William Roache MBE



Real name: William Patrick Roache
Born: 25 April 1932, Ilkeston, Derbyshire
Parents: William H and Hester Roache
Sibling: Beryl


  1. Anna Cropper (divorced 1974)
  2. Sara Mottram [or McEwan] (1977)


  1. Linus William (b: 1964; m: Anna Cropper)
  2. Vanya (b: 12 April 1967; m: Anna Cropper)
  3. Verity Elizabeth (b: 1981; m: Sara Mottram)
  4. Edwina (b: 1982, d: 1984; m: Sara Mottram)
  5. William James (b: 1986; m: Sara Mottram)

Contact: c/o Granada Television

Played: Ken Barlow (9 December 1960 - )Although he started studying medicine, after National Service Bill stayed in the army in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers and became a Captain, spending a total of 5 years in the services with diverse postings in Jamaica, British Guiana, Bermuda, Germany and Oman.

After leaving the Army he turned to acting, with roles in Skyport, Knight Errant Limited, The Bulldog Breed and Marking Time. Whilst at Granada filming Biggles, he was picked out by Tony Warren as the Ken Barlow. He appeared in the first episode, and is the only remaining actor from that original episode to still appear in The Street.











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