Marion Yeats



Full name: Marion Yeats (née Willis)
Parents: Winifred Willis
Born: 1950
Married: Eddie Yeats (31 October 1983, All Saints C of E church)
Children: Dawn (b: 1984; f: Eddie Yeats)

Played by: Veronica Doran
Appeared: 15 February 1982 - 7 December 1983 Credited as 'Stardust Lil' in February 1982 appearances. First appearance voice-only; first on-screen appearance 17 February 1982

Marion was Maggie Redman's assistant at her flower shop. She got to know "Slim Jim" Eddie Yeats with her CB radio - she called herself "Stardust Lil".


Before they married, Marion lodged at No11 with Elsie Tanner - telling Eddie that her landlord had increased her rent. The real reason was that she was seeeing her landlady's son, Phil, who was a soldier in Ireland, and she wanted to end the relationship.

Soon after they were married the Yeats' moved away to Bury to nurse Marion's mother who had had a stroke.







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