Get Corrie updates sent directly to you by email !

To receive episode reviews via CorrieDays and Glenda Young's weekly updates via CorrieWeeks mailing lists, all you need to do to join either the CorrieDays or Corrieweeks Yahoo Groups list as follows:

There are two ways to join:

1. If you already have a Yahoo! id then you can go to or and join from there.

Also from there you will be able to browse through previous Corrie updates.
You can also change your settings for delivery.
The default setting is individual e-mails, however you can change it to no e-mail and you will log onto the website when you want to read them.

2. If you are not a Yahoo! Member and just wish to receive the e-mails, send a blank e-mail addressed to for the individual episode updates and for Glenda Young's Weekly Updates. You will be automatically registered as a member.

To unsubscribe
Send a blank mail to the appropriate mailing list ( or Please ensure you are posting from the same address you subscribed with !


Going on holiday ?
To ensure there are no mail problems, please set your subscription to "No e-mail" by signing in at and going to either or and, using the link that says "Edit my Membership", choose "No e-mail" as the option so that you won't get the updates mailed to you. You can still read them on the websites mentioned here.


Changed your e-mail address ?

Send a blank e-mail from your old e-mail address to the appropriate mailing list (, )
Then send a blank e-mail from your new e-mail address to the appropriate mailing list (, )


A big thank you to Martin Rosen for organising the mailing lists

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