Sheila Crossley

Full name: Sheila Crossley (née Birtles)



Neil Crossley (1966)
Danny (b: 1963; f: Neil Crossley)

Played by: Eileen Mayers
1961 - 1974

Sheila shared the shop flat with Doreen Lostock. She went out with Jerry Booth for a while but in 1963 took up with Neil Crossley. When Neil walked out on her and left her pregnant in October 1963, she unsuccessfully attempted suicide by taking an asprin overdose. She returned home to her parents.

In 1966, she returned to Coronation Street, and lodged with Elsie Tanner at No11. She again took up with Jerry Booth and dumped him again as Neil re-appeared. This time things worked out better for Sheila, and she married Neil.

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