John Junkin



Real name: John Junkin
Born: 29 January 1930, Ealing, London
Married: Jennifer Claybourn
Children: Annabel


Contact: c/o Elaine MurphyAssociates

Played: Bill Fielding (27 - 29 April 1981)

TV credits include: Z-Cars; Sam and Janet; Junkin; Hello Cheeky; Marty; Looking for Clancy; Out; The Ravelled Thread; Till Death Us Do Part; Dick Turpin; Penmarric; All For Love; Blott On The Landscape; 25 Years of Ronnie Scott's; Ask No Questions; All Creatures Great and Small; Shelley; Inspector Morse; Harry; Law and Disorder; Mr Bean; The Bill;

Film credits: Sparrows Can't Sing; The Wrong Arm of the Law; The Break; The Vengence; The Primitives; Hot Enough for June; A Hard Day's Night; The Pumpkin Eater; The Wrong Box; The Plank; The Sandwich Man; Kaleidoscope; How I Won the War; Simon, Simon; Confessions of a Driving Instructor; Confessions From a Holiday Camp; Marcia; Wombling Free; Rosie Dixon Night Nurse; Brass Target; That Summer !; Licences to Love and Kill; A Handful of Dust; Chicago Joe and the Showgirl






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