Brian Capron



Real name:




  1. Donald Worthington (22 June - 3 August 1981; 1 March - 2 June 1982)
  2. Richard Hillman (20 June 2001 - 12 March 2003)

Brian's first 'big' television job was in Coronation Street, as businessman Donald Worthington. After this, he appeared in Birds of a Feather, the Cockney comedy. It was a one-off-appearance, as a businessman too.

After this, he came back to our screens as the villain we all loved to hate, Tricky Dicky Hillman. After this role which made him famous, a whole load of jobs opened up for him. He went to Borneo to film chimpanzees there. He also featured in a This Morning series, Do You Believe In...?, which was a series of investigations of the supernatural, like ghosts and aliens.

Eventually though, he came back to the television screens in hit-show of ITV1, Where the Heart Is. He's done two series so far.





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