Full name: Devendra Alahan
Ranjiv and Urmila Alahan
1964, Birmingham, Warwickshire
Brother in Birmingham - 4 children
Sunita Parekh (25 October 2004, divorced 2005)
  1. Shareen, possibly one other unnamed daughter
  2. Amber Kalirai 1991
  3. Aadi (twin with...) January 2006
  4. Asha January 2006

    Played by: Jimmi Harkishin
    First appeared:
    10 November 1999

    Nita Desai's cousin, who was based in Birmingham. When Ravi was attending his brother's funeral in Bombay, Nita called on Dev for help after Vikram disappeared. Ravi subsequently asked him to help out in the shop whilst he was delayed in India.

    Dev owns 7 shops in the Manchester area and he bought the corner shop on Coronation Street from his uncle, Ravi Desai in 1999. Nita and Vik worked for him for awhile and Dev was always getting Vik out of scrapes.

    A former girlfriend of Dev's, Amy, came to Weatherfield claiming that Dev promised to marry her. She got a job in the pub but Dev wanted nothing to do with her, claiming she was off her tree and was a habitual liar. Amy managed to convince everyone that she was the wronged party and was pregnant by Dev. When he continued to shun her she ran off and pretended to commit suicide, returning with bandaged wrists. Dev exposed her by ripping off the bandages in the pub, showing that Amy was indeed a liar.

    Dev later became involved with barmaid Geena and nearly married her. But Geena's mother interfered by having karen MacDonald pretend that she and Dev had something going. Geena and Dev were going to get married but one thing after another came between them and eventually Geena left Dev and took up with Joe Carter.

    Dev provided a safe place for one of his employees, Sunita Parekh, who was trying to avoid an arranged marraige in India. He let her rent the shop flat and she began working in the corner shop. Eventually, Sunita began having feelings for Dev but he only thought of her as a friend though often showed jealous feelings when she was dating others including Ciaran McCarthy whom she almost married.

    Dev had fling with Sunita Parekh but Ciaran McCarthy got there first Dev then had another fling with Debs Brownlow that did not lasted very long at all then he fell for Geena Gregory they got engaged but Geena broke off because Dev got in to bed with Deirdre Rachid in November 2003 Dev started dating Maya Sharma . Maya forced Dev to marry her by driving very fast down she she will drive faster and faster until he said yes and he did say yes too later. Dev had got hold of some watches that where stolen but Maya got rid of them. In summer 2004 Dev had a cancer scare but he was all clear but Sunita became ill she had a brain tumour dev helped her and paid for her to go a private hospital. Maya thought Sunita was having a baby until Dev told her Sunita was ill.

    Later Dev went back to Sunita and Maya was not happy so she smashed up Dev's flat and left him but Maya found out that Sunita and Dev where getting marred so my got hold of Sunita's birth certificate and got marred in Sunita's name making people think that Sunita had committed bigamy but Dev found the taxi that drove Maya and her husband to and from the there wedding and Tom identified Maya and the police found out then Maya was arrested. Sunita was free from jail

    But Maya was released on police bail and Maya burnt down all of Dev's shops then Maya kidnapped Sunita and took her to the shop flat and tied and gagged and when dev got there he was knocked out and bound and gagged. Then Maya set fire to the shop and left them to die but they were both saved. By Ciaran McCarthy and Charlie Stubbs. But Maya saw all and tried to run them down with her car but a lorry crashed in to the back of her car. Maya was sent to hospital

    Sunita became pregnant with twins but near the end of her pregnancy, she discovered that Dev had fathered children with several of the women that worked in his shops. He had at least one adult daughter who had a baby of her own and there was a teenage Amber. He made sure the mothers had jobs in his shops and lived in the flats but was never a proper father to the children. Sunita was appalled and kicked him out just before the twins were born. Dev was present when the babies were born but Sunita left the street taking her children and divorcing Dev

    Dev moved on alone. At one point, he was dating the daughter of a business associate, Tara, but also having an affair with her mother, a former Bollywood star that he'd admired. When Tara found out, she had a naked portrait taken of him and blew it up to the side of a building and painted LIAR over it, outing his indiscretions.

    In 2011, Dev reconnected with Sunita who was engaged to one of his golf buddies. He and Sunita had to pretend to still be married due to the visit of her aunties from India who didn't know about the divorce and they ended up rekindling their romance. Sunita moved into Dev's posh flat at the Victoria Court building on Victoria Street but decided they should buy one of the old Coronation Street houses when it came up for sale, Number 7. They moved in and things were good for awhile until Stella Price and Karl Munro moved in to the pub as managers. Some months later, while Sunita was working at the pub, she and Karl started flirting and it turned into a full blown affair. When Dev eventually found out, he made her leave. She lived in the flat over the corner shop with Karl but realized she made a mistake. Dev was not interested in taking her back but was eventually persuaded that he did love her. He was going to reunite but Karl started a fire in the pub and Sunita was trapped in the fire. She later died in hospital when Karl realized she was waking up from a coma and could place the blame for the fire on him. Dev was now a widower with two children to raise.

    Dev accepted help from Mary Taylor and eventually moved her in as full time nanny for the children. He dated Julie Carp, Eileen Grimshaw's sister for awhile and later started a casual relationship with Liz's friend, Erica which has turned into a proper relationship. Erica has moved in with Dev and the children who gave her a hard time at first but have now accepted her.

    After Maya blew up Dev's empire, he had to start over. In addition to the corner shop, he also owns one of the new flats on Victoria street and opened a kebab takeaway in the shop on the corner next to Roy's, employing Chesney as manager and Gemma Winter as assistant Manager.


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