Ian Mercer



Real name: Ian Mercer
Born: 1962, Oldham, Lancashire


  1. Dylan
  2. Scarlet Rea (m: Sue Fenwick) b: 15 May 1997



  1. Peter Jackson (1987)
  2. Gary Mallet (2 October 1995 - 1 October 2000)

After leaving school Ian trained as an electrical engineer but turned his hand to acting when he became an assistant stage manager at the Oldham Coliseum in 1979, a job he continued doing for two years. He made his television debut as a butcher in the film Blue Money in 1982. Ian worked extensively on stage in productions including Bent, Spend Spend Spend, Saturday Night, Sunday Morning, Billy Liar, Stop The Children's Laughter, Welcome Home, Romeo and Julliet, The Fancy Man, Beauty and The Beast and Revengers Tragedy.

On television he played Terry Duckworth's friend Pete Jackson in Coronation Street in 1987, D.S. Giggs in Cracker, PC in The Wanderer, Guy Simmons in Common As Muck, Graham Glass in House of Cards, Clarkie in Peak Practice, Eamon Sheridan in Brookside, DC Clarke in The White House Farm Murders, Fairhand in The Riff Raff Element, Dougie in Love and Reason and Peter in Mr Wroes Virgins. Other shows he appeared in include The Bill, Oi For England, Starting Out, One By One, Brick is Beautiful, Flowers In The Rain, The Headhunters, Hetty Wainthrop Investigates.

Ian also worked in films including The First Day and Shooting Stars. He played PC Cravan in A Touch of Frost in 1995 and had roles in Treasure of Zauimbi and The Ward before joining Coronation Street as Gary Mallatt in October 1995. Ian also has many radio plays to his credit.

Ian has a son Dylan from a former relationship. He lives with his long term girlfriend Sue Fenwick and their daughter Scarlet Rea was born at The Royal Oldham hospital on May 15th 1997, weighing 8lb 6oz. Ian suffered health problems in 1996 when he began losing his hair through alopecia but after Granada made him a temporary Gary wig and treatment from doctors Ian made a full recovery.

Ian and his family live in Oldham.












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