Brendan Scott

Full name: Brendan Franklin Scott
Died: 20 August 1993

Played by: Milton John
1 February 1991 - 20 August 1993

For most of his time on The Street, Brendan was the nemesis of Reg Holdsworth and Curly Watts as Area Manager of Bettabuys. Brendan and Reg's paths had first crossed in 1982 when Reg investigated a charge of dishonesty against Brendan, who was then Bettabuys' Wakefield store manager. Brendan was suspended, but was subsequently reinstated and promoted to Head Office, where he vowed to take revenge. When Vera Duckworth was sacked by Reg for alleging he had fixed the Bettabuys' Trolley Dash to favour Rita Fairclough, it provided Brendan's ideal opportunity, appearing at the store as Bettabuys Special Investigator.

In 1993, he took early retirement from Bettabuys, and using his lump sum, bought the Corner Shop, and turned it into Best Buys - with a very traditional decor. However, he literally worked himself into an early grave - dying of a heart attack in from of shop assistant Emily Bishop.

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