Veronica Doran



Real name: Veronica Doran
Born: 17 May 1948, Carlisle, Cumberland


Contact: c/o Nyland Management

Played: Marion Yeats (15 February 1982 - 7 December 1983)

Veronica Doran was educated at St Margaret Mary's School and St Patrick's School in Carlisle before attending the Sacred Heart School in Blackpool. As a child she trained as a dancer and appeared with the Blackpool Tower Children's Ballet Company. Veronica then spent several years in repertory companies.

Veronica has worked extensively on television but is best remembered as Christopher Beeny's girlfriend Cynthia in In Loving Memory. Her other screen appearances include parts in Tickets Please, It's Cold Outside, Village Hall, Crown Court, The Lady Killers, A Day In The Life, London's Burning, Upstairs Downstairs, Funny Man, Man About The House, Fanny and Annie and The Liverbirds.

Veronica's film work includes For The Love of Ada, The Dream House, The Haunted House of Horror, The Pirates of Penzance and The Adventures of A Private Eye. She joined Coronation Street as florist Marion Willis in 1981 and remained with the series until 1984 when the pregnant newly wed Marion moved to Bury with her husband Eddie Yates.

Since leaving The Street, Veronica has worked on stage and in minor television roles. She also trained as a telephone receptionist and works for the charity The Kings Fund, an organisation that was set up by Edward VII to look after the health of the people of London. When not employed in acting, Veronica donates her spare time to the organisation. Recent stage appearances include Mrs Perkins in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Reeny in Breezeblock Park, Mother Thomas Aquinus in Once A Catholic and Barbara in Billy Liar. On television she played a waitress in Hale and Pace, the Vicar's wife in The Brittas Empire and Mrs Chalder in Precious Bane.

Veronica is 5' 3'' tall and has blue-green eyes

TV credits include: It's Cold Outside; The Lady Killers; London's Burning; The Liver Birds (BBC); The Palisers (BBC); Play Of The Month (BBC); The Wednesday Play (BBC); A Day In The Life (BBC); A Christmas Carol (BBC); Precious Bane (BBC); The Brittas Empire (BBC); Fanny And Annie (BBC); All Quiet On The Preston Front (BBC); For Amusement Only (LWT); Upstairs Downstairs (LWT); In Loving Memory (YTV); Farrington For The FO (YTV); Funny Man (Thames); The Virtuoso (Thames); Man About The House (Thames); Village Hall (Granada); Crown Court (Granada) two appearences; Tickets Please (Granada); Hale And Pace (LWT)

Fim credits include: For The Love of Ada; The Dream House; The Adventures of a Private Eye; The Pirates of Penzance; The Black Panther; The Haunted House of Horror

Theatre credits include: Once A Catholic as Mother Thomas Aquinas; Billy Liar as Barbara; Seven Brides for Seven Brothers as Mrs Perkins; Breezeblock Park as Reeny; The Wizard Of Oz as Wicked Witch; Y' Shunta Joined as Mother; A Night On The Tiles as Mother; Steaming as Dawn; See How They Run as Ida; Blyth Spirit as Edith

Veronica has also appered in radio plays by Alfred Bradley and Alan Ayckbourn






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