Milton Johns



Real name: Milton Johns
Born: 13 May 1938, Bristol, Somerset
Married: Bella


Contact: c/o Hilda Physick Agency

Played: Brendan Scott (1 February 1991 - 20 August 1993)

Milton Johns was born in Bristol on 13 May 1938. He trained at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School from 1959 till 1962. After graduation he was employed by The Old Vic where he stayed until 1965. He then made his West End debut in War and Peace which was followed by seasons in repertory theatre at Belgrave, Coventry and Sheffield.

In a packed career Milton has appeared on stage in many productions including The Lady In Black, A Voyage Round My Father, Mirandella, Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf, A Christmas Carol, Major Barbara, Inadmissible Evidence, Don Juan, Dance of Death and The Overdog. He has appeared in almost every theatre in England and has worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal Exchange.

He made his television debut in Cops and Robbers followed by a role in Z Cars and the part of Ralph Rayburn in Softly Softly. He then appeared in The Intruder and as Fred Mitchell in South Riding. He played Darlington in Orlando, March in The Trial and Torture of Sir John Rampayne, Hajez in Object Z, Witch in Hareward The Wake, Smithy in No Hiding Place, Giraud in The Three Musketeers, Dwyer in The Trouble Shooters, Sammy in Softly Softly, Wallis in The Fellows, Vargos in The Saint, Linwood in The Quest and Terry Stretton in Public Eye.

His other television work includes The First Churchills, Devil In The Fog, Ross, Sexton Blake, Crown Court, Crime of Passion, Hunters Walk, M & M, The Death of Charles Bravo, The Bouncer, Dr. Who, Dickens, The Expert, The Venitan Twins, The Good Life, Porridge, Albert and Me, The Foundation, Midnight Is A Place, The Winscale Affair, Poldark, Going Straight, The Limbo Line, Diamonds, The Gaffer, Thicker Than Water, Spearhead, Cowboys, Born and Bread, Two's Company, A Horseman Riding By, Poldark, The Limbo Line, Bull Week, Shoestring, Supergran, Don't Wait Up, Bergerac, Dempsey and Makepeace, The Intruder, Whiphand, Foxy Lady, Don't Rock The Boat, Solo, Yes Minister, Butterflies, The Boy Who Won The Pools, Tucker's Luck, Cockles, Pickwick Papers, Murphey's Mob, War and Remembrance, Chelworth, Happy Families, El Cid, Trainer, Boon, Ever Decreasing Circles, Fresh Fields and Haggard.

In 1991 he joined Coronation Street as supermarket boss Brendan Scott. His debut was on 1 February and he stayed until the characters death on 20 August 1993. Milton then returned to the stage to play Baron Hardup in Cinderella at the Oxford Playhouse. He then played Kipps on stage in Women In Black before playing Mr Bately in the Central TV series Stanley's Dragon. He then appeared in Casualty and as George Hamlock in Harry's Mad. Milton has also made guest appearances in Remmington Steele and Chalk as well as appearing in several films including The Empire Strikes Back, The House That Bled To Death and The Wall.

Milton lives in Surrey with his wife deputy headmistress Bella.






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