Chloe Newsome



Real name: Chloe Newsome
Born: December 1976, Millhouses, Sheffield



Played: Vicky McDonald (19 July 1991 - 7 June 1996; 20 - 30 December 1998)Chloe Newsome joined the cast of Coronation Street in July 1991 replacing Helen Warburton who had played Vicky one year earlier. Chloe started her career at the age of 11 when she joined Sheffield Crucible Youth Theatre. She then landed a part in Granada's Children's Ward, whose creator suggested her for the part of Vicky.After a rather torrid 18 months in late 1994 and 1995 (which included drug-taking allegations at Sheffield's Leadmill club), Chloe realised that the strains of being a Street star was becoming too much, and she was loosing contact with reality, and her parents and grandmother in particular. She decided to leave the Street on amicable terms, and may return at some later date.She still lives in Sheffield with her parents, is going out with the son of the owner of one of Sheffield's poshest restaurants and hotels, and recently achieved a long-held ambition by having a completely new short hairstyle, removing "Vicky's" curls.






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