Bruce Jones



Real name: Ian Roy Jones
Born: 24 January 1953, Collyhurst, Manchester
Parents: Bruce and Irene Jones


  1. Sue Margaret Bailey, 12 June 1971 - 1982, St. Oswald's Church, Collyhurst, Manchester
  2. Sandra


  1. John (m: Sue)
  2. Stephen (m: Sue)
  3. (m: Sandra)
  4. (m: Sandra)

Contact: c/o Nyland Management


Played: Les Battersby (4 July 1997 - )

Ian Roy Jones was born in Manchester on 24 January 1953, the oldest of six children born to a steel erector father, Bruce and his factory worker wife Irene. He grew up in Collyhurst and left school at sixteen. During his school time he appeared in school plays beginning with a part as the wise man in the school nativity play at the age of 5.

At sixteen he gained an apprenticeship as a pipefitter but later worked as a boilerman, a fireman and worked in a dairy His start in entertainment came when a friend pulled out of comparing a club and Bruce stepped in and was a great success. Bruce then formed a double act called Clark and Jones and they worked in all the Northern clubs. On  October 10th 1977, Bruce and a friend discovered the body of murdered prostitute Jean Jordon, a victim of the Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe in allotments near Princess Road, Manchester.

One of his first roles was in the 1988 film Party Plane as Jack. In 1993, Bruce gained his big break playing the lead role of Bob Williams in the Ken Roach film Raining Stones. He then had roles in Brookside and Waterfront Beat before playing Brian in the series Band of Gold. In 1996 he appeared in the film Bob's Weekend before playing a video engineer in the television drama Hillsborough. He also had roles in Roughnecks, A Touch of Frost and Heartbeat.

In 1997 he appeared in the film TwentyFourSeven alongside Bob Hoskins and then made a brief appearance the film The Full Monty, playing Reg. This role gained him an award from the American Actors Guild for most outstanding cast performance. On 4 July 1997 he joined Coronation Street as neighbour from hell Les Battersby, a role he still plays to this day.

Bruce married his first wife Sue Margaret Bailey on 12 June 1971 at Collyhurst's St. Oswald's Church, Manchester. They had two sons; John and Stephen and then separated. They divorced in November 1982. He then married second wife Sandra, a hairdresser and they had two children. The family live in Maple, Stockport Greater Manchester.

Bruce is 6' 0" high, has blue eyes and sandy hair. He trained at the Manchester Schoool of Theatre

TV credits include: Roughnecks (BBC1) as Terry; Brookside (Mersey TV) as Garden Centre Man; Waterfront Beat (Mersey TV for BBC1) as Detective; Heartbeat (YTV, 1994 - Christmas Special) as Fred Parkin; Band of Gold (YTV, 1995) as Brian; A Touch of Frost (YTV, 1996) as Tommy Dunn; Crewe Stories (BBC) as Council Inspector; Hillsborough (Granada, 1996) as Video Technician; Johnny Watkins Walks on Water (BBC) as Priest;

Film credits include: Party Plane (1988) as Jack; Raining Stones (1993) as Bob Williams; Bob's Weekend (1996) as Bob; The Full Monty (1997) as Reg; TwentyFourSeven (1997) as Tim's Dad;

Theatre credits include: Dad's Army as Spiv; Cider with Rosie; Bonny Bride; Kismet; Love from Judy

Commercials include: Sainsbury's Homebase; British Meat (Bikes) as Father; Viakal; British Rail as Fisherman

 He also wrote the TV play My Boyfriend's Back (1989)






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