Anna Cropper



Real name: Anna Cropper
Born: 13 May 1938, Brierfield, Lancashire
Married: Bill Roache (divorced 1974)


  1. Linus (f: Bill Roache)
  2. Vanya (f: Bill Roache)

Contact: c/o Kate Feast Management

Played: Joan Akers (1962)

TV credits include: The Insect Play, The Rivals, Angel Pavement, In Two Minds (BBC 1967), Pére Goriot (BBC2 1968), Before the Party (BBC2 1969), Robin Redbreast (BBC1 1970), Imperial Palace (BBC1 1971), Take Three Girls (2 "The Private Sector" (aka Lulie I), 5 "The Company of Madmen" (aka Lulie II)) (BBC1 1971), Gun Play (BBC2 1971), The Moonstone (BBC1 1972), The Exorcism (BBC2 1972), Lord Peter Wimsey: The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club (BBC1 1973), Schnoedipus (BBC1 1974), Old Times (BBC2 1975), The Cost of Loving (play 1: "Albert's Part") (YTV/ITV 1977), The Lost Boys (BBC2 1978), Mary's Wife (BBC2 1980), Nanny (BBC1 1980-81 [eps. 9,10], 1981-82 [eps. 1,2,10 ]), The Crucible (BBC1 1981), Preview (BBC2 1982), Praying Mantis (C4 1982), The Jewel in The Crown (Granada/ITV 1984), Agatha Christie's Miss Marple ("Nemesis") (BBC1 1987), Van Gogh, The Ruth Rendell Mysteries ("A New Lease of Death" TVS/ITV 1991), Memento Mori (BBC2 1992), The Old Devils (BBC2 1992), Early Travellers in North America, Agatha Christie's Poirot ("The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb" LWT/ITV 1993), The Marshall (HTV/ITV 1993), Ngaio Marsh's Alleyn Mysteries ("Death at the Bar" BBC1 1993), Harry (BBC1 1993), Heartbeat (series 3, ep. 4 "Going Home", YTV/ITV 1993), If You See God Tell Him, Midnight Movie (BBC2 1994), A Skirt through History (episode 4: "The Wreckers") (BBC2 1994), Margaret Castle in Castles (BBC1 1995), The Affair (BBC1 1995).

Film roles: All Neat in Black Stockings (1969), Cromwell (as Ruth Carter) (1970), The Shooting Party (1984), Nanou (1986)







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