Les Battersby

Full name:Leslie Battersby



Janice Lee (15 September 1994 or Spring 1997 depending on script)
Cilla Brown, October 31, 2005 Children:

  1. Greg Kelly (m: Moira Kelly; b: 1972)
  2. Leanne

Played by: Bruce Jones
First appeared:
4 July 1997

At some time Les spent six months in Strangeways jail for breaking & entering.

Les's first big mistake was on 22nd December 1997. He got a turkey - a live one, though. After calling it Theresa, Les said he'd slit the Turkey's throat. But the turkey escaped, into the streets. When Les swore he'd find it, he took daughter Leanne in his car - but he didn't notice the Turkey walk right into the path of his car. After mowing down Theresa, Les commented later on, "This is champion turkey, this!", with Leanne saying, "I can't eat this, look, it's even got tyre marks on it!"

Les's first big blow came with Dennis Stringer (first credited as Denis Stringer), who worked with him in 2000, to make up for one hundred and three (103) non-payed parking fines. When 'The Chapter' threw Dennis out, Dennis came to live with the Battersbys. Janice Battersby, getting fed up of husband Les's scheming ways, left him for Dennis.

Ironically, when he tried to gas himself on New Years' Night, it was Dennis who came to his rescue. When Dennis tried to get Les to hospital, the car he was driving flipped over on a hill and crashed into the field below. Dennis died in the ITU of the Weatherfield General on 2nd January 2002. Les was relatively unhurt.

In 2003, Janice got another man, but not Les. He was a policeman, and when Les found this out, he administered a beating to the man - well, not so much a beating, just the one punch. Les was sentenced to half a year in jail.

When he came back, he found out he'd lost his job in Streetcars. This was around the time young Chesney Brown came into his life - and his mother. Les met falsely named 'Lulu' in a pub. He slept with her, but in the end, he found that this was Chesney and Fiz Brown's tart of a mum, Cilla. Nothing good for Les has really happened ever since but aside from a brief reconciliation with Janice when Cilla was banished, he's stayed with Cilla and even planning on getting married, mainly for the wedding presents!

On Friday 23 September 2005, he met his idols Status Quo - who battered him for a grave incident twenty years previously. They settled a deal to rock at his wedding, which they did. Wedded bliss didn't last long though, in March 2006, Les jumped into bed again with Janice. She was drunk and depressed and he helped her home but the old magic was still there.


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