, defends her date with Lewis as just a bit of fun. Audrey demands to know how long it's been going on and accusing Rita of sneaking around behind an old friend's back. Rita replies that she was going to tell her but was so patronized by her "old friend", doing a very good impression of her, that she decided to keep it to herself. Rita points out that when Audrey confessed she was seeing an escort, she was supportive and insists that she and Lewis never even mentioned her name until she showed up. Audrey doesn't believe it but Rita wonders if Audrey menaces all of Lewis's clients. She further points out that Lewis considers both of them clients, that's it. Audrey protests that she knows that very well.

Shifting over to Number 1, Peter has been supervising Simon who's probably getting ready for Josh's party. Ken brings up George who has sent an Easter card. Leanne admits Simon still talks about Grandad George. Peter cooly says George is dead to him and is surprised when Ken actually defends George. Peter changes the subject and asks what's going on for Thursday. Ken looks quizzical. Thursday? Our anniversary? I guess he didn't think he was expected to do anything! Deirdre sarcastically digs that he actually did remember, did he? She goes to get Simon while Leanne suggests he must have something special planned to make up for the past year that included Barge Lady. She winks back at Peter as she goes into the kitchen. Hint dropped and apparently picked up.

Rita hands Audrey a glass of sherry to try to make peace. Audrey doesn't seem too inclined. Rita thinks that hiring an escort is sensible, don't have to put up with the usual downside to having a relationship but when Audrey discovers that Rita will probably hire Lewis again, she accuses Rita of using this situation as payback for Alf. Downstairs in the shop, Mary and Norris seem to be doing some inventory checking and they can hear the shouting coming through the ceiling. They don't think it could possibly be Emily arguing with Rita.

Ken sidetracks Steve who's walking by to arrange a little do in the pub on Thursday. Just drinks mainly as Deirdre won't want a lot of fuss (you mean your wallet doesn't). Steve seems to have a bit more on the ball than his neighbour who's twice his age and has been up and down the block more times than he's had hot dinners and still hasn't got a flaming clue what women want. Steve says that women always say they don't want a fuss but they really do. You think? They negotiate a medium fuss do with a cake.

Trevor is walking down the opposite side of the street as Carla arrives at the factory. She gives him a hard time for not contacting her but then asks him out one night this week. They fix Thursday after work. The fact that he's supposed to be having a fish supper with Janice doesn't seem to occur to him. Janice comes out of the Kabin just then but Trev has already sloped off.

Deirdre has dropped off Simon at the party and returned home. Ken arrives and invites them to a celebration at the Rovers on Thursday and even offers to buy Deirdre a new dress! She's all swoony and kissy. Peter knows it was mainly Leanne that gave him the proverbial kick he needed. Where would we be without you, he says fondly.

Sian and Sophie are outside the kebab shop when Ryan finally shows up. Sophie tells her best friend to give Ryan a chance to apologize and leaves them to it.

Steve enters the back yard of the Rovers having been to a walk. He's very thoughtful. Becky is there and knows something is on his mind. He wonders if all this adopting is a bit soon. And he wonders if it will affect Amy adversely having to have a new kid encroach on her family just as she's finally settled down. Becky says Amy has lots of support but Steve is concerned it's too much for the little girl to ask her to share all of that with a kid that will probably have a bucket of problems of her own. Becky thinks they can do it and Amy will be ok. It's different than a baby of their own, he thinks. There would no history with a baby, but an older adopted kid would come complete with their own baggage. Becky wants to give a kid like her a chance. Steve isn't say "never" but perhaps not right now.

In the Kabin, the arguing can still be heard downstairs. Upstairs, Rita takes the sherry back to the kitchen and offers Audrey the door. Audrey accuses Rita of not respecting her marriage. Rita protests. She did respect their marriage and she knew Audrey loved Alf...but she loved his money more. (EEK!) Audrey's hackles are well and truly up. Rita crosses the line and implies that at least Lewis is up front about charging for the hour. "You might not like to say it but you did it all the same" she hurls at Audrey regarding her gold digging marriage. She earns herself a resounding slap across the face. "May God forgive you making allegations like that when you've got the morals of an alleycat yourself!!!" Audrey throws back. Rita throws her out. Audrey doesn't wait for another second though hesitates at the door, catching her breath while Rita clutches her cheek, both seemingly horrified at what they've both just said to each other.


Audrey has stormed out of Rita's flat. Mary and Norris come running and shout, to ask Audrey if everything is all right. Audrey tells Norris to be nosey elsewhere.

Sian and Ryan are fighting in the street. Sophie joins them. Sian tells Ryan that he's not worth fighting over and that Tamsyn can have him. Sophie and Rosie leave him standing there.

Norris has gone to ask a teary Rita what has happened. He assures her that he's not there just to be nosey, he is genuinely concerned for her. "Don't be, I'm fine," says Rita.

Josh's party is in full swing. Ashley would kill for a swift half down the pub but he's too busy. Leanne and Peter are happy to be there with Simon while Steve and Becky look despondent about not having more children. Claire looks concerned for Becky. Aww, poor Becky.

Sian and Sophie are in Sophie's room talking about their henna tattoos. Sophie's has faded more than Sian's. Sian has been on Facebook, updating her status to single. Sian is determined she's done with boys. "Single and staying that way."

The fellas head to the pub from the kids' party. Tyrone talks about parenting and how he wants more than just one child. Ashley sticks up for being the "only child" and reminds everyone that he didn't know he had been adopted until he was 22. Steve listens in.

Claire apologises to Becky about before. Becky tells Sunita and Leanne that she can't have babies and that Steve is reluctant to adopt in case Amy is affected. Becky is still keen to adopt. Leanne mentions that she is thankful to Janice for taking care of her. Claire tells of how she has adopted Josh and how difficult it was for her to have her own baby. Everyone seems to be in agreement that adoption is a good thing.

Meanwhile, the men are not so unanimous. Steve argues that with your own child, you know what he/she has been through. Dev thinks there's nothing like delivering your own baby and reminds Ashley that he was adopted within the family. Tyrone reminds everyone that he was practically adopted and about how, "on paper, anyone would expect Amy to be a right little tearaway" given her circumstances but it's all agreed that Amy is lovely.

Emily comes into the pub where she finds Rita. She wants to make sure Rita is ok. Rita blames herself for the fight, even though Emily reminds her that it takes two to start an argument. "I poured petrol on the flames," she says as Audrey comes into the bar with Nick. When she sees Rita, Audrey can't be persuaded to stay for a drink with Rita. She accuses Emily of acting, "Kofi Annan" and tells her she doesn't need a mediator. She snipes at Rita and tells Emily to "as David would say, Bore off!"" Rita leaves, somewhat disappointed that Audrey won't talk things through. The men at the bar, Tyrone, Dev, Steve & Ashley make jokes about a fight between Audrey and Rita before Nick asks them to have a little more respect. He accepts they were just joking and buys everyone shots.

Simon is on his way home from the party with Peter and Leanne. He goes to blow bubbles through Deirdre's letter box while Leanne talks to Peter about her relationship with Simon. She hopes that some day, Simon might call her Mummy. Peter isn't very pleased by the thought. He's hard work, that Peter, I don't know what Leanne sees in him.

Audrey approaches Rita who is at her front door. Rita asks if Audrey has come to apologise but can clearly see that she hasn't. "You know, if someone offered you an olive branch, you'd poke 'em in the eye wi' it," she say to Audrey. Audrey accuses Rita of being sanctimonious. Rita accuses Audrey of bullying Emily. "You wouldn't give Emily Bishop the steam off your tea!" exclaims Audrey. She tells Rita that if anyone is the bully, it's Rita, Rita warns Audrey to watch what she says as things can be said in anger that can't be taken back. Audrey claims she should have known better than to confide in a weasel like Rita about Lewis. Rita lets her have it, 'Better than to fall in love with a gigolo! Next thing you're slapping and scrapping like a fishwife while Lewis is gritting his teeth and smiling for his fee? While you make out you're a match made in heaven!' They suddenly hear a crash coming from the Kabin and realise Norris has been eavesdropping. He looks decidedly sheepish at being caught.

Rita is in the Kabin, being given hot, sweet tea by Mary for the shock. Rita wonders what the shock is, "Audrey Roberts has always been a cow!" Norris unsubtly rushes Mary out of the shop so he can talk to his friend, Rita. He can't believe what he has heard. Rita confides that she is in the middle of a bit of an emotional crisis that goes beyond post holiday blues. Norris refers to Lewis as a rent boy but Rita assures him that the only thing for rent is Lewis's wit. Norris is offended that Rita felt she needed male company other than his. He refers to himself as the comfy pair of slippers while Lewis is a pair of patent leather brogues. Rita knows it's all got out of hand, now she and Audrey are "scrapping like teenage scrubbers at a disco." She knows it will be a long time before either of them can sleep easily after the things they have said to each other.

In the bookies, Leanne apologises to that idiot Peter about being so forward earlier, referring to Simon calling her mummy. She doesn't want to be disrespectful to the memory of Lucy. Peter accepts this but appears distant and tells Leanne he is going out later for a drink with Ciaran and some of their Navy pals. He doesn't appear to be telling the truth to this viewer though and leaves in a hurry.

Ciaran and the other blokes are talking to Trev about his trip to South Africa for the World Cup. Trev has saved £15 a week for the last three years to be able to pay for it. He's in a good mood so he buys them all a round. Janice comes into the pub and Trev makes a big deal of her dieting and gives her a big cuddle.

Sophie and Ryan are in the street. They talk about Sian busting up with Ryan. Sophie tells Ryan that he won't be single for long, there are girls lining up to go out with him. She gives Ryan a hug and Ryan moves in for a snog. "Whoah! What you doin'?" cries Sophie and she runs off, leaving Ryan looking like a pillock.

Nick knocks on the door of the salon. He wants to have a chat with his grandmother. Audrey reluctantly lets him in.

Norris is with Rita in her flat. He wants Rita to know that she can count on him to be discreet. He won't even tell Mary, "loose lips sink ships." Norris feels that he has let Rita down. He feels he should have seen through her façade and seen that she was unhappy. He offers her a job working back in the Kabin, like the old times. Rita will give it some thought.

Audrey has confided somewhat in Nick and tells him that she has behaved unforgivably over a man. She has said such horrible things to her friends, Rita and Emily. She thinks that lately everything she touches turns to ashes, like her relationship with Gail. Nick gives Audrey a hug and tells her that even of she loses all of her friends, she will never lose her family.

Amy comes to talk to Steve and Becky who are watching tv together. She wants to know when she will be getting a big sister, like Asha told her should be. Apparently Asha was listening to the adults talking at the party. Amy would really like a brother or sister. Steve and Becky explain that Becky can't have a baby but Amy would like a big sister. Steve promises to think about looking for exactly the right girl to join their family as a big sister for her.

Janice comes over to Leanne's where she wants some advice about a new hairdo. It comes out about Leanne rushing Peter. Leanne is worried that Peter is not answering his phone since he went out with Ciaran. Janice tells Leanne that Ciaran is working tonight Janice wonders if Peter has fallen off the wagon. Leanne is sure that he wouldn't but if Peter is not out with Ciaran, where is he?

Stella McLoughlin

Thursday 8 April

Peter is helping Simon to make an anniversary card for Ken and Deirdre. He turns and asks Leanne if she'll be ok in the shop on her own for the day, he wants to help get the pub ready for Ken and Deirdre's party. "That's going to take all day, is it?" she asks, obviously not very pleased. He tells her that if a coach load of desperate gamblers turns up unexpectedly she should give him a ring. "You are coming tonight, aren't you?" he asks. She says she is. "Why wouldn't I?" she asks, and gives him a funny look as she goes out of the door.

Rita is in the Kabin being served by Mary. She asks where Norris is and is told he's out comparing the prices offered by other newsagents in the area. Mary referred to the trouble Rita had with Audrey the previous day. "We could hear it through the ceiling, it must have been very upsetting," says Mary. Rita says that it was. Just then Eileen comes in and Rita knows exactly what she's going to order. Eileen asks if Rita's going to Ken and Deirdre's party. Rita says it's just what she needs to remind herself that she's on her own. "I know what you mean," says Eileen. She asks where Norris is, and Mary explains that he's out doing his monthly price check. Eileen laughs and turns to Rita. "Isn't that what you used to tell him you were doing when he was getting on your wick?" asks Eileen, ignoring the look of consternation on Rita's face. She goes on to tell Mary how Rita used to sneak upstairs to her flat and have a hot bath. She stops when she sees the look of displeasure on Mary's face, and Mary plonks the bag of sweets she's ordered down in front of her, obviously not amused.

Peter takes Simon into Ken and Deirdre's to deliver his card and finds Ken making Deirdre a breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. "Can I come to your party?" asks Simon, but Peter reminds him that he's going for a sleepover at Joshua and Freddie's. .

Audrey goes to see Gail and tells her she knows she shouldn't have said any of the things she said last time she was there. Gail is frosty at first, but then they decide to start again and both of them relax.

Sophie sees Ryan in the street, just as she's finishing a phone call. "Is that Sian?" he asks. "What's it to you?" asks Sophie. He asks if she's said anything to Sian. "Not yet," says Sophie. He tells her he wants to make a proper go of it with Sian, he loves her. Sophie tells him he's got a funny way of showing it.

Carla arrives outside the factory and gets out of her car just as Trevor the bin man comes along. They arrange where to meet at 6 o'clock.

Audrey is telling Gail all about the fracas with Rita the day before. "So who is this Lewis?" asks Gail. Audrey says he's a friend, but Gail thinks he's more than that if she's slapping Rita around. "I thought some of the women in here were rough," she says, and asks Audrey to tell her all about him.

Janice is in the bookies talking to Leanne. She says she's not going to the party because Thursday is hers and Trevor's chippy night. They always sit in front of the tv with a couple of cans and a fish supper. She then notices that Leanne seems to be in a world of her own. "Do you even realise I'm stood here?" she asks. Leanne apologises but says that she's worried about Peter. She doesn't know where he went last night, and seems to be skiving today. She then wonders if she's being paranoid and says she'll try phoning him.

Meanwhile, Peter is in the Rovers talking to Michelle. Janice walks into the pub as Peter's phone rings. She isn't pleased to see him look at it, tell Michelle it's Leanne, and switch it off, and is even less pleased when Michelle giggles. She pulls her own phone out and dashes off a text message.

Over in the bookies, Leanne gets the message and marches out of the door. A few seconds later she arrives in the pub and sees Michelle notice her and step away from Peter. "Hello love," says Peter, "I was just sorting out some last minute details for tonight." Leanne is suspicious. "With Michelle?" she asks icily. Peter takes her to one side and tries to pacify her, but Leanne is annoyed. She points out she's been alone in the shop all day and now finds him in the pub – with HER! "Don't be mental," says Peter, "it's you I love." He says that the only thing going on is corned beef sandwiches and sausages on sticks, he swears it. "See you at the party," he says, kissing her on the cheek. Leanne marches over to Janice, sure that something's going on. "Listen love," says Janice, "don't go wading in until you're sure."

Sophie is striding along looking at the ground when she crashes slam bang into Emily who drops the bouquet of flowers that she's carrying. She then bursts into tears and Emily puts a comforting arm round her shoulders and takes her home.

Rita meets Lewis, who is also carrying flowers, outside the corner shop. She tells him that because of the fall our with Audrey it would probably be best if she and he don't see each other any more, she doesn't want to make the situation with Audrey any worse. In his usual charming way he kisses her hand and tells her she's a very dear lady. "I wish this was au revoir," he says. "It has to be goodbye," she replies.

Lewis then goes straight over to Audrey's salon and presents her with the flowers. He's come to apologise for the other night and tells Audrey he's decided not to see Rita again. "If the woman treats you that way I want nothing more to do with her," he declares, and then suggests they go into town for a glass of bubbly at Harvey Nicks. "No charge!" he says.

Emily and Sophie are sitting with a cuppa. Sophie asks whether keeping something important from her friend is like lying. Emily tells her that the whole issue of truth telling is a minefield. Lies for personal gain, mischief or spite are never all right, but little lies to spare someone's feelings can be ok. "Only you know what's for the best," she tells her.

Out in the Street, Ryan sees Sian and runs after her but she's not interested and tells him she's off to Sophie's. He pleads for a few minutes with her. "If it makes you feel better you can stab me with this small wooden fork," he says, pulling it out of his bag of chips.

Emily leaves, and as Sophie shows her out she sees Sian kissing Ryan across the road.

Janice rushes into her flat with her fish suppers, calling out to Trevor about warming the plates. Trevor, however, is at that moment meeting Carla in a bar downtown. She asks for a bottle of the house red and he expresses surprise, he would have put her down as a champagne girl. "Oh sweetheart," she says, "you don't know the half!"

In the Rovers, Leanne is downing her drinks and asking Ciaran what's going on with Michelle and Peter. He's surprised. "Nothing," he says. "Yeah, you would say that, wouldn't you," she says.

Rita comes into the pub and sees Mary sitting with Eileen. She goes over and apologises for what she said about Norris and price checking. Mary tells her she's had time to think and knows that they girls need time to themselves sometimes. Eileen tells Rita that Mary has been saying how much she enjoys working in the Kabin. Mary asks who wouldn't – she's surrounded by sherbert fountains and Curly Wurlys. "I feel like Willie Wonka sometimes," she says, so a rather bemused pair of ladies. Rita goes to get the drinks.

Audrey comes in and sees Rita at the bar. She tells her that Lewis has told her that he's decided not to see her again. "That's what he's told you, is it?" says Rita. Audrey tells her he's still got standards. "He's an escort, love," says Rita.

Just then the doors open and in come Deirdre and Ken, closely followed by Michelle who in turn is followed by Peter, much to Leanne's consternation.

We then see Carla and Trevor moving on to another bar. "We're getting bladdered!" says Carla, laughing.

Back in the pub, Leanne is still downing the drinks and looking sour. Deirdre starts opening cards and reading them out to the assembled guests. Leanne then makes her move, and goes over to Peter. "How can you stand there like that when you've been going with that slapper behind me back!" Incensed, Michelle moves forward. "Oi!" she cries, adding, "Leanne, seriously, don't!" Leanne however, takes no notice and throws her drink all over Michelle. She then turns to Peter. "I saw you, sneaking in with him just now!" and then turns to Michelle, "with him last night were you love?" "No!" shouts Michelle. And then Ken says quietly, "I was." Peter tells her that he spent the evening with his dad and then came to see Ciaran after he locked up. "Why would you lie?" asks Leanne. Peter then pulls a ring box out of his pocket and opens in. Inside is an engagement ring. "I wanted to ask them if they thought we were ready......" he says, telling her that Michelle came with him to get the ring because he's no good at that sort of stuff. Leanne bursts into tears. "Peter, I'm so sorry," she says. "So am I," says Peter, "because if there's no trust then obviously we're not ready are we?" He walks off. Janice reminds Leanne that she said there might be a simple explanation. "Oh Janice, what have I done?" says Leanne, and falls weeping into her arms.

Anne Logan

Friday 9 April

Sophie's at the mirror admiring a tattoo on her back when her dad comes downstairs and she hastily covers it up. Rosie, who appears to be unable to decide whether she should dress as a ballerina or a prostitute, comes down laughing at "a hilarious text from Kyle..." Sophie looks at the text and declares it lame. Kevin's trying to get some sort of answer out of them about dinner but Rosie's talking right over the top of him. Sophie asks why Rosie is all dressed up. She's going shopping. "I'm going out with a professional footballer! Do you ever see Victoria Beckham going to the shops in Ugg Boots and a cagoule?"* Rosie goes out, asked Kevin on the way if she can invite Kyle round for his tea.

Peter comes in and a very wary Leanne asks him if they're talking about last night. He's very short with her. He goes to see if Simon is up and she looks at the engagement ring and then calls to Peter that she can't make work. She's got stuff to do.

Janice knocks on Trev's door with a cuppa for him and when there's no answer she goes in. It's clear he hasn't been home.

He's awake though – just in Carla's bed, joking with her.

In the cafe, someone called Colin, who knows John, has turned up. He's wearing a very suspicious 1970s moustache. John thinks he's come to gloat but Colin has come to invite him to his leaving do. He's emigrating to Canada. "Fresh air, maple syrup, Kim Cattrell – Canada rocks!"

Ryan and Sian cuddle on the sofa. Ryan talks about going bowling and discourages Sian from inviting Sophie along. He wants them to have some time to themselves, he says.

There's a hammering on Rovers door. Leanne's come to apologise. She says she really needs Ciaran's help to get Peter into the Rovers tonight. Michelle is scathing but Ciaran agrees.

Trevor's getting dressed, with some regret about not having chips with Janice last night.

Fiz thinks the farewell party might be fun but John thinks it'll set them up for mickey-taking. Roy tells her she was invited as well and she's even keener.

In the bookies' office, Peter tells Ken and Deirdre he feels a bit foolish after last night. He's realised what Leanne is like. Ciaran comes in and invites Peter for a game of darts in the Rovers but Peter tries to refuse.

In the factory, Janice tells Fiz that Trevor didn't come home and she's worried. She calls him and hears his phone ring from Carla's handbag. She hangs up before Carla can answer it, then offers to take Carla's cake to her. She asks if it's Trevor's phone and how Carla got it. "Did he stay with you last night? Only he didn't come home." Carla says her private life is her own. Janice is clearly upset.

Leanne's walking near the bookies' when she's greeted by an old friend who congratulates her on "getting out" and agrees to meet for a catch-up because she doesn't start work till midnight.

Sophie and Kevin discuss his cooking and Rosie struts into the room with Kyle. When Kevin asks if Kyle likes lasagne, Rosie protests that she told him to cook something low carb. Kyle says he loves lasagne and all of a sudden Rosie switches into Italian-food-fan mode. Kevin offers Kyle a lager. Sophie says she's going to see Sian before tea. Kevin overhears Rosie tells Kyle that Sally's gone to stay with her sister to get her strength back and he rolls his eyes.

Fiz and John get ready for the party.

Leanne sees Peter outside work. He's shut the shop early and hopes they can have a chat. Leanne says she's got things to do. She sees Ciaran coming and ducks away. Ciaran manages to persuade Peter to go to the pub and Leanne sneaks in straight behind them. Inside, she grabs Peter and kisses him.

Fiz and John arrive at the house.

Sian meets Sophie at the bus stop. She tells Sian that Ryan tried to kiss her. "It takes two to snog!" protests Sian. She gets up and walks off. She wants to have it out with Ryan and wants Sophie to come with her.

Simon's sitting on the bar in the Rovers and passes something to Leanne. She kneels and proposes to Peter. She's bought him a ring. "What do you think, Si?" Peter asks. "You could do a lot worse," says Simon. Peter tells Leanne: "I will if you will." "So will I!" she shouts, and hugs him. Her old friend has been watching and introduces herself to Janice.

Janice sees Trevor and returns his phone to him. He doesn't comment when she says Carla had the phone. He apologises about last night and Janice pretends she forgot about it herself.

At the party, John is greeted in Spanish by a woman in a sari. Fiz didn't realise it was fancy dress, but the woman doesn't seem to think she is in fancy dress. Charlotte (for that is her name) tells John nobody gossips about him and Dozy Plebster any more. She goes off to dance and John tells Fiz he'd forgotten how mental they all were.

Sian and Sophie make a concerted attack on Ryan. He accuses Sophie of making up a story because she fancies him. "She's always saying ‘If only you were single'" he says. Sian seems to believe him and Sophie stomps away in a temper.

The End
The second Friday episode has been moved to Sunday for this week.
Margaret Carr

*For those wot is foreign, a cagoule (also spelt kagoule) is a lightweight nylon parka, like the kind you can buy which fold up into their own pocket.

Sunday 11 April

Sophie is standing looking tearful on the street, looking at her phone.

Sian is ignoring Sophie. Ryan says that she's been through a lot but Sian tells him not to make excuses for her before texting Sophie that she is deleting her from her phone contact list.

At the Rovers, Peter and Leanne are celebrating their engagement with a few drinks and are trying to round up more people to go out with them. Lloyd's attention has been taken by Leanne's friend, Cheryl, and Ciaran watches with amusement as he flirts with her. Graeme says that he won't partake in the flirting as he is concentrating on trying to woo two women. Lloyd asks him how he is going to do that and he replies that he is going to use spontaneity.

John is laughing with an old colleague at the party about a disastrous school trip from the past. Fiz gets jealous as a hotel is mentioned and John and the colleague seem to be getting on very well.

Rosie is fawning over her boyfriend Kyle. Kevin asks her where Sophie is. On cue, Sophie comes in but storms straight up to her room telling a curious Kevin to leave her alone.

Sian is asking Ryan to go to Southport with her. Michelle comes in and says that it's okay with her. Ryan worries that he'll miss band practice. Michelle tells him that it won't be the end of the world. Sian heads out to get ready.

John is looking around at Colin's qualifications and spots his teaching union card and other items of ID on his desk. Colin comes through and makes a joke about John keeping girls in the attic. When John has a go at him, Colin tells him he's not missing much in the teaching profession anymore. It's just crowd control. Left alone again, John eyes up the items of ID again with a worried frown on his face.

Rosie offers Kyle some sauce and when Kyle says sauce in a particular way, Kevin recognizes him. Rosie is stunned when she learns that Kyle isn't a footballer like he claims to be but works in the burger van on the grounds. Needless to say he is soon thrown out.

Michelle has sensed that something is up with Ryan and he admits that he made a pass at Sophie but Sian thinks it's the other way round. Michelle advises him that he has to do the right thing and come clean.

John accosts Fiz at the buffet table and tells her that they have to leave...now. The female colleague he was chatting to kisses his cheek on the way out, prompting a fierce look to cross Fiz's face.

Leanne and Peter are contemplating moving away. Ken and Deirdre say good night and head home and Lloyd offers to drive Cheryl home. Leanne and Peter seem grateful that they now have time to themselves...until they find themselves lumbered with Graeme.

Kevin goes into Sophie's room to check that she is okay. She admits that she has fallen out with Sian. Kevin assures her that friends fall out all the time and they'll soon make up. As he goes to leave he spots the tattoo on the back of her neck and grounds her.

Ryan receives a text from Sophie calling him a liar. Sian reads the text and is confused as to why she would send that if she thought it would only be him that would see it. She then clicks that Ryan must be lying, not Sophie.

Fiz is not happy with John. She thinks that when he was away for a long time he was having it off with the female colleague. He tells her he was actually snooping...and he can prove it.

Lloyd is smug after the night has seemingly gone well with Cheryl. He tells Ciaran to keep his hands off but Ciaran points out that women have minds of their own.

Ryan is trying to get through to Sian but she is furious with him. She tells him that she never wants to see him again and storms off.

Sophie is using a rough scouring brush to scrape the tattoo from her skin.

John shows Fiz the items of ID he has taken from Colin's house. As Colin is moving to Canada, there is nothing stopping John taking his identity and getting back to the classroom. Fiz is horrified and tells him she doesn't want to hear anything else on the subject.

Sian comes round to Sophie's and tells her that she is sorry and has dumped Ryan. They hug after making up and Sophie grimaces when Sian bumps the wound on the back of her neck. Sian is devastated that she's scraped off the tattoo and tells her that she is more important than any lad. Sophie kisses her lightly on the lips and, when Sian doesn't resist, she places a longer kiss on her. Sian breaks away and flees out of the room in shock as Sophie calls after her.

That's all from me

Duncan Lindsay

Monday 12 April

Written by Peter Whalley Directed by Ian Bevitt

Stape begins his campaign to wear Fiz down. What could go wrong? He asks, and it doesn't matter what she says or what objection she has to his highly illegal plan to steal the identity of his former coworker to get a teaching job. No matter that there are holes in his plan the size of Pluto, he thinks he's got it all sewn up. Fiz is really adamant that he's doing the wrong thing and will get caught. When Chesney comes downstairs, they cover and stop talking. When he leaves, John continues his onslaught. He describes how he'll go to the interview with the driver's license he borrowed. Stole, Fiz points out. He is going to change his degree diplomas because he knows someone he met in prison that can forge the documents and references. Oh it just gets worse and worse!

He agrees there's a small risk but it's the only way he'll get back into teaching. She runs outside as she's late and they're screaming at each other on the street. Ken and Deirdre witness the tail end of it and chat about it. Ken figures John is having a hard time, having to settle for a menial job. Deirdre reckons it's not easy for Fiz to live with someone never satisfied with his lot. They look knowingly at each other. Who gets the point there, then?

Molly is still trying to hide her 20 week pregnancy and wants Tyrone to keep it a secret, too. He is mystified. He's so excited and he can't tell anyone. She's insistent, she wants time to get used to the idea. As small as she is, her bump under loose clothing looks pretty obvious to me.

Sophie is trying to get hold of Sian on the phone. They need to talk.

Leanne is in the cab office waiting for a car. Steve offers to drive her into town to meet her friend, Cheryl. When he hears that name, Lloyd perks up and offers to take her himself. Steve refuses and Lloyd passes on his hellos.

Kirk chats to Graeme about online dating. Graeme makes Kirk jealous by telling him he's working on two women, one of whom, Natasha, is approaching so Graeme rushes over to make an impression. He does, but it's not a very good one. He follows her into the cafe, persistently trying to get her to go out with him but to no avail. Also in the cafe, Roy hands Stape the newspaper he had been saving with the job ad in it. Stape says Roy can throw it out since he doesn't have a chance at the job but when Roy's back is turned, he takes it out of the recycle pile again.

Becky is having a hard time trying to decide what to wear to go to the adoption meeting. It's down to nerves really. Steve assures her she's a brilliant mum. She really thinks they'll take one look at her and turn her down. Steve reassures her and says they won't have a chance if they don't go. Becky states that she'll clock the first social worker that looks down her nose at her. Yes. That will help.

Deirdre has been on the phone with Blanche who is still having a lovely time in Portugal and wasn't surprised in the least to hear about Peter and Leanne's engagement. Ken is cutting out a job ad he thinks Stape might suit, a clerical position in a museum. Deirdre thinks Stape should accept there are some things he just isn't going to be able to do otherwise he'll make himself and everyone else miserable. Though she said it wasn't a kick at Ken, it certainly sounds it. He doesn't take it too personally. Meanwhile, the king of passive aggressive sneaky underhanded liars is making a call to the people who put the teaching job in the paper. Finding the job is still open, he gives his name as Colin Fishwick and wants to apply.

After the break, we're in the garage. Tyrone is moaning about Molly making him keep the secret. When Molly comes out of the shop and gives Tyrone the evil eye, he shouts across the street that he's only telling Kevin and not anyone else about the Big Secret. Subtle as a brick. She comes flying across the street and tells him off for shouting all over the street about it all and probably boring Kevin in the process. Down the street, Ken gives Fiz the ad he cut out. Leanne returns from her coffee date and Lloyd comes over to find out if she mentioned him. 14, much? Leanne actually did mention him and said Cheryl thought he was all right. That makes Lloyd's day.

In the pub, Becky has come back from getting her hair done. She's had it cut short just below her ears and it's all curled. Steve really loves it. No wonder. It looks a lot like Liz's 'do! They do say men usually marry women like their mothers. She's also got a new outfit which is slightly less trashy than her usual gear, though bra straps are still peeking out around her wide neckline that is infilled with gold bling. Steve says she looks very, very, very nice and Lloyd, who's just come in, seconds that emotion. She goes off to check and see if there's anything else she has.

Lloyd tells Steve about Leanne's friend and Steve tries to tactfully suggest that if Cheryl is an old workmate of Leanne's, she could be a prostitute. Lloyd isn't impressed but doesn't seem to be all that upset either at the idea.

Kirk and Graeme are eating chips and still talking about women. Rosie does the walk of shame, arriving home still wearing yesterday's dress, the one she was wearing when she gave her pretend footballer the push. I don't think Graeme has really noticed her sheepish look and tries out his best lines on her. She tells them about her ex-boyfriend and smiles when Graeme flatters her. Kirk wonders what his mate will do if both women say they'll go out with him. He reckons if that happens, he'll have a short but happy life.

Kevin has come in to talk to Molly. For someone that doesn't want anything to do with her, he sure can't keep away. He only wants to assure her that he doesn't mind Tyrone going on about the baby. He's not going to spoil it and tell Tyrone their secret and asks her to go a bit easier on Tyrone. Outside he sees Sophie who's had a cancelled class. Ryan gives Sophie a hard time because Sian went back to Southport that morning. Sophie didn't know that. I guess Sian doesn't want to talk to her after all! She goes inside and tries to find out from Sian why she left but Sian hangs up on her. Sophie tells Kevin she's going to Southport to see Sian. He forbids it, she's grounded, remember?

Eddie and Anna come out of their house on their way somewhere. Eddie is wearing a suit jacket and tie and Annie is a clash of colour and pattern (red and white oversized houndstooth over a black and red argyle vest over a white blouse. They wonder if Gary would mind. Eddie thinks Gary should be consulted. Anna doesn't think Gary would mind but they'll talk to him about it next time he's home. They don't say what the subject of their discussion is.

Molly has a scan on Thursday and Tyrone is dead excited about it. He tells her he's not said anything to Kevin all afternoon but she says sorry for being mardy about it. Not that he's allowed to tell other people.

Fiz returns home from her day and greets her husband. She apologizes and gives him the ad that she'd been given from Ken. Stape is unimpressed. Fiz restates her position. She's not having his plan. He's got to accept he won't be a teacher. He doesn't say anything but looks exceedingly smug. She says he'd never get away with it anyway and he starts up again. Where does she think it would go wrong? The CRB check would be clear, he gets a job away from Weatherfield so nobody knows him and voila, he's got a life again. She takes this personally, does he not have a life with her? Well, yeah, but... She hollers at him again, he'd risk their life just to be a teacher. She doesn't want to hear about it again.

Kevin asks Rosie what's up with Sophie as Sophie is sneaking down the stairs and out the door.

Steve and Becky get to a room filled with other couples there for the talk on adoption. Who walks in but Anna and Eddie! Becky is gobsmacked! Anna is delighted to see her neighbours. They make small talk.

Back with the Stapes, he finally admits he's applied for the teaching job as Fishwick. Her face freezes in shock and dismay.


Fizz and John are at home. Fizz is not happy with the news that John has just given her- he has applied for a teaching job using Colin Fishwick's identity. John claims this is the perfect job for him. Fizz is fed up with listening to John who claims to care what Fizz thinks. She puts her foot down and refuses to agree to his ridiculous scheme. John reluctantly agrees not to go through with it. He will withdraw his application tomorrow.

Steve & Becky are at their information meeting about adopting. Steve keeps glancing over at the Windasses, probably wondering what on earth they're doing there.

Back with John & Fizz, Ches has been sent upstairs to do homework while John & Fizz talk things through more. John tries to talk Fizz round a little more. He reckons he's thought of everything and he can't see how his plan would go wrong. He would even open a back account in the name of Colin Fishwick using Colin's documents and he can even be paid his salary into there. Fizz points out that what could go wrong would be for him to get caught and be sent back to prison. John doesn't seem to be very bothered about this.

The adoption lady is encouraging the prospective adoptive parents to think about adopting older children, to give them more of a chance of eventually parenting a child. Becky asks if a person's background and previous history could be used against them when adopting a child. She is assured that each case is assessed on its own merit. Anna asks if there is an age limit on adopting. Apparently not a hard & fast rule on that and the lady stresses that each case is assessed separately. Steve asks if them living above a pub matters. As long as they're not sleeping in the bar, the lady can't think why that would be a problem.

At the Barlows', Ken is pondering his past, He seems regretful that he didn't ever stick to any of his jobs properly. He says he feels sorry for John Stape who knows he definitely wants to be a teacher. Deirdre is not so sympathetic. She feels sorry for Fizz, having to listen to John carrying on and on about not being fulfilled in his job. Ken knows Deirdre could also be talking about him. Deirdre thinks that John should accept he has limits to what he can and can't do now otherwise, "how long's it gonna be before John's walking on the canal bank one day and an actress comes floating on a barge and he forgets all about his wedding vows?" Ken rolls his eyes and Deirdre gets up to go for a smoke.

At Fizz's house, Chesney can feel there is a problem brewing between Fizz and John. Fizz assures him they are not, "in a mood." John admits that they are having a difference of opinion. Chesney leaves them so they can talk more. He's not happy. When Ches is gone, Fizz points out that they will have to lie to Chesney about John's new job. John is confident that they can get away with it but Fizz just gets up from the table, exasperated.

The adoption meeting has finished. Eddie and Steve don't feel they learned much. Anna thinks that it was all very encouraging. She can also sense a chilliness between Steve and Becky who mentions the question Steve asked about kids living above the pub. Anna refuses Steve's offer of a lift home so Steve & Becky can talk. When they've gone, Becky asks Steve what the Windasses were doing there. It makes her uncomfortable to think that they might be allowed to adopt while she and Steve might not.

Kevin is leaving a message on Sophie's voicemail, threatening to ring the police if Sophie doesn't get back to him. Rosie encourages Kevin to ignore Sophie playing up. Kevin agrees to until Sophie gets back and then he'll want to know what's going on.

Meanwhile. Sophie has made it to Sian's house in Southport. Sian answers the door and is most displeased to see Sophie. She lets Sophie in to talk but on one condition, that Sophie doesn't touch her. Sophie is hurt that Sian would say something like that but she goes in to talk to her anyway.

Sian's mother is out but Sian warns Sophie that she will be back really soon. Sophie is upset that Sian is being horrible to her. Sian tells Sophie that kissing her was not on. "You might be like that but I'm not!" Sian tells Sophie that she definitely isn't a lesbian and Sophie experimenting on her was wrong. Sophie reminds Sian that when they kissed, Sian didn't push Sophie off her. Sian claims she was shocked and tells Sophie they are no longer friends. Poor Sophie.

In the pub, Becky and Steve are talking about the adoption. Becky is disheartened that it can take so long to adopt a child. Steve reminds her that having a child of their own takes time. Becky goes upstairs to change. Graeme is talking to Ashley about his prowess with the ladies. He boasts that he may even have two ladies come looking for him later on. Ashley claims to be jealous which Graeme can't understand since Ashley is happily married. "Yeah, I am," agrees Ashley, "But that don't stop you from.... well, I'd best not say anything else..."

Anna and Eddie have arrived home. Anna is enthused about adoption. If she could choose she would like a wee boy, about four or five years old. Eddie reminds Anna that she won't get another Gary, they'll have a little stranger to look after. Also, if they take in a toddler now, by the time he's Gary's age, they'll be old. Eddie is giving the whole matter serious consideration. Anna thinks that Becky and Steve are going to be in for a disappointment when it comes to adopting a child.

John and Fizz are in the pub. John appears to be completely deluded about why he's been barred from teaching ever again and claims to have simply fallen foul of the system. Ken arrives in the bar. Fizz urges John to speak to Ken about the job he found in the paper for John. John thanks Ken but tells him that the museum job is not quite for him. Deirdre joins Fizz at the table and sympathises with her about having a husband who feels that life owes them something. Fizz can't understand why John can't forget teaching. Deirdre warns her that John likely will spend his life looking for whatever it is he has set his heart on and if he doesn't find it, Fizz will know about it. Fizz thanks her for her advice. Deirdre wishes Fizz good luck before leaving Fizz and John to have their drink. John comes back to the table and carries on about how, if he took the job, it would be wrong legally but morally, he's be in the right. Idiot. It'll end in tears.

Natasha comes into the bar to see if Audrey was in the bar. Graeme ambushes her and offers her a drink. Ashley leaves Graeme to chat Natasha up. Graeme compares Natasha with the Premiership League and Ashley with the Championship to explain why it's OK for Ashley to leave but Natasha insists he stays and asks him about the family.

Eddie and Anna come into the pub. Steve and Becky ask them what they think of adoption since they went to the meeting. Both couples are reluctant to reveal their intentions to each other.

Sophie comes home to a raging Kevin. Sophie confesses that she has gone to see Sian. Kevin thinks she's lying though. He thinks Sophie's been to see a boy. Rosie can see Sophie is genuinely upset and asks Kevin to lay off her. Kevin grounds her but Sophie doesn't care because she's got nowhere to go or anybody to see anyway. She runs up to her room.

Fizz and John come home to Chesney. Chesney wants to know if they've finished arguing. John insists that they weren't arguing, they were debating. Fizz asks John quietly in the kitchen if he will definitely withdraw his application. John says that he will but reiterates that there's nothing that can possibly go wrong if he got the job. Fizz vocalises her realisation that John will never be content until he's got what he sets his heart on. John wonders who would be?

Natasha is talking to Ashley in the pub, leaving Graeme looking like a wallflower. Natasha heads off, abruptly, after telling Ashley how lovely it was to talk to him. Graeme is crestfallen.

Rosie comes to Sophie's room to ask her sister what's wrong. It looks like Sophie is about to tell Rosie what's bothering her but backs out at the last minute. Rosie assumes Sophie is crying over a boy. She assures Sophie that it happens all the time and that Sophie will laughing about it all by next week. Sophie doesn't say anything.

Fizz comes downstairs after having a bath. She has decided that she can't stand seeing John unhappy. She thinks that John should go for the interview and they will see what happens afterwards. John is delighted and promises Fizz she will not regret this. Fizz heads back upstairs, not convinced at all.

Stella McLoughlin

Thursday 15 April

Fiz bundles Chesney out of the door to school, assuring him that she and John have made up. He remarks that she seems a bit down, but she tells him she's just a bit tired. After he's gone, John comes down and Fiz tells him she hates lying to her brother. "I've pushed you into this," says John, "say the word and I'll stop it now." Fiz tells him she loves him and if he's not happy she won't be either. "So go," she says, "and knock ‘em dead!"

Audrey goes into the Kabin (why?) apparently to buy magazines. She and Rita exchange hostilities until Rita bans her. "Fine by me!" snaps Audrey, and marches out again. Tentatively, Norris reminds Rita that she's not actually in a position to ban anybody from the Kabin any more.

At the garage, Kevin moans to Bill about Sophie's behaviour when Tryone comes in and reminds Kevin that he's got the afternoon off to take Molly to her scan. He tells them that he's paid extra to get the 3-D one. "Only the best for my kid!" he says. Bill gives Kevin a reproachful look. "Shouldn't you be opening up?" asks Kevin, and Bill leaves without a word.

Michelle is in the butcher's buying pork chops for Ryan. As she leaves, Kirk comes in and tells them he's been chatting to a girl in an internet chatroom and now she wants him to post a photo of himself. "Well, that's good isn't it?" asks Ashley. Kirk is worried though, that it might put her off. "Oh yes, I see your point," says Graeme, and then suggests that he uses a photo of someone good looking. Kirk's first idea is to put up a photo of Joe McElderry (latest X Factor winner, for the uninitiated) but Ashley and Graeme snigger and say they think she might recognise him. Kirk then says he'll use the photo of someone ordinary but sexy. He really wants to impress this girl, she laughs at all his jokes. "Well, she lols at all my jokes," he says. "And this is a real woman, not a virtual one?" asks an incredulous Graeme. "Yeah," says Kirk, "I think..."

John is sitting in a school corridor, waiting to be called for his interview. There seem to be pupils in the school, although it is supposed to be school holidays. Someone comes out of a room and calls, "Fishwick!" John doesn't move for a moment or two, and then remembers who he is supposed to be and jumps to his feet.

Sunita is in the Kabin. Rita has given her a cup of tea, and there's not one for Norris as they've now run out of milk. She confirms to them that they've put in an offer for Maria's house, but they're still waiting to hear. Fiz comes in and Rita points out that they might become neighbours. "Have you met her husband, John?" asks Rita. There's an awkward pause and then Sunita says she has. She then changes the subject to the purchase of the house, saying it's not easy waiting. Fiz agrees wholeheartedly, suddenly pouring out how time seems to drag and how stomachs churn. (Obviously thinking about her wait for news of John!) She then departs, leaving Sunita and Audrey staring at each other, puzzled.

Meanwhile, John's interview is well underway. He seems to impress with his views on education but there comes a sticky moment when he's asked about the previous schools he's taught at – or at least, the schools that Colin Fishwick has taught at.

Nick rushes into the salon to ask his gran if she's going to see Gail this week. Natasha loses no time in attracting his attention. "Hello!" she cries from across the room. Nick pauses mid-sentence. "Hello," he says, and then turns his attention back to Audrey. They decide to visit Gail together, and as he turns to leave, Natasha calls out again. "Bye!" Nick looks back, "Bye!" he says with a smile, and off he goes.

John's interview draws to a close. He asks when he's likely to hear the result and is told that everyone will be called later in the day. He's then asked to sign the consent form for a CRB check, and he looks extremely uncomfortable as he does so.

Sophie arrives home to find an envelope waiting for her. Opening it, she finds the friendship bracelets she had given to Sian. She goes to put them in the bin but then stops.

Molly is having her scan with Tyrone by her side. They are amazed at the clarity of the view they have of their baby. "It's really real," says Tyrone, as they watch the baby moving around. The radiologist asks if they want to know whether it's a boy or a girl. After a moment's hesitation they say they do, and they're told it's a boy. "That's my son there," gasps Tyrone, kissing Molly on the head. "Thank you!"

Natasha is on her way to the Kabin for the magazines that Audrey failed to get. Graeme rushes over to her. "Are you stalking me?" she asks him. He tells her he's escorting her, and will walk on the outside to stop her being splashed by passing carriages. However, she soon loses interest in him when she sees Nick come out of the factory. She rushes over. "Hiya!" she calls, cheerily. "Hi," replies Nick, smiling, but looking a little taken aback. "You've got lovely hair," she says after obviously thinking desperately for something to say. "Thanks," says Nick, looking a little bemused. Natasha then waffles on for a few moments As he goes to get into his car she cries, "Let me cut it for you!" "Sorry?" asks Nick. Natasha explains she'd like to cut his hair. Nick says that it doesn't need cutting. "All right then, let me style it for you. I'll even give you an Indian head massage and I won't charge you," she says, somewhat desperately. Nick stares at her for a moment and then agrees to come into the salon tomorrow.

The scan over, Tyrone and Molly agree to buy the film of their baby on dvd. "We can show it to his girlfriend when he's older and embarrass him," says Molly. "Girlfriends," says Tyrone, "he's going to be a right ladykiller this one."

Fiz arrives home to find John there. "Did you get it?" she asks. John says he thinks not, he couldn't really talk about the other schools on Colin's CV. "There'll be other jobs," says Fiz, but John says he was terrified they would catch him out and he's not going to put himself through that again. Fiz is much relieved. "Maybe it's for the best," she says.

Graeme sees Kirk in the street, looking for someone to photograph, but so far he's only seen Norris and Bill. "Not exactly pulling material," says Graeme, and then starts to offer his own face for the photo. Kirk, however, has seen someone perfect on the other side of the road – Jason!

Ryan sees Sophie as she walks down the road and into the shop. He runs after her. "Is it true you've been to see Sian?" he asks, and wants to know if she's seeing someone else. Sophie tells him it is none of his business any more, and it's his own fault, he shouldn't have tried it on with her and then lied about it. Sunita is in the shop and overhears it all, and then tells Ryan to leave. "Boys," she says, "they're more trouble than they're worth."

Kirk is trying to take Jason's photo without him seeing, but is only managing to catch the back of his head. Kirk thinks he'll just have to ask him and tell him the truth. Graeme, however, has a better idea and tells Kirk to give him a fiver. They then follow Jason into the pub and Graeme explains that he wants to sell his baseball cap on Ebay and will give him a fiver to model it for him. "No one will buy that," says Jason. "They might if you're wearing it," says Graeme, and waves the fiver at him. Jason agrees and Kirk takes the photo. "Brilliant," says Kirk, and then adds, "now can I have one with your top off?" Jason is disgusted and calls him a perv. Graeme hustles Kirk out of the pub.

Kevin and Bill are sitting at a table. Bill isn't happy about Molly's baby and asks Kevin what it will be like to see the baby growing up across the road. Kevin tells him to drop the subject.

At John and Fiz's house, the phone rings, but Chesney gets it first. "No, sorry, there's no one of that name here," he says, hanging up. "Who was it?" asks John. "Dunno," says Ches, "some woman asking for Colin." Chesney goes off to the shop and John leaps to his feet and grabs the phone. He calls the school back, explaining Chesney's behaviour as a warped sense of humour. After a short, serious conversation he puts the phone down. Then he turns to Fiz and tells her he's got the job! He hugs Fiz with delight but she looks really worried as she congratulates him.

Anne Logan

Friday 16 April

I'm looking forward to meeting some Corrie fans in Manchester this weekend. In the meantime, on with the show:

At Molly and Tyrone's house, Tyrone has had almost no sleep because he was up late putting the DVD of the baby on to Youtube. Molly is horrified. "Are you completely insane?" Tyrone tells her that her womb is getting hits already.

The steam from the iron reflects the pressure Fiz is under, worrying about John and the teaching job. He's off for a half-day induction at the school. He reassures her that everything's going fine. In future he'll get the school to ring on his mobile. Together they tell Chesney that John's got a job in admin, working in the office of a furniture factory in Rochdale.

Tyrone shows Molly what the clip looks like online. He says he had to get help in a nerdy chatroom from someone called Skybeast. Molly sort of forgives Ty but makes him promise to take it off today. "I'm glad you're so happy," she tells him.

Tyrone is late to work at the garage and tells Kevin he's got a bit of a dicky tummy. Kevin makes the mistake of asking how the scan went and Tyrone is so excited he tells him about the DVD.

In the cafe everyone's busy and John's trying to have a word with Roy. Anna is flabbergasted when Gary walks in.

Of course, the minute Tyrone told Molly he'd take down the clip, we knew he'd show it to Kevin. And he is!

John has told Roy about the new job in the furniture factory. Roy says he always thought of John as a temporary employee. John's a young, intelligent man who would seek pastures new, Roy says. "I wish you every success." Gary and Anna talk and Gary tells her the leave dates all got moved – something to do with a new intake, he says, though with enough hesitation to suggest he's lying. Anna notices nothing. She's a bit annoyed that he surprised her because she'd planned a hero's welcome but she tells him how proud she is.

Kevin seems stunned after viewing the baby moving in the womb. "I have to go out for a bit," he tells Tyrone. In the street he meets Bill. "You look like you've seen a ghost," Billy says, but Kevin passes without saying a word.

Tyrone's at home and worrying about Kevin. He thinks he's worked out why the clip upset Kevin so much. "Our child is a boy," he tells Molly. Kevin's only got girls and every man wants a son. "I know he's chuffed for us but it's got to hurt." Molly asks Tyrone if he's checked over their car because she's got no wish to change trains three times to get to her dad's. Tyrone's not really listening. He's hit on what he thinks is a wonderful idea. He plans to ask Kevin to be the baby's godfather. Molly talks him out of asking Kevin now. She tells him they don't want to tempt fate by deciding that sort of thing before the baby's born.

Kevin's in the pub telling Bill he feels as if Tyrone's kicked him in the guts. Bill tries to tell him he has to move on. Kevin tells him "I can't ignore Molly after that." Bill repeats that Kevin has to move on, even though it hurts. It's the price Kevin has to pay.

John's outside his new school and is startled when a lad tells him he should be locked up. But it's not that the boy knows who he is – he just sees John as a man hanging around a school. Brian comes out and tells the boy that John is his new English teacher, Mr Fishwick. After the boy apologises, Brian tells John he'll get on well at the school. "Just be yourself, Col."

In the salon, Natasha talks about changing Nick's hair and Audrey gives her advice on never trying to change the other person in a relationship. Lewis turns up out of the blue and asks Audrey if she fancies a drink later, but Audrey says she's meeting an old friend. He says he'll just have to pay for her company and sits in front of one of the mirrors. Audrey sends Natasha off to make him a coffee.

In the factory, Fiz gets a text message which reads "So far so good." Hayley comes over to tell her how pleased she is that John's got a new job and the other machinists hear and join the conversation, bombarding Fiz with questions.

In the salon, Lewis talks to Natasha about relationships. When his haircut is finished he says he's disappointed because he was just starting to relax. Natasha suggests he have one of Audrey's manicures. Lewis jumps at the chance and tell Audrey quietly that he's always wanted to hold her hand in public. Nick comes in and Lewis introduces himself.

Back at the garage, Ty watches Kevin carefully. He tells Kevin he only showed him the clip because Kevin's his best mate. Kevin tells him he understands that Ty is excited. Of course, talking about the baby just gets Tyrone excited again and he tells Kevin the godfather plan!

As Lewis chats to Nick about Nottingham, we find out Lewis used to manage a club there. He tells Nick he's semi-retired now. Audrey is coy about the cost of Lewis's cut and manicure but Natasha tells him it's £25 and he pays. He mutters to Audrey that she was worth every penny as Audrey tells him she feels awkward taking his money. They agree to meet again but Audrey specifies that it's as long as no money changes hands. After Lewis has gone, Natasha tells Audrey: "You're well in there."

John's home and still buzzing from his first day. Fiz tells him the "girls" know (that seems to include Sean) and she feels terrible lying to them. The phone goes. It's Brian. John's left his mobile phone behind and he's bringing it round. Chesney arrives home just then and parks himself in front of the TV. John and Fiz look at him in horror.

At the garage, Kevin tells Tyrone he can't be godfather. He'd feel like a hypocrite. He's touched but he doesn't want to be anyone's moral guardian. Tyrone tells him he's out of order. "You're blowing out my son! What kind of mate does that?" Kevin aggressively tells him maybe they're not such good mates after all. He says he wants to dissolve their partnership. He tells a stunned Tyrone: "I want you out!"

The end of episode one.
Margaret Carr

Opens with Kevin and Tyrone in the garage.. We are now seeing confused Tyrone's reaction "What do you mean dissolve the partnership? Well how soon?" Tyrone asks if he has to look for another job. Kevin storms off after demanding that Tyrone gets off of his case.

Fiz and John are having a heated whispered argument with Chesney just a few feet away. The couple are panicking because John's colleague is going to be here in 10 minutes. John bribes Chesney with money for the pictures. Fiz tells Chesney that its so they can have an important chat about something. Once Chesney has left the couple then rush around getting rid of every bit of John Stape in the house before his new boss comes round.

Tyrone's row with Kevin rumbles on. Kevin claims that people say stuff in the heat of the moment but Tyrone's not convinced. Kevin says that Tyrone was pressuring him to do something he didn't want to do and that he flipped. Molly approaches, wondering what has been going on. Kevin snaps that he has a lot on his plate and storms off.

Natasha is flirting with Nick as she does his hair at the salon.She says that will be 8.50 please. He gives her a tenner and says keep the change. Natasha replies that she was going to ask him for a drink as well. He smiles and says that he will be in touch. Rosie comes in and fills Natasha in about Graeme. The women realise that he has been feeding them both the same lines

Bryan (John's new boss) has arrived and says he doesn't like to impose on a Friday tea time. But there is one of two things that he didn't get a chance to run by him today. Asking him if he would like to have a drink at the "nice looking pub on the corner" John offers a drink in the house instead.

Chesney pops round to see Gary, after hearing that he was back.

Molly is trying to diffuse an indignant Tyrone. She tells him to give Kevin some space as he clearly has a lot on his mind right now.

Kirk comes in and joins Ashley and Graham at the bar. They talk about the photo of Jason that Kirk put on his profile for a dating website. They asked if it worked. It did and he's meeting the lady in the rovers tonight. Ashley asks a sensible question. What happens when she realises its not you in the photo? Kirk says that he will move in for the kill after she thinks she's been stood up by Jason.

Graham's phone rings its Natasha. She organises a date with him tonight.

Tyrone says he's going to have it out with Kevin. Molly says that he needs to let him calm down. Molly says that he should go have a drink with Ashley and celebrate the baby. Tyrone is delighted that he's allowed to tell people now.

Rosie is going on about how graham has been playing her and Natasha. Kevin is staring into space with a cup of tea in his hands. Kev suddenly shouts at Rosie to stop going on about her love life.

As Tyrone spreads his news, Natasha takes Graeme aside. He looks very pleased with himself.

Kevin comes into the shop and insists that the only way to stop all of this trouble is for Molly to have a termination.

Julie calls round at Fiz's but it's obviously not a good time so Fiz ushers her away.

Kevin says that he can't think of another answer. Molly can't believe that he wants her to kill the unborn baby but he persists and even offers to pay for a private operation.

Natasha tells graham that she has been fighting an attraction to him for some time. It was only a matter of time before we gave in. graham says that he is ready to rock when she is. She asks if there is anyone else. He says no. "I'm a one woman man" she asks about Rosie and among other things he calls her a bimbo. Rosie is standing behind him as he slates her. Natasha take grahams hat off. Rosie then proceeds to pour a pint over grahams head.

Kevin is still trying to convince Molly that an abortion is the only way forward but she is adamant that she is keeping the baby and orders him out of the shop.

Kirk watches as Izzy comes into the pub in a wheelchair. He's about to make himself noticed when Jason walks in and she makes a beeline for him.

Fiz and John are awkward as Bryan doesn't seem to want to shift from the house at all. He continues working his way through their wine supply, oblivious to the fact that he has outstayed his welcome.

Kirk tries to explain himself to Izzy and says that he knew if she saw a photo of him she wouldn't have been interested. She is furious that he has lied and makes a swift exit. She bumps into Gary on the way past and snaps his head off. Anna asks slowly if she's okay and then gets a mouthful herself for being patronizing.

After telling a strange anecdote about a creepy geography teacher, Bryan finally gets up and prepares to leave. John is most definitely in Fiz's bad books.

Gary apologises to Izzy. She tells him a little about herself, she's a checkout worker at Freschos. After exchanging a spark or two, they part ways...for now.

Kevin greets Tyrone but Tyrone is fuming with him. He says that he thought they were mates. Kevin tries to assure Tyrone that they are, but his words fall on deaf ears and Tyrone storms away from him.

Duncan Lindsay

Monday 19 April

A quick summary tonight for you...

Poor Sophie is heartbroken. She can't even manage to get herself dressed for school and pulls a sickie. Kevin starts to shout at her until she implies it's "women's problems" and bursts into tears. He's all tea and sympathy then and ushers her back to bed.

Meanwhile, Kevin has had the weekend to think about his outburst and is all tea and apologies with Tyrone who's decidedly cool towards him. Kevin loves his tea today, doesn't he? Anyway, Molly reminds Tyrone that they're going to her dad's for his birthday later. Tyrone is instructed to find a birthday pressie and Kevin offers to service Ty's car so he can go on his dinner hour to get it. He turns on the charm (well as much as Kevin ever gets) and Ty softens and it seems like it's going to be ok between them after all.

Except it's still not ok between Kevin and Molly and he tries to pressure her again to get rid of the baby. Molly gives him earache (good for her!) very loudly just as Pam comes into the shop. Kevin is unsummarily ejected and Molly dissolves in tears in Pam's arms. She later storms across to Kevin and makes his other ear bleed, warning him to lay off Molly or he'll have her to deal with. Kevin blusters that he was only trying to protect Tyrone. Pam orders him to keep his mouth shut. He seems to be having a harder time doing just that, lying, until Pam points out he was formerly very good at it so shouldn't have a problem. That's you told.

Tyrone has picked up a gift for his father-in-law, a dvd set featuring the comedian Tommy Cooper which Molly thinks Diggory will like.

On top of that, he sees Sophie going to the shop so decides to funnel some of that ear bashing on to his fragile daughter who promptly bursts into tears. Appalled, he gathers her up and takes her back home again. By the way, he was in the middle of fixing Tyrone's brakes and has stopped that to do this. Watch this space. After looking after Sophie for awhile, he's about to go back to work when she admits she really likes someone who doesn't like her back. She doesn't say who it is and naturally, Kevin assumes it's a boy and holds her while she again sobs her heart out.

Sophie finally stops crying and Kevin makes his way back to the garage to finish Tyrone's car. But, Tyrone assumes the car is done as it's sat outside the garage. (where they fix a good percentage of the cars they work on, I've noticed). He and Molly get strapped in, fire up the stereo and drive off just as Kevin comes out of the house. Oh no!!! He runs after them but they're making tracks and he's left standing in the cobbles, horrified!

Fiz is most definitely uncomfortable with John's situation. It was a close call with Julie on Friday night. Today is John's first day at his new job and she's fretting. He's confident and says he'll call her at dinnertime. Julie is not happy with Fiz either. A man in the house and Julie wasn't invited in! Julie is clearly lonely and dejected when Fiz reminds her that John's boss is married. Julie is relentless, suggesting that Fiz and John can double date with her and someone John now works with from the "furniture factory". Fiz is really on the spot and just brushes it off a bit, but worried when Julie muses about visiting Rochdale to check out the nightlife.

John is in his element at the school. Bryan gives him the official tour and a very attractive sixth form female student offers to give him the unofficial tour. Uh oh. And yes, she looks about 25 and is called Lucy. She tells him the gossip about Bryan, that his marriage is on the rocks. Everyone seems to be on a first name basis including Colin (John) who utters what could be a Soap Opera Phrase of Doom "You're going to get me into trouble!" (which is just what he loves, too!)

Anna and Eddie are waffling about whether to tell Gary about their plan to adopt. They don't at first and Anna and Gary take the bus to Freshcos for some Mum and son time. What's really odd is, on their return, they encounter David. Gary is actually nice to David, wishing Gail well and David actually seems like he wants to be mates! This may be an alternate universe. Later, Gary has his gear together getting ready to return to the base. Anna has a stack of sandwiches the length of her arm for him. Gary's phone rings but he doesn't answer it. Anna is upset that he's leaving again and ends up blurting out their adoption plans awkwardly. Eddie clarifies that they're not looking for a baby, just a lad who's had a rough life and might need a good home. Gary is cool with it. After Eddie gets back from dropping Gary off at the train station, Anna takes a phone call from the base. It seems Gary is AWOL and hasn't been on the base since Friday. Big Trouble!

In other news, Lloyd finds a pink mobile phone in his cab. When he turns it on there's a photo of Leanne's friend Cheryl as the phone's background (that's a bit self centered innit?). Leanne won't give him Cheryl's address nor will Lloyd give her the phone to return. But he gets lucky and sees Cheryl crossing the street in town and notices she enters a club that has a sign suggesting it's a strip club or lap dancing club.


Kevin is frantic to realise that Tyrone has taken the car without it being ready. He can't find his phone in any of his pockets. He rushes home to try to contact Tyrone. Meanwhile, Tyrone and Molly are driving through town, having a ball singing loudly in the car. Kevin calls him from home but Molly and Tyrone are oblivious to Kevin's panic.

Lloyd tentatively approaches La Belle, a nightclub for gentlemen, by the looks of it. He has Cheryl's pink phone in hand.

Eddie and Anna are at home, panicking about Gary. They can't believe that Gary would be AWOL from the army. They're sure there must be a clerical error. And Gary's not answering his phone.

Bill and Pam are in the pub, talking about Kevin's demand that Molly has an abortion. They can't see eye to eye on the issue. Pam accuses Kevin of behaving like a prize pillock. "Well your Molly's no Snow White!" says Bill. Pam retorts that Kevin is certainly no Prince Charming. 2-1 to Pam, I think.

Eddie and Anna come into the bar, still fretting about Gary. Becky and Steve serve them. There's an awkwardness between then with regards to the adoption. Steve asks how Gary is and Eddie answers that Gary is a credit to them which is why they're thinking of adopting. Talk turns to social workers and the two couple start to get competitive. Steve lies that he and Becky have been appointed a social worker, to keep up with the Windasses. This gives Becky the hump.

Lloyd is in La Belle where Cheryl confronts him aggressively, "What are you doing here?" Lloyd quips that he is not there for the same purpose as she is. He gives her her phone back. Cheryl is pleased that he would think to do that for him and offers him a drink in return. Lloyd makes another smart remark, "So, what's a nice girl like you doing a place like this?"

Tyrone and Molly can see Kevin is trying to get a hold of them. Molly refuses to answer the phone to Kevin. She tells Tyrone they need to have a Kevin-free day. She turns the phones off and places them in the glove compartment. Tyrone is driving fast on a country lane and nearly runs over a couple of cyclists. Kevin is seen back at the garage, trying to call Tyrone. He leaves a message telling Tyrone that the brakes haven't been sorted and that Tyrone needs to call him back.

Sophie is skulking in the living room. Rosie suspects that Sophie has tried to come onto a guy and was given the knock back. She knows how embarrassing that is and tries to cheer her sister up. She drags Sophie upstairs.

Becky has dragged Steve into the back room at the Rovers. She wants to talk to Steve about why he was winding the Windasses up about the adoption and she wants them to make a proper decision about it. Becky thinks that they should try, they will never know if they would be allowed to adopt if they don't try. Steve and Becky come to the realisation that they both want to go ahead with the adoption. Next task is for Becky to write the adoption agency a letter of intent, that they wish to go ahead with the application. Steve leaves her to it.

Kevin comes into the bar to ask Pam how he can get a hold of Molly and Tyrone. Pam is not happy to help but once Kevin explains about the brakes on the car she rushes to get Diggory's address for Kevin. Kevin runs across the road to the breakdown van and heads to Diggory's place.

Julie and Fizz are at Fizz's place, trying out face masks. Julie wonders how John's first day went. She is genuinely excited for John's new job and enthuses about how she'd love to work with furniture. Fizz is clearly uncomfortable lying to her friend. They're waiting for John to get home from work any minute now.

Molly and Tyrone are happily chatting in the car about how Diggory will take the news of Molly's pregnancy. Molly mentions that her seat belt is digging into her. Tyrone is taking Molly for a lovely meal before they get to Diggory's house. They park in the car park of a local hotel which serves a carvery meal. Molly loves carvery, so she does.

Cheryl leads Lloyd into a private lap dancing room in the club. They chat for a bit and Lloyd offers Cheryl his phone number. Cheryl seems reluctant to take it so Lloyd leaves in a bit of a hurry but in good humour and they part on friendly terms.

Kevin drives straight past the hotel where Tyrone and Molly are having their lunch.

Becky reads Steve the letter of intent to the adoption agency. It's short and succinct. "Perfect," says Steve.

Sophie comes downstairs to where Rosie is sitting on the lounge. Sophie is all dressed up in Rosie's gear and makeup. She looks fantastic, in a slightly tarty way. Although, as she points out to her big sis, not as tarty as Rosie.

John returns home from work where Fizz and Julie are eager to hear about his day. He is very upbeat. Fizz drags him into the kitchen to ask him why he is late home from work. She thought the worst had happened. John explains that he simply had to talk to the other staff. Julie admonishes Fizz for her separation anxiety and tells her off for expecting John to follow Fizz's schedule. John apologises for Fizz's reaction to him being late. Julie tells John off for pandering to Fizz and leaves.

Sophie is out on the street, dressed up to the nines. She tries to call Sian again but Sian is still not taking her calls. Ryan sees Sophie and tries to tell her that Sian has been calling him, trying to get back together with him. Sophie gives him short shrift.

Back with Fizz & John, Fizz is shouting at John, telling him how worried she was when he didn't come home. She thought that he had been taken back to prison. John laughs at Fizz's concerns. She tells him off and reminds him of all the lies they're telling everyone. "Don't laugh at me!" she warns him. John assures Fizz that he had a departmental meeting. He knows how she feels but resists her pleas to give up his ridiculous plan. Instead he makes plans to make up more and more lies to cover his tracks. Fizz sees that he won't see sense.

Molly and Tyrone have had their lovely lunch and are back in the car, all loved up. Tyrone wants to prove to Molly that he's not boring and that he can be the best dad their baby will want and the best husband to her. Instead of heading to Diggory's, they will go for a drive in the countryside. Kevin is at Diggory's house, knocking frantically on the door and peering through the windows. Diggory is not home. He's at a confectioner's convention, as Ty and Molly are fully aware.

The Windasses are at home, fretting some more about Gary. Anna has some silly ideas about what has happened to Gary. Has he been in a train crash? Is a sergeant major bullying him? Anna wonders if Gary is not happy about their idea of adopting and has gone AWOL because if that.

Tyrone and Molly are talking in the car. Molly, the silly billy, has taken off her seat belt and is telling Tyrone how much she loves him. All of a sudden a piece falls of the car, Tyrone tries to swerve to miss a tree branch in the middle of the road and the brakes fail. Molly shrieks as the car is out of control. It smashes through a fence, turns over on its side and rolls over and over into a field.

Kevin is still at Diggory's house, unaware of what has happened to his former best friend and his former lover. He tries to call Tyrone on the phone again before climbing back into the breakdown truck and driving off in search of them.

All is quiet in the field as Tyrone's car lays there on its side. Oh dear.

Stella McLoughlin

Thursday 22 April

Coming round in the wreckage of the car, Tyrone finds Molly lying beside him, unconscious. He can't find his phone so he decides to go for help and clambers up and out of the window. Jumping to the ground he runs off towards the road.

Meanwhile, on another road somewhere else, Kevin stops the breakdown truck and looks at a road atlas. Frustrated, he tosses it aside and then tries to call Molly again. He leaves a message saying how the car wasn't safe, he hadn't finished working on it, and pleading with her to call him back.

Tyrone reaches a point where the road forks, and just as he stands, hesitating, a car comes by. He waves his arms and shouts for it to stop, but to no avail, the driver goes by. However, another car soon comes along and this time the driver, a woman, stops. Ty explains what's happened and she calls an ambulance. Tyrone rushes back to his beloved Molly who is just starting to come round. He tells her what's happened but can't move the car. She screams at him to stop trying, and slips into unconsciousness again just as the ambulance siren can be heard. As it approaches, it passes Kevin, still at the side of the road. "Oh no!" he says, "oh please no!" and pulls out to follow it.

The fire brigade have also arrived on the scene and Tyrone leads the Chief Fire Officer to the wreck, explaining that Molly is pregnant and keeps drifting off. The officer talks calmly and kindly to Molly and tells her they'll soon have her out of there.

The ambulance arrives, closely followed by Kevin who jumps out of his truck and tries to run to the wrecked car. He's stopped by the police who won't let him get near. Tyrone sees him and runs over. "What are you doing here?" he asks, adding that the brakes failed. As the fire brigade start to cut Molly out of the car, the police tell Tyrone he has to take a breathalyser test. "I'm not drunk," he says, indignantly. He's told it's standard procedure. As they watch the car being cut to get Molly out, Tyrone tells Kevin he can't understand what happened to the brakes, especially as Kevin had just checked them. "Ty," Kevin says slowly, "the thing is mate – " Just then a shout goes up, they're bringing Molly out, and Tyrone runs off to be with her. Molly's been put on a stretcher and Tyrone asks if he can go in the ambulance with her. "I love you more than anything in this world," he tells her. "We'll laugh about this one day." The paramedics and firemen lift the stretcher and Molly is put in the ambulance as Kevin watches anxiously. The siren wails again as it drives off down the road.

Arriving at the hospital, Molly is checked over and questioned as to what happened and whether she lost consciousness. They tell her they'll check her over carefully and with luck she won't need x-rays as they could harm the baby. The medical staff then take Tryone off to check him over too.

Back in Coronation Street, Lloyd is in the taxi office when Cheryl comes in. She apologises for her behaviour towards him in the club and asks if she can put his number in her phone. "It's about time I had the number of a decent bloke."

Kevin arrives at the hospital and finds Tyrone in a waiting area. Ty is upset because they won't let him see Molly, and Kevin tries to calm him, telling him it's normal. "I could be with her," says Tryone. Kevin tells him he could be in the way. "What if something happens to the baby?" asks Tyrone. Kevin tells him that sometimes stuff happens that they can't control, he'll still have Molly.

An unhappy looking Sophie goes into the corner shop and puts a large quantity of snacks down on the counter. Sunita is really nice to her and tells her the treats are on her. "Grab a couple of cans and we'll have ourselves a midnight feast," says Sunita, "well, a half-eight feast!" Sophie smiles.

Lloyd and Cheryl are enjoying a cosy chat over a cuppa in the taxi office. Just then Teresa comes in. "Who's this?" she asks. Lloyd explains that Cheryl is waiting for cab. "This is Teresa," he mumbles. "MY GIRLFRIEND!" says Teresa, loudly and pointedly.

Tyrone and Kevin are still waiting. Tyrone asks Kevin how he got to the crash scene so quickly. Kevin confesses that he was looking for them. He'd tried phoning but they weren't answering their phones. "You took the car before it was ready," he says. "You said it would be ready," says Tyrone, and Kevin tries to explain that something came up. "I didn't think you'd take the car, I hadn't finished the brakes," he says. "I crashed because you hadn't checked the brakes?" explodes Tyrone. "My wife and baby are in danger because of you?" Kevin tries to say that it was an accident but Tyrone is having none of it. He tells Kevin that he's been acting weird for ages, he should never have trusted him. He says that Kevin could have put a note on the windscreen, it would have been simple, it's careless incompetence and he can't believe Kevin could have been so stupid. Kevin tries to point out that Tyrone should have checked with him first. "Don't make this my fault!" snaps Tyrone. "You said the car would be ready and there it was. I trusted you and you let me down, and now my wife and baby are in hospital and I've no idea if they're going to live or die!" He grabs Kevin by the lapels and starts to shove him backwards, but just then a nurse comes in and asks if he'd like to go and see his wife and leads him away.

In the corner shop, Sophie and Sunita are enjoying a girly chat, talking about first kisses and how you know if you're in love. "Have you ever been in love?" Sophie asks. Sunita says she has, but not always with the right person. "I think that's my problem," says Sophie, wistfully. Sunita tells her that even though things aren't working out with the boy Sophie likes, there may be another boy out there who likes her but hasn't plucked up the courage to tell her. "There is actually," says Sophie, and goes on to tell Sunita about Lee, but how she blanked him the last time she saw him. Sunita suggests she gives him another chance, to see if it feels right. "So I should text him and arrange to meet and see if it feels right?" says Sophie. "Sounds like a plan to me," says Sunita, smiling.

Tyrone stands beside a sleeping Molly. The doctor tells him that they're not out of the woods yet, although she and baby seem fine they're going to keep a close eye on her, and they'll have a better idea tomorrow. "Can I stay with her?" asks Tyrone. The doctor tells him he can stay as long as he likes.

Cheryl, Teresa and Lloyd are spending an uncomfortable time in the taxi office, waiting for Cheryl's taxi. Suddenly there's the sound of a car horn and Cheryl leaps to her feet and hurries out of the door. "She gone off to meet her pimp then?" Teresa asks Lloyd. "No – what makes you say that?" says Lloyd. "Have you seen her hair, nails and make up?" asks Teresa, "I can tell – she's a slapper!" Lloyd looks somewhat crestfallen at this news. Teresa pinches his cheek and tells him he's so innocent. "If she doesn't earn her living on her back, I'm a Chinaman," she says. Lloyd points out that they don't know her and they shouldn't judge her. Teresa says she's not judging, it's an honourable profession. "We all do it," she says, "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours, so to speak." She tells him if he buys her a curry and a couple of cans she'll take him to places he's never dreamed of. Lloyd doesn't look too happy at this prospect and says he's got a few hours of work left. "I can wait," says Teresa, "you don't get rid of me that easy."

Tyrone steps out of Molly's room to find Kevin there. "You still here?" he says. Kevin asks how Molly is and Ty tells him they've told him the effects of the crash might be delayed, so they're keeping her in overnight. "How about the baby?" asks Kevin. "The same," says Tyrone. Kevin apologises again about the car and Tyrone agrees it was an accident and he should have checked. Then he bursts into tears. Kevin hugs him as Tyrone mumbles that he's only just got Molly back and if anything happened to her he doesn't know what he'd do.

Anne Logan

Friday 23 April

Hello, and welcome to another Friday night. I'm sending this after a lovely couple of days spent with Corrie pals celebrating the programme and someone's birthday. Oh, and meeting Andy Whyment (Kirk) and Kathy Jones, who played Tricia Hopkins (she flatted with Gail when they were single). Many many thanks to Christine Warren for organising the events. And congratulations to Glenda and Barry, who became engaged after Barry proposed to Glenda while she sat on Maxine's bench during our visit to the outdoor set!

And now, on with the show.

Tyrone is at Molly's bedside in the hospital, talking to her and kissing her hand, though Molly still seems pretty groggy.

Kevin is in his kitchen, seeming very glum. Sophie's also quiet, looking at pictures of herself and Sian on her phone.

Now the doctor is with Molly, telling her the baby seems to be fine. However, they're going to keep her in over the weekend for observation. Tyrone is determined not to leave her side and says he doesn't know what he'd do without her. "The main thing is that we are all okay," Molly tells him.

Sophie wants to go out tonight but Kevin reminds her she's grounded. Rosie, surprisingly, tries to defend Sophie. Sophie pleads to be allowed to go out and Kevin relents. Sophie gets a text and is furious when Rosie snatches her phone to read it.

Gentle readers, when you get to see this episode, shut your eyes at this point. I've still not recovered from the sight of Eddie Windass in his underpants. Anna's beating herself up for not spotting something was bothering Gary. Eddie's left a message on Len's phone, though Len is away on holiday.

Kevin sees Pam and runs after her to see if she knows how Molly is. Pam rounds on him. "I've got a bit of bad news for you!" she snaps, saying Molly and the baby are both fine. She accuses Kevin of selfishly trying to kill Molly because Molly wouldn't abort his baby. Kevin tries to apologise for that but Pam rejects it out of hand.

Deirdre and Liz sit at the Barlows' dining table, eating very bad hummus which looks nothing like the recipe and more like grout. Deirdre comments that she thinks they have mice. Ken's trying to read Nabokov and sighing a lot, but that doesn't shut them up. In fact, it inspires Liz to talk about other Russians she admires, such as Nuryev and what he looked like in tights. Ken sighs again.

In the cafe, Roy asks Anna about Gary and the Army. Anna lies. Eddie comes and tells her quietly that there's no sign of Gary anywhere. Anna's upset and Eddie pointedly tells her he's missed his dinner. This upsets her even more and, even though he doesn't know what the trouble is, Roy suggests he get some food for Eddie while Anna takes a break.

Tyrone tells Molly the police will want to talk to her. She says she can't remember much, though she does wonder what Kevin was doing there after the crash. Pam bring flowers and cries when she sees Molly. Molly demands to know what's going on and why they crashed but Tyrone and Pam avoid telling her.

Kevin phones the hospital but nobody will tell him how Molly and the baby are because he's not a relative. He slams down the phone.

It's later at the Websters' and Sophie is all dressed up in some of Rosie's clothes and make-up. She worries that she looks tarty but Rosie encourages her to get out and "find a new fella."

In the street, Ken meets John who is carrying a bottle of wine. He says it's to celebrate his new job in a furniture factory over Rochdale way.

Deirdre and Liz emerge screeching from the house. They've seen a mouse. They insist Ken does something about it. Deirdre goes in to change into trousers – she's not risking the mouse running up under her skirt.

Sophie meets Lee and they talk about what to do and where to go and agree on bowling. Lee wants a kebab first so they head over towards the shop. Behind them, Sian gets off the bus.

Pam takes order from Molly about stuff to fetch for her. Tyrone breaks the news that the car had faulty brakes and Kevin tried to phone to stop them driving it. Kevin is totally gutted, he says.

Sian calls at Sophie's house and Rosie answers the door. She's totally useless and tells Sian that Sophie's probably getting her face snogged off by Lee. Sian's come all the way from Southport and seems depressed at this news.

Ken's put traps in the loft. Deirdre claims she won't sleep a wink and she has elastic bands around her trouser legs which will stay on until the mouse is caught, she reckons. Ken thinks it's an urban myth that mice would run up skirts or trousers. He's never heard of it happening. He's about to settle down when Deirdre says: "Oh, you're not going to read are you? I was going to put one of my CDs on."

Sophie and Lee come out of the kebab shop but don't see Sian sitting at the bus stop. Though she sees Lee put his arm around Sophie's shoulders.

The Windasses have no food in the house and Eddie's trying to persuade Anna to "liberate" some of Roy's ham when Gary's sergeant major telephones. Anna demands to know what's happened that would make Gary run away and ends up hanging up on the man. She tells Eddie that Gary's going to be court-martialled. Eddie tells her they'll worry about that when the time comes but she's fearful that Gary is lying dead in a ditch somewhere.

Ken's decamped to the Rovers and talks to Steve about having space away from everything. Steve remembers a tepee he had as a child, where he could shut the door and withdraw from the world. Ken says being up in the loft setting the traps gave him a similar feeling.

Kevin's at the hospital. Molly tells him she's fine, but no thanks to him. Kevin tries to explain about going to comfort Sophie when he'd been working on the car. "I know it's no excuse." Molly's sent Tyrone off on an errand. "You are unbelievable!" she tells Kevin. She accuses him of trying to kill her. "It's a bit of a coincidence, isn't it? I don't do what you say, then this happens." Kevin denies it. "This is me you're talking to." Molly doesn't want to hear it. "Save it for the police," she says.

The End
Another Friday episode coming soon!

Margaret Carr

Here's Friday's second episode. You will have to bear with me on this one, my previous version of this update was lost in the great black hole of accidentally deleted word documents so I'm working from some very basic notes that are over a fortnight old!

We're in the hospital again and Kevin looks thoroughly panic stricken at the prospect of police involvement. Ever the master of subtlety, he draws the curtains around Molly's bed closed and reminds her what she stands to expose if she tries to incriminate him. Molly doesn't care about this but Kevin is cut off from arguing any further when Tyrone returns with their teas.

Lee and Sophie are eating their congealed animal bits in pita bread and Sophie ells him that she doesn't really want to go bowling and that he can come back to her place. He seems quite hopeful about this, until Sophie reminds him that Rosie will be there. At this point, Bill passes by and warns Lee not to harm Sophie in any way.

Back at the hospital, Molly has begun to soften as Tyrone urges her not to report Kevin to the police.

Ken has sought refuge in a backyard to read his book and Steve comes out. Both of the men understandably want some peace and quiet. Ken tells Steve that it was nice being in the attic with the mice for some peace and quiet.

Lee and Sophie are at the Webster household, spending a thrilling date watching Harry Potter. Gooseberry Sophie ruins Lee's hopes of getting any further with Sophie by plonking herself down and commenting on how lame their date is. She casually mentions that Sian was round earlier and that she is heading back to Southport. All thoughts of Lee forgotten, Sophie leaps up and leaves him sitting beside Rosie. At least he'll have more chance of getting what he wants from her...

Emily is persuading Audrey and Rita to come for a drink with her in the Rovers, clearly intent on reuniting the warring women.

Tyrone approaches Kevin and informs him that they won't be mentioning him to the police. Tyrone tells him that he knows he wasn't involved in any way. Kevin is relieved.

Sophie finds Sian sitting on a bench. She tells her that she is still confused and Sian admits that she is now too. Having found Bill's key to the builder's yard, Sophie takes Sian away for a more private chat.

At the Rovers, the atmosphere is cold between Audrey and Rita. Emily urges them not to let recent misunderstandings get in the way of an age old friendship. Eventually, Rita relents and asks Audrey how Gail is doing. Finally, the women start talking again and slowly, but surely, their friendship may be getting back on track.

At the builders yard, Sophie and Sian have just shared another kiss. Sian pulls away and says that she doesn't fancy women, it's not her thing. Sophie admits that she doesn't either, yet she thinks about Sian all the time. Slowly they share another tentative kiss. After a long silence, Sophie asks if this means they're going out. Sian grins and says that she doesn't know but they will have to take it slowly and see what happens. They agree that for now, they should keep their newly budding relationship under wraps until they know exactly where it's heading.

Kevin returns to the hospital and thanks Molly for changing her mind about involving the police. She admits that she never really thought he had deliberately sabotaged the car but she knows one thing after her ordeal...that she just wants her and Tyrone to get away from Coronation Street for good. Here's hoping!

Until next time!

Duncan Lindsay

Monday 26 April

Written by Chris Fewtrell Directed by Durno Johnston

Molly is ready to go home and Tyrone is packing all her stuff, looks like a week's wardrobe for a few days' hospital visit! He's just anxious for her to get home and away from the hospital but they can't go anywhere until the doc comes. He wants to take the day off but she doesn't see the point if she's going to be sleeping when she gets home anyway. He's being all cute and helpful and protective and she doesn't seem to appreciate it at all. As much as I sympathise with her because Kevin's being a real idiot about the baby, she's also turned into a real cow and she seems to realize it and apologizes to Tyrone. She suggests that there are too many bad memories for them and they should make a fresh start somewhere else. He's not sure.

Sophie is having silly conversations with Sian about what they're having for breakfast. It's the kind of chat two teenagers in the first throes of love have but to Kevin and Rosie listening, it's just silly kid stuff. Little do they know!

In the Salon, David is sweeping up as Audrey arrives, critical of David's sweeping skills. Natasha arrives already eager for any shred of news about Nick but he's not mentioned her and her face falls. David finds Lewis's little black book but Audrey snatches it before he can see inside. David and Natasha tease Audrey about her new friend.

In the Kabin Norris is still looking for excuses not to go on the weekend holiday with Mary, much to Emily and Rita's criticism. He admits Mary is highly strung and lets her emotions get away with her. Rita and Emily think he's making a mountain out of a molehill, he should go and enjoy the fresh air of Bronte country. Norris peevishly points out the Bronte sisters were all dead by 40!

Dev finds out that Maria has accepted their offer on the house! Sophie comes in and asks for a job. Dev doesn't seem inclined but Sunita overrules him and offers her a shelf stacking job. They negotiate on 2.50 an hour (pretty poor wages, really, even if it's only for a 14 year old!) Dev sputters but no matter.

Back to the salon, Rita arrives for her appointment. Audrey sends Natasha and David off for an early lunch so she has some private face time with her friend. She takes a call from Lewis just then. Later Rita finally brings up the subject and Audrey admits she's still seeing Lewis and he's been a good support lately. Rita gently tries to point out that it's his job to be whatever she wants him to be but Audrey says they'll just have to agree to disagree lest they fall out again.

Tyrone brings Molly home. He tries to make it sound cosy and homey but she says it still feels like Jack and Vera's house. He tries the economic persuasion, he's not got a good job to go to like last time. Case closed.

Mary has arrived with the motor home. She describes the complications that come with living with a wonky chemical toilet. I think that was too much information for Norris and Emily. None of Norris' sourness has any effect on the jovial Mary and even Emily seems to be against him when she says she'll mind the Kabin until Rita returns so Norris can get on his way. Mary drives away with Norris still complaining out the window to the strains of Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights on the motor home stereo.

Ty has gone back to work but he's about as useless as a chocolate teapot. He's gazing off into thin air and tells Kevin he's confused and concerned that Molly wants to move away again. Kevin puts forth the good points of Chester and says he could even buy Tyrone out of his share of the garage (and I should think that would be a given anyway!) He says Tyrone should think about it, it might not be such a bad thing. That gives Ty something to think about.

David and Natasha are sitting around wasting time when Nick comes in. Natasha immediately brightens up. Nick is there to talk to Audrey about a new barrister for Gail. They agree to meet in the pub later. Natasha suggests she and Nick hook up later as well. He looks a bit like a deer caught in the headlights and says "uh yeah". I smell another disappointment.

Mary and Norris have arrived at the cottage, a lovely little stone one that seems to be on the moors with very little else around it. The path is steep down to the door and the interior of the cottage is more modern than the outside. It looks quite nice and cosy but Norris is complaining as always. He smells mothballs and can't be bothered with the mess of a log fire. He avoids the sofa beside her and chooses an armchair instead so she goes into the kitchen.

Audrey succumbs to the temptation to look inside Lewis' black date book. Which is full of notes about each client, including birthdates, family points and if they're good tippers. She obviously finds the page with her entry but isn't too happy with what she sees there. It looks like the scales are quickly falling from her eyes.

Sophie tries to butter up her dad so he realizes she wants something. She tells him about the part time job. He's not so sure about it, as it's an exam year at school but she promises it won't interfere and feels really bad about asking for handouts all the time. He gives in but warns her that if it does get in the way of her schoolwork, she'll have to quit. She hugs him happily.

Lewis arrives at the Salon. Audrey lets him in and her demeanor is distinctly different this time. She mentions her "average tipper" status and tells him she thinks they should stop seeing each other. She realizes it's all just business with him.

Mary has done a lovely meal and set the table with a fancy tablecloth and candles and she's dressed up. She raises the silver dome and reveals a fancy version of toad in the hole which uses Spanish chorizo, she calls it Toad in the H'Olay!!! He's not amused.

Tyrone comes in to see that Molly has fixed them something to eat when she should be resting and scolds her. He tells her that Kevin actually thought them moving was a good idea which surprised him. Now he thinks maybe Kevin just wants rid of him. Molly sticks the knife in further and keeps telling him they only need each other and a garden to put their kids in.

Audrey admits she's seen the truth in his book and it's made her realize that she's just another client. She realizes she's deluded herself and tries to send her off. She admits she fell for him. He makes out that he really does care about her, he crouches in front of her and looks all concerned and stops her wittering with a gentle kiss.

What's that all about? Come back next half and find out!


Audrey pulls away from the surprise smacker Lewis has just planted on her. She's astonished. Lewis asks her if that's in a good way or a bad way. Of course it's in a good way, she just never realised that Lewis felt that way about her. She reminds him that even though she hoped that Lewis felt romantic towards her, she paid him to be nice to her so how could she tell that he was genuine? "You started out as a client, Audrey. I don't want you to stay that way," explains Lewis. Audrey is ecstatic.

Tyrone and Molly are talking at the dinner table about caviar- Tyrone thinks that because caviar is fish eggs, the eggs hatch in your stomach and you end up with loads of little fish swimming about in your insides. It must be true because Kirk told him and Kirk knows a lot about animals. "No," Molly corrects him, "Kirk knows a bit about dogs." Tyrone gets a little maudlin thinking how he could have been at the undertakers now picking out a casket (grrrr! What's wrong with the word 'coffin'?). Tyrone comes to the realisation that he would find it depressing to die there, in that house. Molly tells him that she thinks it'd be depressing to live there. All of a sudden, Tyrone agrees that they should make a fresh start elsewhere. They get on the internet to start looking for houses.

Gary Windass is sneaking about the back gardens. He is unaware that David Platt is watching him like a hawk from behind the washing line. David wants to know what the story is.

Audrey and Lewis are in the salon. Audrey is being very naughty and reading Lewis's book, making disparaging remarks about his clients. She reads about Rita, "Red head, chip on her shoulder about Audrey, try to avoid the subject. Business: sweet shop. Colleague: Norris, clearly in love with her. Cruise, retirement, exotic dancer...." She goes on to read more and then asks Lewis if he liked her on their first "date". Lewis claims that he thought she was lovely from their first meeting and that he realised he missed her when he was away from her. Audrey is flattered. Lewis moans that he is a yes man, in his business. He tells Audrey that he always says he likes things when he doesn't like them at all. Audrey assures him that we all have to do that sometimes. Lewis looks at her tenderly and tells her that he is really glad to have found her. Audrey is pleased too and suggests that since they can't go for a drink because Lewis has a client he must see, he should drop round to her place after his date and have a coffee with her. He says he would love to and leaves.

Gary and David are in the shed. David is asking Gary if AWOL is an actual word. Gary doesn't know but there's an entertaining discussion about acronyms. It turns out the Gary has been staying at Len's place since Len is in Marbella. They open a can of beer each and David mentions that there are crisps at his place if Gary's hungry.

Mary and Norris are at the dinner table on their holiday cottage on the moors. Norris is clearly uncomfortable being in such close proximity to Mary. Mary offers to do the washing up before showing Norris "everything". Wink wink.

Sophie is talking to Sunita in the shop about her love life. She tells Sunita that she's OK now but doesn't elaborate that she's got someone else to replace the boy Sunita assumed broke her heart when they spoke before.

Audrey sees Rita in the pub. She asks Rita if Norris arrived safely. "He's not my son," Rita reminds Audrey, perhaps a little tersely. Rita notices that Audrey seems to be in a very good mood. Audrey doesn't really say why and tells Rita that she'll find out why she's in a good mood soon enough. Nick comes into the bar where Natasha is waiting for him. It's a little awkward since it appears Nick has no interest in her but Natasha orders a mineral water to match his, since he tells her that he will take her into town later. Nick goes over to talk to Audrey about the lawyer he has found for Gail.

While Nick is out of earshot, Becky tells Natasha not to feel humiliated by Nick's apparent lack of interest. Natasha makes excuses for Nick, "He's got a lot on his plate..." and goes to take the mineral waters over to Nick. "Natasha," Becky stops her before she leaves and looks at the drinks in Natasha's hand,"two forty, that, love, please." Nick hasn't even paid for the drinks.

Norris is snoozing in the holiday cottage when Mary comes in and wakes him. "I'm just interested in one thing, Norris," she says, "Winning!"

Lewis is struggling on his date with a mouthy older lady in a posh hotel. She seems rather aggressive too, as she calls the waitress over to complain about lipstick on her glass. Lewis challenges her, "Are you sure that lipstick wasn't yours?"

Back in the pub, Nick is chatting with Audrey, Rita and Natasha about legal matters. Natasha wants to know what time they're going into town but Nick just doesn't seem interested in her at all. He continues to chat more about legal cases and murders before he takes a call on his phone- it's a client who wants to meet him. he dashes off without a thought for Natasha, promising her a night out tomorrow only after Becky reminds him that Natasha is there. Becky thinks that Nick doesn't take after his grandad much. Natasha reckons she'll give him one more chance and then that's it, he's blown it.

Molly and Tyrone have found some places they like the look of in the internet. They fantasise a bit about their new life, with Tyrone's new garage, "Dobbs Autos". Molly wonders where the apostrophe will go and she urges Tyrone not to let Kevin pay him anything less than a fair price for Tyrone's share of he business.

David and Gary are drinking in the Platt Kitchen. They're talking about Joe and Tina. David claims not to care about how Tina is. David calls Gary a Desert Rat. Gary corrects David's history, telling him that the Desert Rats defeated Rommel in North Africa and were not deserters like he is. David is astonished by Gary's grasp of military history. Gary and David seem to bond a little as David urges Gary to go back to where he felt proud, in the army. It all goes foul when they both joke about how useless the other is without his mummy and Gary eventually tells David, "The son you've been, it's no wonder she married all those nutters." A scuffle ensues but is diffused when David realises that Gary could probably hurt him. Gary makes David promise not to tell Anna where Gary is before he leaves.

Norris and Mary are going through their competition magazines, reminiscing about seeing their names in print as competition winners. They appear to be getting along well in the cosy living room with the fire going.

Lewis is saying goodbye to his date for the evening. She asks him if he will join her in her hotel room. Lewis seems a little hasty to turn her down but explains he has something else on. "Suit yourself," she says, "your loss. Shall we settle up?" Lewis looks a little out of his depth in his own business.

Audrey heads home from the pub. She has a prime parking space, right outside the Rovers Return, I might add. She seems very excited to be going home.

Norris is ready for bed and wants to head upstairs but Mary wants to keep him up a little longer, working on a competition to win a trip to Orlando. Norris promises to work on it tomorrow.

Rita is talking to Becky at the bar. Becky asks Rita about her childlessness and whether she was bothered about it. Rita confesses she simply left it too late to have children before she found the right man. Becky mentions that she and Steve are thinking of adopting. Rita is very pleased for her. Rita mentions that she and Len were too old to adopt back then but she managed to foster. Becky worries about people saying things to her about her prospective child looking like her, what will she say to them? Sage old Rita advises her, "smile and you say thank you. Because, wouldn't that be a wonderful thing to hear?" Becky agrees that it would. Rita then gets a wicked glint in her eye and asks Becky, "You know that glint in Audrey's eye? You don't think she's pregnant, do you?" Becky thinks Audrey might be onto something and jokes about getting the Sunday Sport on the phone before she calls last orders.

Lewis has turned up to Audrey's and tells her what an awful evening he had with his date. He makes a faux pas, telling Audrey that the woman was so awful that her children emigrated to get away from her, like Audrey's might have done to get away from her. He reminds Audrey that's why he needs to make notes in his little black book. Audrey takes his book and tears out her page, telling him he doesn't need that for her. Lewis then goes to show how much he knows about her, proving how much he has listened to her. When Audrey offers him a glass of wine, Lewis tells her he really would prefer a cup of tea. Audrey is pleased because that's exactly what she would like too. Lewis is so happy that he didn't have to be agreeable with her, he could just be himself. He takes his tie off because he's "off metre" now and hands it to Audrey before he goes and puts the kettle on. Alone, Audrey caresses the tie, so very happy.

Stella McLoughlin

Thursday 29 April

It's the morning after the night before and Audrey stands in her kitchen, clutching her cuppa. Lewis comes in, putting on his jacket. Hesitantly, she offers him toast and coffee. Does he want spread or butter? "Let's live dangerously," he says. "By my standards I already am," she tells him.

Up on the moors, Norris is sleeping peacefully when he's awoken with a jump. Mary is hovering over him, she's brought him breakfast in bed. He says he was dreaming about Indiana Jones. "I can see the resemblance," she tells him, giggling. Nervously, he suggests that she takes the tray downstairs, they can both eat more comfortably there. "Ok – Indie!" she jokes.

As Lewis takes his leave of Audrey, she wonders if they might meet up later for a drink. "I was just thinking the same myself," he says. They arrange to meet in the Rovers at 7pm.

In the café, a very dejected Anna serves Michelle with some warm bread when she'd ordered toast. Roy comes to see if there's a problem and says he'll get her some fresh. "Never mind," says Michelle and leaves. Roy turns to Anna and asks what's wrong. "Sorry," she sniffs, and turns away. David, sitting alone with a cuppa observes all this.

In the cottage on the moors, Norris is on the phone to Rita. He tells her how Mary seems to be obsessed with competitions, knocking on his bedroom door after he's gone to bed, wanting to talk about tie breaks. Just then, Mary comes into the room with a tea tray and Norris's tone changes and he tells Rita what a marvellous time they're having up there with no distractions. As he finishes his call, saying that he's sure they'll be home soon as they must have entered all the current competitions, Mary pulls a pile of magazines out and dumps them on the table. She says she was worried she was pushing him too hard, but after hearing what he said to Rita…….Norris's face falls.

Back in the café, Anna comes out of the toilets clutching a toilet roll and blowing her nose. Roy asks if she's all right and she says she is, although she clearly isn't. He suggests that she goes home, and so off she goes. David watches her go and picks up his phone, and dials a number. "Gary, it's me," he says quietly, and walks outside.

Norris wants to go for a walk and he asks Mary if she has a map of the area in the motorhome. She says she hasn't, and she's not in the mood for walking. She's thinking about a competition with a trip to Florida as the prize. Becoming increasingly desperate to get out of the cottage, Norris suggests to Mary that they take a run out in the motorhome. She, however, can't seem to get her mind off competitions and the prizes that could be within their grasp.

David meets up with Gary and tells him how upset his mother is. He asks how long Gary is staying at his Uncle Len's, and Gary tells him that tomorrow he has to move on, his Uncle will be back. David urges him to let Anna know he's all right. "I can't," says Gary. "You've got to," says David. Gary walks off, asking David to keep an eye on Anna for him.

Michelle is having her hair done in the salon and she and Natasha start to tease Audrey about her new relationship. Just then Lewis actually comes in and tells her he can't see her tonight, a job has come up and he can't afford to turn it down. He arranges to see her in the Rovers at 7pm for a drink before he has to go, and he thanks her for last night, much to Michelle's and Natasha's amusement.

Nick asks David if he's told Gail about the new barrister and how good he is. David says he has. He tells Nick he's heard that he's taking Natasha out later, and he and Graeme reckon there'll be wedding bells before the end of the year. He says she's a borderline bunny boiler and once she has her claws into him, he's had it!

Audrey and Lewis are just about to go into the Rovers when Nick comes along. He kisses his gran, and Lewis asks if he can buy him a drink. "That sounds like a plan," grins Nick, and they go inside, where they find Rita at the bar. Lewis orders the drinks as Nick asks how the two of them met. There's a slightly awkward pause, before Audrey tells him they met at a do. "I was with someone else at the time," says Lewis. Nick teases his grandmother about stealing someone else's date. Just then his mobile rings and he takes it outside.

In the cottage, Norris is snoozing on the sofa when Mary comes and sits down beside him. She removes his glasses and takes away the cushion his head is resting on, pulling him onto her ample bosom. He awakens with a jump, and starts to tell her about his dream. "You were being a very naughty boy," she giggles, patting her chest and telling him it's a while since a man has ventured there. Norris stammers and splutters that he wouldn't and didn't. "Don't be silly," says Mary, "sherry?" Norris declines and decides that he's going to have a bath and an early night, and hurries off upstairs leaving Mary rubbing her chest and looking wistful.

Nick's call was from Carla, and he tells Audrey that he has to go back to the factory for the evening. He asks her to explain to Natasha.

David is walking along texting on his phone. Outside the Kabin he bumps smack into Anna who is walking dejectedly along with two bags of shopping. He apologises and helps her to pick everything up. "Are you all right?" he asks her and tells her he was in the café earlier. She tells him that Gary turned his life around since he'd been locked up, but now he's gone missing. "What goes through your heads, David?" she cries, "Gary made me so proud, joining up, and now he's gone and done this!"

Natasha walks into the Rovers and when she realises that Nick isn't there her face drops. Glumly she orders a drink and is just chatting to Liz and Rita when Audrey comes out of the ladies. She tells Natasha that Nick asked her to say that he's had to go to work. "Great!" says Natasha.

Audrey tells Lewis that she doesn't even know where he lives. Apart from what she can see she knows absolutely nothing about him. He gives her a very potted history of his life – married once, no children – and then turns the subject back to her before saying that he has to go. He pecks her on the cheek and off he goes.

Natasha walks into the factory to find Nick leaning back in his chair in his office, lager in hand. "OK!" she says, and goes on to say she thought she might find him with Carla, she could have lived with that, but instead finds him alone with a bottle of lager in his hand. She launches into a tirade about her looks, the way he spent their first date talking to his granny, and how everyone in the pub is laughing at her. Suddenly a disjointed voice can be heard. "Do you want to do this another time, Nick?" He was on a conference call! Natasha looks suitably horrified and apologises profusely. Nick is amused and kisses her and explains that Carla should have taken the call but got held up out of town. "Is that it, work done?" she asks, but sadly, it isn't. She says she'll leave him to it and he promises to make it up to her tomorrow.

Rita goes to sit down with Audrey and asks her if she slipped Lewis the money for the drinks he bought. Audrey tells her she's obviously jealous and is being offensive. She tells her that Lewis stayed the night with her. "The man's a professional," says Rita, "he makes his living out of women like you." Audrey protests that it's a normal relationship, they enjoy each other's company. Rita tells her she's making herself a laughing stock and they both know it will end in tears.

Anne Logan

Friday 30 April

Graeme and David munch their toast and try to get a rise out of Nick but he's in a suprisingly good mood. Of course, that puts Graeme into a foul one, especially when Nick mentions he's seeing Natasha again tonight.

Mary, carrying a breakfast tray, checks her hair and pats her cheeks to bring colour into them before opening . . . oh, no, too late. Norris opens it. He's standing there all dressed and ready for the day. He's got a full day's walking itinerary planned for them.

Emily thinks Rita looks tired. She points out that most people Rita's age would be stuck in front of the telly with a rug over their knees. Rita tells her it's not just running the Kabin which is bringing her down but she's had another run-in with Audrey. Emily isn't that surprised. She refuses to act as peacemaker this time and suggests Rita get Tina to come back to work. "Her poor father's been dead for two months. I'm not saying she'll be over her grief but she might be glad of a break from it.

In the salon, Natasha's speculating on Lewis's hair, which Audrey assures her is entirely natural. David's very scathing when Natasha mentions she's seeing Nick again tonight.

Rita rings Tina's bell but there's no answer. She YooHoos up at the window, but nothing.

Lewis brings flowers for Audrey (orchids). He's booked lunch but Audrey has a client booked at lunchtime. Lewis has one tonight. Audrey suggests he call in after his "date" tonight but he says it will be too late. Audrey looks stricken and he suggests he call in for breakfast. "I'll warm the croissants, you warm the bed," he says.

Rita must have mentioned Tina because Sean's going on about her in a very ungentlemanly way - claiming she's treated Jason badly and is sitting pretty in the flat while Jason had to go back to his mum's. Graeme comes in and listens while Sean says Tina hasn't answered any texts or phone calls or e-mails. He suggests Tina might be away and Rita points out Tina was knocked for six by her father's death. Sean thinks she should have just dusted herself off and started again. Graeme says he's knocked on for the window money but there's been no answer. He thinks Tina's gone away but Rita says there was definitely someone watching from inside the flat.

In the factory, Carla's on the phone but Trev won't be turned away by Nick. Carla puts her hand over the phone and tells Nick to fill his car. He might have to drive to Coventry to collect some satins. Nick says he can't and goes off to the bank.

Rita's putting up a new Gazette billboard ("Hopes fade for missing kitten") and chatting to Sean when Lewis strolls up to them. Rita tells him she'll put the kettle on but Lewis says he's late. Rita asks if he'll be winding down his hours now. She thinks Audrey might find it difficult waving him off to a new date each night.

Norris is spluttering with indignation. His walking boots, which he waved at us earlier in the programme, now have no laces.

Graeme, for some reason, has been allowed to laze on the salon sofa reading through gossip magazines. He and David talk about Tina until Audrey snaps and tells them they're like a couple of fishwives. Emily (under the dryer) is parched and there's a European towel mountain growing by the hour, so David should do some work.

Nick's back at the factory and Carla pleads with him to collect the fabrics.

Anna's coming along the street and David ducks round the corner to avoid her. She finds him and he says he's just avoiding another earbashing. She sighs and confesses she's worried about Gary. She fears he'll be drummed out of the army in disgrace or found floating in the canal. David reassures her that Gary has more sense and she begins to weep. "He's sleeping rough. It's dog-eat-dog out there," she wails. David points out that Gary is a rottweiler. The tears get to David and he assures her Gary is fine. "I'm not just saying it. I know he is - for sure," he says.

At the Windasses' house, David refuses to say where Gary is but says he's safe and not sleeping rough. He rings Gary's number to prove Gary trusts him but when Gary answers Anna goes crazy, accusing David of heartlessly watching them sweat. Eddie realises where Gary might be and drags her away.

Graeme puts a note through Tina's door. He doesn't realise Tina's watching from behind the nets.

Anna and Eddie call at Len's place. They realise they've only missed Gary by minutes.

In the holiday cottage, Mary's getting the competition entries organised for posting. Norris's not interested and keeps searching for the lace.. "I didn't come to Bronte country to sit indoors mainlining gingernuts and scrambling four-letter words." He says holidays are meant to be fun and he isn't having any. He wants to call Rita. to come and fetch him.

Back in Weatherfield, Ashley's introducing Graeme and Trev to the joys of biltong. Neither Graeme nor Trevor is keen on having biltong at half-time at the world cup.

Mary's vacuuming now and Norris tries to make a phone call. He realises the socket is broken and accuses Mary of sabotage. He demands that she drive him in the motorhome. She turns the vacuum cleaner on again.

Eddie's driving and Anna's telling him David Platt's played them like a violin. Suddenly she spots Gary in an alley. They park the taxi in the middle of the street and give chase. The chase ends when Gary and Eddie trip over some rubbish bags in the alley. "You're a dead man, David Platt," Gary mutters. There are horns tooting and Eddie gets back to the cab just in time to seeing some thieves running off.

Nick calls in to the salon to tell Natasha he can't make it but Natasha isn't there. Audrey pleads with him not to stand her up for the third night in a row.

Eddie's fuming. The thieves have even taken the airfreshener. He shouts at Gary that they're going home and Gary's going to tell them how he got into this mess in the first place.

Graeme's talking to Ashley in the butcher shop. They're interrupted by Tina, who slams some window-washing payment down on the counter. "Three weeks for the windows! Now consider yourself sacked!" She knows he's been talking about her in the street, she says. She turns to walk away but before she can reach the doorstep she collapses.

The End of episode one.
Margaret Carr

Here is the second episode of Friday's Corrie, composed from yet more mismatched notes. I do believe I will be more organised once this house move is completely finished!!

Tina has just slumped to the floor in the butchers, evidently finding Ashley's sausage prices a bit too unreasonable. Graeme rushes to her aid. Tina stirs after a while. As Ashley and Graeme blunder about trying to find a glass of water and a telephone to alert an ambulance, Tina gets up and slips out. By the time Graeme catches up to her, she is back behind her locked door.

Eddie and Anna have got Gary home after catching up to him and they run him a bath. Anna is confused as to why he wants to flee the army but he doesn't get a chance to answer…uniformed men have arrived at the house. Gary pleads with his parents to cover for him.

Graeme returns to the butcher shop, downtrodden over not catching up to Tina. Ashley is not happy and reminds Graeme that he is meant to be at work and can't keep dashing out when it suits him.

Norris has asked Mary to give him a lift in the camper van. Thinking fast, Mary sabotages the engine with a self satisfied smirk on her face.

Carla is furious to find Nick in the Rovers with Natasha. He was meant to be away meeting the client she was getting stressed over. Nick tells her to relax, he and Natasha went together and the deal is in the bag and materials are on their way. Carla finally seems to mellow down.

Graeme can't get Tina out of his head. Worried for her, he tries again at her flat. When there is no answer, he climbs up his ladder and looks through the window. He is horrified to find her slumped unconscious on the floor. Ever the hero, he breaks down the door and attends to her, before calling an ambulance.

Audrey is surprised when Lewis turns up. Is he feeling guilty following his chat with Rita who has warned him that his job will get to Audrey more than she lets on? Whatever the reason, he tells her his client has cancelled and he would much rather spend the evening with her. ‘I've still got it!' says Audrey's satisfied smile.

Norris can't believe that the camper van has broken and decides to take a look at the engine himself but he's no Kevin Webster. Norris resigns himself to the fact that they will have to walk back but Mary tells him it's best to wait until the morning as it's getting dark. She goes on to suggest a much better option than escaping her clutches…cuddling up by the fire and filling out competition entries. Now that's a holiday. Remind me why Norris wants to leave!?

The officers tell Anna and Eddie that Gary is a gifted soldier. Anna and Eddie stick to their promise and don't drop Gary in it but the officers tell them that if Gary goes back now, the penalty won't be severe. But the longer this goes on, the worse it will get.

Tina has come round and Graeme cancels the ambulance on her request. She is furious that he has broken her door but he ignores this fact and instead demands some answers…just what is going on?

The piles of competition entries are building up and Mary looks quite pleased with herself. However, when she sees that Norris' efforts amount to a hand drawn witch on paper (I wonder who his inspiration for that was?) she is most unimpressed.

Lewis is telling Audrey how he thinks he is getting past his escort days and is ready to settle down. He has enough money to see him by now but what he'd really like is to retire to the Greek Islands and live out his life in paradise with the woman he loves. Only he doesn't have enough money for that, so it must stay a dream. Ding Ding Ding, the alarm bells should be saying. Only they're not…the usually astute Audrey just looks at Lewis dreamily. Oh Dear…

Graeme comments on how thin Tina is and realises there is very little food in the house. Tina tells him she's not anorexic, she just doesn't see the point of eating. Since Joe died, she hasn't wanted to live.

Eddie gets in touch with the sergeant. Is he planning on reporting Gary?

Natasha and Nick are entangled on the sofa. When David voices his distaste, Natasha suggests they go upstairs. The randy couple head up, leaving David alone, looking distinctly sour (moreso than usual, I mean)

Mary feels that there is a chill in the air and doesn't think she will be able to sleep. Norris must know the feeling, but wisely chooses to keep this to himself. Mary asks him that if she gets scared, can she come in with him? He is very clear on the fact that this is a big fat NO

Graeme tells Tina that he will only leave her alone if he sees her eat something. He prepares a bowl of soup for her and she reluctantly agrees to eat it if it means he will stop pestering her.

Norris is all tucked up, but certainly not at peace. He looks nervously at his door, which he has blocked with a chest of drawers. Will it keep Mad Mary at bay? It's going to be a long night…

Duncan Lindsay

Updates written by K Richard Whitbread, Martin Rosen, Ann Logan, Margaret Carr, Stella McLoughlin, Tvor.