Louise Harrison


Real name: Louise Anna Imogen Harrison
Born: 26 November 1962, Manchester
Parents: Jacqueline (née Van der Eb) Harrison (Deceased) and Dennis Harrison (University Professor-Drama) (Deceased)


Contact: c/o Susan Shaper Management

Played: Dawn Prescott (1989)

Louise Anna Imogen Harrison was born in Manchester on 26 November 1962 and became interested in acting whilst at boarding school. She then trained at The Welsh College of Music and Drama, and has also trained in Film Production at the National Film School.

Her professional career began in 1987 when she played Suzanne in A Very Peculiar Practice. She then played Anne in Gentleman and Players and appeared in the BBC series The River. In 1989 she joined Coronation Street as Dawn Prescott, Alan Bradley's alarm shop assistant, and was then brought back as an estate agent and became Mike Baldwin's girlfriend. Louise played the role for approximately seven months. She then played Cecily Pigeon in The Odd Couple at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. In 1990 she played Lisa Barris in the Gwen Taylor comedy series The Sharp End then the following year she became WPC Donna Harris in The Bill, a role she played for three years.

Also in her packed career, Louise has appeared the the films The Contractor, Coma and MacHeath. She has since appeared in other TV series including, Sunnyside Farm and Slap.

Louise lives in North London.










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