Harold Goodwin


Real name: Harold Goodwin
Born: 22 October 1917, Wombwell, West Riding, Yorkshire
Married: Beatrice


Contact: c/o Hilda Physick Agency

Played: Joss Shackleton (25 February - 1 May 1991)

Harold trained at RADA

TV (dates in square brackets are inclusive for series in which Goodwin may have appeared in but a single episode; round brackets enclose dates of specific episodes he is known to have appeared in): Quatermass and the Pit (six-part series BBC-TV 1958-59; HG was in all six parts, as Corporal Gibson); The Avengers (ABC/ITV 1963-64:21 "Build a Better Mousetrap"); United! [BBC1 1965-67, twice-weekly serial, 147 episodes total]; In Loving Memory (Thames/ITV 1969) [the play upon which the later YTV sitcom starring Thora Hird was modelled; HG appears to have played Billy!!]; Rogue's Rock [three series, Southern/ITV 1974, 1975, 1976, total of 27 episodes]; Love Story [eleven series of mainly unrelated plays, ATV/ITV 1963-74]; The Adventures of Black Beauty [2 series, LWT/ITV 1972 & 1973, total of 51 episodes]; Oh No! It's Selwyn Froggitt [pilot 1974, plus three series, Yorkshire 1976, 1977a, 1977b]; Captain Varley Goes Home; The Onedin Line [8 series, BBC1 1971-1980]; The Dick Emery Show (BBC2 1972:6 1973:3,5,7); The Crucible ?(Granada/ITV 3.xi.1959) or ?(BBC1 1981); A Brush with Mr Porter on the Road to Eldorado (BBC1 20.i.1981) The Kamikaze Ground Staff Reunion Dinner (BBC1 17.ii.1981); That's My Boy (Yorkshire/ITV, 1983:7 1986:1,7) [HG may well have been in more than just those three episodes. He played Wilfred, the central character's brother. There were five series in all, 1981, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, plus Christmas specials in 1983 and 1984]; A Voyage Round My Father (Thames/ITV 2.iii.1982); Angels [eight series, BBC1 1975-1983]; Juliet Bravo [six series, BBC1 1980-1985]; The Gentle Touch [five series, LWT/ITV 1980-1984]; The Shoreline (C4 11 March1985); Minder (Thames/ITV 1984a:10 "Get Daley"); Bulman [two series, Granada/ITV 1985, 1987, total of 20 episodes; HG not in 1985:1-3]; It's Never Too Late (C4 3 December1984); Casualty (BBC1 1986:13 "No Future"); Our Geoff (BBC1 13 December 1987); All Creatures Great and Small (BBC1 1988b:1 "Place of Honour"); Brush Strokes [6 series, BBC1 1986-1991; HG not in 1986:5-12, 1991:2,3,7]; Woof! [eight series, Central/ITV 1989-95]; The Paradise Club (BBC1 1990:8 "The Rotherhithe Project"); One Foot in the Grave (BBC1 1992:6 "The Worst Horror of All")

Films: The Ware Case (1938) The Happiest Days of Your Life (1950) Dance Hall (1950); The Magnet (1951) The Man in the White Suit (1951) Appointment with Venus (1951--U.S. title: Island Rescue) Green Grow the Rushes (1951) Judgment Deferred (1951) The Card (1952) The Last Page (1952--US title: Manbait) Angels One Five (1952); The Cruel Sea (1953); Grand National Night (1953) The Case of Gracie Budd (1953) The Million Pound Note (1953) The Dam Busters (1954); The Harassed Hero (1954) The Gay Dog (1954) One Good Turn (1954) A Kid for Two Farthings (1955); The Ship That Died of Shame (1955) The Ladykillers (1955) You Lucky People (1955) Josephine and Men (1955) Zarak (1956) Now and Forever (1956) Charley Moon (1956) The Long Arm (1956) The Last Man to Hang? (1956) Three Men in a Boat (1956) Barnacle Bill (1957) The Prince and the Showgirl (1957) Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) Seawife (1957) Law and Disorder (1958) Girls at Sea (1958) Sea of Sand (1958) The Square Peg (1958) The Mummy (1959) Wrong Number (1959) The Bandit of Zhobe (1959) The Ugly Duckling (1959) Wrong Number (1959) Sink the Bismarck! (1960) Spartacus (1960) Operation Cupid (1960) The Bulldog Breed (1960) On the Fiddle (1961--US title: Operation Snafu) The Terror of the Tongs (1961) Nearly a Nasty Accident (1961) The Square Mile Murder (1961) Never Back Losers (1961) The Traitors (1962) Hair of the Dog (1962) Number Six (1962) Phantom of the Opera (1962) The Longest Day (1962) Crooks Anonymous (1962) The Fast Lady (1962) The Hi-Jackers (1963) The Comedy Man (1963) All in Good Time (1963) Curse of the Mummy's Tomb (1964) Monster of Terror (1965--US title: Die, Monster, Die) Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River (1967); Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (1969); Some Will, Some Won't (1969) The Chiffy Kids (serial, 1976) The Hoverbug (1974); All Creatures Great and Small (1976); Jabberwocky (1977); The Quest (1986); Spirits


NB: There is an American actor, fifteen years his senior, with the same name




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