Margi Clarke



Real name: Margi Clarke
Born: 1954, Liverpool


  1. Frank (film writer-director)
  2. Angela (actress)


  1. (divorced)


  1. Lawrence
  2. Rowan Bud

Contact: c/o Lou Coulson

Played: Jackie Dobbs (29 March - 17 April 1998; 22 November 1998 - 25 March 1999)

Margi Clarke was born in Liverpool in 1954, the sister of film director Frank Clarke and actress Angela Clarke. She began her career as a presenter on Granada Television but was soon cast as Queenie in the BBC comedy drama Making Out.

Margi won international acclaim when she played Teresa in the film Letter to Breschnev in 1985. Two years later she played Mara in Helsinki Napoli All Night Long followed by the film The Dressmaker. In 1990 she presented The Good Sex Guide and played a nurse in the film Strike It Rich and as Margaret in I Hired A Contract Killer. The following year she played a female boxer called Ronnie in Blonde Fist.

She has also presented The Good Book Guide, Holiday, The V Word and Swank and played Connie in the mini series Soul Survivors. In 1997 she joined Coronation Street as inmate Jaqui Dobbs who was to share a cell with Deirdre Rachid.

Margi lives in Liverpool, she is divorced with two children; Lawrence and Rowan Bud. Her partner is artist Jamie Reid.

TV credits include: What's On (Granada 1978) as presenter Margox; Making Out as Queenie; The Good Sex Guide (C4, 1993 - 4) as a presenter; The V Word (1993); Holiday (BBC1, 1993 - 4) as a guest presenter; The Good Book Guide; Swank (1994) as a presenter; Soul Survivors (1995) as Connie; The Good Sex Guide Abroad (1995) as a presenter.

Film credits include: Letter to Brezhnev as Teresa; I Hired A Contract Killer; Loser Takes All; Blond Fist





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