Jimmi Harkishin


Real name: James Harkishin
Born: 1965



Played: Dev Alahan (10 November 1999 - )

TV credits include: Eurocops; Saracen; South Of The Border; A Killing Of The Exchange; For Queen and Country (1989) as Sadiq; Medics (ITV, 1992) as Jay Rahman; Uncle Jack and the Dark Side of the Moon (1992-1995) as Leo Johnings; Bhaji on the Beach (1993) as Ranjit;
Paparazzo (1995) as Spike; Holding the Baby (1997) as doctor; Jonathan Creek (BBC1, 1998 "Danse Macabre") as Gary Lobo; Heat of the Sun (1998) as Amir Ali; Close Relations (1998) as Ravi;


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