Eileen Mayers



Real name: Eileen Mayers
Born: Lancashire
Married: yes
Children: daughter



Played: Sheila Crossley (1961 - 1974)

Eileen Mayers was born in Lancashire and began acting after leaving school at the age of fifteen She made her professional debut at the Oldham Coliseum alongside leading actress Joan Heath, who was later to join her in the cast of Coronation Street.

At the age of sixteen Eileen studied at Oldham Repertory theatre and after graduating took a professional job as assistant stage manager at Oldham Coliseum earning £2 a week.

In 1955 she made her television debut alongside Arthur Askey and Betty Marsden in I'm Not Bothered. Later television roles followed in Knight Errant and Skyport.

In 1959 she appeared in summer season alongside Arthur Leslie and then took the role of Elsie Tanner's daughter Linda Cheveski in the dry runs of Coronation Street. The role eventually went to actress Anne Cunningham but in 1961 Eileen made her debut in the series as factory girl Sheila Birtles who appeared in the series until 1963. In 1966 she returned for a year and continued to make appearances until 1974.

Since leaving the Street, Eileen returned to the theatre but has since retired. She is happily married with a daughter.










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