Peter Armitage



Real name: Peter Armitage



  1. Sally
  2. Danny

Contact: c/o Stephen Hatton Management



  1. Maurice (11 - 13 July 1977); a decorator in The Rovers
  2. Bill Webster (8 February 1984 - January 1985; July 1995 - )

Before his first Street appearance, Peter played Thomas Seymour in The Six Wives of Henry VIII, and also appeared in White Goods and How We used to Live.

In between his Coronation Street spells, he has appeared in The Bill, Shadow Juries, Plaza Patrol, In Suspicious Circumstances, The Laughter of God, The Sharp End, Woof!, Cannon & Ball Playhouse, Rockliffe's Babies, In Loving Memory, Chimera, Lovejoy, Parnell and the Englishwoman, Jack the Ripper, GBH, Sam Saturday, Bulman, Heartbeat, Mr Wroes's Vigins, Medics, The Advocate, The Vet, The Bill, Casualty, Chandler & Co and Peak Practice, but he was probably best remembered as the Dad in the Yellow Pages "I were right about that saddle" advert.








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