Maureen Elliott

Full name: Maureen Elizabeth Elliott (née Grimes, previously Naylor, previously Holdsworth)
Maud Grimes (m); Leonard Kennedy (f)

  1. Frank Naylor
  2. Reg Holdsworth (26 January 1994)
  3. Fred Elliott (22 September 1997, Weatherfield Registry Office)

Played by: Sherrie Hewson
First appeared:

Maureen Grimes first met Reg Holdsworth in Llandudno in 1968 - he was on holiday and she was a waitress in a cafe where Reg dropped in for a cup of tea. He asked her out, and within 3 months they were engaged. However, Maureen's mother Maud Grimes took an instant dislike to Reg, and although they continued to see each other in secret, Maud and her husband Wilf ensured that the relationship ended by moving away.

Maureen eventually married Frank Naylor, and they lived in Preston, but the marriage ended in divorce, and in 1993, Maureen moved back to Weatherfield to live with her widowed mother, and got a job as an assistant at Bettabuy's - where unbeknown to her, the recently divorced Reg was manager.

They immediately took up where they had left off, and were soon engaged. However, Maureen caught Reg with Debi Scott, the widow of Brendan Scott, formerly the Bettabuy area manager. Reg pleaded with her to take him back, and they became engaged for a third time - but not before the upset and a bottle of red wine got the better of her, and she spent the night with Curly Watts.

Reg and Maureen were married in January 1994, and they looked forward to running the corner shop together. Reg soon tired of this and by July 1994 was working for Firman's Freezers, leaving Maurren and Maud to run the corner shop.

With Reg working, they tried to sell the corner shop, without any success, and things got worse when in November 1995 when Reg was offered, and finally took the job of Firman's National Distribution Manager in Lowestoft. Maureen felt she couldn't leave her mother in Weatherfield or leave the business she had developed, and resigned herself to only seeing Reg at weekends.

By March 1996, the strain of weekends commuting to Lowestoft was beginning to tell on Maureen, and after she ran out of pertol and left herself stranded (having to ring Curly for help), she vowed not to travel to Lowestoft again, saying she didn't have a real marriage any more. After not hearing from Reg for a week, and receiving a strange letter from him, Maureen decided to travel to Lowestoft, but found his flat empty. It was left to Curly to explain that Reg had resigned, and run off with Yvonne Bannister. It was only the next month that Maureen found out the whole truth, that Reg wanted a divorce, and Yvonne was expecting his child. Maureen agreed to this - in return for Reg's share of the corner shop.

In the summer of 1997, Maureen had been dating Bill Webster but during a period they had been broken up, Fred Elliott started to woo her. She rashly agreed to marry him and they wed in September but she realized she really didn't love Fred and ran off to Germany with Bill 2 weeks after the wedding. She was not seen again until some years later when Bill had come to Weatherfield. He started an affair with Audrey. At Christmas, Maureen turned up at the Platts' unexpectedly and discovered the affair thanks to David. She went back to Germany and divorced Bill.

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