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Dawn Prescott

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Played by: Louise Harrison

Dawn worked as the receptionist at Alan Bradley's security shop. She lasted till he tried to rape her one day. She went to Rita and put her wise to Alan's scam and the fact he'd been getting letters to Len Fairclough.

She reappered about a year later as an estate agent who sold Mike Baldwin his new dockside flat in Weatherfield Quays, just before he sold the factory. Mike dumped Alma for her, and she moved in with Mike. Her brother Robert was a property developer who didn't like Mike, who, as he had sold his factory by then, bragged constantly about how easy it was to make money. Robert bought property abroad, selling it on for a good profit. He told Mike about his 'next project' a piece of land in Spain that would be worth a fortune in a couple of months time. Behind Robert's back, Mike went to Spain and bought the land (for around £250,000). When he told Robert he had beaten him to it, he told him he'd sell him the land for £100,000 more than he paid for it. Which is when Robert told him he had owned the land and had been trying to get rid of it because it was worthless - so Mike had bought it off him! That left Mike almost broke. He said Dawn had been in on the con, Dawn left in disgust ..... and that's when he took up with Alma and started the travel bag business from her flat.

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