Jackie Dobbs

Full name:



Darren Dobbs
Tyrone (f: Darren Dobbs)

Played by: Margi Clarke
29 March - 17 April 1998; 22 November 1998 - 25 March 1999

We first met Jackie as Deirdre Rachid's cell mate. Jackie was in prison for ABH (Actual Bodily Harm) committed when some woman was "making moves on her man". She is the archetypal gobby Scouser, brash and cheeky.

Jackie proves to be an old hand at prison knowing how to adapt to the system. We learn that she has had at least one prior spell in jail when she spots an old friend from an earlier stretch in Styal prison. (The prison Deirdre and Jackie are in is not named though is likely to be Risley, part way between Manchester and Liverpool, which has a female wing. Strangeways is much closer to Weatherfield/Salford but does not hold female prisoners). Jackie initially gives Deirdre a hard time but claims this is for her own good as she is guaranteed a tough spell in prison if she thinks she is better than the other inmates.

Jackie's protective attitude towards Deirdre is demonstrated when she punches a prison warder, Officer Veitch, on Deirdre's behalf, who took particular pleasure in baiting Deirdre. Jackie knows that Deirdre is due out on appeal and declares that as she is in for at least six more months Deirdre can "have this one on me" as she floors Veitch. Just before Deirdre leaves prison Jackie makes it clear that she owes her.

Jackie calls the debt in by turning up unannounced on Deirdre's doorstep some seven months later. Jackie is out on parole and finding that her man has taken up with another woman she looks to Deirdre for help. Jackie makes herself comfortable, though unwelcome, at Deirdre's flat.

Jackie soon shows she is a chancer out for a good time by sizing up the male clientele of the Rovers and latching on to Les Battersby who she gets to buy her drinks by declaring he has "come to bed eyes". Jackie continues this throughout her stay on the street teasing Les and leading him on, usually to get him to buy her more drink.

Jackie rapidly establishes her credentials as a mouthy troublemaker by embarrassing Audrey Roberts when she makes it clear that she does not want to let her rent the flat above the hairdressers. Jackie loudly announces that Audrey is a "stuck up cow" and shouts to the salon customers that she "hopes they all get nits".

Jackie manages to talk Mike Baldwin into giving her a job at Underworld and regales the girls with tales of lurid goings on during Deirdre's spell in prison.

Jackie's next surprise for Deirdre is the arrival of her delinquent son Tyrone, who has been thrown out on the streets by his father. Tyrone breaks into No 7, left empty by Curly Watts. Jackie and Tyrone end up squatting at Curly's place when Deirdre's patience finally cracks at their abuse of her hospitality.

Jackie again gets help from Deirdre when she is sacked from Underworld after she is caught stealing knickers. Deirdre persuades Mike not to call in the Police as this would probably end up with Jackie being sent straight back to prison.

Jackie asks Alma Baldwin, who is looking after No 7 in Curly's absence, to allow her and Tyrone to stay on a more formal basis paying rent (or at least Social Security will pay rent on her behalf). Alma has her hand forced when Jackie tells her that the building society is looking to repossess the house as the mortgage is not being paid.

Jackie is one of the few women who can match Janice Battersby in a stand up row. This is confirmed when they both turn up at the Valentines Day fancy dress disco as the same character, Blondie's Debbie Harry. Janice sees Les frisking Jackie after he catches her attempting to steal some of his prized records. Janice thinks they are in a romantic clinch and when she steams over a catfight ensues.

Jackie's life becomes complicated with the return of Curly Watts who, understandably, wants his house back. Jackie prepares for a siege pouring water over Curly's head as he bangs on the door demanding to be let in his own house. Jackie gets Les Battersby to change all the locks by again leading him on, inviting him round for the evening but arranging for Tyrone to arrive home early. She manages to steal Les's wallet which leads to her eventual downfall as Les gives Curly a spare key in revenge when he realises what she has done.

Curly, assisted by Spider, lets himself back into his own house and a stalemate ensues as both sides prepare to sit it out. Tyrone announces that he has phoned his father who is on his way and since he is prepared to do anything for Jackie he will soon be sorting Curly and Spider out. Jackie tells Curly she will move on in exchange for 1000 but he refuses. She promises that now "her fella" is on the way Curly has "signed his own death warrant". When Jackie's fella, Darren, eventually arrives he turns out, despite his fearsome appearance, to be quite a reasonable chap and whisks her back off to Liverpool, where her replacement has moved out.

This is the last we see of Jackie and, although she was only on the street for a few months, she leaves a lasting legacy in the shape of Tyrone who becomes a fixture. There have been occasional promises that she will return, for example when Tyrone throws his engagement party. However true to her feckless nature she has yet to turn up.


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