Bill Webster


Full name: William Geoffrey Webster
Parents: Jim and Helen Webster
Born: 2 November 1942


  1. Alison Cartwright (3 April 1964; died: 1980)
  2. Elaine Prior (9 January 1985)


  1. Kevin (b: 3 September 1965; m: Alison Webster)
  2. Deborah (m: Alison Webster)
  3. Carl (m: Elaine Webster)

Played by: Peter Armitage
Appeared: 8 February 1984 - January 1985; July 1995 -

Bill Webster bought Nº11 off Linda Cheveski acting on behalf of her mother, Elsie Tanner. He also rented Len Fairclough's yard off Rita Fairclough, and in the process the widow and widower became very friendly. Bill's first wife, Alison, had died of cancer in 1980. However, it was Percy Sugden's niece, Elaine Prior, whom Bill fell for, and in January 1985 they married and moved down to Southampton with Bill's daughter Debbie, where Elaine opened a hair salon.

Sometime after this they moved to Germany, where Elaine had an affair, and in July 1995 Bill realised their marriage was over, and he moved back to England, turning up on the doorstep of his son Kevin. Bill moved into Kevin's whilst Sally (whom he had never met) was away. To welcome his daughter-in-law home he cooked a meal, and burned down their kitchen in the process. Fortunately, he used his building skills to give Kevin & Sally a new kitchen. Bill landed a job as cellarman at The Rovers, and also moved in there.

In November Bill lost his job at The Rovers as the Duckworths took over, and to make things worse, the next month he got a bill for £1400 tax. He couldn't pay, and so Kevin & Sally lent him the money - much to the annoyance of Rita Sullivan who had given the Webster children £5,000. Mike Baldwin asked Bill to do some work at the Crimea Street flats; in return he wangled one of the flats and got a business partner in the shape of Jim McDonald.




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