Sherrie Hewson



Real name: Sherrie Lynn Hutchinson
Born: Burton Joyce, Notinghamshire
Ken (1976)
Children: Keelie


Played: Maureen Elliott (1993 - )Showbusiness runs in Sherrie's blood. Her father was in the gown business, and her mother ran a boutique in addition to being a model and beautician. Her father was also a singer with big bands. By the age of six, Sherrie was in revues around the country, tap-dancing and singing 'You've Gotta Have Heart'. Before training at RADA, she was an usherette at the Nottingham Playhouse.In the 1970's Sherrie changed her surname, as she was advised Hutchinson was too long, and then embarked on a long and varied career with TV parts in Z Cars, In Loving Memory, Home to Roost, Never the Twain, Love for Lydia, My Son, My Son, Flickers, Home, James !, Lovejoy, Haggard, The Bill and Minder. She is often seen giggling in outtake progammes on a collapsing bed (with Christopher Beeny) from an episode of In Loving Memory.Her film credits include Carry On Behind and The Slipper and The Rose, and she appeared with Amanda Barrie in the original stage production of Stepping Out.However, before Coronation Street, she was best known for her regular comedy appearences in Russ Abbott's Madhouse, The Russ Abbott Show and Russ Abbott.Sherrie's husband is an executive with British Aerospace, and they have recently moved to a purpose-built house in Surrey.






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