Wednesday 1 April

It's breakfast time at Anna's flat and as Faye stares morosely into her bowl of cereal, Owen and Anna start discussing the day ahead, which means work. Owen reckons it's all the fault of Adam and Eve for eating the apple, God said that as their punishment men would have to work for a living and women would have pain in childbirth. Faye puts down her spoon and looks even more fed up. Anna then notices that Faye's looking peaky and asks if she's ok. Despite Gary telling her that now she has the chance to bunk off school, Faye insists that she's fine. Owen then gets a phone call from someone telling him he's got a job he applied for – he starts on Tuesday. Things are looking up!

David is snoring under a duvet on the sofa when Bethany creeps up and tips water on him, watched by Sarah. When David jumps up, irate, Sarah scolds her like she didn't know what Bethany was doing. It does nothing to calm David down and he tells them that the sooner they go back to Italy the better.

Out in the Street, Carla is getting out of a taxi just as Tracy comes along. She tells Tracy she didn't want to leave the LA sunshine, it was fabulous. She's brought Tracy back some duty-free perfume – a thank you for saving her life.

Bethany is outside, studying her phone, when Sarah comes out and tells her that with behaviour like that it's no wonder David wants them out. Bethany asks if they can go shopping later, and Sarah says she'll see. Just then Callum comes around the corner as David comes out of the house. He's brought a magazine for Max and asks David if he'd like him to pick him up from school. David says he doesn't. When Callum has walked on, Bethany comments: “He is FIT!”

Faye is up in Dev's flat when Craig arrives and asks why she hasn't gone to school. She says she couldn't face it. He remarks that it's cold and she tells him the heating doesn't work and she can't turn the lights on in case someone notices. She asks if he'll come by after school, she doesn't want to go home and have her mum fussing. Craig doesn't like leaving her there, but she tells him to go.

Owen is in the cafe, all pleased about his new job and tells Anna it would be nice if they could have a night in on their own to celebrate. She snaps that she can't palm Faye off with someone else for the night, and also there's Gary to consider. He says he knows that, so she calms down and says she'll cook something nice for supper.  Tracy comes into the pub with hair and make-up immaculate, and wearing a mini skirt, low cut top and smart jacket. She tells Tony she's meeting a new supplier, but she won't tell him who it is. As she pays for her drink, he tells her to let him know how it goes. “Oh I already know how it's going to go,” she says, smiling, “I'm going to hit him with everything I've got!”

Anna has arrived home with all the shopping for the special dinner when Faye rings and tells her she's going to Craig's house after school. Anna is a bit annoyed, and then even more so when Gary comes in and tells her he won't be in for dinner either, he's promised to see Alya. He tells Anna she and Owen can have the place to themselves for a change.

Sarah and Bethany are wandering round the streets, looking at the shops and bickering about going back to Milan, when Callum comes along. He asks how they know David and Sarah's not saying, so Bethany tells him that David's her uncle. “So you're his sister!” says Callum. Sarah tells him she knows who he is, so he can jog on. “This just got interesting,” mutters Callum as Sarah and Bethany walk away. “Really interesting!”

Owen comes back to the flat with a bottle of wine as Anna is setting the table. She explains that it's just the two of them after all.

Craig arrives at the flat to see Faye, he's brought her a blanket to keep her warm, and some DVDs to watch on her laptop. He starts asking questions about the baby but Faye changes the subject, she doesn't want to talk about it, she tells him she's got ages to go yet.

Carla is going out of the door at Victoria Court as Nick is coming in and they collide. She drops her folder full of papers but won't let him help pick them up. He apologises and makes a bit of small talk as she sorts her papers out then goes off to her meeting.

Owen and Anna are enjoying their meal. Well Owen is, Anna doesn't look quite so relaxed and happy, in fact there seems to be a tense undercurrent. She then suggests they go for a drink in the Rovers. He thinks they could make the most of having the flat to themselves, and takes her hand, but she would rather go for the drink and pulls her hand away.

Tony is in the back room of the pub, looking up Tracy's number on his phone, when Liz comes in, tired from working in the bar. Hurriedly he puts his phone away and tells her to come and sit down beside him. He starts to massage her shoulders and they talk about going out for a romantic dinner. Just as Tony starts to look up the number to book a table, Liz says there's a problem. Sean can only work a couple of hours, and Michelle and Steve are off, so they will have to go out another time.  Carla is in the bistro, waiting for her customer to arrive, but he's already 15 minutes late. Nick tries to make conversation but Carla is going through paperwork and doesn't want to talk.

Craig is just on his way to the kebab shop when Tim and Sally come out of their house and stop to talk to him. Tim thanks him for looking out for Faye the way he does.

Sarah and Bethany are still clothes shopping. Bethany is grumpy because Sarah is buying more items for her herself than she bought for Bethany.

Sally and Tim are in the pub. Tim is glad Faye isn't going out with Craig, he wouldn't want to have to have man-to-man talks with him. Tim then offers to take Sally to the bistro for dinner.

Owen and Anna are also in the pub. She says that after all the problems of the past year she just wants to look forward to the future.

Sarah is outside the shop, looking again at her phone and waiting for Bethany. Callum pulls up in a car and starts talking to her, asking why he's never seen her before. Just then Bethany comes running out of the shop with a brightly coloured scarf in her hand, and runs off round the corner, with the shop assistant behind her shouting for someone to stop her, she's a thief. Bethany drops the scarf and runs out of sight. As Sarah opens her mouth to say something, Callum tells her to button it. “Get in!” he says so Sarah gets into his car and they drive off after Bethany.

Faye and Craig are eating kebabs in the flat when he tells her they can't do this on their own, something could go wrong. He wants to tell her mum, so she can be in a hospital with a midwife. Just then Faye shouts out that she thinks the baby is coming!

Anne Logan

Friday 3 April


We begin in the flat above the shop, where Fay is still in labour. Craig wants to call an ambulance but Fay screams, "Don't you dare!" She reminds him he promised not to tell her mother. "Anna won't want me any more," she tells him.

Bethany is still running. A car screeches to a halt. "Get in!" shouts Sarah. Bethany does and Callum drives the car away before the shop assistant can catch up.

Sally and Tim are in the bistro with Sally being as pretentious as only Sally can. Tim's had enough and tells her they're not eating there - he's shouting her some chips. Sally sees Carla sitting on her own and comments how tragic it is to see a woman dining on her own. Except Carla's just waiting for a client, Mr Hanlon. Nick shows him to Carla's table.

Bethany is exhilarated by her chase. "Thanks for the lift," she tells Callum. "I owe you one." Sarah disagrees. David sees them talking and Jason also watches from a distance.

Mr Hanlon is very grumpy and very bolshie. Sally comes over and tries to slither into the conversation, angling for an invitation to stay and take part in the business discussions. Carla is wise to this and tells her to go away. Sally changes tack and tries to sell Tim's window-cleaning services to Hanlon.

Fay screams and Craig tells her to keep breathing deeply. He wants to put on Beth's CD of pan pipes but this isn't his best idea and Fay tells him so. She sits back and tells him the pain has gone a bit. She thinks she'll be fine.

Anna and Owen are in the pub. He wants to leave but Anna wants to stay for another drink. They're interrupted by Sally, still playing Lady Muck and talking down to them when she hears Owen has a new job. Tim tries to smooth things over and persuades them to stay.

Another contraction hits Fay.

Mr Hanlon clicks his fingers and gets Nick to their table to complain that his food is cold. When Nick's taken it away, Hanlon confides to Carla that it was boiling but he's playing for a discount.

Craig looks out of the window of the flat.

Jason's in the shop and Sophie tells him she keeps hearing noises from upstairs. He says old building are full of creaks.

Sarah tells David that Bethany has been shoplifting, though Bethany says she's got no proof. Sarah says she needs a slap but Bethany (who used to be called Beth all the time but that would be too confusing now) threatens to call Social Services. David doesn't care about that. He just wants to know why they were with Callum. On his own with Sarah, he tells her Callum is trouble and got Kylie on to drugs. Sarah doesn't believe him - she points out that Kylie went walkabout on her own, dumping her kids on David. "And you still live with your mum."

Fay's decided she can't do this. "I want my mum!" she screams. "I'm on it!" says a relieved Craig, dashing out of the door.

Sarah arrives in the Rovers. Callum is already there. He buys her a drink and tells her that if Bethany's serious about shoplifting he can put her in touch with some people.

In the booth behind them, Sally's still going on. She's appalled by the service at Freshco and blames the parents for not bringing up the staff properly. Anna's a bit drunk and Owen is just fed up.

Tony goes into Barlow's Buys and Tracy is very sarcastic to him. She says she meant it when she said they were over. They're nothing more than business partners now. End of. Tony believes she still fancies him and he refuses to leave.

Now Hanlon's complaining his food is too hot. "I want that for free and you can chuck in a free dessert." Carla defends Nick, who is trying to run a small business. She tells Hanlon he can stick his deal. The way he's acted towards Nick, she hates to think how he's ripping her off. She hands her credit card to Nick and stomps out.

There's nobody home at Anna's and no matter how much Craig shouts at the window, that's not changing.

Sophie steps outside the shop to see to the flowers and hears Fay. The bottom door to the stairs is open. "Is someone up there?" Sophie calls. Fay's on her hands and knees on the floor when Sophie turns on the lights. "Help me!" she pleads.

Outside the bistro, Carla gets a phone call. Hanlon likes her spirit and wants to do the deal. Nick comes out and hands her the credit card - Hanlon has paid for the meal. A desperate Craig grabs her and asks if she's seen Anna. She hasn't. He puts his hands to his head in desperation and looks up at the window (where, strangely, there's no light showing).

In the pub, Sean teases Jason. Sally's still going on about her own parenting prowess. She sent a child to a private school, you know. Anna asks where that child is now and sneers when Sally tells her Rosie is a lingerie model. "Models aren't stupid, you know." "Except in her case they made an exception," Tim points out. He agrees with an indignant Sally that he's never met Rosie but says he's heard the stories.

Tracy seems a bit disappointed when Tony agrees they are over.

Anna and Owen escape Sally and head home. Outside, they're accosted by Craig. All he can splutter is that Fay needs Anna. "She needs your help. Come on!" He rushes towards the shop flat with a panicked Anna behind him. "You're frightening me, Craig." Up in the flat, Sophie's telling Fay to breathe deeply - this has now replaced the former official "in labour" line of "Get me some boiling water and some towels." Anna kneels beside a terrified Fay. "I'm having a baby!" she confesses. Anna looks at Owen.

The end.
Margaret Carr

'It is Good Friday which in the UK is a public holiday. I had a day out this week and went to travel between Eridge and Tunbridge Wells on a piece of railway which I think I last traversed in 1978 and which closed in 1985. It has now been re-opened as a preserved railway and I had quite forgotten just how rural it is in that part East Sussex / Kent. Not a steam train on the day I went but a diesel - just as it had been in 1978; same livery too!

Anyway over to Weatherfield for episode 8610, series 56 episode 66. This episode was written by Julie Jones and directed by Judith Dine. Copyright remains the property of ITV to whom many thanks.

We open at the flat above the shop where Faye's pregnancy is reaching a conclusion. I worry about Weatherfield; ambulances nearly always take almost too long to arrive and yet I cannot believe it has moved to Wales {where the ambulances arrive but cannot get you moved into the hospital} and response times must be well outside the standard 19 minutes! Poor Faye is making strange noises and Anna sends Craig and Owen outside. Faye does not want Tim told (but somehow he is going to have to know). All Faye can think to ask is that Anna does not send her back (poor girl if this is her topmost concern). Anna reassures her that she is staying. Anna says they have to concentrate on the baby being born safely.

In the Rovers Sarah-Louise, sorry Sarah-Lou, oops sorry Sarah is telling Callum why she is here rather than Milan - family. They are eyeing each other up. Jason reckons that Callum is serious bad news, even though he does not know why. Gary reckons it is because Callum is "dead good looking, loaded and has a flash car then?". Jason tells him to stop rubbing it in. Gary departs. In a booth Tim is asking Sal what's for tea (he means dinner). Sal thought she was going to be wined and dined this evening. Tim suggests popping into the Corner shop and he will cook summat nice. Sal looks pained. Kirk and Beth arrive - he shows her an origami boat he made whilst it was quiet at work. Beth just wants a drink. Beth is not impressed with the inverted boat as a hat and tells him to sit down. Jason returns from the gents and says to Sarah that he is going for a kebab. Callum asserts that is classy and Sarah answers that she is "good thanks". (She has been in Milan not America!!). Jason persists but Sarah does not think she could handle the excitement. Callum tells him to "do one". Jason turns on his heel dispirited.

At Carla's flat she is nursing the inevitable glass of wine when the phone goes. It is Hanlon, the customer from earlier, who wants the figures. After some banter she hangs up and goes over to the computer intending to send over the figures. Only the machine is denial and I can see this going the way of the machine in the US this week which was taken out in the back alley and the owner turned his handgun on it. No the software is not playing nice. And we all have days like that - but not when the buyer is expecting that vital quote. She hangs her head in defeat.

Tim and Sal are leaving the Rovers. The width of the new doors is so obvious compared with the old narrow ones! Owen wants the truth out of Craig who is denying the child is his. Walking along the Street Tim is lusting after a snake and pygmy pie and then remembering "them pies in a can that were bloomin' lovely". Sal thought she was getting steak tartare (me next weekend). She is not sure about Tim's pie in a tin. They come across Owen questioning Craig. They want to know what Craig has done. With Owen distracted Craig makes a run for it. Owen says that Tim and Sal need to brace themselves. "Its Faye"!

Bethany, 14 going on 24 walks into the kebab shop to find Jason eating his kebab. Beth immediately goes into wind up saying that Sarah only talks to Callum to wind up Jason - S-L still has feelings for Jason. With a big smile she orders a doner kebab.

Back on the Street corner Tim and Sal cannot believe what Owen is telling them. Owen explains that Sophie heard a noise and investigated upstairs. Tim goes to the flat but Sal and Owen stop him. Owen realises the ambulance is taking forever and phones them again.

Jason is explaining to Beth that he likes chili sauce. He got it in his eye once, he thought he'd gone blind, unbelievable pain, worse than standing on a nail. Beth gets back to the wind up - her mum is mad for him! What about Roberto? A mere distraction. Apparently Sarah has something close to a shrine for Jason - a table with loads of pictures, a t-shirt she nicked and a lock of hair. Jason was finding it hard to believe but starts falling for the wind up. Bethany continues to lay it on with a trowel the size of mortar board!

Beth is washing up as Craig arrives home and denies being anywhere or doing anything. He says he is not hungry. Beth says she saw a lass walking a black rat twice the size of his, the girl is an Emo (a modern day Goth). Beth flirted with being a Goth but black did nothing for her! She is sunshine colours - pink, yellow and aquamarine. Kirk asks Craig what's wrong and the latter admits he has done something bad. He admits he should have spoken out - but he stayed silent. Beth wants to know the worst that can happen - but Kirk says it already has happened. He tells them about the happenings in Dev's flat.

In the back of the Rovers Sean warns Tony not to go in the back room where Liz is giving herself a going over. Sean reckons she is her own worst enemy with those six inch heels crippling her. Tony agrees she should wear something more comfortable behind the bar. Tony says he will nip in and see if she needs anything. Sean says he is not allowed. Tony miffed walks in the opposite direction.

Back at the flat Tim and Anna are looking after Faye. She makes another round of noises. Sophie and Sal are both looking concerned in the background. Sophie reckons she cannot help much - she has only helped deliver kittens! Sal reckons she is a dab hand at this reminding us she was present when Jack was born (to Molly in case you had forgotten). Sophie's face implies a huge lack of confidence in her mother's ability. They are telling Faye to breathe and relax!! Sal chimes in - if she breathes it will help relieve the pain. Tim tells Sal to back off. Tim and Anna reassure Faye again. Finally a knock at the door. The professionals are arriving - Philippa and Susan and they are going to look after her - but Faye still wants her mum. Time for a break (before it gets really messy in here).

After the break Faye is heading for the ambulance and Anna goes with her. Craig, Beth and Kirk appear and Tim has a go at Craig but Faye defends him saying that she told Craig he must not tell anyone. Craig says it is not his. Faye thanks Craig.

Carla is close to using the handgun when there is knock at the door. She has sent Nick a text and he has responded in person (must be quiet for a Friday evening in the bistro). So what does she want - removing a spider from the bath? She indicates the computer, she cannot get online or do anything. Nick instantly suggests turning it off and on again. Carla has done that she is not stupid. She needs to get the figures to Hanlon. Nick says he will take a look.

Tony finds Sean having a break in the back room. Sean says he is beyond the three hours he agreed. Liz has gone to bed apparently. She has gone to sleep and Tony can stop harbouring hopes of anything - it sounds like an earthquake. Tony is on his own. Tony gets his wallet out and as usual money talks. Sean demands £40 and Tony caves in. Sean dances back into the bar. Tony closes the door and gets his phobile moan out. Within seconds he is speaking to Tracy's voicemail - he hates it when they fall out and asks her to give them a call. She smiles when she hears the message.

Callum and Sarah leave the Rovers. Callum asks if she got the brains as well the looks, but Sarah tells him that only she gets to slag her brother off. She says that allegedly Callum is a nightmare by all accounts and he admits he has had his moments in the past. But now he is bad lad turned good who wants to see his kid. Sarah is not convinced. Callum asks her out for next week. She is washing her hair. He offers her a nice meal yeah she says a bag of chips and some scraps with mushy peas if she is lucky. No - he knows a great place on the canal - almost like Venice if you close your eyes, well till the shopping trolley rolls past. Sarah laughs and he goes to kiss her and she tells him to stop. She is not thick you know. He thinks he can use her to get to R'David and it is not happening. Callum protests. He just wants to spend time with her. And annoying her brother is a nice secondary effect. Sarah smiles and goes indoors. Callum looks uncertain about what to do next.

Carla offers Nick a glass of red which he accepts despite the usual inference on Corrie. He is thumping the keyboard ever harder and she suggests he goes a bit easier. Now Nick wants a hammer (which is almost handgun level of distress). He picks up her award and suggests he could use that. Carla reckons he is making it worse. Nick says omelettes need broken eggs. Carla realises that he does not have a clue. Nick dissembles. But when Carla sits back down at the screen it is completely black. Nick reckons he can fix it if there is a miracle. She hands him the wine glass.

In the Central Delivery in the waiting area are Gary, Owen, Tim and Sal. Sal observes that their lives are never going to be the same again. She continues to talk about the baby supplies needed and the cost of everything throwing doom and gloom around like there is no tomorrow. Gary says they will all pitch in and Owen says at least he has a job. Sal wants to know where the poor little thing is going to sleep. Tim says he slept in a drawer. Anna appears - no baby yet - but she cannot understand why she did not spot it. Anna also wants to know why Faye did not tell her. [Hint because the scriptwriters forgot to put the lines in the script]. She returns to the bedside.

Beth wants to know if her mother kissed Callum. Beth reckons Callum is fit. David wants to know what Sarah is playing at. Beth asks if Callum is going to be her new daddy! David asserts the obvious - that Callum only wants to know Sarah to get at David. David says she had better not see him again, or else. Threats do not work on sisters and Sarah points out that she will always do the opposite of what David tells her to do. Changing the subject David wants to know when they are going back to Milan. Sarah says the sooner the better but the look on Beth's face tells a different story.

Carla and Nick are chatting about the peace and quiet in Victoria Court. It is a lot quieter than the factory. Sometimes it is too quiet. They chat away inconsequentially and Nick apologises for the computer. She will borrow Simon tomorrow and he will fix it in 10 minutes. Carla offers to open another bottle of red and Nick accepts - he would only be sitting in his underpants shouting at the telly (not an image which appeals). She only has microwave meals but Nick remembers he has some game pie in the fridge from the Bistro so pops to get it.

Tony is at the Barlow's back door telling Tracy that she looks amazing. She agrees and she is on her lonely-oh. Ken's out and Amy is on a sleepover. She does not know what to do with herself. Tony has a few thoughts. And they kiss each other. He folded a lot sooner than she had expected. Some people have no self respect. He tells her they are wasting time. She meant it - they are done. Tony says sorry. She says not sorry enough. But he will be eventually. She sends him back to Granny Liz who might sort him out ... with a mug of Horlicks. As he departs she calls him and provocatively opens her dressing gown. Presumably wearing very little underneath as we only see the rear view. She closes the door and Tony goes.

Tim emerges from the delivery room to confirm he is a grandad. He, Sal and Gary have big smiles. Owen is not so sure.

Beth is giving Craig earache - he is not dead bright but he needs to live a bit, travel and so on. She carries on for far too long and Craig then swears on Darryl's life that the baby is not his.

At the hospital Tim and Anna are cooing over the baby girl who is image of Faye who is lying on the bed trying to ignore the fuss being made of the baby. Faye does not want to hold the baby. She says nothing and eventually shakes her head. Anna takes the baby from Tim and tries to pass her to Faye. Faye turns her head away. Anna takes the baby away and the closing shot is of Faye looking away from her family and away from the baby.

What have we learned this evening:
a) Liz snoring is like an earthquake
b) For £40 Sean will return to work
c) Apparently Tracy looks good under the dressing gown
d) Most surprisingly Nick does not work on Friday nights in his own Bistro preferring to sit in his underpants shouting at the television
e) If David wants Sarah to do something he must tell her to do the opposite!

And that is all from me this week. Be back next week.


Monday 6 April

Written by Julie Jones Directed by Diana Patrick

Faye looks like she's shut herself down. Anna sees to the baby and then decides to go for a cup of tea. Faye isn't happy with that and asks if she's not going to take "it" with her. Anna gently tells her that she's a mother now and will have to deal with it. Anna leaves and Faye glances over at the baby who's making little noises. She turns her back on the infant and looks very, very young laying there in the hospital bed.

Anna comes out where Tim and Owen are waiting. She tells them Faye is still detached. Tim shows her a baby carrier that Emily brought from the charity shop and asks if Anna is all right. Going to have to be, is Anna's tired response. Owen comments that he thinks the baby's father is Craig though Tim defends him because they don't know for sure. Anna worries that if it was someone that took advantage of her. Owen mentions the police involvement.

Bethany is teasing her mother by pulling at her hair while Sarah is on the laptop keeping up with business. Audrey arrives and invites Bethany to help her stock take at the salon.

Tony gives Liz a big kiss and tells her that he can get free entry to a new restaurant in the Northern Quarter for a day of food, drink and entertainment. She seems unlikely to accept as she's already done the work rotas. He tells her she works too hard. She heads into the bar leaving him disappointed.

Rita and David are talking about the new arrival. Rita muses that Faye's life will never be the same and David remembers only being interested in Transformers at the age of 13. Rita doesn't see Faye as very mature but she's got her family and remembers that Gail was very supportive when it happened to Sarah. They part ways just as Owen comes around the corner and Gary comes out of the corner shop. Gary has some things for Faye, is on his way to the hospital. He tells Owen that Izzy is going to donate all of Jake's old things and a cot which will save them some money. Rita comes over to commiserate. She's told Faye isn't really coping well and Owen's remarks seem to infer that he's blaming Faye herself, as in "she's chucked her life away" like she's done it on purpose. Gary chides him to go easy. Rita sends her love and offers to help any way she can.

Craig tells his mother he's tried to contact Faye but she's not texted back. Beth sympathises with Anna. Kirk comes down, feeling sick from eating too much chocolate. Craig really wants to go see Faye, maybe bring a balloon. Kirk reckons there are no "Sorry you've had a baby" type balloons and Beth thinks it's too soon but Craig leaps up, determined. Beth offers to go with him in case anyone gives Craig a hard time. He insists it wasn't him. He's believed by his mom and Kirk. He worries that he should have told someone after all.

Eileen comes out of the Kabin with a large half price Easter egg. She tells Liz that she's got a date later. His name is Adrian. They have a chuckle over the dating site acronyms and Liz expresses relief that she's done with dating after all the weirdos she's met over the years. Thanks. Not really what Eileen wants to hear! Eileen says this Adrian seems really nice. Liz thinks he sounds too "pipe and slippers", someone more exciting. Eileen reckons she's not into excitement. Turns out, she's bought the egg for Steve who's complaining he has to work on a holiday. Liz can identify with that. She sighs that it would be nice to skive for once.

In the corner shop, Mary's informing Sophie and Sean that she'd have been a good midwife. She's got nerves of steel. Sophie scolds them for joking. Faye was terrified. They muse on how Faye is immature for her age when they're told that Faye planned to give birth in secret and take the baby to the hospital and leave it there. Owen comes in for nappies and hears them gossiping. Sophie tries to be kind as do the other two but Owen reckons it's a total disaster.

Liz tells Tony that she's decided to swerve work and take Steve, Michelle and Amy into town. Tony's a bit ticked off that she was willing to bunk off for them and not for him. She's doing it for Steve, she says and not overly tactful assuming Tony will look after the bar. She says Sean will be in later and she'll make it up to Tony. He doesn't look thrilled.

Back in the hospital, Anna has settled the baby and then tells Faye she'll have to feed the child herself later. Faye just rolls her eyes. Gary and Tim try to buck her up, there's no giving the baby back! Tim and Anna try to find out why Faye kept it a secret but she doesn't want to talk, turning away from them and saying she's tired. Gary thinks they should leave it for now but Anna reminds them all it's a serious business and she's going to have to tell the police what happened. Faye looks shocked at that. Tim points out that she's under age and they have to ask questions. And oh, look, here comes the two officers now. Anna tells Faye she must tell them the truth. After the break the two female officers are with them in the room, introducing themselves. They're very gentle with Faye. Faye nods slightly when asked if she knew the boy that got her pregnant but she's not very forthcoming at first. She does admit she knows the boy from school. They encourage her to tell them his name. They assure her she's not in trouble. She finally tells her mother, emotionally, that she only wanted him to like her. She cries in Anna's arms.

Faye is the subject of the conversation in the salon, as well. Maria recalls never realizing how tired one could get until you had a baby. Audrey pointedly tells Bethany to pay attention. Audrey and Maria tell Bethany about some of their hair disasters such as when Maria dyed Vera Duckworth's hair purple. Bethany thinks it would be a good place to work, with family and all. Audrey remembers Sarah working there and that she had some talent. Beth wishes her mother had never left and is scolded not to wish her life away. Maria offers to make a brew and Audrey sends Bethany to the Kabin to get something sweet.

There were workmen in the shop earlier and they seem to have been in the Kabin as well, building closed cupboards for the tobacco products as per new laws. Mary and Sophie chat with Rita about smoking and Clint Eastwood where Mary does her best Dirty Harry impression, sending them all into giggles. Sophie leaves and Mary offers to make tea and goes into the back. Over in the corner, Todd and Jason are picking out a birthday card for Lloyd. Why? Because Eileen seems to have sent them on that errand. Bethany comes in with a bright Hi. She goes into her routine that Sarah is feeling down and mooning over Jason. Jason promises to talk to her. Let her down gently, Beth asks. Jason grabs a card and pays for it. After he leaves, Todd discovers that Bethany is winding Jason up. Why? Why not! He chuckles.

Gary and Tim are in the waiting room when Anna comes out. Faye still hasn't revealed the name of the father. The police are going to leave it for now. Anna feels like she's failed as a parent. Gary assures her she's a good mother. He and Tim offer to stay while she goes home for awhile but she declines.

Eileen has dressed for her date and asks Sean and Todd how she looks. Sean is less than impressed as is Todd. Sean thinks she should take the scarf off, show off her cleavage a little bit. Eileen is getting cold feet but Sean tries to encourage him. Eileen tells them she's had one more reply but it's a man called Jeff and he lives in Dubai so she hasn't bothered replying. Sean thinks she should anyway. Even Todd thinks it's a good idea. His phone bleeps a text from Sarah apparently and he wishes his mother good luck as he leaves.

Owen comes out of the flat and sees Gary who tells him the police had been to see Faye. He expresses irritation that they couldn't drag the truth out of a kid. His temper is starting to boil even though Gary insists it's someone at school she's protecting. Owen is more and more sure it's Craig.

Eileen comes outside with Sean. She's getting more and more nervous. He encourages her to be adventurous. She regrets using the photo she did, it's overly flattering. A cab pulls up and a middle age man gets out. It's Adrian! They exchange a few awkward first words with Sean being even more awkward, sending them down the road towards the Bistro.

Todd and Sarah are having a cuppa in the cafe. Sarah tells Todd she loves her work but it's full on. They are still chatting when Jason comes in and asks Sarah for a drink later. It might be nice to talk. She agrees and says she'll text him later. Oddly, she seems to have everyone's phone number even though she's not lived there for 7 years. Jason leaves and Sarah wonders what Jason really wants. Todd professes not to know.

Beth, Kirk and a balloon carrying Craig come around one corner as Owen and Gary come around the other, laden with arms full of baby gear brought over from Izzy's flat. Owen sees the Tinkers and attacks Craig, pushing him against the wall. Gary and Kirk pull him away as Craig insists it wasn't him. Anna has just arrived in a taxi and sees Owen raging in for another attack on Craig and watches as he thumps Kirk in the face.


Written by Jonathan Harvey and directed by Diana Patrick

It's all kicking off in the street. Owen's thumped Kirky, Beth's yelling at Owen for hitting her husband and accusing her son and Tracy's wondering whether they're selling tickets for the side show. Anna instructs Faye to take the baby inside. On her way past Faye tells everyone that Craig's not the dad and says that he's been nicer to her than Owen will ever be.

Sarah's getting ready to go out when Callum turns up at the house unannounced which infuriates David as it's Max's bedtime. David dispatches Max upstairs with Bethany leaving Callum alone with Sarah. Sarah makes out she's got no time for Callum when in reality she's thoroughly enjoying flirting with him.

Owen's in the doghouse with Anna. She wants him to go round and apologise to Kirk but Owen doesn't like admitting when he's in the wrong. He still thinks Craig should have spoken up, even if he isn't the dad. He says he's going out. Anna wants to know where. Not to see Kirk, says Owen.

Meanwhile Kirk's nursing his injuries and worrying that bits of your brain fall out when you have a nosebleed. Craig's blaming himself for what's happened but Beth tells him he's done nothing wrong and the only person who's at fault is Owen. She wants to know what the police are going to have to say about it.

In the Rovers Sean is taking a break and discussing Eileen's date with Andrea and Billy. Tracy comes in and Tony tells Sean to get back behind the bar so he can call Liz to find out where she's got to. After he comes off the phone Tony gives Tracy a meaningful look and tells her they're not going to be back for ages.

Over at the Bistro Eileen's date seems to be going rather well although her style may be slightly cramped by the fact that Jason and Sarah are sitting at a nearby table. Adrian doesn't seem to be too put off though and is responding well to Eileen's witty repartee.

At the other table, Jason awkwardly raises the subject of Eva. He wants to let Sarah down gently as he explains he's still in love with her. Sarah looks confused.

Anna is trying to persuade Faye to take the baby for a walk but Faye is hiding in the bedroom. Just then Sophie turns up with a present. Perfect timing, thinks Anna. Before Sophie knows what's happening, Anna asks Sophie if she'll try talking to Faye and get her to open up. Anna goes out with the baby, leaving Sophie to it.

As soon as she's alone with Sophie, Faye opens up. The baby's father is a lad called Jackson from her class at school. But after they'd "done it" Jackson didn't want to know her any more. Faye doesn't want anyone to know but Sophie points out that it's unfair on Craig as everyone assumes he's the guilty party.

Back in the Bistro Sarah is giving Jason a hard time for thinking she still holds a torch for him. And then the truth comes out. "The cheeky mare!" declares Sarah when she discovers what Bethany's been up to.

Anna comes home and the moment Sophie leaves, Faye confesses the truth about Jackson. Anna now has to come to terms with the thought that nobody forced themselves on Faye and that she willingly slept with a lad of the same age.

In the Rovers Gary buys Owen a pint. Owen has just admitted that he overreacted when Beth cones in and the row kicks off all over again. Owen tells her Craig was at fault for not saying anything. And how about Faye? As Beth tells Owen, she didn't exactly write a blog on the subject of her pregnancy.

At home, Anna is giving Faye a reassuring cuddle on the sofa. She tells her that she's her baby girl who now has her own baby girl and no matter what, she'll always be there for her. Anna says that things will get better but they'll have to let Jackson know. Faye is horrified but as Anna points out, the baby is his too.

Meanwhile in the Bistro Eileen's date is continuing to go well. It turns out that one of Adrian's hobbies is fell walking but Eileen's not going to hold that against him.

As Jason and Sarah walk home across the cobbles they encounter Callum who asks if they've been on a hot date. He gets the sharp and of Jason's tongue but after they've gone past Sarah turns back and gives Callum a distinctly flirty glance.

At Platt Towers, David and Bethany are enjoying a movie when Sarah and Jason come in and join them. Bethany is delighted to see that her plan to get them back together seems to be working. "Does this mean we'll be staying here?" she asks excitedly. Jason tells her it's even better that that – he's going back to Italy with them!

Tracy goes into the Rovers where it's looking very quiet. Tracy teases Tony with an offer of going into town, knowing full well he's stuck behind the bar, following Liz's orders. He suggests he could get Sean to cover him for an hour but Tracy tells Tony she doesn't do anything by the hour.

Adrian walks Eileen home after their date. He thinks she's giving him the brush off when she doesn't invite him in for coffee but she tells him it's quite the opposite as she really enjoyed herself and would like to see him again. She just doesn't want to rush things. She does, however, allow him to give her a peck on the cheek.

Anna is at home with Owen and Gary. She tells them about Jackson being the father of Faye's baby and says she's invited the family to come round tomorrow. The doorbell rings. Anna hopes they haven't turned up a day early. On the one hand it's good news – it's not Jackson's family at the door. On the other hand it isn't. Gary shows in two police officers who've come to arrest Owen on suspicion of assault.


Wednesday 8 April

Owen is walking down the street carrying milk when he meets Audrey and Tracy. Tracy can't wait to tell Audrey how Owen got arrested.

Sophie are Sally are also walking along, Sophie says she urged Faye to say who the baby's father is. Sally tells her that Tim was up with the lark and off out to see that Faye and the baby were ok.

Owen runs into Izzy outside the door to the flat. She tells him she was just dropping off some stuff for the baby.

When he gets inside, he finds Tim cuddling the baby, only too keen to help. Anna asks him if he's been charged, he tells her he was cautioned. She can't believe he behaved like that, and he apologises, but adds that he's not going to work, he thought he might help her and Faye. She tells him that Jackson's family are coming over and she doesn't want him there, chipping in his two-pen'orth. He protests that he's the step-dad, he wants to be there, but she repeats that she doesn't want him there.

Eileen slams the lid down on the laptop when Todd comes up behind her. He asks what the big secret is, and she asks why he wants to read her emails. Todd pleads to be read 'the smutty bits' so she opens up the laptop again and, saying that there are no 'smutty bits', shows him a message from someone on an internet dating site, which states that she has the kind of smile that lights up a room. She then says she's going off to buy something for dinner. "Hang on," says Sean, "you haven't told us how your date went!" She tells them it was fine, he's a nice guy, they had a nice time, until she got a message from 'Mr Dubai'.

Liz, Tony and Michelle are at the breakfast table, discussing Faye and her baby. Michelle says she thought she was a young mum. Just then Steve comes in to say he's off to his doctor's appointment. Michelle says the dray man will be arriving soon. Steve wonders if he should change his appointment but Liz urges him to go, saying that Tony will help. "Will he?" asks Tony, and tells her that he has a living to make, which he can't do if he keeps getting treated like a general dogsbody. Liz seems to ignore that remark and asks Michelle if she's ok. She tells them that she and Steve aren't seeing eye to eye about the wedding, Steve wants her to have a day to remember, he feels like he's letting her down.

Owen is doing housework in the flat, while Tim gives the baby her bottle and Anna sterilises bottles. They start discussing Jackson Hodges and his parents, and Owen says he's sure they don't know what their son has been up to. Anna suggests that he takes Faye and the baby out and leaves her to deal with the Hodges.

In the factory, Izzy and Sean are discussing Faye and the baby. Sean wonders how she managed to keep the pregnancy secret, and asks what's going to happen now; Izzy doesn't know but thinks it's going to be hard going.

In the office, Alya wants to show Carla her new designs, but Carla is off to a meeting. She says she'll look when she gets back, much to Sally's annoyance.

Faye and Owen are just getting themselves and the baby ready for their outing, when the bell goes – the Hodges have arrived! Faye says she can't see them, and rushes off to her bedroom.

The Hodges family come up to the flat, where Tim is standing with Anna. They ask what it's all about, has Jackson been bullying Faye? Anna tells them it's not about bullying but something much more serious, and says they had better sit down. Just then the sound of the baby crying can be heard and Anna tells them that a few days ago Faye gave birth and Jackson is the father. There's a stunned silence as both parents stare at Jackson and he keeps his eyes lowered.

Steve gets back to the Rovers and tells them that the doctor has upped the dose of his 'happy pills' and they had a good chat. While he, Liz and Michelle stand in the bar chatting, Tony is carrying crates of bottles around and not looking too happy.

Back in Anna's flat, Jackson's parents are incredulous. They say they never knew their son even had a girlfriend, and are doubtful about Faye's claim. They ask him if it's true, and he says he's never been near her. Faye overhears this and comes out of her room, shouting at him that he's a liar and he should tell the truth. She rushes back to her room again, and Mrs Hodges asks if they can question her. Tim points out that they're not in court. Mrs Hodges says that Faye is obviously too ashamed to face them. Owen says that Jackson is lying through his back teeth and he's not fooled. "It's your precious daughter that's trying to fool everybody," says Mrs Hodges, "she got herself pregnant all right, but when it comes to finding out who the father is I should cast the net a little bit wider if I were you." Anna tells her not to make judgements about her daughter, and Mr Hodges comments that it's hardly a dream upbringing, living in a tiny flat above a pawn shop. Mrs Hodges says that Faye has pulled Jackson's name out of thin air and now they're trying to drag her family down to their level. They get up to leave, and then turn round and ask why the subject of the baby's father has only just come up. Anna is forced to confess that she didn't know Faye was pregnant. "Your 13 year old daughter was pregnant and you don't even notice?" says Mrs Hodges, "she's not the only one who should be ashamed!"

Carla gets back to the office and says she'll look at Alya's designs. Sally asks if she should sit in on it too, but, to her annoyance, Carla says she'll look at them on her own and sits down next to Alya. "Oh I like that," she mutters, looking at Alya's work, as Sally tries desperately to get a look at the screen from across the room!

Liz and Michelle are behind the bar in the Rovers talking about the wedding. Michelle just wants a simple affair with close family and a few friends. Liz says she thought Steve seemed brighter when he came back from the doctor. While they're chatting, Tracy comes in and stands at the bar. From across the room where he's collecting glasses, Tony calls out that there's a customer. "Can't you serve her?" asks Liz, and carries on chatting.

Tony goes back behind the bar and asks Tracy what she wants. "You," she mutters quietly, and then asks for a glass of wine.

Audrey and Ken come in then, and he asks how she's liking the Tolstoy book. She tells him she's loving it, but somehow doesn't sound too convincing.

Outside in the Street, Sally is moaning to Tim about Alya but he tells her he's got more important things to worry about. Just then Sophie comes out of the shop and Tim tells her about the meeting with the Hodges and how he felt like thumping them.

Anna and Owen are also discussing the meeting with the Hodges. She feels their attitude was down to what they thought about the flat and she also couldn't believe that Jackson could sit there and lie. Just then the doorbell rings – it's Craig, and when he comes up Owen apologises to him. Craig and Faye go off to her room and Owen and Anna talk about what's going to happen. Owen says that this could ruin Faye's life and there are other options. "Like what?" Anna demands to know. Owen tentatively suggests that Faye gives the baby up, but Anna won't hear of it. She says Faye will cope with them to help her.

Eileen, Todd, Jason and Sean have just finished their dinner. Todd asks his mother if she's got another date lined up with Adrian, but she says not yet, although she adds that he's a really nice person. Todd urges her to play the field. "Let them fight over you," he says. Eileen grins, she seems to like that idea.

Liz, dressed in a short, skin tight, red, sparkly dress, serves dinner to Tony. She tells him she knows she's been neglecting him, but not tonight. She then goes on to say that she wishes Steve and Michelle didn't have to scrimp and save for their big day. He tells her she's about as subtle as the peppercorn sauce. She tells him she's not suggesting that he pays for the wedding, she's saying that she wishes she could pay for it for them. He says he'll see what he can do. "I don't want you to!" she snaps. He suggests they talk about something else.

Izzy sees Owen outside and he says he knows that he keeps messing everything up. He tells her about the meeting with the Hodges and how they treated Owen and Anna like low-life, and he feels like it's all his fault, he let everyone down, but he's going to fix it.

Anne Logan

Friday 10 April

It's been a hard night and Anna is asleep with her head on the table. Gary's asleep on the sofa. Anna wakes up and immediately worries about getting the place tidied, especially getting rid of Gary's bedding. They're expecting a visit from a social worker later and she doesn't want them thinking the place isn't big enough for the baby.

Over at the pub, Michelle can now start planning the wedding because Tony is paying. Steve comes in and Michelle is about to tell him the good news when Liz cuts her off and announces she'll be paying for their wedding. When Steve's gone she tells Michelle it's best he doesn't know that Tony's shelling out for them again.

Fay's wondering what a social worker will say. The baby wakes up but Fay is reluctant to feed her. Gary says he'll do it. Anna tells Owen that as long as the whole family thinks this is the best place for the baby, so will the social worker.

Bethany's using the house phone to have a good long chat with a pal. David's horrified when he realises the friend is in Rome and shouts at her to get off the phone now. Audrey arrives. David goes off to change Lily. Audrey wants to know whether Bethany can help her out with Anna Karenina. Duh! That's what study notes are for, Bethany tells her. Audrey goes off to find some and Bethany resumes her phone conversation.

Fay worried about whether her Dad still likes her. He assures her he does. Though he is nervous about this social worker. Gary brings the baby out and hands her to Tim. Fay says she's going out to get more biscuits.

Sally's in the factory office with Alya, sneering at the idea that they need a website. Alya's screen freezes and Sally leaps up as if she knows what she's doing and starts hitting Command and all sort of other keys. Of course, the whole thing crashes. They're busy snapping at each other when Carla comes in. She's got no patience for this and sends Sally to put the kettle on - though Sally is not pleased to be given such a menial task.

In the shop, Sophie asks Fay how things are. Fay seems close to tears. Sophie tells her the social worker is just going to talk about the baby, not about Fay. Fay is still depressed. She says she knows her Dad is disappointed in her.

In the salon, David tells Audrey that if Bethany doesn't get on that plane he will drag her on there himself. Ken comes in and Audrey hastily shoves her new Anna Karenina study notes into her handbag. He asks about the book and she says something about it that she's obviously got from the notes. He is impressed.

The social worker, Carol, has arrived at the flat but Fay's still not back.

She's actually in the back room of the shop with Sophie. The back room has grown up - now having cupboards, a window, a sink and a kettle. It's a long way from when [who was it?] was locked in there with no way of getting out. Anyway, Fay admits to Sophie that she doesn't even like the baby. "It's like it's someone else's." She just wants it all to go away but she can't tell her Mum that. Sophie suggests that telling Anna would be the best thing Fay can do. "I can't!" insists Fay. "I've upset her enough already." She makes Sophie promise not to say anything.

In the pub, Ken wants to chat about the book. Trying to distract him from it, Audrey greets Tracy like a long-lost friend.

Behind the bar, Steve expresses his delight that his mother is paying for the wedding. When she finds a quiet moment, Liz thanks Tony because it's made such a difference to Steve. Tracy watched thoughtfully.

Sophie is bringing Fay home when Owen comes out to find her. When Fay is out of hearing, Sophie tells Owen she can't break Fay's confidence but Fay is upset about something.

In the pub, while Audrey's away from the bar, Ken spots the copy of the study notes in her handbag.

Tracy talks to Tony - she's worked out he's the one who is really paying for the wedding. She tells Tony he's bankrolling Steve's family but there's nothing in it for him.

Ken has walked Audrey back to the salon. He tells her there's nothing wrong with study notes as long as she forms her own opinions. Audrey gives in and confesses she's not go past page 9. Ken laughs and asks why she didn't say so. Audrey says it was silly pride. Ken apologises for trying to tell her what constitutes a good book.

The social worker is admiring the baby but Fay is barely interacting with her. Anna answers the questions on Fay's behalf. Owen asks Anna to let Fay speak for herself. The social worker asks how Fay feels about the baby. "I love her," Fay says mechanically. "Everyone loves babies, don't they?"

Todd has the profile of a handsome man on his laptop. "Hi, gorgeous," he types.

Tony finds Tracy so he can apologise to her. She tells him that because she's a user she can spot one a mile off and Tony is definitely being used.

Todd's received an answer to his message "from Dubai." He looks at Eileen's message to the man from Dubai and says: "Oh, you stupid old bat!"

Carla's managed to get the website up and running again. Sally pontificates that she always liked to try clothes on before buying them. Carla tells her that's because she's older. Alya asks if Carla has time to talk about her designs now. Carla says she doesn't but then catches sight of Sally's smug face and changes her mind. In fact, she'll buy Alya dinner at the bistro tonight. "I like your positivity. I wish more of my staff were like that!" She hands Sally something to file. (This is another case of Salenfreude - taking pleasure in the misfortunes of Sally).

You can tell Tracy and Tony have been "at it" because she's got messy hair as they have a post-nooky drink in Ken's living room. Tony explains to her why they're not telling Steve who is really paying for the wedding. Tracy points out that Liz will always put Steve first. Tony decides she is right. They get all snuggly and Tracy says she wishes she hadn't been so horrible to him.

The social worker asks about Anna, who says she'll be giving up work to look after the baby. It'll be hard but Owen's working. Owen says this is about what Fay wants. "This IS what Fay wants!" insists Anna. But Owen says he thinks Fay is just saying what they want to hear. The social worker asks Fay to be honest. "This is the rest of your life we're talking about," Owen tells Fay. Fay admits she can't bring up the baby. "I want it to go to someone else," she says. "I just want everything to go back to normal!"

The end.
Margaret Carr

Hi welcome to Series 56, episode 71, episode 8615. I am your updater for this episode and as we are running late we will straightaway head over to Weatherfield where this episode was written by Ellen Taylor and directed by Diana Patrick; copyright is of course the property of ITV to whom many thanks for allowing this reflection of their activities to appear.

Action commences in the flat now occupied by Anna and family above Barlow's Buys [previously the Barlow's bookies and where Peter and Carla were living; over the years the residents of this flat have tended to be quite unhappy in one way or another]. Carol, the social worker has come to call and for most of us it is clear that Faye would like to be relieved of her un-named baby girl. Everyone that is except Anna. Besides Carol and Faye, Anna, Gary (why?) Owen and Tim are there. Faye makes it clear that she does not want the baby but Anna says she will change her mind. Carol tells her that no-one is expecting her to decide today. As the discussion is not progressing Gary suggests they leave it for today. Anna says she is not angry with Faye. They are all glad she has said what she feels. Carol will be in touch to arrange another visit. She assures they will work out what is best for Faye and the baby.

In Number One Tracy is wrapped in Tony's arms and he is saying he has missed this. Tracy reckons they still have some catching up to do. Tony says he likes this king of feeling used. They kiss and then Tony spots the time - he had told Liz he would be back by 4:15. Tony gets dressed and says he would love to stay. Tracy says "heel good dog" which Tony says he will pretend he did not hear. He tells her they will finish this later. Tracy looks down and spots Tony's bulging wallet lying on the floor and takes out a picture of him and Liz. "Poor OLD Liz - you don't stand a chance love."!

In the gym Bethany and Sarah are on two exercise machines. Bethany is querying why Jason wants to come to Italy - Sarah explains that he has always wanted to live there. Beth thinks that Sarah and Jason are rushing things. But Sarah saw him again and knows he is the "one". Callum comes into the gym and both Sarah and Beth give him the once over several times. Beth asks Sarah what Jason would think if he knew Sarah was eyeing up other men as Sarah flicks her hair for Callum's benefit. Sarah denies it but then catches Beth giving Zeedan equal treatment and asks if the pot is calling the kettle?

Owen and Anna are arguing in the now empty flat - she reckons she was undermined, he was merely supporting Faye. Anna reckons Faye is in shock and will come round. Anna says that Faye needs adult guidance. Anna does not want the baby going into care. Faye went round the houses, her daughter deserves better. Owen tries to ask about Faye's future education. It turns into EastEnders as they start shouting at each other. Anna believes that Owen simply does not want a baby around as he wants an easy life. They snarl at one another.

In the Street Gary and Faye are returning. He wants to know if it is one them Kalashnikovs in the magazine, but apparently it is only a Kardashian (what sort of gun is that?). They sit down on Maxeem's bench. He reckons that these things always sort themselves out one way or another. They both know that Gary and Anna are fighting again. Walking past, Tracy observes that it is Weatherfield's shock new mum and asks after the baby. She points out the baby has to be fed and stuff. She points out that magazines pay a fortune for stories like Faye's. "I thought I had eaten too many burgers but it turned out to be a baby". Then she turns on Gary "I left my disabled wife and I became a thief". She is just saying that there is money to be made. Tracy departs before Gary can hit her. Faye reckons they all look at her like she is a freak. At this moment Alya wanders up and after some chat Alya realises she needs some fashion advice. She starts asking Faye all sorts of research questions - it all helps Faye feel better. Alya stays to ask even more questions.

Owen and Anna continue arguing over spotting the pregnancy. And then argue about how Owen lost him money and then the arguing turns to Gary (who is a liability - but a mother always loves her son). She says that perhaps he should beggar off then. She tells him to shove off to Portugal with the woman he really loves. The shouting continues.

Tracy returns to the shop. Todd wants to know about the smartphones and Tracy says she has to go back tomorrow. He winds her up for fun. She gets her own back mentioning Sarah in his straight days. Tracy gets a text message, presumably from Tony.

In the bistro Carla gets a text message from Alya delaying their meeting as she is helping a friend. Carla moans about the time wasted and Nick asks where her sense of compassion has gone. Carla claims it was left on a council estate 20 years ago but he does not believe her. He offers her dinner on the house to show that business and sentimentality can mix. He says he is doing it to make the place look busy when she tries to argue her way out of a free meal. She does not want to sit on her own like a numpty. Nick says he is hungry and will join her. She agrees to a menu.

Eastenders continues with Owen denying feelings for Linda. The argument continues as Anna airs all of her grievances. Owen's lie for the last 20 years is reheated. Owen retaliates by bringing up Anna's lapse and how he still thinks about it. She makes reference to the contract - but the argument continues. She says that she is not sure she still loves Owen.

Time for a break after which we are back in the gym where Sarah is keeping an eye on the exercising Callum. She then tells Zeedan that Beth is only 14 and has a degree in annoying people. Beth threatens to tell Jason about Sarah chatting up Callum. Sarah caves in and tells Beth that it was all a wind up. Beth tells her off for being immature. Callum gets to confirm she is not with Jason and the spark continues.

Anna and Owen are arguing. Sorry cannot be bothered. Anna has had enough - her trust has gone. Owen admits he has made things worse. He promises to do better, but she says it is too late. She says it is over.

Tony appears at the Barlow Buys shop. He has come to check on the new phones. Todd is sent to put the kettle on but watches as Tracy and Tony discuss the wallet and rashly they kiss in full view of Todd.

Back to Anna and Owen. The arguing has stopped, the baby is crying and Anna goes to see to her whilst Owen starts crying.

In Roy's Rolls Faye and Alya are still discussing teenage nightwear and Alya reckons that if she can get the range off the ground then Faye can be her adviser. Gary is her manager and there will need to be proper payment. Faye says she would like to work in fashion. Faye starts talking about GCSE and then realises there is a major impediment to returning to school. Faye repeats that she does not want to look after the baby and she wishes it had never been born. Yasmeen arrives and gives Faye some lavender oil to reduce stress and to help her sleep. Yasmeen tells Faye she is surrounded by people who love her.

Anna brings the crying baby into the living area. She gives the baby a bottle and rejects help from Owen. He asks if Anna wants him to leave and she thinks that would be best. He agrees and goes to pack.

Todd asks about Tracy and Tony getting on well together. He tells her to be careful. And she effectively gives the game away. She reckons dangerous fun is the best kind - but Todd is thinking about what Liz will do when she finds out. Tracy finds that Todd's silence comes at a price. He is on just above minimum wage! She agrees to review his salary. She reveals that she has plans - and it would be good for Todd if he stuck with her. And he might end up with a boat of his own to rock.

Nick is telling Carla a complex story about poor restaurant service. He reassures her that he will not serve insects. Nick refuses any money. She if off home to bed. They say good night - but Nick is clearly looking for more than just friendship with a business woman.

Owen asks if this is what Anna wants and then tells her that he loves her. He leaves and Anna says to herself "Don't cry". "Don't cry". "Don't cry". "Don't cry". "Don't cry". "Don't cry".

Roll credits.

What have we observed tonight?
a) Friday nights in the bistro are quiet - Nick needs window dressing - at least this week he is not sitting in his underpants shouting at the tv (see last week).
b) Sometimes it can feel like Walford
c) Alya is starting to grow on me. Her consultation with Faye was good.
d) Can anyone explain why Yasmeen would have the faintest interest in Faye?
e) Why has no-one got Sarah to talk to Faye - it is almost as if they are in separate universes and there is no way for them to come together?
f) If Beth is a standard issue 14 year old today I am frightened for the boys.
g) Faye is 13, Beth 14; but separated by about 20 years - it does not stack up.

I will be back next Friday.

Monday 13 April

Written by Debbie Oates Directed by Dominic Keavey

As you might expect, Anna's been walking the floor most of the night with the new baby.

Gail's hurrying off to work, chased out the door with Michael by a cup of tea. There's a family meal tonight and Michael wants to include "Gavin". Gail isn't sure. She informs Michael that Bethany doesn't know that Sarah has booked them to return to Milan tomorrow and doesn't want any fuss. She's outvoted and looks displeased and apprehensive as Michael cheerfully turns back to the house. Sarah comes out of the shop with a bottle of milk. Callum jumps out of his car and is called a stalker. I'd say so, too. It's a bit early in the day to be hanging around outside people's houses, isn't it? He wants to give Max a beer mat signed by a footballer. Sarah's unimpressed but Max sees him when he comes out and runs to his dad. David's not pleased to see his rival and he doesn't care that Callum has brought Max something and though Max is pleased to get the autograph he has no idea who the player even is! Cue David moaning a bit more and threatening to bring all this up at the next mediation session. Sarah hasn't time to chat, she's got work to do and goes off.

Amy wants to wear her bridesmaid dress to a sleepover. Tracy isn't inclined but, knowing her mother doesn't mind when she's out from under foot, Amy threatens to get herself uninvited so Tracy bows. Tracy then tells her father that Amy is spoiled and her father is to blame. Ken rolls his eyes. Tracy is dismayed to find out that Ken is going to skip the film tonight after all because Audrey is babysitting (????) Tracy tries to encourage him by saying she was going to sit around in a face pack and watch trashy Telly but he doesn't mind. That makes Tracy go off on one, ranting about how she has to rearrange everything around HIM! She goes stomping upstairs while Ken just shakes his head. Like Mother Like Daughter, more accurately.

Sophie is filling Carla in on some of the Windass Gossip. Apparently, Owen slept on the sofa in Number 13 last night. Anna comes into the shop, followed by Owen who's trying to talk to her but she doesn't seem to have anything to discuss with him. He's trying to talk to her while she juggles nappies and takes a help phone call from Faye who seems not to want to pick up the crying infant. Anna retreats out the door but comes back in for the nappies she dropped. Owen gestures that he'll bring them so she hurries off again.

Steph and Andy come in. Gail snarls at him. Steph recalls a strange dream she had once about camels and a desert and her brother. Gail snaps at Andy again until he asks what's her problem. Ah. The problem is that Gavin's mother keeps texting Gail. The conversation is cut short when Nick comes out from the office to get some information on the family meal tonight. Nick tells them that either he or "Gavin" will have to work tonight as they're short staffed. Andy offers but Nick flips a coin and loses. Nick works. Andy/Gavin eats, much to Gail's consternation. She tells Andy she hasn't said anything to Gavin's mother but it's getting harder to keep her at bay.

Tony is gathering gear for a job but Liz wants him to come sort out one of the toilets in the pub. Tracy overhears that domestic conversation and ribs him about it. He asks when he should come over tonight. She decides to make him wait and puts it off. She's making it sound like she's just doing it to keep him on his toes but we know it's because she can't get the house to herself tonight.

Callum is still hanging around and comes into the corner shop where Bethany is buying a snack. He teases her and pulls over a bar of chocolate for Sarah which Bethany accepts and makes him pay for the crisps as well but in the course of the conversation, she does tell him they'll be at the Bistro for a family meal tonite and (she thinks) her and her mother will be at the gym tomorrow. She flounces out.

Owen is sorting out the radiator in the flat for Anna. The place is a wreck with baby stuff everywhere. She's also packed some of his bits and pieces in a box. He insists they just need to keep talking but she's too consumed by guilt over everything else and keeps reminding herself of all the things he's done wrong, even with him insisting she needs to listen to what Faye wants. She stubbornly insists that Faye just needs time to change her mind. Nothing he can say will persuade her. She has no space or energy to deal with him as well as Faye and the baby now. He does offer to keep an eye out while she has a nap. She's past exhausted and does persuade her to go and lie down, for Faye's sake. She needs to keep her strength up.

Later, Andy follows Gail out of the Bistro to talk about Susan, Gavin's mother. They argue and just as she gives him her phone to text her, it rings and it's her! She chirps that Michael's fine and then says oh, no, there's no change. Then she has to talk fast because Susan wants to visit and Gail has to find a way to put her off. She manages to get off the phone as Michael approaches to make sure "Gavin" knows about the meal. She goes to follow Michael in the door but stops and turns and orders Andy to ditch the meal and says she's still managed to put Susan off. For now. She's furious at being in the middle of all this.

Faye comes out from the bedroom to see Owen cleaning in the kitchen. She realizes he and Anna are on the outs and feels guilty for it. She thinks she should have lied to the social worker that everything was fine. She only wants things to go back the way they were. He points out nothing's going to be like that again. She wonders if they'd get back together if she gave the baby away but he says that's the wrong reason, to make a decision like that based on he and Anna. It can't be a rushed thing. He assures her he's trying hard to sort things out, which Anna overhears and she tells him it's time for him to leave. She orders Faye to take a bath.

Carla pops into the Bistro to get an envelope from Nick, a letter he signed for at the apartment building that morning. He watches her go to a table as Andy comes out and offers to work instead as he could use the money. But Nick isn't really that keen to sit down with his nightmare of a family and allows Gavin to enjoy himself instead. Well, that didn't work. Steve advises him to tell Gail that Nick insisted. Nick sees Carla reading her letter thoughtfully. Turns out she's changed her name back to Connor (though that's not her maiden name. Still, that's what she's been known as in business so I guess that's the reason she's not gone back to Carla Donovan) He wonders if she's going to celebrate. She is just going to have a nice quiet night in and remarks that it will take quite the man to persuade her to change her name again. I wonder if Nick kind of thinks that could be him? He smiles as she retreats. He turns and warns Andy not to tell Gail that Nick would rather work than eat with his family!

Owen is trying to get into Number 13 but nobody's given him a key. Anna brings his box of stuff that he conveniently left behind and gives him heck for playing games. Izzy rolls up and asks what's going on now? She's angry that he promised Faye he'd keep trying when Anna was clear. It's over and he had no right to say that to Faye. Izzy looks sad to hear them bicker and Anna giving him the final word. Anna storms off and Izzy grimaces and suggests... "Pub?"

The occupants of Number 8 are sat around a table at the Bistro. Max is talking about football, David is grumpy, grumpier when Bethany and Sarah tease him. Gail tries to keep the peace so another bottle of wine is ordered. Michael tries to brush off the bickering with a prophetic "This is as bad as it gets", causing Gail to look ruefully in Andy's direction. Michael doesn't know the half of it!

Ken is in the pub with his newspaper but is now regretting not going to the foreign film after reading a pretentious review of it in the newspaper. Of course he'd be lured by something pretentious! Tony hasn't got a clue what he's talking about but when Ken realizes he does have time to have some tea and get to the cinema, Tony encourages it. Naturally. Owen and Izzy are talking about the situation. Izzy wonders if Owen shouldn't step back a bit and give Anna a chance to miss him but Owen thinks he needs to strike while the iron is still somewhat warm. Izzy can't stay for another drink, she's going to go online and chat with Katy and invites him to come. Then she even suggests he go to Portugal to see Katy which would give him a break and give Anna the chance to see she does need him, better accomplished when he's not around, Izzy reckons. Owen isn't so sure. He thinks it's like running away. Izzy thinks it's a good way of giving Anna space.

Gavin picks up a few empty plates to clear. Michael asks Gail if she's annoyed that Gavin is working while he's eating, he's notices she's a bit off. Michael witters on about how great Fate has been lately. Gail's face is very much the opposite. Sarah is on the phone with Uncle Steven, making an excuse that she was unable to do something he needed due to computer problems. He's heard the background music so she lies that she puts it on when she working sometimes. Callum walks in, much to Max's delight. He's come to apologize to David for turning up out of the blue. He promises to stick to the rules. He offers a hand to shake but David sits there with his David Stone Face on and mutters that Callum just needs to stick to the rules. Gail adds that's as much of an apology accepted as he's going to get. Callum winks at Max and leaves but gives Sarah an eye as he leaves. Sarah comes back and tells everyone she has to go back home to send the document he so desperately needs.

Outside, Callum is waiting and follows Sarah across the road. She tells him she's going back to Italy tomorrow. Callum thinks it's a shame she's spending her last night working and leans in for a kiss. She puts him off but invites him back to the house anyway.

Ken leaves the house, ushered by Tracy. She then sees Tony peek out and she sends him around the back.

Sarah wastes no time, pulling Callum in for a kiss.


Written by Perrie Balthazar and directed by Dominic Keavey

Anna goes into the Rovers to ask Michelle if she can have a sub on her wages. Owen wants to know if they can talk but Anna says she's done with talking. However Michelle thinks that's exactly what she needs and asks her to go through to the back with her to share a glass of white wine.

Tracy and Tony are getting cosy on the sofa at number one with a bowl of pistachios. Tracy wonders about Tony's taste in women – old Ma MacDonald and Eileen who Tracy reckons has a face that could turn milk sour. Referring to Steve, Tony wonders what that says about Tracy. She claims she's upgraded since she's moved on to Tony.

Moving on to David's sofa, things are getting hot and steamy between Sarah and Callum. Sarah takes off Callum's top and throws it on top of her phone, failing to notice that a call's just come through from Stephen.

Meanwhile, over at the Bistro the family dinner's not exactly going well. Andy's desperate to escape and Gail wonders where Sarah's got too. Bethany suggests she's making the most of the empty house. Andy then proceeds to put his foot in it, first by complimenting Max on his hoody – Callum gave it to him – and then asking Bethany what time their flight is tomorrow. What flight? Gail is not amused that he's let the cat out of the bag.

In the Rovers Michelle has finished giving Anna her pep talk. She suggests that Anna should sort out everything with Faye before rushing into any decisions she may regret and giving up on Owen. Anna goes over to Owen and says they should talk.

Back in the Bistro Bethany is kicking off over the news that she's got to go back to Milan. As far as she's concerned they'll have to drag her kicking and screaming. It looks like the family meal is over. Max thought they were staying for ice cream. David tells him they've got some at home in the freezer. Everyone gets up to leave except Michael. He insists Gail stays and tells him what she's so stressed about. Gail tells him she's worried about the wedding.

We cut back to the sofa at Platt Towers where things are hotting up a treat between Sarah and Callum. They decide to move upstairs but before they can make it there's the sound of a key in the door and they hide in the kitchen. Bethany comes in with David and heads upstairs in search of her mum while Max goes in search of some ice cream. He doesn't spot Callum and Sarah hiding behind the cupboard and returns to the sitting room. Sarah tries to open the back door to escape that way but it's locked and it looks as though she and Callum are trapped …

In the Rovers Owen tells Anna that he's decided to go to Portugal for a couple of weeks . Anna thinks he's just going there to make her jealous but Owen sees it as a chance to see Katy and Joseph and give Anna some space. Anna tells him he just doesn't get it, she says she doesn't need any more time to think, she's made up her mind.

David, Bethany and Max sit down on the sofa. In the background we see Sarah finally manage to open the back door. Callum slips out. Meanwhile, Bethany finds Sarah's bag on the sofa just as Sarah emerges from the kitchen. David works out she's been up to something as the back door's open. Sarah doesn't look too bothered as she stands in front of him, casually doing up the buttons on her shirt. All Bethany cares about is the fact that she doesn't want to go back to Italy. She tells Sarah she's a rubbish mother. Anything else? Sarah wants to know. Yes, Bethany replies, her split ends need seeing to. Sarah leaves and on the side we see her phone buzzing with another message from Stephen.

Carla is relaxing at home with a face-pack and a glass of wine when Nick turns up on her doorstep. He comes bearing a gift – a slice of chocolate berry torte from the Bistro. He says she can't celebrate without cake. "Celebrate?" asks Carla. "Your new name," says Nick. Carla says that in that case she likes the torte and invites Nick to come in.

Sarah meets up with Callum in the street. He's enjoying the fact that they nearly got caught. Sarah tells him she and David may have their differences but she doesn't want him to find out. Besides which, she tells Callum, it was just a one-off as she's going back to Milan tomorrow. Sarah clearly thinks she's got the upper hand but Callum tells her she'll be back and he watches her retreating back view as she walks off down the cobbles.

Nick and Carla are enjoying a relaxing evening together on her sofa. They're talking about their respective lack of success with relationships. Carla said says she wouldn't recognise a decent man if you clubbed her over the head with a bible. Nick reckons he's wired wrong as he just seems to attract the crazies. He comments on the fact that even they enjoyed a roller coaster time together. Carla responds by pointing at the tv and saying that's all the drama she wants in her life at the moment.

Sarah returns to Platt Towers to find Bethany and David watching TV. She's somewhat surprised to find that Bethany has packed her suitcase and is all ready to leave tomorrow. Bethany claims that she decided it was time to act more maturely and recognise all the things Sarah does for her. As Sarah goes upstairs to pack her own bag David tells her there have been a series of calls from Stephen. In fact the phone's buzzing again. Sarah goes into panic mode. She makes David take the call and frantically asks Bethany to find her laptop so she can send the work to Stephen she was supposed to have done hours ago. After a brief chat David hands the phone to Bethany who gives it straight on to her mum. Sarah tells Stephen she couldn't send the report before now because the internet's been down. Only trouble is, her conniving daughter sent an email to her uncle Stephen earlier so he knows Sarah's lying. As a result he fires Sarah on the spot. It looks as though Bethany's scheming has worked.

Carla has fallen asleep on the sofa. She wakes for long enough to ask Nick to fetch her a blanket. He gently covers her up and then wishes her goodnight as he leaves.

Tony is getting ready to leave Tracy after their evening of passion round at number 1. She asks if he'd rather be with her than with Liz and he replies that of course he would. It gives Tracy the opening she needs to tell Tony that she wants more in her life than running a backstreet shop and living with her dad. Tony tells her he gets what she's saying and says that they both want more. As if to prove his point he starts to kiss her.

Owen turns up at Anna's. She tells him she doesn't know why he's come as there's nothing left to say. But Owen does have something to say. He tells Anna that his mate's offered him a job in Aberdeen when he gets back from Portugal so he's not coming back to Weatherfield. Anna looks angry – she may have asked Owen to leave her but she didn't intend him to leave Faye and the baby as well. Owen, not unreasonably, points out that this wasn't what he wanted, it was Anna's decision. Anna turns the tables and tries suggesting that making Faye suffer is her punishment. Owens tells her that's out of order. He says he's accepted that Anna doesn't want him any more and now he's moving on like she asked. Anna goes to say it wasn't what she meant but Owen stops her and says that if they can't be together in their home, in their bed, then he can't stay and keep seeing her every day. He tells a tearful Anna that he's leaving tomorrow.


Wednesday 15 April

A tired and harassed Anna tells Gary that Owen is off to Portugal to see Katy and then when he comes back he's off to live and work in Aberdeen.

Over at the Platt's, Bethany is delighted to learn that she and Sarah are not going back to Milan. Sarah, however, is less than happy, as she'll need to find a job, somewhere to live and a school for Bethany. She asks Gail to ask Stephen for one last chance, so reluctantly Gail says she'll see what she can do.

Tony sees Tracy opening the shop and tells her he meant every word of what he said last night. Tracy tells him she's not thinking about just any old pub, she's thinking about the Rovers. "Are you crazy!" exclaims Tony, "how will we manage that?" Just then Liz comes along and asks Tony if he'd like to come with her to Roy's. He puts his arm round her and says he will, and Tracy, obviously jealous, stares at Liz and then asks: "Are you wearing that dress as a bet?" Tony hurries the outraged Liz away.

Owen tells Izzy that he and Anna are parting company, and that there's nothing round there for him anymore. "I don't count I suppose?" asks Izzy. He tells her that he thought that, after the last few weeks, she'd be glad to see the back of him. He explains that when he comes back from Portugal he's going up to Aberdeen, but if ever she needs him he'll be back like a shot.

Julie is in the cafe with Eileen when she gets a call from Dev. Apparently one of his uncles has just died so he's going to have to stay on to sort out the funeral and the estate. He's going to be gone another couple of months. (Great for him to just leave his children for someone else to take care of!) Eileen then pulls out her smartphone and tells Julie she can now go online when she's on the move. Julie snatches it and sees a picture of a handsome man and quizzes Eileen as to who it is. Eileen tells her it's Jeff from Dubai.

Liz is back in the Rovers, moaning on to Steve and Michelle about Tracy who, she says, is no spring chicken herself. Steve confirms that Tracy is 38, but appears distracted. Then he tells Liz that he's wondering who is going to be his best man. He supposes it will have to be Lloyd, although things haven't been great between them lately. Liz suggests that he ask Tony as he paid Steve's tax bill and then reveals that Tony is also paying for the wedding.

Izzy and Anna are up in the flat with Faye and the baby. Faye gets a text from Owen asking her to meet him in the cafe at lunch time. Anna looks grim which prompts Faye to ask what's happened. "What are you hiding?" she asks.

Back in the Rovers, Michelle is trying to explain to Steve why they asked Tony to help with the wedding finance. Michelle explains that they didn't want to tell him until he was feeling better. Steve is annoyed and says she should have run it past him first, as now Tony is in control and it doesn't make him feel good.

Tracy is in the cafe when Tony comes in. He sits with her and asks why she wants the Rovers, they could go and find a nice little country pub in Cheshire, it would be a whole lot easier. She says she wouldn't want to be stuck out there in Cheshire, she's fed up with the local people looking down on her, if she was the landlady of the Rovers they wouldn't be able to do that.

Owen comes into the cafe, followed a few moments later by Faye. She's upset, Anna has told her he's moving to Scotland. She tells him he can't go, she loves him!

Faye reminds Owen that he promised her he'd sort it out with Anna. "Why do grown-ups break up at the first sign of trouble?" she asks. He tells her he'll miss her and baby but he'll always be on the end of the phone. Faye thinks it is all her fault, but he assures her it's nothing to do with her. He asks her to promise that she'll be honest with Anna about her feelings for the baby and if it gets too much she must tell her. Reluctantly she promises.

Gail is looking through the flowers outside the corner shop when David comes along and remarks that he thought she'd said she'd never buy flowers from there again. She hurries off, with David eyeing her suspiciously.

Andrea and Lloyd walk in to the Rovers, talking about Steve and his forthcoming wedding. At the bar, they get into conversation with Michelle and she tells Lloyd that Steve was hoping for him to be the best man. Lloyd wants to know why Steve can't ask him himself, and Michelle says he was nervous about it. "So he got you to do his dirty work?" says Lloyd. Michelle says if he doesn't want to do it, he doesn't have to, as Liz has Tony in mind. "Oh, so he's put it out to tender has he? When are the interviews?" snaps Lloyd. Michelle tries to explain that they only thought of Tony because he's paying for the wedding. Lloyd gets even more annoyed and takes his drink off to a table.

Bethany is watching TV when Sarah comes in, fed up because Gail has spoken to Stephen but he won't budge. Just then David comes in, remarks that the place looks like a tip and asks what's for tea. "Whatever you're making," says Sarah, a remark that doesn't go down well. A quick look in the cupboards shows David that there's no food in the house and he's cross because he's been at work all day, but neither Sarah nor Bethany have been to the shop to get any. Then Sarah tells him that Uncle Stephen won't have her back. "So you're stuck with us," says Sarah. "No way!" says David, and tells them they're not staying there, they can look for somewhere else to live.

Tony wanders into the Rovers and Steve asks him if he'll be his best man. Tony is surprised, he thought that job would fall to Lloyd and asks if Steve is sure, and he's not asking him because he feels he has to. "You're not going to turn me down are you?" asks Steve. Tony assures him he's not, and they shake on it, with Lloyd and Andrea watching from across the room. "It's like he's bought himself into the family," mutters Lloyd. "Yeah, with Liz pulling his strings," agrees Andrea.

Owen has his van loaded up and he's ready to go, a little disappointed that only Izzy and Gary are there to see him off. Anna has apparently taken the baby for a walk and Faye is still upset that he's going. Owen hugs Gary and tells him to look after his mum, Faye and the baby and Gary says he will. Then he hugs Izzy and says he's sorry he wasn't a better dad. As he drives off down the Street, he sees Anna coming round the corner with the pram. He stops and gets out. "I'm going to miss you," he says and gives her a hug. She gets a bit tearful then. "Bye Owen," she says, and weeps as he drives away.

Tony is in the shop telling Tracy how awkward he felt when Steve asked him to be best man, with Lloyd sitting just a few feet away, watching it all. He's also cross that Liz seems to see him as some sort of money pit, 'pulling his strings', according to Andrea. "So dump her!" says Tracy, "it's simple, you either want this or you don't." "I want it," says Tony.

Anne Logan

Friday 17 April

There's sibling arguing going on in the Platt house - David can't believe Sarah lost her job working for family and she reckons their Gran's been letting David coast for years. She wants his support but David points out she's already living rent free in his house and eating all his food. "You want me to pay rent in my own home?" she asks. David points out that it's his house. He's actually been on hold to his solicitor all this time and he finally gives up and hangs up.

Eileen's admiring some pictures of the view from "Geoff's" Dubai apartment. Todd's ironing, Jason's reading the paper and the only one who seems at all interested is Billy. Eileen's going out to the pictures with Adrian tonight.

David and Sophie chat about Bethany. Sophie asks him whether Gail seems a bit weird lately. She's been in there buying flowers a lot and she seems really, really shifty. David can't understand that after she threw some flowers away and swore never to buy them from Dev's again. They ponder what her secret could be. "Well, she can't have another bloke on the go," says David. "It's a miracle she's got the one!" Sophie wonders if maybe it's not a man.

Tim's making up a set of flat-pack drawers. He tells Anna he gave Faye £20 and told her to go into town. Anna says she doesn't know what she'd do without Tim's help. She admits she's missing Owen.

David's shouting at Audrey over the noise of the hairdryers. His solicitor won't give him a straight answer about the mediation. When the dryers stop, he's left shouting for no reason. Maria changes the subject to whether Audrey can babysit. David feels as if he's being ignored.

Tracy has a vision of her behind the bar - mainly of her barring people. Tony tells her it's a lot of work running a pub. "Every day's a challenge in a boozer." Tracy sees it as payback for every one who has ever slagged her off, especially Liz. She tells Tony she won't take him for granted, sponge of him or treat him like a child. Tony insists that nobody treats him like a child. Tracy tells him he needs to buy out Steve's half of the pub. "He's the gazelle. He's the one limping at the back." Lloyd and Andrea come into the shop. Lloyd's looking for a new kettle, though Andrea thinks he should buy from a more reputable shop. Lloyd explains why he has to buy from Tracy - he wants a cuppa and he's supposed to be on the switch.

Adrian has arrived with flowers. Jason tells him there's no point in being nervous - Eileen's not worth it. Er. . . what he means is she's really down to earth. They chat about Jason's job then Todd comes in, followed soon after by Eileen, who's dressed up to go to the pictures.

Gail stops outside the shop to smell some flowers and acts very strangely when Tim tries to chat. David's watching from the house.

Gail goes into the shop to buy some flowers and Sophie mentions what David said about her claiming she's never buy flowers from there again. Gail refuses to tell her who the flowers are for and calls her impertinent for asking. Sophie asks whether she's seeing another woman. Gail nearly explodes and flees the shop with the flowers.

David leaves the house and follows her, crouched down like a small orangutan. He's has grasped the concept that you crouch down when you're behind something, not just when you're following your mother along the street. Just as he gets to the corner, Maria comes out of the salon and demands to know whether he's going to do any work. David explains that Audrey's cleared him to take some flexi-time.

Liz is just going out to Freshco and finds Tony clearing broken glass from the van. He's also go a flat tyre. He tells Liz the window was smashed in an accident with some scaffolding.

Gail goes off in a taxi and David sees her go past.

David rushes into the taxi office and manages to trick Lloyd and Andrea into telling him Gail's going to the cemetery by the bypass. They took her there last week, too. He declines there offer of a taxi and says he'll borrow his Gran's car.

He rushes into the salon and takes Audrey's keys.

Billy and Sean have been out rambling/hiking/tramping. They arrive at a country pub and are served by the chatty, cheerful landlord. They ask about rooms and he says there's only the one twin room left. Billy says one room is fine, they'll take it, and Sean comments that they can always push the beds together. He doesn't notice the change in the landlord's expression.

There's a knock at the door and Sarah looks to see who it is. She then freshens her lip gloss before opening it to Callum. "Is Max in?" he asks. No. He asks her to tell Max he popped by. He asks when she's going back to Italy.

Faye is back and Anna tells her off for staying out all day. Anna shows her the drawers and says they'll be going in her room. "There's no space," says Faye. "You should have thought of that before you went and had sex at the age of 12, then, shouldn't you!" snaps Anna with real venom. She apologises immediately but seems close to tears. Fayehas used Tim's money to buy a new bag for when she goes back to school. "Do you honestly think you're going back to school?" asks Anna.

Callum and Sarah are on the sofa. Sarah's had a text message which reminds her she's missed her appointment for a foot massage at an Italian salon. She's really annoyed at Bethany. Callum asks whether she's OK. He offers her a foot massage and asks how her uncle could fire her - you don't fire family. But despite all his soft talk, he still gets annoyed when Sarah refuses sex. "I thought I was leaving," she says to explain why she agreed previously. "What would David say?"

Eileen and Adrian are back. Todd asks about the chemistry, to Eileen's annoyance, and also makes some comments which point up the differences between Adrian and Geoff in Dubai.

It's time for Tony's dessert. Liz tells him he eats too much sugar and to make sure he brushes his teeth. You can see Tony seething after what Tracy said about Liz treating him like a child. Liz asks after his van and then starts to gossip about Eileen. Tony stops her. He's got something to tell her. "I'm in trouble." He says he made a bad investment and it's come back to haunt him. He ended up taking out a loan. Liz puts this together and asks if the van damage was a warning. Tony says it was. He needs to get his hands on some money fast.

David's still crouching but now he's behind a cemetery wall. He sees Gail near a grave covered in flowers.

Back at the country pub, Sean and Billy have finished their meal and Billy goes off to the loo. The landlord comes over and tells Sean there's been a mix-up. His wife took a booking for the twin room this morning and forgot to write it in the book. Billy comes back and asks Sean what's the matter.

Gail walks away from the grave and David approached and reads the nameplate - "Gavin James Rodwell."

The end
Margaret Carr

When this episode transmitted I was sitting in the former NIA in Birmingham waiting for UB40 to appear in front of us. Cannot say I took to the support band who murdered "Midnight at the Oasis" and I have more time for Mr Campbell Senior than his sons; but they did end with Red Red Wine so I suppose all is forgiven! Eat at Pushkar on Broad Street - recommended. Lunch at Bar Epernay at the back of the Mailbox. Enjoy.

Meanwhile in Weatherfield we are at episode 8620, or series 56 episode 76, written by Chris Fewtrell, directed by Dominic Keavey; copyright remains the property of ITV to whom the usual thanks.

This episode opens with the landlord refusing to explain himself to Sean and Billy. Sean is being confrontational but Billy even though unhappy with the situation is also aware that he also has to be careful for pastoral reasons. The landlord reminds them that it is not just a business - it is his home and he has to have some regard for happenings under his own roof. Sean asks if that means "no blacks, no gays, no Irish"? Sean says that times have changed and the landlord cannot get away with discrimination any more. Billy asks if the landlord considers his actions Christian. The landlord hates god botherers even more than ... Sean calls him a bigot and a coward. Sean and Billy decide to leave. Sean says that the only tip he is giving is advice not to go on Trip Advisor any time soon. Sean says he will be glad to get back to the 2st century.

Con of the week is in the back room of the Rovers where "sad old (copyright Tracy)" Liz cannot understand home come that Tony was so flush and is now in dire straights (we know a band with that name don't we boys and girls?), how has it happened so quickly? Tony says that is how his business works, flying high one minute, backside scratching the next. Anyway Tony reminds her that he is not supposed to bring work home and he took a flyer and it went wrong and now he needs £25k rapidly. He implies that the creditor is a nasty piece of work - they cannot be disappointed and he is attached to his kneecaps! She suggests selling the flat - but it is heavily mortgaged - he would probably lose money. Tony says he won't put the bite on Steve (meaning that is the only source of cash). Tony says that Steve's only asset is his share in the Rovers. Liz can see the inevitable.

At a graveyard David is calling after Gail who turns looking like a rabbit frightened in headlights. She wants to know why he is there and vice versa. David asks if she has been bell ringing, or brass rubbing or looking for a dead husband, most of the cemeteries round here have one in. She claims to be searching for a relative and pretends to have been looking for a great grandma. That will be the one called Gavin then asks David who admits to having seen the flowers from Dev's on the grave. Gail says she can explain.

At their flat Faye states that she everything was going back to normal but Anna explains that as a mother the normal is different. So Faye wants to know if she is finished with school. Tim adds that is just a bit soon to think about returning. Anna says maybe after the summer and in the meantime she will have a study plan. Faye observes her life is over. Tim says she just needs time to adjust. Anna says she needs to name her daughter, but Faye tells her to do it. Anna says the baby is hers and Faye needs to understand that - the sooner the better.

Gail has told David and how they are waiting for Michael to be a little stronger. She has known since the day they were supposed to marry. Even David says you could not make this up (and frankly I don't see how it has run this long). Gail says she has been killed by lying to Michael. She hates Andy for what has been done. But they have all done it to prevent Michael breaking his heart. David reckons Michael will kill her when he finds out. Gail says Michael must not find out. David has to promise to say nothing. And David thought he was the family head case! They head off back to Weatherfield.

Eileen and Adrian are sharing a bottle of red wine. Sean and Billy return - the landlord made Vladimir Putin seem like Peter Tatchell! Homophobia is alive and well running a pub in the Peak District with quiz nights on Mondays and stonings on Wednesday.

Sarah descends the stairs followed by Callum neither of them fully dressed. Callum is in no doubt that Sarah will be calling him -the mobile is better than his landline. Sarah points out that whilst it has been a lovely afternoon she has no home, no job, no income and he is a long way down her list of priorities. He snogs her face off. She tells him to go as the front door opens and Max comes in. Callum turns round and says he was just passing and thought the would say hi to the top boy. Max says "Hi Dad". David says he could have called and wonders why Sarah is in her dressing gown; Callum says he got her out of the bath. Oddly she has not got her hair wet! Sarah says she will get back to the bath before the water gets cold! David wants Callum to go but he uses Max to allow him to stay. David asks for more warning next time. Callum says he has had a belting afternoon and wants to know how Max's day has been.

Liz is explaining that Tony is £25k down to Steve and Michelle - although she is not sure how it happened. Anyway what ever the facts he can find £15k but needs another £10k and Steve says asks what will they do - break his legs? Liz looks worried and so it just gets worse. Liz points out that Tony did not hesitate lending the cash they needed. Steve says finding the £10k will take time. Liz points out that they do own 50% of the Rovers. They say they cannot sell - it is their home, but Liz owns 50% so will still be able to live there. Michelle feels there must be another way. Liz says they have to help Tony.

Tracy waltzes into the bar and asks Tony for her usual. The banter continues. Tracy points out that he is selling his girlfriend down the river for her. He assures that wheels are now in motion. She wants to know more.

Michael is trying to talk to Gail, but she is just concentrating on Callum playing with Max. He proposes a night on the tiles ending with a kebab and a tattoo - but she does not hear him. She does not like having Callum in the house. David says Max has to have his bath - but Sarah is still up there, does David want Callum to go and hurry her up - he could scrub her back? At this point Sarah also comes downstairs. Max says "Bye Dad" and head up for his bath. Callum has something to tell David before he goes. It appears David's solicitor will have some bad news. Callum has called time on the mediation as they both know they are wasting their time. Callum will see him in court. Bring it on. David is pretty fed up. {Kylie hurry back please - you don't want to lose that lovely boy - David needs you in the Street; and anyway I can see you, Sarah and Beth having a great time}.

After the break we rejoin Sean and Billy who has spent his life trying to see the good in people and sometimes that is not even possible with a microscope. Billy was proud of Sean today; the landlord had enough cheek for the three of them. Sean knows he can say what he wants - but Billy cannot - but Billy wishes he had tipped the hotpot over the landlord. And they are clearly drawing closer together.

In the Bistro Gavandy, Nick, Michael and Gail are discussing Callum's bombshell. Gail reckons the bad 'uns do wrong and the good 'uns pay the price. David arrives and eyes up Gavandy and says he wants a drink. Gavandy hopes the court will see sense - and David agrees with that. David says he would die if he lost Max.

In the back room at the Rovers Michelle says Liz was being unfair to Steve with that news. Steve assures her he is fine - he can cope with being skint but he cannot cope with being guilt ridden as well - so they will have to sell their share of the Rovers because selling StreetCars is not an option.

In the kebab shop Craig wearing a very silly beany hat (wardrobe NO!!) and Faye are chatting - she is missing Owen. Faye is having trouble with the poo, the puke, the crying and keeping her awake but otherwise the baby is lovely. Faye hopes it will get better.

Michael wants to know how Gavandy is getting on with Steph. Luke is taking some convincing but he is working on it. Nick observes that Luke has reason as Gavin has a bit of a past. David observes a past and a half. Gail tries to change the subject. Gavandy says his wild days are behind him! David says quite - a very different Gavin to the old one. Michael hopes he can still party as he wants to make a night of it on Monday. Which Gavandy has forgotten is his own birthday. Gail can see this is getting difficult and takes a huge swig of wine. David points out you have to celebrate your birthday Gavin - after all you are a long time dead!

Tim has spent the entire day erecting the cot. Anna is worried that there are three unused screws and a "one of those" - whatever it is. Tim says spares. But the instructions say nothing about spares - that is the difference between men and women - the latter are obsessed with them, usually giving them. Anna says they do not like things falling apart. Anna just wishes that she get Faye to realise it is not a game. Faye emerges from her bedroom and says she knows. She asks to be shown how to change a nappy again. She wants to be ready the next time Miley needs changing. Tim says the twerping lass? Faye corrects him - twerking! Miley is a real cool name and that is what the baby is going to be called. Miley Windass! Big smiles all round.

Nick says they knew it would come to court eventually. Nick tells David to ensure it goes his way. Nick says this fight is about cunning, guile, fighting dirty - and he reckons David is better at that. David points out that Callum was good in the mediation. He is brighter than he looks - not hard but still. Nick tells David he has to make full use of his twisted mind. David watches Gavandy closely across the room.

Back to the Sean and Billy love fest. Sean reckons that if the sheets were as dirty as the cutlery then they had a lucky escape. Billy has to go and write a sermon. Sean asks if he has to go. Billy says he has not had a better offer. They kiss and I will leave the rest to your imagination.

Along at the Rovers Tracy wants to know what happens if they don't take the bait. Tony says he will lay it on thicker. Tracy may have to give him a bit of kicking. She would enjoy that. Steve calls Tony over and he says they will get his money back. Steve admits he will have to sell his share of the Rovers. But it will take time. Tony says he cannot let them do that. Steve says the decision is made and they will put it right. Tony thanks him and they shake hands. He and Tracy share a look and smile at each other. Tony does look slightly troubled.

At the Bistro David reveals to Gavin that his headstone says he is going to be 30 (Gavandy thought he was going to be 31). David knows you know. David wants Gavandy to play ball; silence costs and David reckons he is owed a lot. And David will be calling it in shortly, Andy. And we close with a shot of Andy wondering just what he got into.

Roll credits.

And what have we learned tonight?
a) The baby is called Miley Windass
b) Gail is not very good at lying
c) Callum is brighter than he looks
d) We need Kylie back
e) And I reckon Liz needs to open her eyes widely and do some checking up on her other half.

See you next week.

Monday 20 April

Written by Joe Turner Directed by Brett Fallis

While Sarah and Bethany are arguing loudly upstairs, Michael signs Gavin's birthday card. Gail hopes the girls sort themselves out before the wedding but Michael is more concerned with Gavin's birthday party tonight. Max is chivvied along to get ready for school. Gail expresses concern for David but she's informed that he has a plan. Sarah and Bethany bring the bickering downstairs. David really wants Sarah to move out but Sarah doesn't even have a job anymore. David and Sarah bicker and then David usher's Max out the door, shouting over his shoulder that he'll likely be late for the party.

Over at Number 11, Billy and Sean look loved up after their night together. Billy looks very sexy all morning-mussed. Todd looks jealous. Billy runs off to get dressed as he's visiting the sick child that they raised the money for (butler auction). Todd does tell Todd that Billy's lovely (though you never really believe anything Todd says when he's being nice, do you?) and Eileen likes him too, ordering Sean not to mess it up! Out in the hallway, Sean asks Billy if he has any regrets. Most definitely not by the kiss Billy gives him!

Nick and David discuss things. David explains he has a plan and if it all goes well today, he might not even have to worry about court. Oh, that can't be good. David asks to borrow Nick's car and to borrow Gavin.

Sophie is making small talk with Jenny about past jobs. Seems Jenny worked waitressing on a cruise ship for awhile before working in a supermarket. Sophie continues to question why she quit the cruise ship job until Kevin interrupts and the doorbell rings. Tyrone arrives to offer Kevin some tickets to a kids' show that he can't use since Hope and Ruby both have colds. Kevin accepts and asks Jenny to go with he and Jack but Sophie declines the other ticket. A bit of playful scuffling as Kevin insists on paying for the tickets and Tyrone refuses.

Julie and Sally are discussing being gay-friendly on their tea break. Sean tells them it has brought he and Billy closer together. Sally mentions that she'd have made a big fuss if what happened to the lads happened to Sophie. Letters and boycotts and everything. Julie and Sally are both adamant but Sean just brushes it off. They did handle it their own way.

Bethany and Sarah are in the cafe, finally not bickering and they're chatting about the upcoming wedding and what to wear. A shopping trip is in order. Sarah protests that she has no money. Bethany wonders if they can get "Gail" to pay. Sarah chides her for calling her Gran "Gail" but reckons it's not a bad idea. Sharif and Roy are making plans to meet up at the allotment this afternoon. Todd orders coffees to go and greets Sarah. Callum comes in, flirts but Leanne is paying quickly for her coffee and mentions she has to be at the school. Sarah is distracted from Callum by Leanne's reference to Weatherfield High and asks if she and Bethany can go to the school with her. Sally has come in and overhears the conversation and brags about Rosie going to Oakhill, the private school, and how excellent the facilities were. Bethany smiles broadly but Sarah knocks her down. She's going to Weathy High, ladeh. Then Maria runs in and sees Sarah, asks her where David is as he's ditched some of his clients. Sarah has no idea. I think they need a revolving door in the cafe this morning.

Steph gives Andy a dvd, which is actually his, but she's not about to buy him a second gift for this, his pretend birthday. Andy looks distracted but David comes in to talk to him. David's calling in the favour and tells Andy he's got permission from Nick to use him to help get an order of Salon supplies from in town. Andy buys it. Nick passes over the keys with a suspicious look. He knows David much better than Andy! They go off.

Jenny and Kevin are in the cafe with Tyrone. Sophie joins them. She tells Kevin that his childminder has had a fall and someone has to go get Jack. The garage is going to be chock full and Sophie can't close the shop so Jenny offers. Sophie doesn't really want to let her but Kevin thanks Jenny with a grateful smile. Jenny looks smug.

David and Andy pull up in front of a pub called the Swarbuck Arms. David reveals the plan. He wants Andy to go into the pub and buy drugs. Oh heck. David threatens to go to Michael with the truth if he doesn't. Andy tries to make David realize he'd also be hurting his mother if he told the truth. David snorts, it wouldn't be the first time! David insists. Andy ends up doing what he's told and heads into the pub.

Nick quizzes Steph about Gavin and David. I think both of them are suspicious of David's explanation about the beauty products. She notices that David seemed distracted and she doesn't seem to buy David's story.

In the corner shop, I thought for a minute Tina's ghost walked in. Turns out she's a reporter from the Gazette and is following up a tip on Sean and Billy being turned away from the pub by a homophobic landlord. Leanne and Sophie are both surprised at what happened. Sean comes in just then and he's not best pleased to hear that the reporter has got hold of the story. He's further disturbed to discover she knows both of their names. He insists he doesn't want her to write stories about them. She tries to follow him out the door but Leanne stops her with a stern word but I don't think that's going to prevent her. She looks like a dog with a bone, now.

Andy comes back to the car. Mission accomplished. He's surprised that David uses drugs and offers to help him get off it. David is amused and jokes that it's for Gail. Nah, just hang on, you'll see what's up. That should set off the warning bells for Andy, I would think.

Gail has taken a call from Audrey who's feeling too poorly to go to the party. Michael is pleased to be making sandwiches for his son's birthday. He's still expressing regrets but Gail urges him to look to the future. In a clear example of a phrase of doom, Michael declares this will be a great birthday for Gavin and tomorrow will be the happiest day of his life. (Wedding day). In the other end of the room, Bethany is sulking at having to go to the new high school. Maria is there checking up on Gail for plans for her hair and makeup for tomorrow. Sarah asks if Maria can do her hair as does Bethany so an early start is recommended. Steph is there, too, as the start of the party draws closer. She looks a bit concerned. Sarah tries to persuade Gail to stumping up cash for a new dress since all her and Bethany's good clothes are still in Italy. Gail whispers to STeph to find out where Andy is. She then finds out that he went off with David. Gail admits that David knows the truth, Steph knows he knows and is worried something's going on.

Sean is at work at the pub now, and wondering how a reporter found out. Eileen points out that he did talk about it to quite a few people but he doesn't think any of their friends would tell the newspapers. Sean hasn't spoken to Billy all day as he's still with the family of the sick child. Julie and Todd come in, all cheerful and Sean suddenly believes it was Todd that blabbed. Not really a stretch of the imagination, one would think, given Todd's history. Todd insists he didn't but isn't believed. Julie looks guilty and admits it was her. She was trying to help, exposing the bad guys and supporting the good ones. Sean is upset, Eileen is amused.

At the allotment, Roy and Sharif are discussing Sharif's plan to plant mint on his side. Roy's not happy about it because mint grows and spreads all over and will intrude on his side. But when Roy smells the seedlings and pronounces them spearmint, Sharif is annoyed. Not the kind of mint he thought he was getting obviously and he throws the box of seedlings over to the neighbouring allotment, the one that they thought was untended. But there's a woman that comes out and takes Sharif to task for throwing rubbish on her husband's allotment and she seems quite emotional about it, too.

Sean is trying to get hold of Billy when he arrives. Sean is about to tell Billy what happened but Billy stops him and tells him the child died and he's been with the family all day. He's really bereft. Sean pulls him in for a hug.

David and Andy are in front of the Dog and Gun now. Andy doesn't want to try to plant the drugs on Callum, too risky and how is he supposed to do it? David orders him to do it, if he doesn't, David loses Max and Michael will find out the truth. David notices Callum drive up over closer to the pub. Gemma gets out, hollering at him and he gets out behind her and follows her into the pub, not locking his car. Plan B. He tells Andy to put the drugs in the car and they'll call the cops and get him for possession that way.

Jenny walks along with Jack and kneels down to adjust his jacket. In doing so she thinks he has a rash on his neck. Leanne comes by and remarks that it could just be a reaction to the washing powder but Jenny wonders if it could be more serious. Leanne doesn't think so but Jenny snaps at her. She thinks she should take Jack to a doctor. You don't take risks with children, she declares. She looks scared, too. Leanne thinks she's overreacting but suggests the medical center. Jenny thanks her and takes Jack over the road.

Andy opens Callum's car carefully. No alarm. He gets in and nervously tries to put the drugs in to the glove box, hands shaking. He drops the packet and it tears open. Macca, Gemma and Callum come out of the pub. David sees them heading to the car and is horrified.

Stay tuned for part two to find out what happens.


Written by John Kerr and directed by Brett Fallis

David watches in alarm from the safety of Nick's car as Callum, Gemma and Callum's flunky come ambling out of the pub. Gandy's caught red-handed and Callum recognises him from the Bistro. They all assume he's trying to steal the car but then Gemma spots the cocaine sprinkled all over the front seat. Callum tells her to clean it up while frog-marches Gandy off for a spot of interrogation.

Meanwhile, with David and the birthday boy missing, the party round at Platt Towers isn't exactly going with a swing. Bethany's been barred from having any wine and the biggest excitement is the arrival of Luke. Gail and Steph are starting to get worried. As Gail says sarcastically to her, it's not like the pair of them have ever done anything daft before ….

Over at the allotments, the woman in the plot next to Roy and Sharif is telling them off like a pair of naughty schoolboys for throwing their rubbish onto her side. Sharif says sorry, he thought her plot was derelict as it looked such a mess, which hardly helps the situation. Roy has a better idea – he suggests he and Sharif could make amends by helping to clean it up for her. She doesn't look too keen. But then neither does Sharif.

Callum and his sidekicks are interrogating Gandy. He "confesses" to trying to steal Callum's car but Callum is more upset by the drugs left strewn over the front seat. Gandy asks if they're going to call the police but Callum explains they have their own way of dealing with such problems. As if to demonstrate the point, Gemma locks the door.

Eileen arrives home to find Sean talking to Billy on the sofa and discovers Sean hasn't been able to break the news about the reporter as he's been too busy comforting Billy over the death of Lucy.

Jenny's waiting at the doctor's with Jack. She's convinced he's running a temperature and tells the receptionist she can't wait any longer, she'll have to take him to the hospital. The receptionist says she'll see what she can do.

Back at the party Michael decides they can't wait for the birthday boy any longer and tells everyone to tuck into the food. Meanwhile Bethany's keeping herself amused by winding up Maria about the fact that Luke is dating an older woman. Steph is getting increasingly worried about Gandy.

Eileen goes out to give Sean and Billy some space. She meets Todd on his way home and tells him he can't disturb them and says he's going to the chippy with her, whether he likes it or not.

Callum, Gemma and the flunky are still trying to get Gandy to talk. When Callum threatens to do something nasty to him with a pair of pliers Gandy finally says he'll tell the truth. But before he can do so there's a knock on the door. They open it and we see David standing in the doorway.

David tells Callum what they were really up to, how he wanted to plant the drugs in his car and then call the police. Callum wants to know where Gandy fits in and look s interested when David says he owes him a big favour. They decide to let Gandy go. He doesn't want to leave without David but David insists he'll be alright. After Gandy's gone Callum really loses his temper with David. There's no way he's going back to prison. He lists all the reasons he'd hate it, emphasizing the one about not getting to see his kid. David stands his ground but Callum tells him he's really crossed the line this time and now he's going to teach him a lesson.

Steph is Gail's back garden calling the hairdressing supply company on her mobile. Gail comes out and Steph tells her that David and Andy haven't been there so they were obviously lying about what they're up to. They start to argue about who's to blame for the whole mess. Gail says it's all Andy's fault but Steph has a go at Gail for allowing David to follow her to the graveyard. At that moment Michael appears and they try to pretend nothing's going on and that Gail was showing Steph round the garden. He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer but even Michael doesn't look convinced by their story.

Ty spots Jenny coming out of the surgery with Jack. He watches while Jenny bends down and speaks to him. Jenny tells Jack that it's good news that the doctor says he's fine and that the rash is nothing to worry about. But she also tells him it's probably best if they don't say anything about it to Daddy as they don't want to worry him.

Eileen is sitting with Todd on the bench nearby when Eileen gets a message on her phone from Adrian. Todd wants to know if she's going to text him back. She says she doesn't want to seem desperate but Todd laughs and asks her how old she is. Eileen picks up her phone to reply.

Over at the allotments Roy has made good progress with cleaning up their neighbour's plot. Sharif, on the other hand, is using an inhaler and complaining about his bad back. He's grateful when allotment lady says they've done enough and apologises for being short with them earlier. Sharif decides to call it a day but Roy seems happy to carry on and do some more work.

Callum and co march David out of the Dog and Gun. They're momentarily distracted and David makes a run for it. Callum throws his car keys at his flunky and shouts at him to drive after David.

Billy and Sean are having a heart to heart about Lucy and the meaning of life. Sean tells Billy that he still doesn't know what he sees in him. Billy smiles and replies that he's not complaining.

Jenny and Kevin are about to go out to the theatre with Jack when Ty drops by. He's come to check how Jack is as he noticed Jenny coming out of the doctor's with him earlier. The moment Ty's gone Kevin questions Jenny about what's going on. She looks awkward and says that she was going to tell him …

Meanwhile, the birthday boy finally arrives at his own party. He's out of breath and makes up a story about how he bumped into an old friend in town after his trip to the suppliers with David. Michael goes off to get him a drink while Gandy has a brief whispered conversation with Gail and Steph. When he tells them David is with Callum Gail's all for calling the police but Gandy stops her. He can't tell them any more but says it's complicated.

Sean and Billy's conversation has moved on to their relationship. Sean asks Billy why he's chosen him. Billy replies it's because he likes him and cares for him. In fact he adds, at the risk of sending Sean running and screaming into the street, he thinks he might be falling in love with him. Sean replies that he took the words right out of his mouth and then they kiss.

David is running at full pelt down a back street but suddenly he's trapped by Callum's car at one end and Gemma and Callum at the other. They stop the car and open the boot. David asks where they're taking him. Callum replies that if he was him he would be more worried about if he's coming back.


Wednesday 22 April

We open to the sight of Callum's car driving along and then see David struggling in the darkness of the boot. He finds a torch and starts banging it, shouting to be let out. They just shout back at him to 'Shut it!'

Kevin is asking Jenny what's going on. She tells him that nothing is going on, Tyrone was just confused. "So you didn't take Jack to see the doctor?" asks Kevin. "No," says Jenny, going on to say that she went into the surgery to see about registering herself there.

Andy is in the kitchen with Gail, and she's trying to ring David but getting no reply. Nick comes in and asks if there's any news of David and quickly picks up that there's something going on. "What's he done now?" asks Nick.

Steph, Luke and Maria are sitting on Gail's sofa, waiting for the party to begin. Maria asks Sarah about boyfriend, apparently she doesn't have anyone special, the main reason being Bethany.

Out in the kitchen, Andy reminds Nick that he told David to play dirty. "So I'm to blame for this?" asks Nick. Gail is more concerned with what's going to happen next. Just then Michael comes in carrying a cake full of candles and singing happy birthday to Gavin.

Callum has driven his car into some sort of lock up and he and his friend drag David out of the boot.

Sophie is sitting on the sofa at home when Kevin and Jenny come back with Jack. Jack tells Sophie that he was poorly earlier and went to the doctor's. Kevin frowns. "Why did you lie to me?" he asks Jenny, but she just rushes out to go and buy ice cream without answering him.

Roy is pottering about on his allotment when his neighbour finds a tankard lying in the long grass. She's obviously upset by this and starts washing it under the tap. Roy goes over and asks if she'd like to join him for a cup of tea.

Eileen tells Todd and Sean that she and her laptop have plans for the evening. Todd asks if they concern a certain Jeff. "Maybe," smiles Eileen.

Back at Kevin's, Jack is finishing off his ice cream, with every move closely watched by Jenny. Outside the door, Sophie tells Kevin he's got to talk to her. Then she goes in and picks Jack up to take him to bed. Once they're out of the room, Kevin demands an explanation for the earlier lie. Jenny tells him she saw a rash on Jack and totally over-reacted. She loves spending time with Jack and she was frightened that if Kevin knew she'd gone off the deep end he might not trust her again. He tells her there's nothing wrong in caring.

Callum now has David tied to a pillar, while his friend passes him a baseball bat. Callum asks why David ever thought he'd get away with it. David tells him he turned Kylie into a junkie, destroyed his family and now he's coming after his lad. "He's my lad," Callum reminds him, and bangs the bat against the pillar. "Say it," he shouts, but David won't. Callum raises the bat and David flinches, but in the end Callum lowers the bat and tells his pals that they're out of there. Then they get in the car and drive off, leaving David behind.

Roy and his new friend are enjoying their cuppa and chatting, he tells her about Hayley and she tells him how her husband died from cancer of the liver about a year ago.

While Sean watches tv, Eileen is playing an online game with Jeff from Dubai. Sean reminds her that Jeff is many miles away and Adrian is close by.

Kevin tells Jenny he doesn't want her and Jack to get too attached if their relationship isn't going anywhere. She suggests that they start again with a clean slate and pretend that today never happened.

Back at Gail's, they are all playing Jenga, while they wait for David. When the tower of wooden blocks comes crashing down, Sarah tells Bethany that that's what she's done to her life.

Meanwhile, David is still tied to the pillar, but he hears a noise. He calls out and Callum emerges from the darkness. He tells David that he can't leave him there to rot, but he has a reputation to keep up.

Andy and Steph are arguing in the back garden about what happened with David, the drugs and Callum. Steph is understandably very upset. Andy tells her they can't live like this, and says he thinks he should move away – alone. She's even more upset then, but he says he's bad news, all he does is bring her grief. Just then Luke comes out into the garden and asks if everything is ok. "No!" shouts Steph, 'everything is not OK!" and she storms off inside.

Kevin and Jenny are cuddling up on the sofa. She thinks she'll go and have a bath, he says that's fine and yes, she can pop in and see Jack. As she goes off upstairs, Sophie comes in and is shocked to learn that Jenny is staying. Kevin says it was all a misunderstanding. "How can lying be a misunderstanding?" Sophie wants to know, and reckons it's weird – she's weird. Kevin gets cross and tells Sophie he doesn't know why she's got such a downer on Jenny but he really likes her so Sophie had better deal with it.

Luke has gone round to his sister's flat to try and find out what was going on earlier. Steph tells him she doesn't want to talk, but he sits down – he's got all night. Steph then tells him that she and 'Gavin' had a falling out but it's nothing. Luke however, knows that it's more than that, and gets up to go and sort it out with 'Gavin' that she eventually confesses that 'Gavin' is really Andy.

Todd is taking a sneaky peek at Eileen's laptop when she comes in and catches him. He asks if she's sweet talking the sexy Mr Dubai. She tells Todd that it's more like 'goodbye', he's thousands of miles away and anyway it's not fair on Adrian.

Callum's car pulls up outside David's house. Callum jumps out and drags David out and then drives off, leaving David grimacing and holding his ribs.

Nick and Gail are inside, talking about the situation when David comes in. Nick asks what he was thinking to pull a stunt like that. David says it seemed like a good idea at the time, and sits down, somewhat gingerly. Gail asks if he's all right. "Did he hurt you?" she asks. David assures her that Callum didn't hurt him, he's fine, they just had a chat that was all. Gail wants to call the police, but David won't let her and she goes off to bed. Nick sits down and asks if David is sure he's ok. David assures him that he is, that Callum is all talk and no trousers, so Nick goes off home. When he's alone, David unzips his jacket and pulls up his t-shirt, revealing a very bruised abdomen.

Anne Logan

Friday 24 April

Dear Reader,

The day has finally arrived. We must thank our lucky stars that Gail is not American, where I assume she might be called Gail Potter Tilsley Platt Hillman McIntyre. Today is the day when she is to add Rodwell to that line-up.

She's quite stressed out because Audrey is unwell and won't be attending. I suppose if you've seen Gail get married four times before you might feel you can skip one. She thinks it's an omen - how can she swear loyalty to Michael when she knows the truth about Gavandy? "That man is a criminal!" she tells David, forgetting that so is Michael. David tells her all she needs to do is get through the day.

In the cafe, Gavandy and Nick talk quietly so Michael can't hear then shut up when he comes over. Nick has a bottle of Bucks Fizz but Roy won't let him open it and lectures Nick on the licensing laws and insurance. Sharif comes in and tells Roy he's got a scheme to get Cathy's allotment for themselves. He assures Roy he will deal with it sensitively. Yeah. Right.

Michael reveals how nervous he is but Nick tells him to follow Gail's lead. She's a dab hand at this.

Sally, Norris and Tyrone discuss the large piece of street art which has appeared on Sally's end wall. Sally thinks it'll be kids and Sophie joins the group and says she likes it. It's not doing any harm. Tyrone also thinks it brightens up the place. Sally and Norris, who surely are separated father and daughter, disagree. Sally's not going to rest until she gets to the bottom of this.

Bethany has had her hair done and argues with Maria about it. Max is already dressed in his page-boy outfit and is admired. Gail, meanwhile, doesn't appear to be getting ready and is sorting out a load of washing. David is aghast. "So, on your wedding day, you're doing housework while these two are tarting themselves up?" he asks. It's like water off a duck's back to Bethany and Sarah. Gail just wishes her Mum was there. David then cheers her up by doing a very good imitation of Audrey, ordering the girls about and sitting Gail down to have her own hair done. Nick arrives and tells her Michael is nervous. Gail thinks it's funny how things turn out. Bethany agrees. "Yeah, pick a bloke out of a line-up and 12 months later he's walking you down the aisle." Gail points out that it wasn't a line-up. It was an album of photographs.

Sinead's got visitors - Chesney and Beth. Sam, the friendly bloke in the wheelchair, arrives and he and Sinead share a few jokes about the physiotherapists. Sinead reveals that if her physio goes well today she might be allowed home. Jealousy is clearly written on Chesney's face as he watches Sinead and Sam.

Norris is going on and on and on about kids today. Craig comes in and after asking after Sinead, Norris turns the conversation to Faye. At least, he does until Rita tells him off! Jenny comes in with Jack and Norris mutters that he'd like to see how far Rita's spirit of generosity stretches with Jenny. Jenny says she's taking Jack out for the day. "Going by tram?" asks Norris. Rita orders him into the back to put the kettle on. She apologises to Jenny and tells her that she doesn't blame Jenny for the sins of her father. Jack chooses a chocolate bar and Rita says he can have it for nothing. When the shop is empty again, Rita tells Norris he's getting worse.

The wedding cars have arrived. Gail comes downstairs wearing a very flattering dusty pink lace dress.

Out in the street, Steph and Luke discuss Gavandy and Steph says all they have to do is get through the wedding. But Luke spots Gavandy, goes into a rage and charges across the street, telling him to leave Steph alone. "I know who you are!" he says, and whacks him in the face. Maria is appalled.

Luke apologises to Maria for losing control. Steph tries to explain Luke's reaction away by saying Gavandy cheated on her. Maria's still furious at the way Luke has chosen to deal with it. Gail hasn't seen any of this. She comes out of the house, gets into the car and is driven away to the cheers of a few neighbourly well wishers.

Sinead's trying to walk. Ches thinks she's overdoing it but Sam tells him to leave her alone - she can do this. Sinead agrees - she has to be able to get in and out of the wheelchair. The consultant thinks she's done well and tells her she can go home.

At the registry office, Michael's happy to believe Gavin's walked into a lamp-post. When Michael goes for a nervous wee, the others tell Gail what really happened. Steph admits she told Luke who Gavandy really was. Gail's appalled. What if Luke tells Maria and Maria tells Audrey? Steph tells her the cover story - that Gavandy cheated on her. Michael comes back and they go in.

Kevin and Tyrone are in the cafe - Tyrone in his work gear and Kevin dressed up to impress a potential client. Tyrone's a bit annoyed that Kevin didn't tell him. He thinks he'll just look like the gormless sidekick.

Roy's on the phone trying to get Gary to come in to work at short notice. He's going to the allotment with Sharif. Beth's annoyed at having to wait to put in her order.

Sally comes in and goes on at Kevin about the street art. When she says something about Jenny, Kevin defends her.

In the registry office it's time for the vows. Michael wants to say something about how he feels. He says he couldn't do it himself but the words have been written for him: "Some enchanted evening, you may see a stranger . . . " As he reads the verses he brings himself to tears. Behind them, Beth's laughing.

Sharif talks to Cathy at the allotments and Roy arrives. Cathy is saying she's all at sea when it comes to planting. She hears her phone ringing in her shed and goes to answer it. Roy and Sharif argue. Roy's annoyed that Sharif is trying to make Cathy feel inadequate and pressurise her into giving up her allotment. Cathy comes out of the shed just in time to hear this last part.

Jenny's in the cafe talking to Kevin on the phone when Jack wanders away from the table and bumps into another customer. Jenny rushes over to apologise and lets the woman think Jack is her own son.

The registrar talks about respect, trust and honesty and Gail looks guilty. Michael happily says "I do" when required. Gail doesn't. There's an awkward pause before she says, "I'm sorry. I can't do this." Michael looks at her. "How could you?" he asks, before rushing from the room.

The End
Margaret Carr

Another week has gone - time seems to go very quickly these days. And events keep moving forward on the Street as well where tonight (episode 8625, series 56 episode 81) the writer was Ben Tagoe and the director was Brett Fallis. Copyright remains the property of ITV of course.

We are in the hallway of the registry office where the abandoned Michael has had enough of humiliation from Gail and is going. Gavandy and David want to know where he will go exactly. Gavandy seeks to assure Michael that Gail does love and she re-appears in the background. He says that maybe it was madness for them to get married, she responds it is all chaos with his weak heart. She says she wants to get married more than anything else in the world. She does not need to apologise for anything. And she grabs his hand and says then lets get this thing done with a cheerful voice and they head back into get married. And almost immediately before the question is asked she tells the registrar "I do" and she has to be gently stopped so that the registrar can ask the question properly. "I absolutely 100% definitely do" she says.

At the allotments Cathy is giving Sharif and Roy a hard time. Roy assures her that his intentions are honourable.

Back on the Street Sally wants the street art which has appeared to go. Both Sophie and Maddie refuse to clean it up. Jenny arrives with Jack in tow. She calls the perpetrators "hoodlums" to Jenny. The latter remembers when the bad guys robbed your house for your vhs recorder. Sal points out they were probably once sweet and innocent like Jack. Sal goes back to finish getting ready having been wearing a hair curler throughout the scene. Sophie asks after Kev - but Jenny has not seen him. Apparently Sophie has bad news for Kev - the childminder has broken her leg and is going to be off for some time. Jenny is sympathetic.

In the Rovers Luke and Maria (watch out for Maria acquiring some very large handbags and loose fitting clothes as she joins the Corrie baby parade in the wake of Kylie, Fiz and Eva) are discussing Steph and Gavandy. Maria reckons that Steph should dump him for his transgression - because of course she does not know the truth {frankly I cannot now remember who does and who doesn't know - perhaps they can all sit down and watch the next episode}. Maria tells Luke that in view of his violence she will paint the smiles on for today but then it is over. Maria goes and the camera swings round and we see that Kev and Tyrone have signed up some significant new business which will be keeping all three of them busy. Luke tells them that Maria has dumped him so he will have plenty of time.

Jenny is on the phone stating she has a family emergency and she needs to finish today - she cannot even do Monday. She won't be back and she hangs up.

In the Bistro are "sisters" Sarah and Beth. The latter wants one glass of champagne. It is cava says Sarah. Sarah says she can have one but that is her lot - which Nick sees. He adds "one means one remember!". He offers vol au vents around the room and he promises his mother he will be off duty shortly. He hands over some tickets - Costa Brava for a week in the sun departing on Monday. Sarah's phone goes off - it is Callum - he wants to meet her later in the Rovers. Steph is refusing to tell Maria the truth because too many people know [Luke lad it matters not - she does not want a violent person near Liam].

Beth arrives at the hospital where Sinead is with Chesney and they are all pleased that she is coming home and although it will not be normal for a while it will be better than having to come to the hospital. Chesney says he will take proper good care of her.

Sarah catches Beth pouring herself another cava. She tells Beth to behave herself. Gail, Steph and Gavandy are as usual discussing the secret in such loud voices Beth must be able to hear sat right behind them. Nick announces a break from tradition as they will now hear from the bride not the groom. Gail just wants to say how wonderful it is to be surrounded by family and friends and to thank them for sharing their wonderful day and a word about Michael for being the most genuine man she has ever met. They kiss. Tim wants a best man speech. Sal tells him off for being loud and uncouth but he bites back by saying it is a wedding and someone has to be loud and uncouth. Gavin is not into making big speeches and has nothing prepared - he points out that they had spent no time together until recently. He had heard many bad things but having met him he knows he is a top bloke and so even when he (Gavin) is not around he is glad Gail will be there to keep an eye on him. And Gavin has enjoyed getting to know them all. "To Gail and Michael". A toast.

After the break Ty and Kev are playing darts in the Rovers. Kev reckons he will only marry again to a supermodel who knows her way around a gearbox. But seriously Kev does not think he would get married again. Ty asks about Jenny, Kev says it is a bit early for that - but then again you never know. Ty points out he is not getting any younger. And Tyrone is not getting any better at darts. Sarah wanders in and sits down with Callum. They banter - what does he want? Callum says David tried to stitch him up and Callum gave him a little warning. Sarah of course does not know the beating that David took - and Callum says it was simply a couple of slaps (he omits mention of baseball bats and the like). Sarah tells him he was out of order. Callum insists she has a drink. Jenny arrives having left Jack with Rita. Jenny reveals she has been let go from work due to cutbacks. She goes off to collect Jack - she smiles as she goes, her plan is coming together.

Nick is asking a tipsy Beth how many she has had - she slurs her reply of the just the one. Nick looks for Sarah - and Beth tries looking under the table, then knocks back the current glassful. Nick observes that she did pass on the trouble gene to Beth. Beth wants to dance. "Spoilsport". Nick of course is worried about the police (don't worry Nick they don't visit bars any longer as they have to investigate complaints about wolf whistling from building sites). Luke tries to talk to Maria. Nick says to Beth - "home now" and he grabs her - she grabs the table cloth and pulls all the food onto the ground.

Roy and Sharif discuss the latter's bad behaviour. Roy says he needs to apologise - but that is not in Sharif's lexicon.

Back at the Bistro Gail is annoyed that her big day (and cake) has been ruined. Gail and Michael take Bethany home, David and Nick clear up the mess. Luke is about to tell Maria when Steph appears and says that Gavin has gone and she has to find him. Luke says he will talk to Maria later.

Ches and Beth arrive home to discuss sorting the house out to make it safer. In the hospital Sinead is discussing the situation with Sam. He tells her how he felt when he left hospital after his accident. It was hard - but she is doing better than he did. Sinead does not want the fussing.

Gavandy has packed his bag and is leaving.

Sarah returns to the Bistro and Nick recounts events. Sarah has been with Callum and she tells David that she knows about events between David and Callum earlier in the week and it is none of her business. (Of course she does not know the truth).

Steph is on the phone pleading with Andy not to go - but we see him arrive in the flat behind her. He has hurt everyone and it feels like it is time for him to go. But he can't and they rush to each other.

Sarah and David return home. Beth is upstairs sleeping it off. Gail tells Sarah that she needs to keep a tighter rein on that girl. Gail hopes that Sarah will read her the riot act. Sarah asks what can she do - Beth has a mind of her own. Keep her in check next while Gail and Michael are away as they do not want to come back to complete and utter chaos. She tells David and Sarah that they have to get on better too! They just look at each other as if they each have a bad smell under their noses.

Jenny appears - Jack went out like a light. Shattered. Maddie praises her for being good with him. Sophie wants to know if she wanted children of her own. Kev and Tyrone appear with a takeaway. Sophie reports on the loss of the childminder. Jenny says sorry for not mentioning it earlier. Jenny suggests she could have Jack a bit more now she is not working. And after a bit of back and forth Kev agrees. Sophie looks troubled in the closing shot.

Roll credits.

And what observations do I have:
a) Sadly Jenny still seems warped. I fear she is only with us a short time
b) There is no progress selling the Rovers
c) Kev and Ty need a bigger garage
d) Callum can twist Sarah around his little finger
e) If he is going to stay then Andy needs to come clean before I forget who does not know
f) Luke - not a hope in hell with Maria.
g) Soap weddings never go smoothly.

See you next week.

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Updates written by K Richard Whitbread, Martin Rosen,Duncan Lindsay, Christine Warren, Ann Logan, Margaret Carr, Tvor, Karen Jankel.