Vicky McDonald

Full name: Victoria Frances McDonald (née Arden)
Sandra and Tim Arden
8 January 1977
Steve McDonald (August 1995, St Lucia)

Played by:

  1. Helen Warburton
  2. Chloe Newsome (19 July 1991 - 30 December 1998)

Appeared: 1990 - 7 June 1996; 20 - 30 December 1998

Vicky Arden arrived in Coronation Street when her parents died in a car crash. Alec, her grandfather, and Bet Gilroy became her legal guardians.

Vicky went to a private boarding school and owned a horse, called Saracen, so holidays in a backstreet pub were not an attractive option. But when she met Steve McDonald, it was some compensation. Alec desperately tried to separate the couple but he failed. She resisted his sexual advances for a short time until finally she lost her virginity to him. This was unimportant to Steve and he two-timed her with nurse Alison Rathbone, with the result that both dumped him.

After Alec left Bet to work in Southampton, Vicky continued to return to The Rovers treating Bet as her grandmother.

On reaching her 18th birthday, Vicky inherited £240,000 left by her parents. To Bet's distress, Vicky immediately abandoned her studies and decided her money would be better than her schooling.

She visited Alec for a while to explain her decision to him. When she returned she was keen to confide in old flame Steve McDonald but he was them seeing hairdresser, Fiona Middleton and Vicky was left out in the cold. She found a way back into his life when she invested £1,500 into his T-shirt company, Dun 2 AT. However she lost this when an order for Costello's night-club fell through when the club went bust without paying the bill.

Instead of putting her off, this inspired her to enrol in a business studies course at the local technical college and she became Steve's business partner, insisting that she had control over the finances - which annoyed Fiona. Fiona was even more annoyed when Vicky flew to Dublin with Steve for a 'business' weekend. Fiona dumped him, leaving the way clear for Vicky to walk into his arms. She seduced him easily. and she announced their engagement at Steve's 21st birthday party - shocking everyone and incensing Bet. Alec returned for a spell to convince Vicky to end the relationship but it was to no avail. Alec even offered Steve £5,000 not to marry Steve.

Eventually, the pair went to St Lucia to get married - Bet gave her blessing as she could she that Vicky was happy. After their marriage, Vicky and Steve had a long honeymoon holidaying in the Caribbean and the USA. When they returned they turned their attention to the business, which needed another injection of capital - again provided by Vicky's inheritance.

Their relationship was failing as Steve was dwindling Vicky's money away and the final straw came when Steve was arrested on Christmas Day for buying stolen whisky. He was guilty but he encouraged Vicky to bribe Malcolm Fox £5,000 , who he bought the whisky from, to say that Steve didn't know that the whisky was stolen.

Steve was freed and the pair had presumed that they were safe. However, the police discovered the bribing when Malcolm Fox's wife confessed. Vicky and Steve were arrested and the trial began. Steve maintained that the bribing was Vicky's idea. Vicky's said that Steve had convinced her to do it. Steve was sentenced to 2 years in prison and Vicky to 1 years suspended sentence.

She decided to get on with her life without Steve and enrolled herself in a hotel management course in an exclusive college in Switzerland.

She left in June 1996 and soon after served Steve divorce papers in jail.

Vicky came back to the Street at Christmas time, 1998 with a bang. She accidently hit Steve McDonald's car as she parked her car outside the Rovers while visiting her Grandad, Alec Gilroy. Vicky had blossomed into a lovely young woman, a far cry from the spoilt, impressionable teen that came to the Rovers many years ago.

She had just bought a wine bar in Brighton, and had come back asking advice from Alec. Alec was having some problems with the Duckworths and was getting very despondant with the Rovers. Vicky persuaded him to come into partnership with her. And with Alec selling the Rovers to Natalie Barnes, they both left Coronation Street together with hopes of a great future together.

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