Gary Mallett

Full name: Gary Mallett [Mallet in first episodes]
Peter and Mrs Mallett
Judy Smedley

  1. William (b: 25 December 1998; m: Judy Mallett)
  2. Rebecca (b: 25 December 1998; m: Judy Mallett)

Played by: Ian Mercer
2 October 1995 - 1 October 2000

Gary Mallet moved into the Duckworth's old house when Jack and Vera bought the Rovers. Worked on an oil rig and seems to enjoy wearing heavy gold jewellery. Had satellite tv installed immediately, and at Christmas a big sign in their window proclaimed this to be the home of "Santa's Nookie Nest." Gary is an old-style "lad" and a "man's man". So far famous for rowing with Judy, playing the drums, getting electrocuted due to faulty wiring, and holding a loud party which terrified Mavis and Derek. His current transport is a motorbike purchased off Jim McDonald.

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